The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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After Yunwang’s initiation ceremony, he received a variety of treasures. The Senior Brother’s precious sword, the Second Senior Brother’s green flute, the Third Senior Brother’s hundred-year-old wine, and the Fourth Senior Brother’s warm jade.

After the ceremony, Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master asked Yunwang to stay behind, while Pei Yunshu left the main hall with his three Senior Brothers.

“Junior Brother,” Third Senior Brother said, “are you running a fever again?”

Pei Yunshu’s face had an abnormal blush, his black hair falling on both sides of his face. “It’s nothing.”

He got up to leave, but his wrist was firmly held by Second Senior Brother. Yuncheng exerted a bit of force, pulling Pei Yunshu in front of him and reaching out to touch his cheek.

Pei Yunshu’s skin was scorching hot. Yuncheng furrowed his handsome brows. “You have a fever again.”

Pei Yunshu’s body stiffened. He didn’t dare to look at Yuncheng, and he even hesitated to pull away from his touch. But he felt a strong aversion in his heart. This aversion came from deep within, and every part of his body rejected Yuncheng’s closeness. His hand trembled inside his sleeve, and his long lashes fluttered as he lowered his gaze, “It’s fine, Senior Brother.”

Third Senior Brother looked at them and suddenly opened his folding fan, “Face like a hibiscus, Junior Brother’s illness adds a touch of charm.”

Eldest Senior Brother reprimanded, “Yunman.”

Yunman took back the folding fan, smiling in silence.

“There’s a hot spring in the back mountains,” Yuncheng looked at Pei Yunshu tenderly, “that hot spring’s water had some changes recently. Although it doesn’t have significant effects, it can at least strengthen the body. Yunshu, when we return to our rooms later, bring some clean clothes and come join us in soaking in the hot spring.”

Pei Yunshu felt dizzy. He resisted the discomfort and realized that he couldn’t let his condition worsen. He nodded, “Alright, Senior Brother.”

The hot spring Yuncheng mentioned was originally a deep spring in the forest at the back mountains. It used to be an ordinary spring with no particular qualities. However, at some point, it underwent changes, and the otherwise ordinary spring water became imbued with spiritual energy. The water’s energy had benefits for cultivators as well, promoting bodily health.

Pei Yunshu remembered that in his previous life, he caught a cold because he waited for his Master all night on the mountaintop, not knowing the exact time of his return. Even though cultivators had resilient bodies, the cold night left him with a minor illness.

But that illness back then wasn’t nearly as severe as it was now. The scorching heat on his face made Pei Yunshu suspect that it might be related to his rebirth.

Perhaps, at its root, this illness was caused by his inner turmoil. An illness of the heart that no medicine could cure. Despite Yuncheng’s remarkable medical skills, he was powerless against it.

By the water’s edge, Pei Yunshu realized that this was a living spring. One side stretched into the distance, seemingly endless, and the hot steam rose from the pool. It was unclear why this part of the spring had undergone changes.

The three Senior Brothers were undressing. Seeing Pei Yunshu hesitating, they reminded him, “Junior Brother Yunshu.”

Pei Yunshu snapped back to reality and started removing his outer robe.

Third Senior Brother was quite casual, throwing his inner garment aside. But the others, including Pei Yunshu, only took off their outer robes and placed them aside.

Pei Yunshu was about to get into the water when the Third Senior Brother, who was already in the pool, asked curiously, “Junior Brother, why haven’t you taken off your shoes and socks?”

Pei Yunshu was stunned, “I forgot.”

He had been without the use of his legs for so long that he actually forgot he was wearing socks and shoes.

He even forgot to bring new socks while changing clothes.

Pei Yunshu took off his shoes and socks, and Third Senior Brother underwater watched his movements, then after a while, he praised, “Junior Brother, you have exceptionally beautiful feet.”

With snow-white skin and a smooth curve from ankle to foot, every inch was exquisite.

Pei Yunshu’s face flushed, and he scolded in a hushed voice, “Senior Brother!”

Third Senior Brother covered his mouth, a helpless smile dancing at the corners of his eyes and brows. “Junior Brother knows Senior Brother’s temperament, I tend to speak without thinking. Otherwise, Junior Brother, why don’t you hit Senior Brother a few times?”

He was being facetious, and there was no way Pei Yunshu would actually hit him. He proceeded to enter the water and ignored him.

The warm water enveloped his body. As soon as he submerged, the unnatural heat on Pei Yunshu’s face lessened. His mind felt clearer, and even the pent-up emotions seemed to have eased somewhat. He was surprised.

Yuncheng noticed his expression and smiled, “Yunshu, do you feel better?”

“Much better,” Pei Yunshu felt the water’s gentle waves and distinctly sensed the changes in his body. “This pool is quite miraculous.”

“It’s not exactly miraculous,” Yuncheng explained, “because you carry an illness, you find it incredibly beneficial. As for us, we just feel refreshed.”

Eldest Senior Brother nodded in agreement, “Indeed.”

Pei Yunshu furrowed his brows slightly. In his previous life, his illness had already improved by this point. He didn’t know this hot spring existed until now. “Senior Brother, do you know the reason?”

“Immortal fruit and spiritual springs, divine beasts and spirits,” Third Senior Brother chimed in, “there are many things in the back mountains. In short, they all come down to these few things.”

Pei Yunshu agreed, nodding his head.

Today, both his mind and body were exhausted. Soaking in this spiritual spring was extremely comfortable, and he couldn’t help but come to the edge of the pool, resting his hand under his head and closing his eyes for a short nap.

The voices of his Senior Brothers echoed with the ripples of the water, sometimes distant, sometimes close. The steam rising from the hot spring enveloped Pei Yunshu’s chest. His black hair floated on the water’s surface, contrasting with the snow-like whiteness of his neck.

Pei Yunshu’s breathing slowed, and he was about to drift into a light doze when he felt something cold touch his ankle. At first, he thought it was just a stone in the water and paid no attention. However, the next moment, whatever was underwater started winding around his ankle and up his calf.

“…” Pei Yunshu’s face turned pale, cold sweat forming on his forehead. “S-Senior… Senior Brother…”

The thing on his leg tightened further, pushing up his clothes to his knees. The icy scales made direct contact with his skin, and he even felt something slim and elongated sliding under his inner garments, crawling towards his thigh.

His sensitive skin had been soaking in the hot water, so the sudden cold sensation made Pei Yunshu’s scalp tingle.

Instinctively, he tried to use a technique, but his attack seemed to hit empty space, having no effect whatsoever.

Eldest Senior Brother heard his call and quickly stood up, taking large strides toward Pei Yunshu. The splashing water accompanied his approach, “Junior Brother Yunshu, what’s wrong?”

“Something’s coiled around my leg,” Pei Yunshu’s eyes were filled with water, and he looked to Yunjing for help. “Senior Brother, please save me.”

He was afraid of snakes.

After his legs were broken, there was a slender snake with purple patterns crawling onto his bed in that cramped room. Unable to move his legs, he couldn’t escape, and the snake crawled over him. He bit his lip and cried, tears streaming down uncontrollably from fear.

He cried himself to exhaustion and even feared snakes in his dreams. But when he woke up, the snake was nowhere to be found.

Yunjing’s expression instantly turned serious. He took a deep breath and dived into the water.

The thing seemed unafraid and had already crawled past Pei Yunshu’s knees.

The cold and slippery sensation of the snake’s sinuous movement was terrifying. Before tears could escape Pei Yunshu’s eyes, Eldest Senior Brother broke through the water’s surface, “Junior Brother, there’s nothing…”

Seeing Pei Yunshu’s appearance, he was taken aback. He couldn’t utter the rest of his sentence. Eldest Senior Brother reached out and embraced him, pulling him to sit on the bank.

His legs surfaced partially, and the chilling sensation finally disappeared. Pei Yunshu lowered his eyes, tears falling one by one.

Yuncheng and Yunman also came closer, watching him cry while feeling helpless.

His silent tears showed how scared he was. His body trembled slightly. Yuncheng frowned, stepping on the water as he walked toward Pei Yunshu and lifting his leg out of the water.

The right leg was unharmed, but the left leg’s clothes had been pushed up to his knees. The hot water had caused his fair and pretty calf to turn slightly red. Yuncheng held it, feeling like he was holding a piece of warm jade.

Yuncheng remained focused, failing to notice anything wrong. “Junior Brother, where do you feel uncomfortable?”

Pei Yunshu looked up at him, eyes glistening with tears. He pointed to his left leg, “That thing… It crawled under my clothes…”

He couldn’t bring himself to say the rest.

Yunman reached out to touch his inner garments, “Did it crawl inside?”

Second Senior Brother slapped his hand away with a loud clap that startled several birds in the forest.

Yunman winced, retracting his hand sheepishly.

Yuncheng put down Pei Yunshu’s leg and began straightening his clothes. Once everything was in order, he spoke in a soothing tone, “Yunshu, when you return to your room later, check if anything is amiss. If you feel uncomfortable anywhere, you must tell Senior Brother.”

Pei Yunshu had recovered somewhat. He turned his face away, feeling embarrassed. “I will, Senior Brother.”

Pei Yunshu was in no mood to continue soaking in the hot spring. Once his legs regained some strength, he hurriedly stood up. He didn’t even bother changing his clothes, instead using a spell to dry himself off and putting on his outer robe.

He didn’t want to soak any longer, and the other three also had no intention of staying. One after another, they came ashore. However, Yunjing caught a glimpse of something amiss where his Junior Brother had been sitting. He dived underwater again, and after a moment, he emerged from the water holding a dark object.

“What is this?” Yuncheng exclaimed, surprised. “Snake skin?”

Indeed, Yunjing was holding snake skin in his hand. It was jet-black, as if it could absorb all surrounding light. The intricate and dark patterns were unlike anything ordinary.

“Is there really a snake?” Third Senior Brother was equally astonished. He picked up a branch from the ground, infused it with spiritual energy, turned it into a sword, and stabbed the snake skin. Unexpectedly, the snake skin remained unharmed, while the branch snapped with a crack.

The group fell silent, turning their gaze to Third Senior Brother, who innocently defended himself, “My spiritual power is perfectly fine.”

Pei Yunshu stood on the side, tightly pursing his lips, trying his best to appear unfazed.

Yunjing glanced at him, and for some reason, he unfolded the snake skin right in front of Pei Yunshu, who was afraid of snakes.

A mournful cry echoed from deep within the mountains. The animals around them fled in a frenzy, the cries of birds and monkeys were pitiful. It was as if all creatures had gone mad in an instant. The sound of trampling vegetation reached their ears, and within moments, the creatures in the surroundings had vanished without a trace.

The Senior Brothers were taken aback by this unusual occurrence. Yuncheng’s breath caught, as if he had realized something. He quickly turned and squatted at the edge of the spring, placing his hand into the water, suddenly enlightened.

The medicinal effect of the spring was gone.

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