The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 104

Chapter 104

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If there were only Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou, boarding the ship would be convenient. Unfortunately, they also had an extremely clingy little dragon egg that was afraid of dark and quiet places, and couldn’t be placed in a storage bag.

In the end, Pei Yunshu, expressionless, let Zhuyou dress him up as a pregnant woman.

It was the first time Pei Yunshu wore women’s clothing. His hair was tied up, a few strands falling on his cheeks, making it impossible to distinguish his gender, resembling a truly beautiful woman.

Although thin, his belly protruded without looking bloated, carrying a soft and beautiful charm.

If his expression wasn’t so cold, it would be even better.

Pei Yunshu’s expression wasn’t very pleasing. Zhuyou comforted him softly, supporting his waist as they left the inn.

In comparison to his mood, the little dragon egg was extremely joyful, clinging obediently to Pei Yunshu, almost falling asleep with peace of mind along with its dad’s steps.

Zhuyou supported Pei Yunshu, and though Pei Yunshu intended to push him away, he had to comply reluctantly, keeping a straight face. “I’ll change out of these clothes once we’re on the ship.”

“Very beautiful,” Zhuyou said, “No need to change.”

Pei Yunshu glanced at the dragon egg securely wrapped up, and without hesitation, gave Zhuyou a dissatisfied look. “Why don’t you wear it?”

“It doesn’t like me,” Zhuyou said casually, “Wife, don’t overthink. We’re almost there.”

At the mouth of the sea, a luxurious and exquisite ship was anchored. There were many guards on board with swords, all looking serious. Zhuyou supported Pei Yunshu as they boarded the ship. The closer they got, the more they could feel a spiritual energy surrounding the entire ship like a paper talisman.

Pei Yunshu squinted his eyes at the side of the ship. The wooden carvings on the ship were covered with densely packed paper talismans, seamlessly integrated into the carvings like a work of art.

There were guards at the boarding place. Zhuyou half-embraced Pei Yunshu and presented the two invitations. After the guards checked the invitations, they also searched their belongings, especially their sleeves and inside their robes, presumably to avoid carrying any weapons like daggers when boarding.

At this moment, Pei Yunshu was glad that he dressed as a woman. Otherwise, if the guards found the dragon egg, things would have been troublesome.

After ensuring they didn’t carry anything suspicious, the guards allowed them to board, and a charming maid led the way.

Despite the ship’s huge size, the number of people coming and going was very small. Everyone was dressed gorgeously, and at first glance, it was clear that there were no simple individuals here.

Pei Yunshu’s spiritual sense slowly spread out like a fishing net, occupying every corner of the ship. His spiritual sense was so powerful that almost no one could perceive it. Soon, even before the maid led them to their room, Pei Yunshu sensed the whereabouts of Bai Li, Hua Yue, Qingfeng.

He frowned and transmitted in his mind, “Bai Li and Hua Yue are together in one place, Qingfeng is in another. Bai Li and Hua Yue have weak demonic auras. I’ll go and save them. You go rescue Qingfeng.”

Zhuyou patted his hand, nodded gently.

After the maid led them to their destination, Pei Yunshu asked her to leave. After a while, the two of them, one on each side, went to rescue their friends trapped in secret rooms.

Pei Yunshu avoided people and went down a level. Just as he was about to go deeper, he bumped into the wealthy young man who had fainted after drinking the ginger soup yesterday.

The wealthy young man, upon seeing him, was about to make way but his eyes lingered on Pei Yunshu’s face. Perplexed, he said, “Huh, this lady seems very familiar. Have I seen you somewhere recently?”

The expression of the servant next to the wealthy young man was almost fainting. He whispered, “Young master, that’s a married woman, and she’s pregnant. How can you… how can you!”

When did their young master learn to flirt with women?

The wealthy young man, still dissatisfied, furrowed his brow and kept his eyes on Pei Yunshu, looking at his entire person, emphasizing on the protruding belly. Puzzled, he said, “I’m telling the truth, madam. Have I seen you recently?”

Pei Yunshu smiled faintly, moved his lips a few times, and the wealthy young man and his servant suddenly felt a blur in front of their eyes. When they regained their senses, Pei Yunshu was gone.

The wealthy young man shook his head, looked around, scratched his head, and said to himself, “I must have drunk too much.”

Free from the two mortals, Pei Yunshu hid his figure and soon arrived at the secret room. Breaking the long lock, as soon as the door opened, he met the vigilant and fierce eyes of Bai Li and Hua Yue.

Pei Yunshu closed the door lightly, revealing himself, “What’s going on with you two? Why are you imprisoned?”

As soon as he spoke, Bai Li and Hua Yue looked at him in shock, pointing at him with trembling fingers, unable to utter coherent words, “Yunshu, you, you, you—”

Pei Yunshu looked down and his face turned black. He took off the women’s dress, turned around, took out the dragon egg and from the storage bag, put on a set of clothes, explaining, “Don’t misunderstand. I just wrapped the dragon egg around me.”

“Dragon egg?!” Hua Yue gasped, disbelief evident in his voice, “Yunshu, did you lay a dragon egg?!”

Pei Yunshu’s face turned abruptly pale.

Seeing his reaction, Bai Li and Hua Yue realized their misunderstanding. They were relieved that they didn’t anger Pei Yunshu, hastily patting their chests and taking a breath, “Thank goodness, it’s not true. We almost got scared to death.”

Pei Yunshu sighed, walking over, “How did you end up like this?”

Hua Yue explained, “We found a demonic transformation manual. It worked well for Ancestor after cultivation, but before the transformation, there was a period of weakness. We intended to find you, but unexpectedly, we encountered a few crazy people on the way who kill on sight when they see demons. Ancestor couldn’t use demonic power, and Qingfeng was besieged. I thought of using a beauty plan, but facing those ugly faces, even a fox would be scared.”

Pei Yunshu exclaimed, “So Hua Yue was brought along incidentally. Perhaps you should thank your beauty; those crazy people didn’t kill you upon seeing you.”

Hua Yue fake cried, “Beauty Yunshu, you’ve turned bad. You just said something about laying a dragon egg, and now you’re bullying me.”

Pei Yunshu patted his head with a smile, then handed the dragon egg over, “Hold it.”

Hua Yue curiously took the dragon egg. In the arms of a stranger, it remained stiff, its pointed end pointing towards Pei Yunshu, as if ready to escape from Hua Yue’s embrace at any moment.

Pei Yunshu helped up Bai Li. With Bai Li leaning on his arm, looking at the dragon egg, Bai Li asked, “Where did you get this?”

“Hush,” Pei Yunshu placed a finger to his lips, eyes slightly curved, “Consider it as mine and Zhuyou’s.”

Bai Li smiled, “Alright.”

Bai Li was quite weak, struggling even to walk. Pei Yunshu placed him on the Qingyue Sword, took the group, and went to find Zhuyou. Zhuyou had already rescued Qingfeng. Compared to the two demons, Qingfeng’s situation was far better. He was treated as an honored guest by those scattered cultivators, and after a few days, he was slightly fatigued.

When everyone was gathered, Zhuyou asked Pei Yunshu to take them outside the ship to wait. He wanted to discipline those people himself.

Pei Yunshu nodded in agreement. As he left with his friends, Bai Lige chuckled and reminded him with a squinted smile, “Big King, don’t kill them. Disabling their cultivation and throwing them into the demon’s lair is the real lesson.”

Zhuyou, appreciating his advice, looked at him and said in a deep voice, “I think the same way.”

Fortunately, Pei Yunshu timely concealed the dragon egg within his clothes. He gave the two a stern look and reluctantly said, “Come out quickly. The most important thing now is to take Bai Li to Chunxiao Valley, where it’s safe.”

Zhuyou obediently nodded, “I understand.”

Pei Yunshu led the group off the boat. In just half a cup of tea’s time, Zhuyou also disembarked and joined them. There was still some lingering hostility and a hint of blood on him, but the dragon egg, after glancing at Zhuyou for a while, jumped into his arms.

“This little dragon has a lot of courage,” Hua Yue exclaimed, “Look at its appearance, not only is it not afraid, but it seems to like it.”

Zhuyou raised an eyebrow, holding the dragon egg and leading Pei Yunshu, they walked together on the way home.

The round trip took only three days. When they returned, the spiritual liquid of the dragon egg was still clean and pure. Pei Yunshu placed it back around the dragon egg, arranged accommodations for Bai Li and the others, and then gathered in Bai Li’s room.

Young Master Qingfeng was currently checking Bai Lige’s pulse, and his brows furrowed deeper, “The demonic aura is becoming even scarcer.”

Bai Lige didn’t care. His eyes sparkled with the confidence of a strong person, “Even if it’s gone, I can regain it in the future.”

“Can’t you be a bit more serious?” Young Master Qingfeng sneered, “Those casual cultivators want to get the secrets from you. What did they do to you?”

Hua Yue on the side hesitated and couldn’t help but speak up, “They fed Grand Ancestor a pill, but Grand Ancestor won’t let me say it.”

“A pill?” Pei Yunshu frowned, several pairs of eyes focused on Bai Lige. Bai Lige smiled bitterly, avoiding their probing gazes.

Young Master Qingfeng said, “Really a formidable General Demon. To avoid causing worry, you willingly ate a poison pill without saying a word.”

“Qingfeng,” Bai Lige, feeling cornered, admitted, “I was wrong.”

Pei Yunshu, not admitting that he found it somewhat amusing, solemnly assisted Young Master Qingfeng on the side, “Speak up, what’s the deal with that pill.”

Bai Lige sighed, “What kind of poison could it be? Just a small pill that weakens the demon’s entire body. Even if there’s anything that can truly threaten me, those casual cultivators wouldn’t have it.”

“Yunshu,” Young Master Qingfeng looked at Pei Yunshu, making way for him, “You do it.”

Pei Yunshu nodded, sitting beside him. With pure and uncontaminated spiritual power, he probed into Bai Lige’s body. The innate aura of the April Snow Tree was gentle and soft, never harming a person’s meridians. However, when Pei Yunshu sent spiritual power into Bai Lige’s body, he let out a slight groan, his expression changing momentarily in pain.

Pei Yunshu’s expression immediately shifted.

Bai Lige’s internal state was like a waterless desert. The spiritual power he sent in was like a drop of water falling into the desert, awakening the entire desert’s thirst. This kind of thirst was extremely painful, and the only way to turn this dried-up desert into a lake was to infuse him with enough water.

Pei Yunshu silently pulled his spiritual power back and turned to Zhuyou, “The spiritual plants need to be doubled. Let Bai Li and the dragon egg soak in spiritual liquid together.”

That night.

The dragon egg played in the spiritual fluid pool, and suddenly, a shadow cast over. The dragon egg stopped, and Bai Lige stepped into the spiritual fluid with a wry smile.

“Little dragon, I’m sorry,” he said with remorse, “From today onwards, I will have to compete with you for spiritual fluid.”

The dragon egg: ???

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