The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 101

Chapter 101

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The territory marked by Zhuyou left Pei Yunshu stunned for a good half moment after he arrived, only then did he understand the true meaning of “Shangri-La.”

Green mountains and clear waters surrounded them, and looking up, they could see snowy mountains with white clouds. Birds chirped, butterflies danced, and everywhere one looked was picturesque and delightful.

Zhuyou observed Pei Yunshu’s expression and playfully raised his lips, “Do you like it?”

Startled by his words, Pei Yunshu hastily nodded, “I like it.”

Zhuyou, rarely humble, said, “No need to force yourself if you don’t like it.”

“No forcing at all, I really do like it!” Excitedly, Pei Yunshu jumped onto Zhuyou’s back, his eyes shining brightly. “Quick, take me to see that house!”

Zhuyou held onto his legs, and with a content expression, he carried Pei Yunshu inside.

The winding path through the meandering sheep intestines, flowers swaying in the wind along the way, and layers of trees emitting intoxicating fragrances created a picturesque scene.

“Ah,” Pei Yunshu’s arm tightened, surprised as he looked at a distant forest with a dense cluster of white flowers. “Is that the April Snow Tree?”

The little nascent soul in his sea of consciousness also exclaimed softly. The leaves on its body trembled, and the April Snow Tree above it curiously extended its branches. “It’s an ordinary April Snow Tree without spiritual awareness.”

Pei Yunshu naturally knew these trees were quite common, but he felt a sense of familiarity and even wanted to go up and rub against them, rolling around in the snow-white petals to take a good nap.

Unintentionally letting out his inner thoughts, Zhuyou playfully jostled him on his back, meaningfully saying, “There’s no one here; we can sleep under the trees as many times as we want.”

Imagining indulging with Pei Yunshu amidst the flower petals, it seemed exceptionally beautiful.

Pei Yunshu still didn’t understand his intentions, excitedly hugging Zhuyou, “Then it’s settled.”

Amidst the flowers, trees, and stream, there was a delicate and small house. Vines attached to the outside of the house, Pei Yunshu’s spirits lifted, and he jumped off Zhuyou’s back, rushing towards the house.

The previous composure seemed to have been thrown away somewhere. Seeing Pei Yunshu like this, Zhuyou once again felt like someone old enough to be Pei Yunshu’s ancestor.

He followed behind Pei Yunshu without any change in expression. Just as they reached the entrance, Pei Yunshu excitedly ran out with a flushed face, landing directly in Zhuyou’s arms.

“So beautiful!” Pei Yunshu pulled down Zhuyou’s head, gave him a kiss, and happily exclaimed, “Zhuyou, I’m really overjoyed.”

Zhuyou, satisfied, felt like he could fly with joy in his heart. There was no fluctuation on his face as he accepted Pei Yunshu’s affection, simply focusing on him with a pair of deep, bottomless black eyes.

Feeling extremely tender-hearted, Pei Yunshu held Zhuyou’s head again and kissed him many times.

In their idyllic paradise, as Zhuyou had envisioned, Pei Yunshu indulged with him among the flower petals more than once. With the healing atmosphere of the beautiful scenery and the beloved person by his side, Pei Yunshu began to feel increasingly foolish, spoiled like a child, and he loved the feeling.

The smile on his face lasted for a long time, and the contents of the storage bag were gradually moved out. The small house was becoming full, but there was only one bed.

Zhuyou really liked the wine and candles they obtained in the Dragon God Realm. After spending several months here with Pei Yunshu, the two secretly went to the Dragon God Realm again, this time bringing back all the wine that Bai Lige hadn’t taken.

When they exited the Dragon God Realm, they encountered the White Dragon. The White Dragon looked around with disappointment, not seeing the little dragon. He had to ask with a thick face, “Where’s the little dragon?”

Pei Yunshu fell silent, Zhuyou didn’t think much about it, and was about to speak directly. However, Pei Yunshu quickly covered his mouth, awkwardly smiling at the White Dragon, “The little dragon is sleeping at home.”

The White Dragon’s disappointment made his dragon whiskers droop down. He stepped aside to let them return quickly, saying, “The bracelet I gave to the little dragon contains the Dragon God Realm and the Dragon God Temple. If you want to come, just enter the bracelet. There’s no need to waste your effort entering the Dragon God’s territory.”

Pei Yunshu began to feel guilty, but on the surface, he tried to remain calm, nodding. “We understand.”

After leaving the Dragon God Realm, Pei Yunshu took a long breath, and Zhuyou held his hand, completely unconcerned about what had just happened.

“Zhuyou, what about that bracelet?” Pei Yunshu asked.

Zhuyou’s hand moved, and a silver bracelet appeared in his hand. It looked ordinary, but the power hidden within it was even more formidable.

“We need to find a dragon egg quickly,” Pei Yunshu repeated, “Could there be dragon eggs in the Dragon God Temple?”

He couldn’t produce one, and Zhuyou couldn’t either. Deceiving the old White Dragon like this felt guilty and shameful.

But finding a dragon egg out of thin air was even more difficult than giving birth. Even if they could find an unhatched dragon egg, how could the White Dragon put all his hopes on Zhuyou?

Pei Yunshu paced in circles, and even after returning home, he continued pacing. Finally, a spark of inspiration struck him, “Zhuyou, what was that black egg you gave me to eat?”

Zhuyou looked puzzled for a moment, then uncertainly took out several black eggs. “Is it this?”

The black eggs were piled at his feet, callously placed on the cold ground. Pei Yunshu lowered his head and touched one, nodding repeatedly, “Yes, that’s it. Is this a dragon egg?”

Zhuyou looked at the eggs, and the shivering black eggs seemed to want to roll away. Before they could start rolling, Zhuyou picked one up and bit into it, savoring the delicious taste.

Fragrance wafted out from the eggshell, and Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but swallow, feeling a bit tempted.

The remaining black eggs dared not move at all. If they could cry, they would have cried a river by now.

“This is the fruit of the mustard flower,” Zhuyou voluntarily handed him one, reassuring him to eat. “Mustard flowers bear fruit every five hundred years. I saw them nearby and picked all the fruits that day.”

“So, these are fruits.” The sense of guilt suddenly lessened. Pei Yunshu cradled the black egg, sniffing the fragrance. The Qingyue Sword, having tasted the black egg once, was eager to try again. Its tip gradually aimed at the eggshell.

Unable to resist the temptation, Pei Yunshu allowed the Qingyue Sword to pierce a hole, and he, along with Zhuyou, mercilessly devoured the trembling black eggs.

The warm sensation flowed down their throats, and the intoxicating feeling hit them again. Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou indulged in eating for five or six days continuously. When only one black egg was left, Pei Yunshu finally managed to control his gluttony.

The last black egg turned into a stone-like state, carefully placed in the storage bag by Pei Yunshu. Smacking his lips, he said, “We need to find more mustard flowers.”

Zhuyou nodded solemnly.

After this incident, they still needed to find dragon eggs. Pei Yunshu didn’t want the dragon race to go extinct. In the future, whether it’s a snake or a fish leaping over the Dragon Gate, who knows if they might receive an inheritance after transforming into a dragon?

In Pei Yunshu’s understanding, among those who could transform into a dragon in a few hundred years, only Zhuyou was close. If the dragon race went extinct, who knows how long it would take for the next dragon transformation?

The White Dragon gave everything to Zhuyou, passing on the inheritance, refining the dragon soul. Although a bit stubborn, the cause and effect needed to be repaid.

After thinking it over, Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou entered the Dragon God Temple.

In the Dragon God Temple, countless dragon statues filled the place. Each one was majestic, resembling living dragons. As soon as they entered, the pressure made it hard for Pei Yunshu to breathe. Zhuyou protected him behind his back, and only after circulating his spiritual energy did Pei Yunshu feel relief.

In a blink of an eye, he was drenched in sweat. Pei Yunshu wiped the sweat from his forehead and couldn’t help but admire, “Indeed, it’s the Dragon God Temple.”

The place was vast, with no daylight, a dark and vast space that seemed to have no end. Only colossal dragon statues stood like soaring dragons.

Apart from the dragon statues, there were also many piled-up dead eggs.

There were countless dead dragon eggs, each one as lifeless as a stone. Without examining them one by one, a sweep of spiritual awareness revealed that none of these dragon eggs were alive.

Although it was not very likely, there was still some disappointment. Pei Yunshu sighed, picked up an egg, and said, “What a pity. Why did so many eggs die?”

“The stronger the race, the harder it is to give birth to offspring,” Zhuyou said indifferently, “The extinction of the dragon race is not accidental.”

Among divine beasts, the Phoenix and Qilin had long disappeared, leaving only the descendants of the demonic race with a trace of their bloodline. Compared to them, the dragon race was already fortunate.

The naturally born dragon race that didn’t require any other means to transform into dragons was now facing extinction. Even though the White Dragon was impatient, Zhuyou had no other thoughts about it.

Zhuyou was not a pure-blooded dragon. He was just a black snake transformed into a dragon.

Pei Yunshu stood up, sighed, and said, “Since that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do.”

The two stood in front of the towering dead eggs, silent. The complex feelings of compassion and helplessness at witnessing the extinction of a powerful race surged in their hearts, making it difficult to come to terms with.

After a while, Zhuyou held Pei Yunshu’s hand, and as they were about to leave the Dragon God Temple, a very subtle sound suddenly echoed in the silent space.

Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou stopped together.

Everything came to a halt, silence pervading the entire Dragon God Temple. Quiet, so quiet that not even a breath could stir up a speck of dust.


The faint sound came again.

Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou quickly acted. The two turned around and flew back, enveloping themselves in spiritual energy, and in a breath, they plunged into the seemingly insurmountable wall of dead eggs.

In almost the blink of an eye, the faint sound grew closer. In an instant, Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou saw clearly what was making the sound.

A wobbling dragon egg, in the space separated by layers of dead eggs, collided with other eggs, producing the sound.

Pei Yunshu almost held his breath.

He tentatively reached out towards the egg, and the dragon egg, seeming to sense something, suddenly stopped moving, as if frightened.

Pei Yunshu also stopped moving, only the pristine white fingertips pointed towards it. After a while, the dragon egg tentatively moved towards his fingertip and then moved again.

Finally, it rolled into Pei Yunshu’s hands, snuggling into the warm palm.

“Zhuyou,” Pei Yunshu spoke softly, afraid of startling the egg in his hand, “it’s a dragon egg.”

Zhuyou reached out towards the dragon egg, and the egg, frightened, burrowed into Pei Yunshu’s arms. Pei Yunshu quickly embraced him, and the egg seemed eager to bury itself entirely in Pei Yunshu’s embrace.

Pei Yunshu scanned the dragon egg with his spiritual awareness. Surprisingly, after his spiritual awareness passed through, the faint vitality within the dragon egg became even more vigorous.

He looked at Zhuyou in astonishment.

Through their long-standing tacit understanding, Zhuyou did the same. He scanned the dragon egg with his spiritual awareness, and the egg seemed to consume their spiritual awareness. It was as if their power was a sacred spring that could rekindle its vitality.

This dragon egg seemed to be… as if it had come to life specifically for them.

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