The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 110

Chapter 110 – Extra 5

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Zhuyou’s cooking turned out unexpectedly delicious. Pei Yunshu, with elegant movements but quick speed, satisfied, leaned back in the chair after eating, suppressing a burp.

Every subtle move of his was cute in Zhuyou’s eyes. To avoid being noticed by Pei Yunshu, he could only sneakily observe, feeling somewhat like a pervert.

But after scolding himself, he felt even more excited.

The production team delivered a mission card. Zhuyou took it and read aloud, “Take your significant other to the Full Ten Commercial Street for an unforgettable midday date.”

Pei Yunshu felt a bit awkward; he had never had a date with a man.

Zhuyou stood up, put on his coat, and reached out to Pei Yunshu, saying, “Shall we?”

Pulling Pei Yunshu up from the chair, every cell in his body was filled with reluctance, like a boneless creature. “Wouldn’t it be more convenient to go in the afternoon?”

Zhuyou looked knowing, “Never been in a relationship, huh?”

Pei Yunshu: “…” What kind of tone was that?

“Been in one,” Pei Yunshu nonchalantly pretended, “Why wouldn’t I have been?”

“Oh,” Zhuyou glanced at him, pulled him towards the hallway, “Kissed anyone?”

Pei Yunshu: “Of course.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was suddenly pushed against the wall by Zhuyou.

With his back against the wall, a cold sensation through the shirt sent shivers down Pei Yunshu’s spine. “What are you doing?”

The camera facing them on the shoe cabinet turned its lens, glowing like hungry eyes.

Zhuyou leaned in, “You’ve kissed others, but I haven’t. I just wanted to ask how it feels, little senior.”

Pei Yunshu pushed him away, frowning, “Keep your distance. I’ll tell you.”

Zhuyou glanced at him deeply, then stepped back, sitting on the shoe cabinet. He blocked the cameras in the hallway, and with legs casually dangling, he seemed to control the space, while Pei Yunshu looked like his prey.

Pei Yunshu glanced at him sneakily, then took a small step to the left. Seeing no reaction from Zhuyou, he decisively took a big step and wrapped himself tightly in his coat.

Wearing the windbreaker seemed to give him an inexplicable aura. Pei Yunshu cleared his throat. Although he was a scriptwriter for romantic plots, the romantic part had always been criticized by fans. However, describing a kiss was just a feeling, nothing difficult. “The feeling of kissing… the lips touching is just a sensation. Nothing special, quite ordinary.”

Zhuyou raised his eyebrows in surprise, “No electric shock feeling?”

Pei Yunshu complained, “How could there be an electric shock feeling? It’s just flesh touching flesh. The descriptions in novels are scientifically inaccurate.”


[What did you say? Say it again? Am I hearing it right? A writer leading the way to criticize novels?]

[President Zhu, no matter how well you block the cameras, the production team won’t let go of this scene. Why is my face turning red as I listen to your discussion about kissing?]

[A man’s dignity forces Yunshu to lie. Look at little Zhu, his face is turning green.]

Zhuyou contemplated for a moment and said, “What if there really is an electric shock feeling?”

Pei Yunshu shook his head firmly, “I don’t believe it.”


“No maybes.”

Zhuyou got off the shoe cabinet, took advantage of his height, and looked down at Pei Yunshu. “Want to make a bet?”

Pei Yunshu thought he was asking about the feelings of couples kissing, although it seemed a bit childish, the sense of victory and defeat spurred him. He raised his chin without hesitation, “Sure.”

Their eye contact seemed to have the crackling sound of lightning. After changing their shoes, they walked out, one after the other, aiming for the Full Ten Commercial Street.

The street was bustling with people. Food carts and balloon sellers passed by one after another. Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou were followed by many staff and photographers. Onlookers turned their curious gazes towards them, making the protagonists of this “date” extremely uncomfortable.

They followed the routine, watching a movie, having dinner, and enjoying the night view. There was no time to confirm the previous bet, disappointing the audience eagerly waiting for it. When the night view was also done, Zhuyou’s patience was exhausted. He whispered something in Pei Yunshu’s ear, and Pei Yunshu nodded nonchalantly.

Staff tried to get closer to record their conversation, but as soon as they took a step forward, Zhuyou grabbed Pei Yunshu’s wrist, twisted his body, and ran ahead. In an instant, the two figures disappeared from the camera.

Staff: “…”

Ah ah ah, did you forget what was written in the contract?!

You can’t leave the cameras!


Pei Yunshu was pulled by Zhuyou for a breathless run. When they stopped, his face was covered in sweat. He supported his knees and couldn’t help but laugh, “President Zhu, are you abusing your power?”

Zhuyou, also slightly out of breath, took off his coat and draped it over his arm. He tilted his head back to breathe in the crisp air of the autumn night, “I’m taking you on a night date.”

Pei Yunshu chuckled, “Haha.”

Zhuyou raised a smile, grabbed his wrist again, and walked towards the park, lifting his watch to check the time. “At this time, there are many couples in the park for a night date. Let’s confirm it properly.”

Pei Yunshu, being led by Zhuyou, didn’t notice anything unusual. They were getting more acquainted, and his nature had become more open, “You suggested it, you ask.”

Zhuyou: “One each.”

“My face is thin,” Pei Yunshu took a few steps to get in front of Zhuyou. Facing him, he pinched his own face. When he let go, the pinched area turned instantly red, looking tempting enough to take a bite. “My skin is thin, and I’d feel embarrassed.”

Zhuyou lied with a poker face, “Mine too.”

Pei Yunshu suspiciously looked at him. Zhuyou remained expressionless, letting him observe. His face didn’t turn red, and his steps were firm. It didn’t look like an embarrassed appearance. Clearly, he was just talking nonsense.

In the midst of being distracted and lost in various thoughts, Pei Yunshu suddenly felt that something tripped his heel. His body instantly lost balance, and just as he was about to fall backward, a large palm around his waist tightened abruptly. In the next second, he was firmly brought into Zhuyou’s arms.

“…” Pei Yunshu covered his nose for the second time, teary-eyed, and looked up at Zhuyou.

Zhuyou, feeling guilty, said, “I’ll be gentler next time.”

“It’s not about being gentler,” Pei Yunshu poked Zhuyou’s chest forcefully with one hand, complaining like a pitiful soul, “It’s too hard here.”

Zhuyou silently pressed his entire face against Pei Yunshu’s chest and reprimanded in a low voice, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Pei Yunshu’s muffled voice came from his embrace, “Did I say something wrong?”

Indeed, he said something that almost triggered a reaction.

With his internal heat gradually calming down, Zhuyou rested his chin on Pei Yunshu’s black hair. He remained silent and led him to a seat beneath the trees.

The soreness in Pei Yunshu’s nose slowly faded away, revealing a lively expression.

Zhuyou squatted down in front of him, reaching up to inspect his nose. He said earnestly, “Don’t hurt yourself.”

He looked serious, and the moonlight cast subtle shadows on him through the swaying leaves. Pei Yunshu, watching this scene, felt the itch in his hands – the itch to capture this moment, characteristic of a photographer.

“Can you be my model?” When asking for a favor, the voice becomes incredibly soft. “I haven’t taken portraits before, and I want to shoot a set with you.”

Zhuyou looked up at him, eyes mixed with moonlight, as if shining with a bright light. “Why?”

“Just… I suddenly felt the itch,” Pei Yunshu said vaguely, “Will you be my model?”

Zhuyou put down his hand, seemingly contemplating. After a while, he asked, “What’s in it for me?”

Pei Yunshu scratched his head, puzzled. “Other people’s models pay for photographers.”

“But I am not a model,” Zhuyou said, “I only accept invitations, not extend them.”

Pei Yunshu: “…”

Pei Yunshu: “Then, tell me, how much do you want?”

Looking somewhat embarrassed, the itch disappeared.

Zhuyou sensed his ulterior motive and teased, “We’ve been walking for so long and haven’t seen a single couple.”

Pei Yunshu exclaimed, “Oh, right.”

“How about this,” Zhuyou lowered his voice, “No photographers or spectators around, just the two of us. Let’s contribute ourselves to science and the bet.”

Pei Yunshu widened his eyes in surprise, looking at him.

Zhuyou remained composed. “We’re just exploring the feeling of kissing. I haven’t been in a relationship. If I ever get into one in the future, it would be embarrassing if I don’t know how to kiss.”

Pei Yunshu, who was equally unskilled, felt a bit targeted.

Zhuyou continued, “And we’re both men—don’t you not like men?”

Pei Yunshu shook his head vigorously, feeling like his head was about to fall off. For an instant, the coldness crept into the corners of Zhu You’s smile. His eyes continued to seductively lure the straight man, “If you want to kiss a girl, it must be a mutual feeling; otherwise, it’s being a rogue. But when will you find a girl to kiss? Whether there’s an electrifying feeling or not, I’m quite curious.”

“I’m curious too…” Pei Yunshu always felt something was off, but what Zhuyou said did make sense. He mumbled, “So, kissing between the same sex is just an ordinary contribution for a bet.”

Zhuyou admired him, nodded affirmatively, “Well said.”

With a determined smile, Pei Yunshu said, “Alright…”

He suddenly lifted his face to approach Zhuyou’s face, but when he was about a fist’s distance away, the other’s breath sprayed onto his lips, and he hesitated.

Without giving him time to back out, Zhuyou’s hand moved behind him, forcefully pressing down Pei Yunshu’s head, bringing their lips together.

Heat surged from the lips to the whole body like a raging fire. Pei Yunshu, abandoning restraint, closed his eyes, carefully discerning whether there was an electric shock feeling. However, as he had said, there was no overwhelming sensation described in novels.

About to pull away, a warm and forceful tongue pried open his lips, swirling like a pirate, capturing his tongue in a passionate dance.

In the moment of intimate contact, a tingling sensation paralyzed his mind between lips and tongue.

The stormy kiss and swallowing, fighting for everything that could be taken, made Pei Yunshu’s tongue numb. It felt like his entire mouth wasn’t his own; every part had been marked by Zhuyou.

This was a deep kiss…

He had actually had a hot kiss with a man.

After a brief moment of sobriety, Pei Yunshu was bitten on the lip as a warning. He opened his eyes and looked at Zhuyou with a resentful gaze. The moonlight had vanished from Zhuyou’s eyes, leaving only desire and the night woven into a seductive vortex.

Pei Yunshu sank into this vortex, sucked into the swollen lips by the other.

It wasn’t until an unintentional sound escaped that Pei Yunshu was abruptly awakened. He forcefully pushed away Zhuyou, who had pinned him to the chair, covering his lips in shock and anger.

Zhuyou took a few steps back after being pushed. He stood unsteadily, wiped his lips, feeling amused yet unsatisfied.

Pei Yunshu lowered his head and realized that the collar of his shirt had been unbuttoned at some point, exposing his neck. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but because of the previous kiss, Zhuyou’s whole presence exuded a sense of invasive threat that made him feel unsafe.

He stood up absentmindedly, and Zhuyou suddenly said, “You’re awake.”

Pei Yunshu only then noticed that his face was pallid, but he pretended not to see.

Zhuyou said slowly, “Just like me, you don’t look bad.”

Pei Yunshu: “…Huh.”

“If you want to hit me, I won’t fight back,” Zhuyou slowly smiled and said, “If you ask me if it was intentional…” He looked up and down at Pei Yunshu’s displeased expression, “I can tell you straightforwardly, yes, it was intentional.”

“I intentionally gambled with you, intentionally led you away, intentionally brought you here,” Zhuyou continued, “intentionally used words to mess with your mind, intentionally made it difficult for you to turn your head.”

“No choice, I’ve been quite gentlemanly. I wanted to kiss you the first time we met and restrained myself until now. I’ve already exhausted all my restraint.”

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