The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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The door creaked open, and Pei Yunshu’s long hair was disheveled as he absentmindedly gazed at the courtyard scenery.

Senior Brother Yunjing walked in from outside and was greatly surprised when he saw him, “Junior Brother Yunshu, why are you up?”

He hurried over to assist Pei Yunshu, but Pei Yunshu raised his hand to avoid his touch. The wide sleeve of his robe slid down his arm, revealing a fair, jade-like forearm.

“Senior Brother,” Pei Yunshu’s voice was hoarse, still carrying the weakness of illness, “Has Master returned from the mountain?”

Yunjing spoke gently, “Junior Brother, when the sun sets today, Master will return. Please lie down and rest. If your condition worsens, Master will surely be concerned.”

A faint, pale smile tugged at the corner of Pei Yunshu’s mouth.

His master, overjoyed at his beloved disciple’s return, wouldn’t truly be concerned. Most likely, after seeing him, he would say, “Don’t get too close, you might pass your illness to our little junior brother.”

A gentle breeze lifted his disheveled hair, and the strands shimmered like gold in the sunlight. Pei Yunshu’s pale complexion and tired eyes were evident. He declined Yunjing’s approach, propped up his weak body, and took steps toward the stone table in the courtyard.

He knew the placement of every single flower and plant in the courtyard.

The stone table was beneath the lush branches of a tree. Pei Yunshu’s hand brushed against the carvings on the table, the uneven texture familiar to his touch.

His gaze became distant.

In his previous life, due to his rivalry with his junior brother, his master had confined him within this small part of the world. Though the courtyard wasn’t large, it became his world for the next decade. When his legs were still intact, he could venture out to admire the flowers. As his condition worsened and he could only lie in bed, even looking at a single blade of grass became a luxury for him.

Days passed without seeing sunlight, a life wasted as a human.

But now, he could walk again, and he could touch this stone table once more.

Yunjing couldn’t hold back and took a step forward. He removed his outer garment and draped it over Pei Yunshu, saying, “Junior Brother Yunshu, you should go back to your room and rest.”

However, the person listening to his words remained still. Yunjing took a decisive step and embraced Pei Yunshu’s shoulders, guiding him forcibly back into the room.

Just as they were about to cross the threshold, Pei Yunshu snapped back to reality. He started struggling, attempting to free himself from Yunjing’s grasp, causing the outer garment to fall off him, leaving his clothes in disarray.

Yunjing’s grip was firm as iron, not allowing him to escape even a bit. Finally, he said in a deep voice, “Junior Brother, forgive me for my intrusion.”

With a strong push, Yunjing lifted Pei Yunshu horizontally, crossed the threshold, and placed him on the bed.

Yunjing couldn’t help but be surprised at how light his junior brother was.

Initially wary of Pei Yunshu’s struggle, Yunjing was taken aback as soon as Pei Yunshu touched the bed. It was as if his spirit had completely drained away, leaving him too exhausted even to move a finger. He laid on the bed, utterly spent.

Yunjing heaved a sigh of relief, finally finding the chance to ask, “Junior Brother, what happened to you?”

Pei Yunshu rested his head on the pillow, gazing directly at the ceiling beams.

At his words, a sardonic smile curled at the corners of Pei Yunshu’s lips. His long black hair sprawled across the bed and hung down the side. His complexion wasn’t good, but that smile highlighted a delicate grace, like a willow swaying in the breeze.

Yunjing scolded himself internally. “Delicate grace” was a term used to describe a woman, not suitable for describing his own junior brother.

He brushed aside Yunshu’s long hair, placing it on the other side of the bed, and reached out to feel the warmth of his cheek. Concerned, he said, “Junior Brother, next time, don’t go out wearing so little.”

“Go out,” Pei Yunshu suddenly spoke.

His graceful, slender neck turned away, not wanting to meet Yunjing’s gaze. His hair slid aside, exposing the elegant curve of his neck, stark against his pale skin.

Yunjing felt puzzled. “Junior Brother, are you angry with me?”

Pei Yunshu closed his eyes.

Pei Yunshu had initially only wanted Yunjing to leave, but he ended up dozing off in a daze. Scenes in his dream kept shifting, replaying painful memories over and over, causing cold sweat to bead on his forehead. Pei Yunshu bit his lip tightly, and he thought he heard someone speaking.

Senior Brother: “Junior Brother Yuncheng, what’s wrong with Junior Brother Yunshu?”

A gentle voice responded, “It seems he’s having a nightmare. Senior Brother, could you fetch me a cup of warm water?”

Pei Yunshu shuddered suddenly.

A pair of hands gently wiped the sweat from his face, and someone approached him, emanating the fragrance of sandalwood. They gently lifted Pei Yunshu’s head.

The person’s touch parted Pei Yunshu’s lips, freeing a torn and broken piece. A porcelain cup was raised, and warm water was fed to Pei Yunshu.

“Do you want to use a calming charm?”

“Yes, please.”

After these two sentences, Pei Yunshu descended into darkness, the nightmare receding, and he fell into a peaceful sleep.

When Master returned to the sect with his newly accepted junior brother riding their swords, his disciples were waiting in the main hall.

Glancing around, the three disciples lowered their heads in respect. Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master said, “Where is Yunshu?”

Yunjing replied, “Master, Junior Brother is sick. He just fell asleep.”

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master furrowed his brows but didn’t say more, as he didn’t want to delay the time for the junior disciple’s initiation. He took a seat at the main position, signaling, “Yunwang, begin.”

The several senior disciples directed their gaze toward the young boy in the hall.

Yunwang performed the initiation ritual meticulously. He was relatively short, appearing to be around fourteen or fifteen years old, with delicate and handsome features. His baby-fat cheeks from his childhood still remained, but his eyes lacked vitality, as if his soul had left his body.

He wore the attire of a peasant, his clothes stained with mud and patched up. The senior disciples couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him.

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master instructed Yunwang to come forward. With his fingertip, he drew a few strokes on Yunwang’s forehead, a golden light flashed, and the sect’s emblem was imprinted on his forehead, only to disappear in an instant.

Yunwang allowed Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master’s actions. It seemed to awaken a part of his consciousness, and a glimmer returned to his eyes. The puppet-like figure suddenly came to life.

Satisfied, Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master nodded and looked at the three disciples by the side. “Come and meet your junior brother.”

“Yunwang and I have a destined teacher-disciple bond. He is also my final disciple. He is young, and I hope you will take care of him.”

The three senior disciples said in unison, “Yes.”

“Junior Brother, I am your Eldest Senior Brother Yunjing,” Yunjing pointed to the nearby Yuncheng, “This is your Second Senior Brother Yuncheng, and the one over there is your Third Senior Brother Yunman.”

Yunwang greeted each of them, “Hello, Eldest Senior Brother, hello, Second Senior Brother, hello, Third Senior Brother.”

These disciples on Wuzhi Peak were all exceptional in appearance, each with their own unique qualities. As Yunwang looked at them, he felt like he had stepped into a realm of immortals, a reality that was strangely unreal.

Second Senior Brother Yuncheng smiled warmly at him and took a jade flute from his sleeve, “Since Junior Brother arrived unexpectedly today, I didn’t have anything prepared. Here’s a jade flute for you. You can play it when you’re idle or use it to block attacks when needed.”

Yunwang accepted the flute, saying, “Thank you, Second Senior Brother.”

“In addition to us three,” Yuncheng continued, “you also have a Fourth Senior Brother.”

Fourth Senior Brother?

Yunwang looked at the Master with confusion, wondering if this was the same Senior Brother Yunshu that the Master had mentioned earlier.

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master finally remembered that Yunshu was still ill. He asked in a stern tone, “What illness is it? Can’t Yuncheng treat it?”

“It’s been treated, Master.”

A distant, cold voice could be heard, and Pei Yunshu appeared in white robes, riding a sword just outside the main hall.

Unconsciously, Yunwang started walking towards the entrance of the hall, and he saw Pei Yunshu elegantly descend from his sword.

Pei Yunshu’s complexion was still pale, but his lips were crimson, as if they were bleeding. His hair was neatly arranged, yet a few strands had fallen astray, probably due to the torment of his illness, which had left his eyes with a reddened tint.

Though he said he had been treated, he still looked like a patient.

His white robe swept the ground as Pei Yunshu glanced at Yunwang at the door. He then stepped past Yunwang and entered the main hall.

A scent lingered in the air, and Yunwang raised his hand inexplicably, a few strands of black hair brushing past his fingers.

“Master,” Pei Yunshu lifted his eyes to look at Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master. His emotions surged for a moment, but he forcibly suppressed them. “Disciple is fine.”

As he drew closer, the Master and his disciples noticed how unusually red his lips were, likely due to his own biting, causing them to bleed.

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master furrowed his brows and let out a sigh. “What kind of illness could torture you into this state?”

The senior brothers exchanged knowing glances, waiting for Yunshu to complain to the Master about his condition.

Within the sect, Yunshu and the Master shared a particularly close bond. Regardless of whether he was being bullied or experiencing something pleasant, Yunshu would always go to the Master and talk about it. Although the Master would show impatience, he still indulged Yunshu each time.

They were prepared for Yunshu’s lengthy discourse, but to their surprise, Pei Yunshu parted his lips lightly and only said two words, “No problem.”

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master found it peculiar but didn’t dwell on it. He nodded slightly and gestured for Yunwang to come forward. “This is your Fourth Senior Brother, Yunshu.”

Yunwang greeted Pei Yunshu with a bow, his eyes sparkling as if he were genuinely pleased, saying, “Fourth Senior Brother.”

Pei Yunshu lowered his gaze to look at him.

It was the same in his previous life.

He appeared to like him, but deep down, he loathed him.

Pei Yunshu didn’t even know when he had become entangled with Yunwang. During their initiation ceremony in his past life, he observed his master’s different treatment of the new junior disciple. While he felt uneasy about it, he also pitied Yunwang for the hardships he had endured in the mortal realm.

But Yunwang didn’t see it that way.

Whenever Pei Yunshu got close to the Master, Yunwang would make sure the Master only noticed him. If Pei Yunshu bonded with his senior brothers, Yunwang would strive to make all the senior brothers resent him.

He would snatch away whoever Pei Yunshu liked.

This time, Pei Yunshu was tired. He didn’t want to compete with his junior brother anymore. He simply wanted to leave his room, his courtyard, and explore the beautiful scenery of the world, to face the challenges and hardships that lay beyond.

Pei Yunshu removed a jade pendant from his waist and handed it to Yunwang. “Junior Brother, Fourth Senior Brother doesn’t have anything valuable to offer you. This jade pendant was given to me by Master. Please accept it, and I hope you won’t find it unworthy.”

This particular jade pendant was Pei Yunshu’s most cherished possession, so precious that not only would he not give it away, others couldn’t even touch it without difficulty. 

It was a gift from the Master when he accepted Pei Yunshu as his disciple during the initiation ceremony. Even when the Master later confined him to the small courtyard, Pei Yunshu treasured it dearly.

However, Yunwang, for some reason, found out about it. That day, he stormed into Pei Yunshu’s courtyard with a dark expression, his face contorted as he snatched the jade pendant away. He scolded, “The Master detests you so much, how could you still keep his jade pendant!”

Since then, even his last cherished possession was taken away by Yunwang.

As Pei Yunshu handed over the jade pendant, he felt that he should bid a complete farewell to the past.

Yunwang took the jade pendant from his hand. As the warmth of the jade spread through his hand, his mind seemed to clear up a bit. His delight was evident as he asked, “Fourth Senior Brother, are you really giving this to me?”

Eldest Senior Brother couldn’t help exclaiming, “Junior Brother Yunshu!”

All his senior brothers were well aware of how much Yunshu treasured this jade pendant. Who would give away such a significant gift, especially their own initiation present, to a junior disciple?

Yuncheng also chimed in with a smile, “Junior Brother, there’s no need for this. If there’s nothing to give, Senior Brother still has a few items.”

Even the usually playful Third Senior Brother was taken aback. “I have something as well.”

Yunwang’s expression showed reluctance. He looked at Pei Yunshu with a delicate and adorable expression that could evoke endless affection.

“No need,” Pei Yunshu said, “just give it to Junior Brother.”

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master observed Pei Yunshu for a while. Originally, he wanted to suggest that he choose another item, well aware of the Fourth Senior Brother’s attachment to the jade pendant. However, seeing the joy on Yunwang’s face, he changed his mind and said, “Then, take it.”

If necessary, he, as the Master, could privately provide Pei Yunshu with another jade pendant in the future.

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