The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 46

Chapter 46

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Seeing Li Fenglan and his party from a distance, Cheng Huang, who was lying on the ground, immediately stood up.

Its ice blue eyes narrowed slightly, with an extremely dangerous expression.

Not only did Cheng Huang see them, the two giant golden birds on the flying sword also saw Cheng Huang.

The next moment, Li Fenglan heard Duan Qianli curse in the language of the Demon Clan.

“What is that!”

Not only him, but another golden giant bird suddenly became nervous. Duan Wannian, who was imprisoned by Ling Buyan’s spell and could not fly, moved silently towards Li Fenglan’s position.

Although the fierce beasts and the demons were completely different races, Duan Wannian was still instinctively afraid when she saw this huge mountain-like creature in front of her.

In the next moment, Duan Qianli recognized it.

“This is Cheng Huang? Why did it suddenly become bigger!” Duan Qianli’s tone was very excited.

At the end, he murmured to himself: “…Could it be related to the tide of fierce beasts?” 

When Cheng Huang suddenly became bigger and played being cool in front of the cultivators in Tianmian Palace, Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian were still dizzy, so they didn’t know the thrilling story outside Tianmian Palace.

Just as he was speaking, the sword also landed in the dense forest some distance away from Cheng Huang.

But when Duan Qianli suddenly mentioned Cheng Huang’s growing up, Li Fenglan finally remembered why he brought Duan Qianli back.

So after the flying sword fell to the ground, Li Fenglan suddenly turned around and asked Duan Qianli: “By the way, were you also affected by the beast tide last time?”

Hearing this, Ling Buyan also looked over.

And Duan Wannian, who was still afraid of Cheng Huang a moment ago, immediately turned her attention after hearing Li Fenglan’s words.

“Speaking of which…” Duan Qianli didn’t answer Li Fenglan’s question, he asked belatedly, “Why are we in Tianmian Palace?”

Wasn’t this superfluous words?

Hearing Duan Qianli’s question, Li Fenglan looked at Duan Qianli as if looking at a fool, and said, “Of course I rescued you and brought you back.”

Ling Buyan then nodded slightly.

“But—” Duan Qianli realized the problem, “During the tide of beasts, we seemed to be affected.”

“What kind of effect?” Ling Buyan asked suddenly.

This time it was Duan Wannian who answered his question: “Suddenly I was very sleepy, and it was even difficult to concentrate for a while.” Her tone was extremely serious, and she was a little disappointed.

After all, except for herself and Duan Qianli, the rest of the demon clan powerhouses all died in this fierce beast tide.

After thinking of this, Duan Wannian felt very strange in her heart – even someone as strong as herself and Duan Qianli would be affected by the wave of fierce beasts, so how did Li Fenglan, a little cultivator, rescue them from there?

Could it be that this was some kind of thing aimed at demon cultivators?

Li Fenglan knew what Duan Qianli and the others wanted to ask, and he had already prepared the answer.

“Before I went to deal with the beast tide, I was bitten by Cheng Huang. Perhaps it was because of this, I was not affected too much.” 

“In that case ……” Duan Qianli said subconsciously, “I told you when I was on Miguang Mountain before that you were not that powerful.”

At this time, Ling Buyan had already walked under the big tree in the forest, and he who hadn’t said much just now, after hearing this, suddenly asked: “Oh? I wonder when Lord Demon Master had come to our Miguang Mountain?”


Li Fenglan almost forgot that Duan Qianli came to Miguang Mountain in a disguised identity before, so he should not know him well.

The next moment Li Fenglan was very cooperative and pretended to be puzzled: “You met me on Miguang Mountain?”

Duan Qianli: “…” Oops, it’s over!

Speaking of which, although Duan Qianli had repeatedly disguised his identity and sneaked into the cultivator team of Tianmian Palace to eat and drink, he was the current leader of the demon clan after all, so he still needed face.

When he was in Miguang Mountain before, Duan Qianli kept in touch with his younger sister, but he didn’t say in detail what he was doing.

Therefore, even Duan Wannian didn’t know about the existence of “He Yinyuan”.

“That’s right!” Hearing this, Duan Wannian suddenly sighed.

Duan Qianli: …

At this moment, the air in the back of Miguang Mountain seemed to freeze.

Duan Qianli couldn’t come up with a reason for a while, but Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan didn’t speak, as if they deliberately wanted to make Duan Qianli embarrassed here.

“Ahem…” The golden demon master cleared his throat, and just as he was trying to make up a reason, there was a sudden noise in the dense forest.

In just a few breaths, a shadow cast over where Li Fenglan and the others were.

Several people subconsciously looked up to the sky.

Then, through the gap in the dense forest, they saw a pair of huge ice-blue eyes…

At this moment, those eyes were full of tears.

It was Cheng Huang!

Before coming to the back of Miguang Mountain just now, Li Fenglan originally thought of going to see Cheng Huang first, and then just let Master just throw Duan Qianli in the place.

However, he didn’t expect that as soon as everyone arrived, they chatted about the beast tide, and because of this, Li Fenglan forgot his plan just now and ignored his spirit beast. When the few people here were silent, Duan Wannian, who was most afraid of Cheng Huang, spoke first: “Cheng cheng… Huang? “

After saying the words, the Golden Giant Bird, which had just stood here with great difficulty, fell to the ground with a “snap”.

But Cheng Huang didn’t even pay attention to Duan Wannian, it was already an adult beast, it just stared at Li Fenglan sadly. After a while, those big ice blue eyes squeezed out a tear.

“Pa” Cheng Huang’s tears fell to the ground.

To Cheng Huang, this tear was just a normal size, but its current size was already as huge as a mountain range!

That tear fell from a high place and hit the canopy of the dense forest. The next moment, it was cut into countless small droplets by the branches and fell on Duan Wannian’s body.

“Mom, mom!” As the only demon who had never dealt with Cheng Huang before, but only heard of the name of the ancient beast, Wannian actually had a feeling of imminent death during this period.

“How lacking!” Hearing Duan Wannian’s words, Duan Qianli really wanted to become a human immediately and cover his sister’s mouth.

While Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian were arguing, Cheng Huang, who was regarded as a dangerous object, had no interest in paying attention to the brother and sister duo.

It looked at Li Fenglan affectionately like this, it seemed extremely aggrieved.

And Li Fenglan, who was looked at by Cheng Huang like this, obviously didn’t do anything, but he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty…

Seeing this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but look at his master for help.

But unexpectedly, after Ling Buyan received Li Fenglan’s request for help, instead of helping him, he even lightly patted Li Fenglan on the shoulder and said to him: “Explain to Cheng Huang.”

Li Fenglan: ! ! !

Save me Master! When you said that, why does it appear that I have betrayed Cheng Huang?

And Cheng Huang, who was looking here through the gap in the dense forest, nodded his head very seriously after hearing Ling Buyan’s words.

“Woooooooooooo wooooooo!”

Cheng Huang had just begun to speak human language and now having a hard time, it was back to his old mode of communication, which was only saying “woooo”.

However, Cheng Huang became a lot smarter after he became an adult, and his human-like emotions became more and more obvious.

Clearly Cheng Huang only whined twice, but Li Fenglan actually understood its meaning clearly—Master, please explain, what is going on with these two golden giant birds?

Li Fenglan cleared his throat, raised his head and said to Cheng Huang: “The two of them can’t change back to their human form now, they will stay here with you in the next few days.”

The more Li Fenglan said, the more guilty he became.

After discovering that Li Fenglan was guilty, Cheng Huang finally remembered that he could speak.

“But… woo, this is Cheng Huang…” An unusually soft voice came from the mouth of the huge beast in front of him.

Even though they already knew that Cheng Huang was an adult, Duan Qianli and the two of them, who had never known the history of fierce beasts before, didn’t know that Cheng Huang could speak now!

They just saw Cheng Huang curl his lips extremely aggrieved, looking like he was about to cry again.

——In the past few days, not being able to lie on the bed with Li Fenglan made Cheng Huang feel extremely depressed. Creatures like ferocious beasts were very territorial. After a period of time, Cheng Huang had regarded the back mountain of Miguang Mountain as his territory.

Now, two furry creatures came to his territory, which really made Cheng Huang feel a sense of crisis.

Obviously he didn’t do anything, but Cheng Huang’s expression seemed like Li Fenglan had bullied him.

Li Fenglan, who had no experience in dealing with this kind of thing, could only subconsciously look at his master again, and at the same time said softly: “What should I do, master…” 

Unexpectedly, Ling Buyan, who was omnipotent, also turned his eyes aside. He thought for a while, and then said to his disciple: “Admit your mistake to Cheng Huang?”

Li Fenglan:?

What method was this?

When Cheng Huang heard Ling Buyan’s words, it felt even more aggrieved all of a sudden.

Cheng Huang snorted twice with his nose, and then said extremely aggrieved: “Wooo, is it that Cheng Huang had become bigger…Fenglan doesn’t like it?”

The more Cheng Huang thought about it, the more he felt that his statement was possible!

Li Fenglan liked him being small before, but now as soon as it became big, his owner found two other furry creatures from nowhere.

The point is, that dazzling golden look was really ugly!

“Of course not!” Li Fenglan quickly clarified.

But his words didn’t interrupt Cheng Huang’s train of thought. He looked at the two monsters with disgust, and then said, “These two things are ugly… I don’t know where they came from—”

Before Cheng Huang could finish his sour words, it suddenly said “Huh?”

In the next second, Cheng Huang lowered his head and sniffed at Duan Qianli.

In the end, it suddenly raised its head, and said suspiciously, “He Yinyuan? How did you become like this?”

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