The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 102

Chapter 102

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The dragon egg was only the size of a palm, and the temperature in Pei Yunshu’s palm was not too hot, but compared to him, the dragon egg’s temperature was relatively low, with a weak aura, as if it could wither at any moment.

This made Pei Yunshu both nervous and distressed. After bringing the dragon egg home, he didn’t leave its side for a moment. With new bedding and animal fur, he created a warm and comfortable nest for the dragon egg. Every day, he and Zhuyou used their own spiritual power to feed the dragon egg.

Pei Yunshu’s spiritual power contained the healing power of the April Snow Tree, while Zhuyou’s spiritual power contained the domineering dragon energy. Compared to Zhuyou, the little dragon egg was more intimate with Pei Yunshu.

When Pei Yunshu fed it spiritual power, the little dragon egg would always be particularly lively, shaking its shell and rolling around on the soft bed. Occasionally, when Pei Yunshu reached out to stabilize it, it would rub against his fingertips affectionately.

Being excessively clingy and fragile, Pei Yunshu pampered it, and the little dragon egg clung to him. So, whenever Zhuyou expressionlessly came to feed the dragon egg with spiritual power, the little dragon egg wished it were a stone.

It would pretend to be motionless, and if Zhuyou poked it, it would obediently lie down on the bed without any resistance.

Every time Pei Yunshu saw this, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

The little dragon egg was inherently weak, having stayed in the Dragon Temple for an unknown amount of time. Perhaps, if Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou hadn’t swept their spiritual awareness over it that day, and if their spiritual awareness didn’t contain the power of the April Snow Tree and dragon transformation, the little dragon egg might have forever slept without any signs of life.

To properly nurture the little dragon egg, Zhuyou and Pei Yunshu occasionally went to explore the secret realms, obtaining many good things from Bai Lige and others.

However, Zhuyou became jealous of Pei Yunshu’s excessive concern for the little dragon egg.

One night, Pei Yunshu woke up from a dream, intending to drink water to quench his thirst. To his surprise, he found that he was alone in bed.

Where was Zhuyou?

Pei Yunshu, wrapped in his clothes, quietly walked out. At a glance, he saw some faint movements in the room where the little dragon egg was.

He cautiously approached, and with his ear pressed against the window, he heard Zhuyou’s voice the next moment.

“He is my wife; remember that,” Zhuyou’s voice was low, and his sharp gaze fell on the pretending-to-be-dead dragon egg. “He cares for you so much only because of me. You better not get arrogant because of his favor.”

Pei Yunshu: “…”

Facing the cold wind, Pei Yunshu watched Zhuyou lecture the little dragon egg for half an hour. No wonder the little dragon egg seemed so tired lately, hardly moving during the day, only showing a bit of liveliness when Pei Yunshu approached.

It turned out that it couldn’t sleep well at night due to Zhuyou’s lectures.

Before Zhuyou came out, Pei Yunshu returned to the room first. When Zhuyou embraced him from behind and went to sleep, Pei Yunshu hesitated for a moment. In the end, he decided to let it be. This way, it might help the little dragon egg build some relationship with Zhuyou.

After making this decision, Pei Yunshu pretended not to know anything, and every night, he would secretly wake up and listen to Zhuyou scolding the little dragon egg.

The words were always gloomy, like “Today, you rubbed Yunshu’s finger a bit more,” or “You nestled in Yunshu’s arms, acting spoiled and foolish, disgracing the dignity of the dragon race. Don’t let it happen again.” These words were warnings, and they gradually became explicit.

The little dragon egg, tired of pretending to be a stone, couldn’t take it anymore. Under Zhuyou’s powerful pressure, it decisively rushed towards Zhuyou.

Before Zhuyou could dodge, the little dragon egg changed direction halfway, rushing with an imposing manner from the bed, and in the blink of an eye, it fell off the bed.

Fortunately, Zhuyou caught it, but the little dragon egg, being young and full of energy, wasn’t discouraged by the fall. Twisting its shell, it wanted to roll out of Zhuyou’s hands.

Zhuyou’s face remained unchanged, but there was an inexplicable guilty look in his eyes. He subconsciously looked around, remembered that Pei Yunshu was still sleeping, and only then did a relieved expression appear on his stern face.

But when dealing with the little dragon egg, he was still rough. He threw it onto the bed with one hand, threatening it harshly, “Don’t move!”

A barrier was set up at the bedside, preventing the little dragon egg from rolling out.

Restless, the little dragon egg jumped up and down on the bedding, using all its strength, but it was unable to roll out due to the barrier. When it exhausted its strength and collapsed, Zhuyou left the little dragon egg’s room contentedly.

Pei Yunshu continued to watch for several days, feeling more and more complicated. Sometimes, even during the day, he would look at Zhuyou with such eyes, full of complexity.

He originally thought that only he became more clumsy, but unexpectedly, Zhuyou also developed a child-like temperament, pretending in front of him and acting even worse in private.

Zhuyou felt uneasy under his gaze. “Yunshu, what’s wrong?”

Could it be that Yunshu found out about him bullying that ugly dragon egg?

Pei Yunshu shook his head, sighed suddenly, got up, crossed the table, and bent down to rub Zhuyou’s head. “Nothing.”

Zhuyou pulled down his hand, placed it near his lips, and gently dropped a kiss, saying nonchalantly, “Are you thinking about Hua Yue and the others?”

Pei Yunshu was taken aback, then awkwardly coughed a few times. “It’s okay.”

These days, he had been so busy that he hadn’t thought about Bai Li and the others. 

Thinking about it now, he felt extremely guilty. His friends had gone through so much trouble in the secret realm, and he hadn’t worried about them at all.

“They don’t know where they are now,” Pei Yunshu lamented, “the secret method of transforming ghosts into demons. I hope Bai Li and the others can find a good cultivation method.”

“They will,” Zhuyou walked to his side, stretched out his arm, and embraced him, planting a cold but affectionate kiss on his ear, comforting, “If they can’t find it, we can.”

His tone was full of confidence and arrogance, ignoring everything, and Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but chuckle. Turning his face, he said, “You’re right, but now the most important thing is to find more spiritual liquid for the little dragon egg.”

The spiritual liquid was a thick, transparent fluid, like porridge, extracted from various high-quality spiritual plants. It had a clear and deep emerald-green color, resembling the clarity of a lake. All the spiritual plants obtained earlier had been brewed by Pei Yunshu into spiritual liquid, forming a pool-like container. When he placed the small dragon egg into it, in less than five days, the entire pool of spiritual liquid had been completely absorbed by the small dragon egg.

Wanting to raise a dragon is really exhausting in terms of both money and effort.

But the effect is quite evident. After absorbing so much spiritual liquid, the little dragon egg has noticeably grown larger. Previously, a dragon egg that could be held with one hand now requires both hands to cradle. From this, it seems that hatching is within reach.

On this day, Pei Yunshu was accompanying the little dragon egg in the spiritual liquid. He used a soft towel soaked in the liquid to repeatedly wipe the entire shell of the dragon egg. The dragon egg obediently let him wipe it. After wiping the front, the dragon egg would even make an effort to turn around in the water, allowing Pei Yunshu to wipe its back.

“Good,” every time at this moment, Pei Yunshu would praise with a smile, “Our little dragon seems so considerate even before hatching.”

The little dragon egg had already understood some simple words, knowing what praise and admonition were. Naturally, the beautiful side was learned from Pei Yunshu, while the not-so-pleasant words came from Zhuyou, making the little dragon egg want to turn its backside towards him.

As soon as Zhuyou’s voice sounded, the little dragon egg wanted to bump into him because of that. Therefore, the time spent together during the day with Pei Yunshu made the little dragon egg increasingly clingy.

After soaking the dragon egg in spiritual liquid, Zhuyou also happened to return. He handed the storage bag filled with spiritual plants to Pei Yunshu and took out a roasted chicken wrapped in lotus leaves from his sleeve, along with some jerky that still retained warmth.

When these things were taken out, the fragrant aroma of meat filled the entire room. Pei Yunshu sniffed and sniffed at Zhuyou, then suddenly smiled, “I smell a sweet scent.”

Zhuyou kissed him, silently took out a pastry wrapped in oil paper from his sleeve.

Pei Yunshu’s face was full of smiles. He took the pastry from Zhuyou’s hand and placed it on the table. He also brought out the dragon egg, which was about to fall into the water after soaking in spiritual liquid, and opened the oil paper to take a look. He lowered his head and sniffed it with some surprise, “These are sweet pastries with a floral fragrance.”

Zhuyou nodded and took out a piece of soft and glutinous white jade pastry from the pastries, placing it near Pei Yunshu’s lips. “These are selling well.”

Pei Yunshu opened his mouth and took a bite, savoring it slowly. “I still think the flavors of the ones we bought last time were better.”

Zhuyou remembered, ate the remaining pastry from Pei Yunshu’s hand, and handed another one to his lips.

Feeding each other, the sweet aroma of pastries mixed with the tempting smell of meat. The little dragon egg, waiting on the side, couldn’t help itself. It rolled over to the pastries and wanted to eat, but its round body kept pushing the pastries farther away.

Pei Yunshu burst into laughter, and Zhuyou, with a smile in his eyes, held the pastry in front of him and turned it around before placing it in Pei Yunshu’s mouth.

The sudden playfulness infected Pei Yunshu. He slowly swallowed the pastry, pretended to be unsatisfied, and said, “It’s so delicious, much better than the taste of spiritual liquid.”

The little dragon egg, looking on, soaked in spiritual liquid, slowly oozed water on the table. Zhuyou, with keen eyes, noticed it and sneered, “Is this drooling or did it pee on the table?”

The teased little dragon egg didn’t know the meaning behind these words, but it sensed the teasing in Zhuyou’s words. It suddenly turned its body, presenting its backside to him.

Pei Yunshu earnestly scolded Zhuyou, “How can the big bully the small?”

Although he said this, he tore open the lotus leaf on the roasted chicken. The rich aroma instantly became even more intense. Pei Yunshu tore two pieces of meat and put them into Zhuyou’s and his own mouth, deliberately saying, “This tastes better than the pastries.”

The dragon egg, facing away from them, was pure and didn’t understand it all. It couldn’t tell that it had just been teased by Zhuyou. It hopped back to Pei Yunshu, rubbing against his fingers, wanting him to feed it with a piece of meat too.

Chewing the meat in his mouth, Zhuyou looked at the dragon egg, which was bullied by Pei Yunshu but didn’t know it was being bullied. He showed a pleased smile.

Indeed, in Yunshu’s heart, he was the most important one.

For the sake of Yunshu’s face, and more importantly, for the face of this dragon egg that looked so silly and couldn’t compete for favor, he reluctantly allowed it to stay here.

When it hatches, then he’ll throw it out.

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