The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 47

Chapter 47

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Cheng Huang was worthy of being an ancient fierce beast, its lethality was simply huge.

It only used a simple sentence, and it made the lord demon master feel like he was struck by lightning.

Duan Qianli himself wanted to quibble, but unfortunately everyone here knew that Cheng Huang, as an ancient beast, can directly smell the qi of human souls—it was more sensitive than any immortal weapon.

If Duan Qianli didn’t admit it anymore, he would be trying to cover it up.

But if he admitted it, he would lose face.

Whether it’s in front of his sister, or in front of… Li Fenglan.

“Who is He Yinyuan?” Duan Wannian who was still unclear about the situation.

This name was so strange, why did that ferocious beast call her brother that?

Seeing this, Li Fenglan suddenly became more dramatic. He pretended to only know just now and repeated the three words “He Yinyuan”, and then suddenly looked at Duan Qianli with disbelief.

“I thought you had died in the tide of ferocious beasts…”

That would be strange.

After a short pause, Li Fenglan said again: “At that time, people from the Sect searched for you in the forest all night.”

Hearing Li Fenglan’s words, Duan Qianli felt a little guilty and wanted to reach out his hand to touch his nose, but before he moved, he remembered he was in his original form,and how he didn’t have hands at all.

This was embarrassing.

Li Fenglan originally wanted to pretend to be sad, but the next moment he realized that facing this huge golden bird, he couldn’t feel sad at all…

He even had to work very hard not to laugh.

As a demon master, Duan Qianli was used to wanton selfishness, so he didn’t care about other people’s feelings and life or death.

He kept telling himself in his heart that although Li Fenglan was similar to Li Fuyue, he was not Fuyue, and he could not transfer his past feelings to this little cultivator.

It was true that he used Li Fenglan, but it was not important.

But now, when Li Fenglan said these words to himself with a blank face, Duan Qianli was actually panicked.

If Duan Qianli was in human form at this time, Li Fenglan would definitely find that the expression on his face was very strange, and his eyes were also very complicated.

But it’s a pity that Duan Qianli was now just a huge golden bird. Li Fenglan could not read Duan Qianli’s mood unless he had a flash of inspiration.

Anyway, he couldn’t see what Duan Qianli’s expression was now, and Li Fenglan didn’t want to be entangled with this giant golden bird anymore.

He casually said: “I thought we were friends, but I didn’t expect you to lie to me.” He wanted to leave here.

Unexpectedly, Li Fenglan’s unintentional words touched Duan Qianli deeply.


“I…I…” Seeing Li Fenglan turn around and was about to leave, Duan Qianli struggled for a long time, then suddenly choked out the word, “Sorry.”

This time, without waiting for any reaction from Li Fenglan, Duan Wannian chattered a lot in the demon language that Li Fenglan could not understand, and finally she said with emotion: “So you can say ‘thank you’ too!”

“Shut up!”

At this moment, Duan Qianli’s heart was nervous for no reason.

Before Li Fenglan said that sentence, he never thought that the other party regarded him as a friend. Even…Duan Qianli never thought that he would actually have a “friend”.

Li Fenglan didn’t answer Duan Qianli’s thank you, after all, he had indeed let Duan Qianli go several times in the past two lifetimes, and even saved him twice.

He didn’t have to say “it’s okay” to Duan Qianli.

But looking at Li Fenglan’s disappearing back, Duan Qianli’s heart suddenly became turbulent…and it couldn’t calm down for a long time.

As for Cheng Huang, it was obviously the one who was making a fuss just now, but when Li Fenglan and Duan Qianli had a conversation just now, it was lying on the canopy of the tree, so serious the whole time, it didn’t even dare to blink its eyes more.

Cheng Huang watched it with relish, and even smacked his mouth from time to time, completely forgetting what he came here to do.

It wasn’t until Li Fenglan left that it remembered what it was doing just now – acting like a baby with its master, and driving these two ugly things away.

Hey…Cheng Huang lowered his head and glanced at Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian hesitantly.

The instinct from the beast made it want to drive these two giant golden birds away. But thinking about what his master said just now that he regarded Duan Qianli as a friend, Cheng Huang finally endured it.

It “hmphed” towards Duan Qianli unwillingly, then turned around and walked slowly towards its own open space.

Although he didn’t say anything, what he had to admit was that after hearing what Li Fenglan said just now, Cheng Huang actually became even more jealous of Duan Qianli… They were both furry, why can’t he be friends with Fenglan?

Get smaller now, without delay!

The back mountain of Miguang Mountain was not big, especially after Cheng Huang appeared here, just looking at it would make people feel crowded.

It was also beneficial to stay here with Cheng Huang. For example, people from the Sect dare not come to Miguang Mountain. For Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian, who were already hidden in the dense forest, the safety factor once again rose sharply.

Usually, Cheng Huang would squeeze around in the woods behind Miguang Mountain, wandering around for a while, but when there were two intruders in its territory, Cheng Huang completely lost the mood.

At the back of Miguang Mountain, everyone minded their own business.

Unlike Duan Qianli, who had been staying here lately in a lifeless state, thinking about life. After staying in the back of Miguang Mountain for a few days, Duan Wannian couldn’t help but take advantage of the fact that the others weren’t paying attention and scampered around the deserted mountains near Miguang Mountain where no one was.

Of course Li Fenglan knew what Duan Wannian was doing, but he didn’t care about it. After all, if someone found out, Duan Wannian herself will have to pay the price.

Duan Wannian had come to Tianmian Palace as an undercover agent before, so she was very familiar with it.

Speaking of which, Duan Wannian did not leave Miguang Mountain purely for fun… As Duan Qianli’s younger sister, she had the same hobby as her brother – eating.

Tianmian Palace was the biggest blessed place in the cultivation world, even a barren hill was covered with spiritual fruits.

This was completely different from the demon world where the land was barren, the climate was very bad, and the sun was rarely seen.

So after enduring it for a few days, Duan Wannian finally sneaked away and began to eat everywhere.

It was at this time that Miguang Mountain suddenly welcomed a guest.

At that time Li Fenglan was meditating in his room. At this moment, his consciousness suddenly felt that someone was approaching Miguang Mountain.

Miguang Mountain was located on the edge of Tianmian Palace, under normal circumstances, very few idlers would come to this place if they had nothing to do. But every other day or two, it was not uncommon for a few cultivators to fly over Miguang Mountain.

But this time, after feeling someone approaching his position, Li Fenglan who was meditating suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were very vigilant.

Because the person who was coming towards Miguang Mountain this time was none other than Li Fenglan’s Senior Uncle Mo Shenyu…

He came back unexpectedly.

The last time Li Fenglan saw him, he was still in the midst of that particularly weird wave of beasts. Although it had been quite a while, when he thought of the three words “Mo Shenyu”, Li Fenglan would recall the strange scene of that day.

—— Mo Shenyu’s pupils turned golden, and he looked like a puppet without a soul.

He stood on the boulder, absorbing the aura of all the beasts around him.

Speaking of which, the last wave of ferocious beasts had a great impact, and in the thousands of years of history in the entire cultivation world, whenever there was a wave of ferocious beasts, cultivators would die or be seriously injured and disappear.

Li Fenglan didn’t tell anyone what he saw that day, so in the eyes of the Sect cultivators, his Senior uncle must have been seriously injured, or even died in the tide of fierce beasts.

Mo Shenyu seldom stayed in the sect, and after learning about this, everyone didn’t have any special reaction.

Just as Li Fenglan thought of this, he felt a flying sword lightly land on the open space in front of Miguang Mountain.

Mo Shenyu came… 

After hearing the footsteps, Li Fenglan hesitated for a while, but finally got up and walked outside the house.

Although he was very apprehensive, at this moment Li Fenglan was more curious.

He wanted to see what Mo Shenyu wanted to do.

Li Fenglan pushed open the door and went out. The square of the main hall of Miguang Mountain was not big, after hearing the “squeak” sound of the door opening, envoy Mo Shenyu turned around and looked at him.

“Fenglan.” The person opposite smiled and called his name.

At this moment, Li Fenglan’s heartbeat accelerated a lot.

Li Fenglan saw that the man standing directly in front of him was still exactly the same as he used to remember.

Mo Shenyu was wearing a purple brocade robe, a purple gold crown on his head, and a folding fan in his hand. Except that his face was slightly pale, as if he had just recovered from a serious illness, he felt the same as before.

It’s nothing more than normal.

If Li Fenglan hadn’t used his divine sense to see what Mo Shenyu was doing, or hadn’t come to take a look, seeing Mo Shenyu suddenly appear here now, he would be very pleasantly surprised.

But with the previous appearance as a comparison, Li Fenglan didn’t feel the slightest joy in his heart.

“Senior Uncle?” Li Fenglan quickly adjusted his state and walked towards the person not far away, “I thought something… happened to you.” He said hesitantly.

Mo Shenyu was not surprised by Li Fenglan’s reaction, he smiled and patted Li Fenglan’s shoulder lightly and said, “Royal Uncle survived a catastrophe, and finally came back.”

Survived a catastrophe? Li Fenglan sneered in his heart.

He nodded quickly, and said to Mo Shenyu: “That’s good, that’s good.”

Just as he was speaking, Ling Buyan also came out of the room, and then showed a slightly surprised expression. Speaking of his acting skills, he was much better than Li Fenglan.

After Ling Buyan went out to show his “care” for his Junior brother, and after a few brief chats, Mo Shenyu finally expressed his intention for coming.

“I don’t know if Fenglan had told my senior brother that something was not quite right about the tide of ferocious beasts this time.”

Hearing this, Ling Buyan nodded slightly,

So Mo Shenyu continued: “It is precisely because of this that after going through the tide of beasts, I rested for several days, and finally returned to the sect at this time.”

Hehe, you can continue to make up stories.

Mo Shenyu spoke very well. He knew that the abnormality of the beast tide this time must not be hidden from Ling Buyan, so he said it himself first. Ling Buyan also nodded, and said, “That’s right, Fenglan said it too.”

Mo Shenyu sighed lightly, he pressed the center of his brows and said, “I don’t know how Fenglan feels, I was seriously injured at the time, and I lost my mind. My soul also became weak and uncertain… This time I came to senior brother because I wanted to borrow something.”

This time, Li Fenglan couldn’t help asking: “What does Senior uncle want to borrow?”

Thinking about it carefully, the relationship between Ling Buyan and Mo Shenyu was indeed very ordinary. But the few times Mo Shenyu came to look for his senior brother, he could use the description of “one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause”.

Mo Shenyu didn’t talk in circles, he smiled, put away the fan in his hand and said directly: “Suo Linhua.”

Li Fenglan had heard of Suo Linhua before, it was said that it can make a cultivator’s soul, which has become weak due to injury, shock or instability, strong again until it regains its former level.

It’s just that not everyone had encountered such a thing as a weak soul, so few people will bother to find the so-called “Suo Linhua”.

Except for Ling Buyan. Regardless of whether it was useful or not, almost all the treasures in the cultivation world can be found from him.

“Suo Linhua?” Ling Buyan thought for a while and said, “Of course it is possible. It seems that my junior brother was seriously injured this time, so you need to use a Suo Linhua.

He didn’t know if Ling Buyan said it casually, but after hearing his master’s words, Li Fenglan suddenly thought that in his last life, he also met a cultivator in a secret realm looking for Suo Linhua everywhere.

And the reason why he was looking for this thing was because he was almost taken away by someone before, and his soul was shaken.

Sure enough, when Li Fenglan thought of this just now, he heard Ling Buyan casually add again: “After all, I remember that those who are looking for Suo Linhua before were cultivators who were almost taken away.”

“Taken away….” Upon hearing these two words, Mo Shenyu’s expression suddenly changed.

Ling Buyan’s words reminded Li Fenglan of Mo Shenyu’s strange behavior once again.

At that time, he seemed to have two souls, and his whole person was completely different from before…

Could it be that the other person was not him? But at that time, he didn’t feel any strange qi, while Mo Shenyu’s appearance was different from the one he remembered.

Li Fenglan kept putting forward ideas in his mind, and then denied them by himself.

Just when Li Fenglan was thinking wildly, his master Ling Buyan finally spoke.

Ling Buyan nodded to his junior brother, he smiled and said, “Of course…well, I happen to have one here, and I don’t need it anyway, so you can just take it.”

Hearing this, Mo Shenyu couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief and then said a word of thanks.

All of this seemed so normal—if Li Fenglan didn’t know the ending of the two people in the book “Tianmian Daosheng”…

After reserving what he wanted with his senior brother, Mo Shenyu left with his sword.

However, before he could go far, a faint golden light on the ground attracted his attention.

This light was not bright, but Mo Shenyu was very nervous now and had been observing the surroundings, so he discovered the light.

The flying sword that was flying away from Miguang Mountain suddenly stopped, and Mo Shenyu narrowed his eyes and looked down.

It turned out that in another uninhabited mountain not far behind Miguang Mountain, there was a golden giant bird sitting under a tree, eating fruit and basking in the sun.

“…The demon clan from that day?” Mo Shenyu, standing on the flying sword, recognized Duan Wannian at a glance.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously.

At that time Li Fenglan went to the same valley with those two demon clansmen, presumably they were brought back by his nephew.

After seeing Duan Wannian, a demon clan who had crossed the great circle ascension stage, Mo Shenyu suddenly remembered something…

When he was in the valley that day, he had a feeling of being watched by others, but he didn’t catch who it was, and he wasn’t even sure if it was an illusion.

…Thinking about it now, could it be these two demon clan members?

In Li Fenglan’s impression, Mo Shenyu was an unusually spontaneous person. He seemed to have nothing to do with the word “persistence”.

But now, Mo Shenyu had changed.

He must not let his secret be known by anyone.

Mo Shenyu looked at the giant golden bird below, and suddenly had a feeling of “I would rather kill it by mistake than let it go”.

Even though Mo Shenyu knew very well in his heart – if those two demon clan members had really seen something at that time, his secret would have spread throughout the Three Realms long ago.

Without any hesitation, the flying sword turned into a ray of light and landed on the ground.

At this moment, Li Fenglan, who had already returned to his room, couldn’t help opening his eyes wide.

His spiritual consciousness was very powerful, apart from Miguang Mountain, Li Fenglan can even sense what happened in other places around him.

So he found out at once——Mo Shenyu, who was about to leave here, suddenly lowered his height and headed towards the back of Miguang Mountain.

And that’s where Duan Wannian was!

“Oh no!”

After noticing this, Li Fenglan didn’t care about anything, and flew directly to Duan Wannian’s position with his sword.

——He wanted to find Ling Buyan at first, but then he found that his master didn’t seem to be on Miguang Mountain, or he had entered space, presumably it was to get Mo Shenyu’s Lin Hua.

The flying sword quickly swept across the back of Miguang Mountain, but Li Fenglan was still one step late.

The barren hill behind Miguang Mountain was covered with various vegetation. The place where Duan Wannian was located was actually very difficult to find. But this time, before reaching that place, Li Fenglan smelled an extremely strong smell of blood.

When he arrived, Mo Shenyu had already disappeared.

Li Fenglan looked down following the smell of blood, and after a few breaths, he saw the familiar golden giant bird lying motionless on the ground.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan didn’t care about anything, so he quickly dropped to the ground. After hearing the sound, Duan Wannian, who was lying here dying, opened her eyes with great difficulty.

“Help… help…” Although she couldn’t see who was coming, she instinctively felt that the qi was familiar.

As descendants of demon gods, the blood of Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian was special and hot. At this time, all the green grass growing under Wannian’s body had been burned to death, and the ground had turned red.

Even cultivators dare not touch the blood of a demon god at will.

However, after coming here, Li Fenglan didn’t seem to see the burnt plants around Duan Wannian and the land that had started to smoke, he directly knelt on the ground with one knee.

Maybe someone coming gave Duan Wannian hope again. She, who couldn’t even open her eyes just now, could see clearly who was coming.

“…cough cough cough, Li… Li Fenglan?” Duan Wannian called out Li Fenglan’s name with great effort.

“En, don’t talk, let me treat the wound for you.” Li Fenglan spoke quickly, leaving no time for Duan Wannian to interrupt.

“I…cough cough…me.” Even if Duan Wannian wanted to speak now, she couldn’t say a word after being seriously injured.

Seeing Li Fenglan slowly lift her wings up, Duan Wannian subconsciously opened her eyes wide. She wanted to say to Li Fenglan – beware of my blood.

However, before this sentence was uttered, Duan Wannian passed out completely.

But seeing Duan Wannian’s appearance, Li Fenglan finally couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

——Duan Wannian was a demon cultivator who had lived for thousands of years. If something was wrong when he healed her, it will be troublesome.

Even though the flames on her body had been extinguished, Duan Wannian’s demon body was still hot, but at this moment Li Fenglan touched it directly, without even frowning.

Li Fenglan saw that Wannian had an extremely long scar from her wings down to her chest at this time. Especially on the chest, the wound was extremely deep, and even the half-broken demon core can be seen…

If Li Fenglan came a little later, or hesitated, Duan Wannian might have died here today.

This time Mo Shenyu was really ruthless, the reason why he didn’t directly smash Duan Wannian’s demon core was not because he was soft-hearted, or because he wanted to save the other party’s life.

Duan Wannian was a powerful demon cultivator, if her demon core was directly smashed, there would be a huge noise.

At that time, people in the entire sect will pay attention to this place.

Although it was said that there were demon cultivators who broke into the sect of the cultivation world, it was a matter of course for the cultivators to kill her after discovering her. But Mo Shenyu obviously had a ghost in his heart, he didn’t want to cause any trouble, let alone be noticed.

So after meeting Duan Wanwan, Mo Shenyu chose to seriously injure Duan Wannian, destroying most of the demon core.

In this case, if no one came over in time, then Duan Wannian would surely die, even… quietly.

Duan Wannian’s wound was still bleeding, Li Fenglan took a deep breath, and slowly put his hand on Duan Wannian’s wound, completely ignoring the scorching temperature here.

He intended to use spiritual power to heal Duan Wannian’s wound.

The spiritual power of human cultivators and demon cultivators were two completely different things, logically speaking, they should be very mutually exclusive.

If Duan Wannian was forced to heal her wounds, both of them will probably suffer serious backlash.

However, Li Fenglan was not an ordinary cultivator. While his cultivation had reached the peak, he could also transform his own spiritual power into an existence that was the same as the spiritual power in the demon cultivator’s body.

This was also something that can only be achieved after Tianmian Palace’s heart technique had been practiced to the extreme. In the past thousand years, there were probably no more than five people in the whole world who knew this technique.

A steady stream of spiritual power was poured into Duan Wannian’s spiritual veins, and at the same time, the blood from her wound was slowly stopping. Another golden giant bird was affected by the bloodline induction and was flying towards here at low altitude.

And Li Fenglan, who devoted himself to healing Duan Wannian, still didn’t know anything about it…

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