The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 45

Chapter 45

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Since Duan Qianli woke up, he tried several times to turn into a human body but failed, he was completely lost.

So when Ling Buyan entered the door, he actually forgot to hide his identity…

But taking a look at this golden body that couldn’t be hidden, Duan Qianli thought that he didn’t seem to need to hide.

In the cultivation world, anyone who was not a fool can recognize who he really was.

Seeing this, the eyes of the giant golden bird lying on the ground suddenly stood up. Duan Qianli’s body was once again ignited with raging flames.

——Duan Qianli spent a while in Miguang Mountain under a disguised identity, and he knew that Li Fenglan would not reveal his identity. But it was not necessarily true that Ling Buyan would not.

Duan Qianli instinctively chose to rush out of here.

Before Li Fenglan could get nervous, a long silver rope appeared in the center of the hall.

The flames on Duan Qianli’s body suddenly went out.

“This thing…” It was a little familiar.

If Li Fenglan was not mistaken, the long silver rope that appeared in the main hall of Miguang Mountain at this time seemed to be the immortal chain that trapped him back then.

However, before he finished speaking, Duan Wannian, who was fixed in midair, asked in horror, “Why do you have a demon-locking chain!” 

“Demon-locking chain?”

Just listen to it and you’ll know what it’s for. But the problem is… Li Fenglan had never heard of the existence of a “demon-locking chain” in the cultivation world.

If he had known it earlier, he would have used it to deal with Duan Qianli in his last life.

“En,” Ling Buyan ignored Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian, turned around and nodded to Li Fenglan, and explained, “You may not know that the Demon Locking Chain and the Immortal Locking Chain are originally refined at the same time. But when the Demon Locking Chain was born, not long after that, it fell into the hands of the previous demon master, Duan Qianli’s father.”

Hearing this, Duan Qianli, who was lying on the ground, sneered, “So you took advantage of my father’s retreat and stole it? Hehe, you really deserve to be a member of Tianmian Palace.” 

“No,” Li Fenglan suddenly realized what the problem was before hearing Ling Buyan’s words, “You said my master stole the demon locking chain, But if I’m not mistaken, since this thing was forged together with the Immortal Locking Chain, it itself belongs to our Tianmian Palace, right?”

Duan Qianli was obviously just a golden giant bird now, but after saying this, Li Fenglan actually felt that the other party’s face became a little ugly…

Okay! So I was right?

So he continued his efforts: “So it was your father who stole the things from our Tianmian Palace, and yet his son came to backtrack!”

Duan Qianli: “…” It seems that he was right.

He had previously felt that the little cultivator in front of him was really similar to Fuyue in every way, but at this moment, upon hearing Li Fenglan’s words, Duan Qianli immediately crossed the equal sign between “Li Fenglan” and Li Fuyue.

——Fuyue wouldn’t argue with others like this!

Seeing that Duan Qianli stopped talking, Duan Wannian, who was held in mid-air by Ling Buyan just now, thought about it for a while, and then said “Huh”, “Brother, what he said was quite reasonable.”

“Shut up!”


Hearing this, Ling Buyan, who had been silent all this time, finally spoke again.

“You came to the human world this time to investigate the tide of ferocious beasts, or to kill ferocious beasts.”

Hearing this sentence, Duan Qianli didn’t have any special reaction. After all, what he was going to do was not difficult to guess at all.

“I don’t know if Lord Demon Master is interested in cooperating with us.” He didn’t expect Ling Buyan to say that suddenly after finishing what he said just now.

“Oh?” Duan Qianli looked at Ling Buyan meaningfully, “What cooperation?” He asked.


Li Fenglan really did not expect that Ling Buyan would suddenly bring up this matter. He originally thought that at this juncture, Ling Buyan would reluctantly take Duan Qianli and the two together for a few days in order to avoid trouble. When they return to human form, he would have these two big troubles go away.

Of course, the most important thing is, Li Fenglan couldn’t figure out why Ling Buyan wanted to cooperate with the demon clan?

Although these two monsters were brought back by himself, after hearing what Ling Buyan said, Li Fenglan couldn’t help being surprised, but at the same time regretted it.

“The cultivation world and the demon clan—” 

Li Fenglan wanted to say that after Duan Qianli fought with Lin Chaochen, the relationship between the cultivation world and the demon clan became worse and worse. If people found out about the cooperation with the Demon Clan, it might cause trouble.

“It’s okay.” Ling Buyan shook his head and said, “It’s not a big deal.”

Then Ling Buyan continued: “I heard that the former demon master had been sleeping for many years due to his injuries, and he still hasn’t even shown signs of waking up. I was wondering if I can cure his injury, would you give me your demon tribe’s Xuyou Jade.”

It turns out that the “cooperation” that Ling Buyan mentioned was actually a one-to-one exchange of benefits?

It’s just that the Xuyou Jade Ling Buyan wanted, what exactly was he going to do?

Before Li Fenglan could ask, Duan Wannian spoke first: “What do you need Xuyou Jade for? That thing is useless.”

Yes, Li Fenglan thought so too.

Duan Qianli had been running around for many years for his father, and also devoted a lot of time to investigating the tide of fierce beasts. If Ling Buyan can really heal the wounds of the former demon master, it would be a big event for the entire demon clan.

Such a big event was exchanged for a useless Xuyou Jade, what on earth?

Ling Buyan smiled and said: “It may not be useful for you, but to me, of course it is useful.”

Ling Buyan was always mysterious.

But Li Fenglan had heard of the “Xuyou Jade” he mentioned this time.

It was rumored that Xuyou Jade was a piece of uncut jade that lived as long as the sun and the moon – it was born in the territory of the demon clan, and a corner was broken by someone many years ago. But later it was discovered that this thing didn’t have any special attributes, and it was useless except that the jade itself was pretty good-looking. In addition, breaking Xuyou Jade was very laborious, so after breaking open a corner and finding that the inside was ordinary, no one paid any attention to Xuyou Jade.

The reason why the Demon Clan kept it was because Xuyou Jade was old enough to show that the Demon Clan’s territory had a long history.

Li Fenglan had already discovered that Ling Buyan was a person who liked to only say half of his words and was mysterious all day long.

It was a coincidence that the few people Ling Buyan met today were very curious.

The more he didn’t say what he wanted the Xuyou jade for, the more curious the three of them became.

Unlike Duan Qianli, who had no idea at all, Li Fenglan thought for a long time, and actually managed to get some useful information out of his mind.

This information happened to come from the novel “Tianmian Daosheng”.

There were only one or two sentences in the novel. If Ling Buyan suddenly mentioned “Xuyou Jade” today, Li Fenglan might have forgetten this unimportant plot.

In the middle and later stages of “Tianmian Daosheng”, it was said that there was a period of time when the cultivation world was not stable. In addition to the frequent occurrence of fierce beasts, even the Xuyou Jade of the demon clan was taken away by people.

There was only such a simple sentence in the book. If it was not because “Xuyou Jade” was too useless in Li Fenglan’s heart and he couldn’t imagine who would take the Xuyou Jade away so boringly, Li Fenglan probably wouldn’t even remember this plot.

Combining the words of Ling Buyan and Duan Qianli today, Li Fenglan guessed… maybe the person who took Xuyou Jade away in the book was his master Ling Buyan.

Xuyou Jade symbolized the long history of the Demon Realm, and if it was stated to be important, it was naturally important.

However, the previous Demon Lord had been in a deep sleep for many years and showed no signs of waking up. In this case, losing a little “face” does not seem to be a big deal.

Duan Qianli was a straightforward person, although he still struggled in his heart about what to do with the Xuyou Jade, this transaction was beneficial to him.

After a pause, the golden Duan Qianli lying on the ground said, “Okay, if you can really cure my father, then I will give you the Xuyou Jade.”

“It’s a deal.” Ling Buyan said.

Eh? How did you decide so quickly?

Li Fenglan had just finished recalling the plot of “Tianmian Daosheng”, and when he turned around, he heard that Ling Buyan and Duan Qianli had reached a consensus.

“How soon will my father wake up?” Duan Qianli asked suddenly.

And then he heard Ling Buyan say: “Accordingly, it should be only seven days at most. But…you two look a little conspicuous now. It’s better to wait for the lord demon master and the princess to recover their human bodies first, and then I will go to the demon domain with you privately.” 

“Then we’ll be staying here for the next few days?” Duan Wannian, who was still hanging motionless in the air, asked anxiously.

“Of course not,” Ling Buyan finally put down Duan Wannian who was hanging in mid-air, “Since you are awake, I will naturally take back the main hall of Miguang Mountain.”

In other words: don’t occupy my place anymore!

Seeing the mysterious smile on his Master’s face, Li Fenglan suddenly had a bad premonition… Sure enough, Ling Buyan said, “I can send you two to the back of Miguang Mountain first.”

There were few people around and the trees were dense, unless you walk into the forest and observe carefully, you will not be able to see the two huge luminous bodies.

“The back mountain?” Duan Wannian, who had never been there before was a little puzzled, she didn’t know what was there.

However, Duan Qianli was different, he spent some time eating and drinking on Miguang Mountain. The Lord Demon Master knew that there was nothing in the ghostly place behind Miguang Mountain!

Duan Qianli thought so in his heart, and said so in his mouth.

But this time, Li Fenglan suddenly said: “It’s not like there’s nothing.”

Keke, isn’t there Cheng Huang?

After less than a stick of incense, the two golden giant birds were carried by the flying sword and flew to the back mountain of Miguang Mountain.

And Cheng Huang, who was lying on the ground counting ants, suddenly became energetic when he saw someone come to see him.

But when it noticed something on the flying sword, Cheng Huang suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis—what are those two furry things! ! !

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