The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 105

Chapter 105

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To be honest, it’s a bit awkward for Bai Lige to compete for spiritual liquid with a dragon hatchling that hasn’t hatched yet. Despite his thick skin, he felt a bit embarrassed.

His way of resolving the embarrassment was to constantly play with the dragon egg.

In less than two days, he had surpassed Zhuyou and became the most terrifying person in the dragon egg’s eyes.

Every time the dragon egg saw Bai Lige, it would crawl into dragon father’s arms, trying to cover every part of its shell, but the more timid it acted, the more Zhuyou would frown and throw it to Bai Lige to play with.

Bai Lige found joy in the game, and during the daily absorption of spiritual fluid, he no longer felt pain. “The little dragon is so much fun. Yunshu, can you find me another one?”

Pei Yunshu, who was crushing spiritual plants on the side, said, “Do you treat the dragon egg like an ordinary stone?”

“A teacher for a day, a father for life. Why not let the little dragon become my disciple?” Bai Lige’s eyes twinkled, and he chuckled, “I would be an extraordinary master.”

Hua Yue complained, “Grand Ancestor, you are too cunning. If you can’t be Beauty Yunshu’s mistress, do you plan to use this method to make the little dragon lord call you father?”

“Little Dragon Lord?” Pei Yunshu chuckled, “Hua Yue, why do you call it that way?”

Hua Yue, feeling embarrassed, lowered his head and handed the cleaned spiritual plants to Pei Yunshu, saying, “Beauty Yunshu and Lord Zhuyou haven’t given a name to the little dragon lord yet, so I can only call it that way.”

Pei Yunshu smiled, “Why use such a respectful title? If it hatches, it might have to call you Uncle.”

Hua Yue blinked his peach blossom eyes, subtly focusing on the medicine, “But Lord Zhuyou…”

“Is it Zhuyou who told you to call it that way?” Pei Yunshu raised his eyebrows, coldly throwing the spiritual plants to Qingfeng, “I’ll have to ask him where these fancy rules come from.”

He briskly walked out of the pharmacy, and Hua Yue sneakily laughed twice. Qingfeng, taking over Pei Yunshu’s work, unintentionally curled his lips.

Seeing their interaction, Bai Lige sighed, extended his hand to pick up the dragon egg that was far away from him, and said, “Little dragon, look at these two. They seem to be talented and extraordinary, but they harbor ill intentions towards your dragon father. They wish for your dragon father to have bad luck every day, to constantly provoke your dad.”

Qingfeng chuckled, “You’re clearly enjoying the misfortune. Now you’re pretending to be a good person.”

Bai Lige’s eyebrows twitched, and the corners of his eyes couldn’t help revealing a bit of a smile, “Am I so easy to see through when pretending now?”

The little dragon egg, still in a daze, didn’t sense its daddy’s presence. It shuddered and tried hard to break free from the strong grasp of the large hand holding it. 

“Little thing, be obedient,” even though Bai Lige couldn’t use demonic power, the strength of an adult man firmly held the dragon egg, “Stay with this general and soak for a while.” 

A pile of spiritual plants formed a small mountain, gradually releasing crystal-clear and translucent emerald-green spiritual liquid. Each drop of this spiritual liquid was extremely precious. As it soaked in the pool, the initial tingling sensation from the intense surge of spiritual power had turned into a slight itch, only caused by the feathers scratching against the skin. 

The dragon egg couldn’t break free, and it ended up being held by Bai Lige in a somewhat resigned manner. It was now being pampered like a furnace, comfortable in his arms. As Bai Lige held it, he rested his chin on the dragon egg, seriously contemplating, “Is there any way to make this dragon egg truly mine?”

Hua Yue, washing the spiritual plants until his arms were sore, heard this and gave him a disdainful look, “Grand Ancestor, you couldn’t beat Lord Zhuyou before, and now that your demonic energy is gone, you’re even less likely to succeed. I advise you not to think about taking possession of the dragon egg.”

Bai Lige sneered, “Is that so?”

With their banter, Pei Yunshu entered with Zhuyou. Zhuyou’s face was calm, and his deep black eyes glanced over Hua Yue.

In Hua Yue’s mind, the ferocious dragon head from the Dragon God’s Secret Realm suddenly flashed, his breath caught, and the fear re-emerged. He lowered his head, hiding under Qingfeng’s feet.

Sensing the presence of Dad and Dragon Father, the little dragon egg began to struggle lively again. Bai Lige couldn’t hold it, but if it really broke free, if a mighty demon like Bai Lige couldn’t even handle an unhatched seedling…Bai Lige squinted his eyes, dangerously looking at the dragon egg several times.

Pei Yunshu picked up the dragon egg that was flapping towards him and looked at Qingfeng, “Qingfeng…”

His voice stopped, and his keen ears caught a small “crack” sound.

Because Dad was holding him and his attention wasn’t on him, the little dragon egg urgently wanted to attract Dad’s attention. It fiercely tapped on the eggshell, and under its urgency, a small crack, the size of a thumb, appeared.

Everyone stopped their movements upon hearing this sound, their breath becoming extremely light.

However, the eggshell was too thick and sturdy, and the dragon seed, even with all its might, couldn’t break open a larger crack. Faint light seeped through the crack, but a claw couldn’t extend out.

Pei Yunshu held his breath until this moment, his mind was blank, and he breathed out in a trance. He called out softly, “Zhuyou…”

Zhuyou hugged him from behind, holding him along with the little dragon egg in his arms.

“What should we do?” Pei Yunshu said in confusion. “The little dragon has no strength left.”

Zhuyou’s face darkened, and he flashed into the Dragon God’s Secret Realm within the silver bracelet. After a moment, when he came out, he calmly said, “We can only wait.”

Pei Yunshu frowned and whispered to the little dragon inside the egg, “Don’t worry, you will hatch.”

From that day on, Pei Yunshu entrusted the care of the dragon egg to Qingfeng. He and Zhuyou went out to find better medicinal plants, returning to Chunxiao Valley every three to five days. The crack on the dragon egg soaking in the spiritual fluid had become larger and larger.

As time passed, when Bai Lige overcame the weak period mentioned in the manual and cultivated demonic energy again, autumn gradually turned into winter.

Wrapped in silver, the world was covered in white snow. Inside the warm cabin, everyone gathered around the table, warming themselves with a small drink and hot dishes. The dragon egg, with a hole the size of three fingers, was wrapped in soft fur, still struggling to break the shell.

The dragon egg, nurtured for a hundred years, was hatching exceptionally slowly. However, for Pei Yunshu and the others, the passage of time didn’t matter much.

They patiently awaited the birth of the little dragon.

The lively atmosphere was concealed inside the house, while outside, the cold wind and snowflakes were beautiful, like a dream. Pei Yunshu took two sips of watered-down wine, his face slightly flushed but his mind clear.

“Zhuyou, do you need to transform one more time?”

Zhuyou nodded gently, “Yes.”

“After that is the transformation into a dragon,” Bai Lige sighed, “At that time, with the vast sky and boundless earth, nothing can restrain you.”

Cultivators are not allowed to kill dragons, and Zhuyou would truly be fearless against anything.

Talking about the dragon transformation, Pei Yunshu became curious, “During my experience in the Heart Demon Trials, I learned that both dragon transformation and your fox transformation require seeking help from someone, known as ‘Feng Zheng.’ Is that true?”

Bai Lige shook his head with a smile, “If that were the case, cultivating would be pointless. We would be sacrificing all our cultivation for nothing but a slim hope. It’s not true.”

Pei Yunshu’s eyes lit up, “So it’s not true?”

Bai Lige and Hua Yue shook their heads together, “No.”

Pei Yunshu turned to look at Zhuyou. Zhuyou squinted his eyes, his arrogance and determination undisguised, “I want to transform into a dragon. Who can stop me?”

A flicker of emotion passed through Pei Yunshu’s heart. He discreetly turned his face away, lifting his wine cup and finishing it in one go.

After so long, there is still this kind of nervous and thrilling feeling, it’s really embarrassing.

As the wine was drunk, Pei Yunshu felt increasingly thirsty. He picked up his chopsticks again, and suddenly, Zhuyou leaned over and planted a light kiss on Pei Yunshu’s cheek.

Pei Yunshu’s eyes dodged, but Zhuyou hugged him, took the wine glass from his hand, and tossed it aside, scattering the people at the table. They walked from the room to the bedroom.

The people left behind looked at each other and couldn’t help but shake their heads and laugh.

As the meal was about to end, Bai Lige suddenly moved his ears and looked towards the dragon egg.

Following him, Qingfeng and Hua Yue looked in astonishment, staring straight at the violently shaking dragon egg in the soft nest.

The spiderweb-like cracks slowly expanded and spread. In the next instant, there was a cracking sound, and the thick and large dragon egg instantly shattered into pieces.

The newly born little dragon, covered in sticky fluid, staggered to its feet. It took a step, stumbled, and fell onto the soft ground. With a small dragon horn on its head and tender dragon claws, it clung to its tail. Its golden vertical pupils were pure and innocent as it looked at the people around the table in confusion.

“Ah,” Bai Lige stood up softly and walked towards the dragon, “It’s actually born.”

The dragon, holding its chubby tail, sensed the approaching terrifying aura and hurriedly turned its head to run. However, as it was just born, it stumbled and fell to the ground, its face hitting the soft surface.

Fortunately, it was a fluffy nest below, and the dragon, covered in sturdy dragon scales, wanted to stand up quickly. It wanted to follow Dad’s scent and escape from that terrifying aura.

But the “terrifying aura” lifted it up.

Bai Lige held the little dragon in his arms, unreservedly pulling the tail from its dragon paw and carefully inspected it. Playing with interest, he said, “Oh, it turns out to be a male dragon.”

The little dragon pushed Bai Lige’s big face, instinctively emitting a baby dragon roar, “Roar!”

The small voice was weak and didn’t sound like a roar. It was more like a coquettish whine.

Qingfeng, who didn’t like children, couldn’t help but walk up to Bai Lige and look at the little dragon. Bai Lige was holding the dragon’s tail and putting it in front of the dragon’s mouth. The dragon couldn’t control itself and bit the tip of its tail repeatedly.

Bai Lige played happily, and Qingfeng said, “Stop playing with him; he’s about to cry because of you.”

The pitiful golden eyes of the dragon made Qingfeng feel that Bai Lige was like a villain.

Bai Lige chuckled twice, pulled the tail from the dragon’s mouth again when it was about to cry, and stuffed it back into its mouth when it was close to tears.

Young Master Qingfeng: “…”

When the little dragon hatched, Hua Yue quickly ran to the door of Pei Yunshu’s bedroom, shouting, “Beauty Yunshu, Beauty Yunshu! Come quickly, the little dragon has hatched!”

The room was in chaos, and Pei Yunshu, busy trying to get out of bed, was held by Zhuyou with one hand and thrown back onto the bed with the other.

“Get up quickly, Zhuyou,” Pei Yunshu urged anxiously. “The little dragon is born!”

Zhuyou’s eyes flashed with cold light, strengthening his determination not to let Pei Yunshu go. He took off his clothes, buried his head, and pressed down.

With the beautiful name of “I’ll taste it first to see if there’s any milk.”

All resistance was suppressed between the lips.

Even though the little dragon was born, he wanted to make him understand who was the most important dragon in his heart.

Before Zhuyou, everything else had to step aside.

During the lively and hearty celebration, Pei Yunshu seemed to hear the little dragon scratching at the wooden door outside the room and crying. He struggled to regain his senses for a moment and then heard someone asking softly:

“Yunshu, I want to be with you forever.”

The moist kiss fell like a light rain, and the love and affection hidden in it did not need to be distinguished but could be clearly understood.

Pei Yunshu’s eyes were slightly moist. He raised his hands to hold Zhuyou’s neck, letting the emotions filling his chest fill his entire being.

Family, friend, lover.

All in one body, what else could he ask for?

He thought in his heart, I also want to never part with you.

No matter the hardships in the world, with you by my side, Pei Yunshu feared nothing.

In the previous life, he was lonely and tortured, but in this life, sweet as sugar, Pei Yunshu looked at it from afar and felt joy in his heart. Then he put the sugar in his mouth, only to realize that happiness looked like this.

Zhuyou, I am sincerely pleased with you.

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