The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 48

Chapter 48

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The Demon Clan was different from the cultivation world, they were still referred to as a “clan”, and they cared about their own clan and family members very much, this was also an instinct engraved in their blood.

Just like Duan Qianli’s father who fell asleep for thousands of years because of the tide of fierce beasts. While he had been looking for clues in the human world and the demon world, feeling that something happened to Duan Wannian at this time, Duan Qianli also completely ignored that this was Tianmian Palace and the territory of cultivators.

The giant golden bird passed through the dense forest behind Miguang Mountain at low altitude, and flew towards the barren mountain.

A golden light flashed across the forest. Duan Qianli no longer cared about whether he would be discovered, he went towards his sister at the fastest speed.

At this time, Duan Wannian lying on the ground was surrounded by light golden light.

The same golden light, but different from the originally dazzling light on her body, the golden light at this time was gentle, just like the sun in the morning.

Duan Wannian, who was lying on the ground, was still trembling with pain at the last moment. But at this time, she was enveloped by the golden light, so her body calmed down slightly, and she even passed out, but Duan Wannian still lightly bit her mouth, as if she had dreamed of something delicious again .

Li Fenglan, who was concentrating on healing her wounds, couldn’t help but feel speechless seeing Duan Wannian like this…

It seems that being greedy was a demon inheritance.

Just now when Mo Shenyu killed him, most of the demon core on Duan Wannian’s body had been destroyed. Li Fenglan’s spiritual power was continuously poured into Duan Wannian’s body. Although her wounds were slowly healing, the broken demon core remained the same.

Li Fenglan knew that if Duan Wannian’s demon core was not repaired directly now, and if it was delayed, the ending would not be any different from before.

So he focused more on the movements of his hands, completely ignoring the surrounding environment, and even his spiritual consciousness blocked everything that happened around him.

When Duan Qianli rushed here, what he saw was like this – his sister was lying on the ground with her eyes closed, and beside her, there was a cultivator in white who was trying to use spiritual power to help Duan Qianli.

“Li Fenglan?” Seeing the picture in front of him, Duan Qianli immediately felt that something was wrong.

He thought that Li Fenglan might have saved Duan Wannian out of good intentions, but the spiritual powers of cultivators and demon cultivators were incompatible… So after seeing the picture in front of him, Duan Qianli flew over immediately, trying to separate Li Fenglan and Duan Wannian.

But at the next moment… a burst of spiritual power emanated from Li Fenglan’s body, and bounced Duan Qianli who came over just now.

The golden giant bird fell heavily to the ground with a “snap”, but Duan Qianli, who fell badly, forgot the pain at this moment…

Was it the spiritual power of Li Fenglan that bounced him out just now?

And his spiritual power seemed to be compatible with Duan Wannian’s body…

If he remembered correctly, Li Fenglan was only a nascent soul cultivation base yet he bounced him an immortalization stage demon cultivator off? How did he change his spiritual power?

“Cough cough cough…” Duan Qianli coughed a few times, and slowly turned his gaze to Li Fenglan again.

At this moment, he could feel his heart beating wildly.

Although Duan Qianli could not recover his human form yet, his cultivation was not greatly affected.

He looked at Li Fenglan who was closing his eyes tightly to heal Duan Wannian, finally took two deep breaths, and let out his spiritual power.

——Li Fenglan himself had hidden his own cultivation, but at this time, he was trying his best to repair the demon core for Duan Wannian, and finally exposed the realm that had been suppressed.

“… Ascensionn Stage?” Duan Qianli muttered to himself, then finally denied himself, “No, it’s the immortalization stage.”

Li Fenglan was not a Nascent Soul stage cultivation base he showed, but the immortalization stage!

He even changed his spiritual power through the heart method of Tianmian Palace.

“How was this possible?”

After feeling this, Duan Qianli’s heart seemed to be firmly pinched by someone. He didn’t know how to breathe for a while, and even temporarily forgot the instinct to save Duan Wannian.

Li Fenglan was in the immortalization stage.

How could he be in the immortalization stage?

Duan Qianli’s heart was extremely flustered, and his brain went blank for a moment.

… There were only a handful of immortalization stage cultivators in this world. If Li Fenglan really had an immortalization stage, then who was he?

At this moment, Duan Qianli was still in the shape of a monster, and thinking about it, if he could become a man now, his expression would be extremely shocking.

And at this time, Li Fenglan finally slowly repaired the cracks in Duan Wannian’s demon core.

It was then that he saw another faint golden light enveloping the cultivator in white. Because of the golden light, his already picturesque eyebrows and eyes looked gentler and less vulgar.

The appearance of the little cultivator in front of him gradually overlapped with a person in Duan Qianli’s memory.

Li Fuyue.

After a few breaths, Li Fenglan formed a seal and slowly opened his eyes.

He let out a long breath, and instinctively looked at Duan Wannian at the side.

However, before Li Fenglan’s sight fell on Duan Wannian, another luminous body attracted his attention.

Li Fenglan: “…”

Duan Qianli? How did he come here…

After seeing Duan Qianli, Li Fenglan stood up instinctively and took a step back.

It’s over.

He just healed Duan Wannian, did he see it?

Duan Qianli was still in the form of a demon, seeing that Li Fenglan was not healing his younger sister, he had not thought about coming to see what was going on with Duan Wannian. Duan Qianli stayed not far away, looking at Li Fenglan without blinking.

From the body of this big demon, Li Fenglan couldn’t understand any of his emotion.

He could only see that Duan Qianli was staring at him closely.

What to do, what to do!

Li Fenglan didn’t know what to think, after seeing Duan Qianli like this, he turned around without saying a word, wanting to slip away from here.

However, before Li Fenglan could carry out his plan, as soon as he turned around, the giant golden bird appeared on the other side.

“…You,” Duan Qianli said cautiously, “You have immortalization stage cultivation.”

Li Fenglan had never heard Duan Qianli have such a gentle and careful tone.

Li Fenglan opened his mouth, but before he could think of a word to say to defend himself, he heard Duan Qianli continue: “And Cheng Huang was so close to you…”

“I should have thought of it, I should have…”

Although Cheng Huang looked stupid, it was an ancient beast after all, and it can even smell the soul of a person at a glance. If Li Fuyue wasn’t around, it wouldn’t be so close to an inexplicable person.

When Cheng Huang was born, Ling Buyan explained to everyone in the cultivation world that Cheng Duan stole Li Fuyue’s Dao Heart, and Li Fenglan had the opponent’s puppet on his body, so he accidentally got Li Fuyue’s aura.

The entire cultivation world was deceived, even himself.

…Obviously the truth had always been within reach.

He should have thought of it a long time ago that Li Fenglan was Li Fuyue!

Duan Qianli didn’t know how he was feeling right now, ecstasy and inexplicable grief striking together, making his already messed up brain go blank again.

Even all his memories of getting along with Li Fuyue flooded up at this moment.

Duan Qianli was born as the heir of the demon clan. Not only did he have status, but he even had talents and backgrounds that ordinary people could not imagine.

After meeting Li Fenglan, Duan Qianli, who was accustomed to a smooth life, finally tasted the taste of failure.

Different from the human world, the climate and environment in the Demon Realm were extremely harsh. In the Demon Realm, apart from big monsters like Duan Qianli, there were more little monsters who will be able to transform and still needed to eat and drink.

The property of the Demon Clan was not enough for them to survive well.

Although Duan Qianli, who was born as the heir to the ruling family of the demon realm, was not like other demon clans, he was eager to conquer Duozhi Mountain and snatch the city of the human race. But at that time, after a fellow clan occupied the human city and invited him to a banquet, Duan Qianli still went to the appointment.

It was this time that allowed him to meet Li Fuyue.

When the two met, Duan Qianli was already at the demi-god stage, while Li Fuyue was just a cultivator at the stage of Nascent Soul, so the difference in cultivation between the two could be said to be one hundred and eight thousand miles apart.

At the beginning, Duan Qianli never thought that he would lose.

But at the moment of fighting, he knew what a powerful opponent he had met.

—— Li Fuyue’s Dao heart was stable, and he had no distracting thoughts in his heart, so he also possessed the purest spiritual power.

Duan Qianli would never forget that moment in his life: the brocade gown on Li Fuyue’s body was dancing in the air along with the wind. From a distance, he looked like a butterfly just emerging from its cocoon with a kind of beauty that cannot be seen in the mortal world.

He was such a beautiful cultivator, but with unimaginable strength.

Although it was not clearly written in the book “Tianmian Daosheng”, readers all said that Duan Qianli was someone who had good control of his emotions, this can be seen from the little flower demons around him.

Before meeting Li Fuyue, Duan Qianli always thought that he had already seen all the beauties in this world. But after seeing Li Fuyue at this moment, Duan Qianli’s heartstrings were plucked violently.

But before he could react, Li Fuyue used only a few short moves to break all his attacks. In front of Li Fuyue, the golden thirteen-section whip seemed to have become a toy that was not to be feared.

Duan Qianli had never encountered such a powerful opponent.

Li Fuyue’s eyes were as cold as his swordsmanship.

Just when Duan Qianli thought that he was going to die under Li Fuyue’s sword today, an accident happened.

The white long sword in Li Fuyue’s hand was clearly aimed at Duan Qianli’s chest, but he hesitated at this moment and did not stab the sword out for a long time.

As an experienced demon cultivator who had faced countless opponents, Duan Qianli knew that Li Fuyue’s hesitation was not due to instability of the Dao heart, or any other problems but simply not daring to kill.

Yes, daring not kill.

After living for thousands of years, it was the first time Duan Qianli met such a person.

Around him, there were many people who were murderous and bloodthirsty. This was the first time Duan Qianli had seen someone like Li Fuyue who dared not kill anyone.

He saw that Li Fuyue’s eyes became extremely entangled, he tried several times, but in the end he couldn’t stab the sword down. It was also by this opportunity that Duan Qianli escaped from Li Fenglan’s hands.

Covered in blood, the extremely embarrassed demon member collapsed in an alley in the city.

At this time, the Demon Clan’s defeat had been decided, and the cultivators of Tianmian Palace had already searched around the city. Worried about being discovered by those cultivators, Duan Qianli thought for a while, then suddenly turned into a little girl, and then passed out in that alley, waiting to be “rescued” by the cultivators.

——He was a demon clan member, but he was not as particular about humans.

At that time, Qianli thought wickedly, since it was the little cultivator who injured him, it was better to let Li Fuyue heal the injury.

Duan Qianli felt that he was simply a genius.

When he came up with this plan, Duan Qianli obviously didn’t realize that he fell in love with that little cultivator at first sight.

He was like a naive child in the mortal world, trying his best to show his presence in front of Li Fenglan, and even bullied Li Fenglan in childish ways from time to time.

Time passed day by day like this. Although he lived in the territory of the cultivators of Tianmian Palace that he hated the most, Duan Qianli had never been as happy as this period of time.

When the injury was about to heal, Duan Qianli even had the idea that “if he could stay here forever, it would be good even if he was sick forever”.

However, he was the young master of the demon clan after all, so he cannot be missing for too long. One month later, Duan Qianli thought, it was time for him to go home.

“Hey…” Mortal He Yinyuan in green clothes stood in the room and sighed heavily. His hand slowly slid across the rough wooden table, and finally landed on a mortal miscellany novel.

With the idea of ​​avenging his serious injury, Duan Qianli was simply playing tricks on Li Fuyue.

In addition to asking the other party to buy all kinds of food for him, Duan Qianli also used the excuse that he had a nightmare, and asked Li Fuyue to stay with him.

At that time, Duan Qianli just said it casually, but he didn’t expect that Li Fuyue, a little cultivator, was really easy to deceive. After struggling for a while, he really stayed.

Li Fuyue, who had already cultivated at the Nascent Soul stage, did not need to rest like ordinary people. When he was sitting here with Duan Qianli, Li Fenglan found a novel in the city lord’s mansion and flipped through it.

In fact, Duan Qianli didn’t need to sleep, and didn’t even feel sleepy at all.

But just after he closed his eyes and heard the rustling of books turning in his ears, Duan Qianli’s heart unexpectedly calmed down.

Just like this, he fell into a deep sleep with the sound of turning pages of a book…

“I really don’t want to go.” Duan Qianli whispered to himself.

He stretched out his hand to gently touch the book Li Fuyue had read, and finally came up with an idea – he wanted Li Fuyue to know who he was!

At that time, Qianli already knew that Li Fuyue was the disciple of the well-known Qiu Wanyou in the cultivation world. This was the first time for him with such outstanding talent to leave the sect to go out to practice.

That being the case… Duan Qianli wanted this little cultivator to always remember him even more.

Duan Qianli didn’t hesitate, he directly tore off a blank page of the book, and wrote a line of poem neatly on it: “Thousands of miles of a marriage predestined by fate* lead by a thread”.

* Yinyuan

After finishing all this, Duan Qianli was finally satisfied and left the City Lord’s Mansion.

When he left here, he only wanted Li Fuyue to remember him forever.

But after leaving here, as Li Fuyue’s fame grew, Duan Qianli had a different idea – he wanted his name and Li Fuyue’s name to be bound and entwined forever.

People’s desires were unlimited, but monsters who didn’t know how to restrain and control themselves were even more so.

Due to the dignity of being the young patriarch, Duan Qianli, who didn’t like going to the human world very much, was even less willing to lose, suddenly changed his personality.

He went to the human world again and again, and specifically provoked Li Fuyue. As time passed, the entire cultivation world knew that Duan Qianli and Li Fuyue were old enemies.

Does Duan Qianli really want to be an old enemy with Li Fuyue?

Of course not.

At this time, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but take half a step back, his hand had already touched the rough tree trunk.

It’s over, Duan Qianli actually recognized him!

Li Fenglan felt that among the people he knew in his previous life, only his rebel disciple Meng Linzhou and Duan Qianli didn’t seem very smart.

Who would have thought that after being reborn, he would be recognized by these two not-so-intelligent people.

What a loss of face!

After being silent for a while, Li Fenglan did not answer Duan Qianli’s words, but turned around and said, “Aren’t you going to see Duan Wannian? She was seriously injured.”

——Li Fenglan did not admit it, nor refute it.

He knew that Duan Qianli was a very persistent and stubborn demon. If he had identified who he was, Duan Qianli would not listen no matter what he said or explained.

The most important thing was – Li Fenglan really can’t explain clearly about his cultivation base and technique.

Duan Qianli still stared deeply at Li Fenglan, he completely ignored the existence of his sister.

No one said a word, just when Li Fenglan wanted to change the subject, Duan Qianli said cautiously again: “Fenglan, you said before that you treat me as a friend… is it true? You have always known who I am, and have been deceived by me so many times, yet… you are still able to treat me as a friend?”

“Friend?” Li Fenglan was still a little unresponsive when he heard these words. After all, he had been fighting against Duan Qianli for thousands of years. Li Fenglan was really a little confused when he suddenly heard the word “friend” from the other party’s mouth.

But the next moment, seeing Duan Qianli nodding, Li Fenglan immediately understood what happened.

…Not long ago, when Duan Qianli’s identity was just revealed, he was the one who told him that he had always regarded him as a friend.


At that time, Li Fenglan was just trying to stimulate Duan Qianli, but he never imagined that not long after that, this unlucky person whose identity was discovered would become himself.

At this time, from Duan Qianli’s point of view – not only did Li Fenglan know that he was the lord demon master from the beginning, he did not expose him and treated him as a friend. After he disappeared, he was still looking for him in the forest.

But he…he deceived Li Fenglan again and again.

This time, the misunderstanding became even bigger.

In Li Fenglan’s original impression, Duan Qianli was an arrogant and dishonest person. All the common bad qualities of the Demon Clan could be found in him.

But this time, a tear suddenly flowed down the corner of Duan Qianli’s eyes. Before Li Fenglan could be shocked, after a long silence, he said something that his former self would never have said.

“I…” He adjusted his breathing and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “I was going to save you… I always knew that those people in the cultivation world were not good people. I was going to save you…”

Due to being too excited, Duan Qianli’s voice became hoarse, and even trembled slightly.

“But I thought at the time, I need you to see clearly the group of people in the cultivation world… At that time, you will be willing to go with me.” Duan Qianli sniffed and said very sadly, “I myself could save you, it’s…”

If it was before, Duan Qianli would definitely choose to whitewash this past, make up a random reason, and pretend to be affectionate and regretful to deceive Li Fenglan.

But now facing Li Fenglan like this, Duan Qianli no longer acted like himself.

He spoke the truth.

As a demon cultivator, Duan Qianli had never felt that there was anything wrong with doing anything to achieve his goal, even cheating and concealing things.

But now, he didn’t want to tell lies to Li Fenglan anymore.

Li Fenglan was stunned for a moment, and said softly to himself: “…Really?”

After all, he had known Duan Qianli for thousands of years, and had been lied to by the other party several times. 

So at the last moment, there were still people in this world who wanted to save him?

Knowing this matter after a thousand years, Li Fenglan couldn’t tell what kind of feeling he had.

At this time, Duan Qianli finally recovered. His heart was still beating wildly, but when he spoke, it was obviously much more logical.

Duan Qianli sneered and said: “The group of people in the cultivation world were all sanctimonious hypocrites… Why don’t you go to the Demon Realm with me, and after you recover, we will kill together to take revenge—”


Li Fenglan didn’t know what he should say now, his eyes subconsciously looked around.

It just so happened that Duan Wannian, who had been unconscious until now, slowly opened her eyes.

She looked at Duan Qianli very confused, then ignored her brother, tilted her head and looked at Li Fenglan.



Wait, this time the shocked person was no longer Li Fenglan, but Duan Qianli.

“Duan Wannian?” He tried to call his sister’s name, but Duan Wannian still responded with a “goo”.

“It’s over…” Duan Qianli seemed to be hit on the head by someone, he said softly, “…What should I do if she was beaten stupid.”

Obviously Duan Wannian and himself just changed into their original forms, why was she suddenly unable to speak?

And Li Fenglan was also confused—could it be that he made a mistake when saving Duan Wannian just now and hurt her head?

… At this moment, Li Fenglan’s heart was under great pressure.

Just when he was thinking about asking his Master for help, he saw that familiar black figure appearing here.

Ling Buyan came.

But he didn’t look at Duan Wannian, but smiled at Duan Qianli and asked, “Lord Demon Master, were you trying to abduct my disciple under my nose?”

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