The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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Just when Meng Linzhou looked at Li Fenglan very sadly, trying to win some sympathy from his master.

Li Fenglan came over and patted him on the shoulder and asked, “It’s been more than a thousand years, are you able to stand alone?”

“I can…” In front of his master, can he say no?

“Well, that’s good.”

Li Fenglan had a serious face when he spoke, but seeing Meng Linzhou’s tangled expression, he laughed wildly in his heart.

——In his last life, Li Fenglan always took care of trouble for this rebel disciple and cleaned up all kinds of mess.

Now that Meng Linzhou had matured, it’s finally time for him to repay his master.

After Meng Linzhou struggled to digest the fact that he was going to take the blame for his master, he finally remembered something.

“Master, what’s the matter with the Dao seal on your forehead?” He asked curiously.

“Dao Seal?” If Meng Linzhou hadn’t mentioned it, Li Fenglan would have almost forgotten it.

Li Fenglan touched the mark on his forehead, and said to Meng Linzhou: “It was painted on by Cheng Duan, it’s just cinnabar.” 

“…Is that so? Cheng Duan is dead, right?” Meng Linzhou asked casually.

Cheng Duan…

The speaker had no intention but the listener does*. Meng Linzhou’s question made Li Fenglan’s heart tense.

* speaker does not pay attention, but a listener does

He knew that Cheng Duan was not dead, the other party’s soul had left his body and escaped from his hands. But right now, it’s not a good time to announce this matter.

“Master, master?”

Hearing Meng Linzhou calling him, Li Fenglan realized that he was just standing there in a daze.

He said in a deep voice: “It’s okay, let’s go back to the sect first.”

At this moment, there was obviously something wrong with Li Fenglan’s expression, if other people were here, they would definitely choose to ask.

But Meng Linzhou was really not enlightened, he was still thinking about being scapegoated, and didn’t notice Li Fenglan’s strange expression.

As for Meng Linzhou, who was determined to be a good disciple, after hearing what his master said, he also nodded and said, “Okay.”

After this disturbance, most of Mingxin Sect was destroyed. This sect, whose history was similar to that of Tianmian Palace, had come to an end.

Although Li Fenglan was not afraid of the remaining cultivators of Mingxin Sect, now was not a good time to cause trouble.

His Dao Heart had just returned to its original position, and it was not yet stable.

After Meng Linzhou’s reminder, Li Fenglan used magic to remove the red marks on his forehead. Then, from the Qiankun bag that Ling Buyan gave him, he took a large white Taoist robe and put it on his body, covering the brocade gown.

“Okay, let’s go back to the sect,” Li Fenglan looked at Meng Linzhou and said, “to prevent having long nights and dreams.”

In his last life, Meng Linzhou didn’t listen to what Li Fenglan said, and had to fight against him in everything.

But now it was different! Seeing his master speak, Meng Linzhou and Li Fenglan hurriedly headed towards Tianmian Palace with his sword.

Before today, Li Fenglan’s image in Meng Linzhou’s heart was simply his perfect master.

——He was strong, treated him well, and would turn into a casual cultivator to become his bosom friend.

Simply the nicest person in the world.

But after the incident of Mingxin Sect, the image of his master had added a dark side.

Ahem… The word dark side was just thought up by Meng Linzhou himself.

Before he could react from “Master has changed”, the two of them arrived outside the protective barrier of Tianmian Palace. Li Fenglan, who was still fine just now, suddenly stopped.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” Meng Linzhou asked quickly.

Li Fenglan frowned and thought: “From the perspective of others, you should have broken into Mingxin Sect to rescue me, right?”

Meng Linzhou thought for a while and nodded, “That’s right.”

“Of course I can’t be like I am now……” The next moment, Li Fenglan suddenly came to such a conclusion.

Same as now?

Before Meng Linzhou could figure out what he meant, a streak of blood appeared on Li Fenglan’s lips.

This frightened Meng Linzhou half to death—wasn’t Li Fenglan still fine just now, why was he suddenly injured and vomiting blood now? Could it be that there was a problem with his Dao Heart?

“Don’t be worried,” Li Fenglan smiled at his lovely disciple and said, “It’s better to do the full set for acting.”

Meng Linzhou: “…Master, you have changed.”

The previous one was too upright and extremely conformist. When he was hunted down by the cultivation world, he would never lie and cheat others in exchange for his breathing time!

After more than a thousand years, Meng Linzhou’s master taught him a new lesson. The name of this lesson is: People are fickle.

Looking at the blood on the corner of his master’s mouth, Meng Linzhou couldn’t help but think: his master must have been spoiled by that person named Ling Buyan and became like this!

It’s all his fault!

After Li Fenglan and Meng Linzhou came back together, Tianmian Palace finally informed the whole cultivation world of what Mingxin Sect had done.

Before Cheng Duan stole Li Fuyue’s Dao Heart, many people in the cultivation world still believed Mingxin Sect’s words, thinking that Cheng Duan was wronged. But now that the truth came out, the entire cultivation world was shocked by it—it turned out that not only Cheng Duan, but even the entire senior management of Mingxin Sect were insiders, even accomplices!

Afterwards, the news that Immortal Meng Linzhou broke into Mingxin Sect alone, avenged his master, and rescued Li Fenglan along the way, also spread.

At this moment, the image of the Law Abiding Immortal in the hearts of the disciples of Tianmian Palace suddenly became stalwart.

As for other people in the cultivation world—even though Li Fuyue was not a good person in their hearts, he was dead and “the past will not be pursued anymore”, and now the incident of breaking into Mingxin Sect alone had become a proof of Meng Linzhou’s filial piety.

Speaking of which, Meng Linzhou didn’t just fixed things in vain… As the law-abiding immortal, he knew that he broke the law, a big crime. After returning to the Sect, Jiang Yichang fined him to offer his spirit stones for a full hundred years in accordance with the regulations of Tianmian Palace.

After learning about Li Fenglan’s “injury”, Qiu Wanyou and Lin Chaochen, who raised him as a Dongshan Yinhun Banner Sacrifice, both sent him elixir in the name of “friends”.

For a while, Miguang Mountain was filled with all kinds of spiritual treasures.

“This is Shi Dian Grass, and Zhi Guang Pill…these are rare and good things in the cultivation world.” Ling Buyan was very interested in identifying the things that the two sent.

But Li Fenglan was not interested in this at all.

Unlike him, Cheng Huang also ran to the table at some point.

He didn’t know if he misread it, but he always felt that Cheng Huang had gained a lot of weight recently, and looked more and more like a big cotton ball.

“Woooooo~” He saw Cheng Huang sniffing the elixir with his nose for a long time, and seemed quite interested in these things.

When Li Fenglan was researching what Cheng Huang was going to do, Ling Buyan who was standing aside had picked up a piece of Shi Dian grass and put it in Cheng Huang’s mouth.

What was he doing?

“Cheng Huang was an ancient fierce beast, with spiritual energy—” Before Li Fenglan finished speaking, Cheng Huang tilted his head and hesitated for a moment, then said “ahhhhhhhhh” and the Shi Dian grass was swallowed in one gulp.

Li Fenglan:? ? ?

It chewed carefully for a few seconds, then without any hesitation, it directly ate from the pile of elixirs.

“Master, is this really okay?” Li Fenglan turned to Ling Buyan and asked.

It’s not that he felt sorry about these elixirs, anyway, Li Fenglan was indifferent to the things Qiu Wanyou and Lin Chaochen gave them.

It’s just that Cheng Huang was an ancient beast, and theoretically it can’t eat any “vulgar things”. In this way, it shouldn’t… get a bad stomach, right?

“It’s okay,” Ling Buyan said in a very relaxed tone, “These things are like snacks to it, and it’s okay to satisfy its cravings.” 

“That’s good.”

Speaking of which, before this, the relationship between Cheng Huang and Ling Buyan was very ordinary, and the little guy seemed to be very afraid of Ling Buyan.

But since Ling Buyan fed him snacks, Cheng Huang actually changed sides.

It usually had fun playing with Li Fenglan, but as long as Ling Buyan appeared, Cheng Huang would go up and say hello to him.

Li Fenglan inexplicably felt that he seemed to be betrayed…

He really only remembered eating but not getting beat!

As Ling Buyan said, the medicines Qiu Wanyou and Lin Chaochen sent were all top quality. And Li Fenglan did need to recuperate now, but his “rest” had nothing to do with these medicines.

Li Fenglan’s Dao heart had been separated from his body for thousands of years. Although he had melted it back into his body, it was still not stable.

But for Li Fenglan, the best way to completely integrate his Dao Heart now was to go to snowy Meizhou, meditate next to his body in his previous life, and at the same time exercise his mind.

If Li Fenglan doesn’t go now, he was afraid his Dao Heart would have a slight rejection phenomenon with his body in the future.

But this matter was easy to say, but difficult to do…

It was not difficult to go to snowy Meizhou. However, Lin Chaochen would go to Snowy Meizhou from time to time, if he met him, it would be troublesome.

Although he was worried about meeting Lin Chaochen, Li Fenglan’s cultivation would also be affected if he didn’t fully integrate his Dao heart in the near future.

So without struggling for too long, Li Fenglan finally went there.

The first time, the second time, all went well.

But as the saying goes – how can you not get your shoes wet when you often walk by the river?

On this day, Li Fenglan arrived in snowy Meizhou, and just as he started to meditate, he felt a familiar pressure coming towards his position.

“Lin Chaochen is here…”

At this time, his mind had already started to work. If he forced himself to end the circulation, Li Fenglan’s spiritual power will overflow uncontrollably to the surroundings, and it will only be a matter of an instant to notice it.

It’s over – at this moment, Li Fenglan only had these two characters in his heart.

From the moment he noticed the pressure to the present, only a few breaths of time have passed. But Li Fenglan, who was sitting in the very center of the secret room, was already covered with cold sweat. He wished he could lie back on the bed now and be a corpse with Li Fuyue.

Li Fenglan slowly raised his hand, and he tried to run his mind in the opposite direction by making seals.

If Li Fenglan did this, it was very likely that he would suffer backlash, but he had completely disregarded those things.

Li Fenglan had long realized that Lin Chaochen was no longer the junior who followed his behind and acted like a baby in his previous life.

To him now, Lin Chaochen was perhaps the most dangerous person in the world…

Although he was wearing Qingzhu, Li Fenglan was currently meditating. He couldn’t enter Qingzhu’s interior like last time. After a while, as long as Lin Chaochen opened the door and came in, he would see Li Fenglan sitting here at a glance.

By then, it would be all over.

Li Fenglan’s heart was beating wildly, and he even felt that he had heard Lin Chaochen’s footsteps.

Lin Chaochen will come in soon.

However, the more anxious Li Fenglan was, the more difficult it was for him to escape from the trance state. In the sum of his two lifetimes, he had never been in such a sorry state because of his cultivation.

It’s over.

Li Fenglan couldn’t imagine what would happen if he met Lin Chaochen here… 

The immortalization stage pressure from Lin Chaochen was getting stronger and stronger, and he was getting closer and closer to Li Fenglan’s position. At this moment, the pressure had already reached the secret room, and Lin Chaochen only needed a little bit to be able to push the door in.

Li Fenglan, who was sitting there, also slowly closed his eyes.

Running his mind in reverse was of no use.

Can he just resign himself to fate?

Li Fenglan always felt that his luck was not very good.

For example, in his last life, he had cultivated well, but he fell into qi deviation for no reason. But none of those relatives, friends, confidantes, and old friends in the past were willing to help him, and instead made things worse…

But this time, Li Fenglan was lucky.

Just when Li Fenglan closed his eyes, there were several rumbling noises and sword cries outside snowy Meizhou, and at the same time, there was another burst of extremely strong pressure coming towards this place.

Lin Chaochen, who had already walked outside the secret room, paused for a moment, then turned around suddenly, and walked towards the direction of the loud noise without hesitation.

Someone was outside!

After Lin Chaochen fell into qi deviation, his personality became extremely sensitive and suspicious. Now that someone had made such a big commotion in snowy Meizhou, he naturally wanted to rush to have a look.

Feeling the other party’s sudden departure, Li Fenglan’s originally tense nerves finally relaxed, he couldn’t help but let out a long breath, and then opened his eyes.

And at the same time, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of Li Fenglan’s eyes.

It didn’t wait for Li Fenglan to react, or even wait for him to feel nervous. Li Fenglan’s environment had been changed from the secret room just now to the high pavilion on the top floor of Xianyun Palace in Meizhou in the snowy area.

All this was done in an instant.

Before Li Fenglan even had time to panic, he had already appeared at the top of the loft. The most important thing was that he actually got out of his focused state just now, he stood there firmly, and his spiritual power showed no sign of backlash.

The high pavilion on the top floor of Xianyun Palace overlooked the entire snow-covered Meizhou. In his last life, Li Fenglan often came here alone.

…but now was not the time to enjoy the view.

As soon as Li Fenglan stabilized his body, he turned around and looked towards the black shadow.

Even he himself didn’t realize how nervous he was right now.

Li Fenglan’s fingers hanging by his side were trembling slightly because of this.

He opened his eyes wide and looked towards the shadow.

“…Who are you?” Li Fenglan asked loudly and instinctively. At this moment, he could not even care about Lin Chaochen who would come back at any time.

Hearing Li Fenglan’s voice, the black shadow couldn’t help but pause.

Snow like goose feathers was fluttering in the wind. Accompanied by a gust of wind, snowflakes slowly fell on Li Fenglan’s eyelashes, and turned into water droplets in an instant.

Li Fenglan’s eyes seemed to usually be misty. Hanging one or two drops of water, it made his whole body freeze like ice water.

He pursed his lips and stared closely at the black figure in front of him, for fear that if he didn’t pay attention, the other party would disappear from here.

It had been several years since Li Fenglan was reborn. At the beginning, everything was flat and normal. He stayed alone on Miguang Mountain, living a repetitive life day by day.

All of this seemed to be no different from what was said in “Tianmian Daosheng”.

But since the night when Lin Chaochen landed on Miguang Mountain a few months ago, “Li Fenglan”, the little cannon fodder in the original novel, had been involved in the plot for no reason.

And also from that time on, Li Fenglan discovered that there was a person beside him, who had been silently solving his troubles.

For example, after killing Cheng Duan’s clone, Li Fenglan fainted in the room before he had time to deal with the scene and the corpse. But when he woke up, “Cheng Duan” had already been removed, and even the wound had been treated.

All of this was done silently without his knowing.

Although Li Fenglan didn’t say anything, and even seemed to forget what happened that night, it didn’t mean that he really buried it in his heart.

Seeing the black shadow standing here motionless, Li Fenglan took a deep breath and said again: “Last time…Cheng Duan’s avatar, did you handle it?”

He was sure that the black shadow that appeared in front of him at this moment , was the one who had been helping him solve his troubles.

“You’ve been helping me, haven’t you?”

Still no answer.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan held back for a long time, and said again: “Thank… thank you.”

While speaking, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but clench the white jade railing beside him.

He was nervous.

The “black shadow” in front of Li Fenglan’s eyes was indeed a dark mist. In the cultivation world, such a color represented “evil”, but when facing him, Li Fenglan did not have any fear.

On the contrary, he actually felt very at ease.

After all, if the black shadow had malicious intentions towards him, then he could just ignore him.

Li Fenglan was waiting for the shadow to answer his question. However, what he did not expect was that the moment his voice fell, the black shadow not only did not answer the question, but even showed signs of dissipating.

Can’t let him go – Li Fenglan had only one thought in his mind.

By coincidence, just as the black mist was about to dissipate, Li Fenglan subconsciously shouted in his direction: “Ling Buyan!”

Time and space was frozen like that.

The black mist that was about to dissipate suddenly stayed where it was, and Li Fenglan suddenly heard a “buzz”.

F*ck. Wait… Who did I call just now?

Ling Buyan…..

Ling Buyan!

Li Fenglan swore he had thought carefully before, who the person was who had been helping him. And Ling Buyan was indeed on his shortlist. But the “Ling Buyan” just now, he said it instinctively without thinking.

Perhaps in the depths of Li Fenglan’s heart, he had already determined that the person who had been secretly helping him was Ling Buyan…

After taking a few breaths to think about it, Li Fenglan calmed down.

He walked towards that black shadow slowly, then took a deep breath, and called out that name again.


“Ling Buyan? I know it’s you.” While speaking, Li Fenglan’s fingers were tightly clenched, and his knuckles turned white.

This time, the black shadow did not dissipate, but solidified little by little.

The wind and snow that had lasted for thousands of years in the snow-covered Meizhou stopped at this moment.

Li Fenglan saw a man wearing a black outfit with golden patterns standing there with his back to him. At this time, the golden runes on his Taoist robe was emitting a faint light, just like when he first saw him.

The man didn’t turn around, he was silent for a while, and asked with a slightly smiling tone: “When did Fenglan guess that I was helping you?”

Sure enough, it was Ling Buyan.

And listening to his tone, he didn’t seem surprised at all.

Li Fenglan didn’t know how he was feeling right now.

Excited or surprised? Still relieved.

Li Fenglan tried his best to adjust his breathing, and he pretended to be calm and said: “I have always felt it… After all, you are the only one who has always been by my side.”

Li Fenglan didn’t know what he just said, but hearing the “have always been by my side”, he was also taken aback by himself.

Hearing this, Ling Buyan finally turned around.

Although Ling Buyan always had a smiling face, his eyes were always condensed like autumn water. At this time, Ling Buyan looked the same as usual, but Li Fenglan felt that the other party’s expression was more serious than ever before.

He looked at Li Fenglan and nodded slightly. Seeing Ling Buyan just nod and not speak, Li Fenglan asked again: “You…do you already know who I am?” 

“Li…” Fuyue. 

Even though disciple Meng Linzhou had recognized him, the three words “Li Fuyue” were still like a curse to Li Fenglan. For him, these three characters were not just a simple name, they carried his absurd past life. And a lot of past events that Li Fenglan didn’t want to recall. 

After being reborn, Li Fenglan instinctively didn’t want to be associated with the previous life, and he didn’t even want to call himself “Li Fuyue”. 

This time, however, was different. 

Hearing Ling Buyan’s response, Li Fenglan clasped his hands tightly, gritted his teeth endlessly and said, “I am Li Fuyue.” 

When he said the last three words, Li Fenglan’s breath also suffocated. His heart was beating wildly.

At this moment, snowy Meizhou was full of wind and snow. Li Fenglan’s black hair, which was scattered behind his back, was also blown up by a gust of cold wind. The long hair flew forward, gently caressing Ling Buyan’s cheek.

He stared directly at Ling Buyan, with an extremely firm expression.

Seeing Li Fenglan’s serious expression, Ling Buyan also slowly put away the smile on his face.

He was silent for a while, then finally looked at the person in front of him and said a word: “Yes.”

As expected.

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