The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 30

Chapter 30

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Pei Yunshu’s appearance, overwhelmed by emotions, mirrored the ripples in the water basin.

He was being held obediently by Zhuyou, his jet-black hair cascading over his shoulders. Half of his face was exposed, and his eyes were filled with a gradually deepening blush, yet he seemed lost in a daze.

The second surge of emotions induced by the ‘Emotion Bound Gu’ was even more tantalizing than the first. It was said that a lingering fragrance accompanied these emotions, and the more intense the emotions, the more alluring the scent.

It was as if the scent of freshly blooming flowers could flow through the water droplets to reach one’s nose.

At this moment, the Ghost Doctor finally realized that it wasn’t Yuncheng who was blind, but rather that his Fourth Junior Brother indeed possessed exceptionally handsome looks.

His voice was hoarse, filled with mockery as he said, “You gave him the ‘Emotion Bound Gu,’ I wonder who benefited from it.”

Yuncheng lowered his gaze, looking at the water’s surface.

In the water’s reflection, his Fourth Junior Brother was already being embraced by the demonic beast.

Pei Yunshu’s breathing grew heavier. He began to feel a burning sensation all over his body. Zhuyou gestured for him to lift his hand, and he complied, his sleeve sliding down his forearm and hooking around Zhuyou’s neck.

On Wuzhi Peak, Yuncheng had never seen this side of Pei Yunshu before. His face resembled that of a blooming flower, with hints of the mortal world’s allure. He seemed to exude a fragrance that made one slightly intoxicated.

The man, transformed from the flood dragon, placed a kiss on Pei Yunshu’s cheek.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, and the water splashed all around. The bronze basin shook violently, its ear-piercing resonance echoing before finally coming to a halt.

Yuncheng remained dry, and he took out a handkerchief from his sleeve to wipe his hands. His black hair fell from the side of his face as he smiled, “I accidentally knocked over your basin in the heat of the moment. I hope you can forgive me.”

The Ghost Doctor snorted.

“In this treacherous world, Junior Brother’s naivety is to blame,” Yuncheng continued. He drew his sword from his side as he walked towards the exit, bathed in the light of the red moon. He spoke softly, “Punishment is in order.”

“Those who corrupted my Fourth Junior Brother deserve even harsher punishment.”


The reason why Yuncheng had arrived earlier was that his Little Junior Brother, Yunwang, unexpectedly reached the Foundation Establishment stage on the way.

Foundation Establishment marked the beginning of the cultivation path, and Yunwang’s talent was quite remarkable. Although he hadn’t spent much time in the sect and hadn’t put in much effort, he had still managed to reach this stage.

Moreover, his Foundation Establishment was quite powerful, even bordering on astonishing.

Yuncheng had been worried about the ‘Emotion Bound Gu’ inducing strong emotions, which is why he had come to the Demon Ghost Market ahead of time. Little did he know that he was still too late.

The fragrance emanating from Pei Yunshu was carried by the wind, swirling around the space. 

With his lack of self-control, Huayue had been turned into a stone by Bai Lige and tossed aside. However, Bai Lige was at a loss when it came to Zhuyou, who was holding onto Pei Yunshu and refusing to let go. 

The demon fox general in his armor had no choice but to speak calmly, “There’s a natural pond in the rear courtyard. Come with me while holding Yunshu.”

Zhuyou raised his eyes to look at him, his face now covered in demonic patterns. His eyes were filled with a tumultuous desire to possess, causing the earth to tremble and the mountains to shake. It was as if anyone who dared to touch his treasure would meet their demise amidst this earthquake.

As the flood dragon was the lord of all creatures, Bai Lige laughed and took two steps back before leading the way to the pool.

Pei Yunshu’s scorching breath sprayed against Zhuyou’s neck, his voice weak. “It’s uncomfortable…”

Zhuyou pursed his lips, lifting Pei Yunshu into his arms before following Bai Lige.

There was no one around the pool behind the residence. Bai Lige had set up a barrier in this area and had gone to gather the herbs needed to lure the Gu insect out of Pei Yunshu.

The pool exuded a cold aura, and as soon as Pei Yunshu touched the water, he shivered uncontrollably. He briefly snapped out of his daze and noticed that Zhuyou had also stripped off his clothes and entered the water.

Why was he taking off his clothes?

Pei Yunshu’s thoughts were sluggish. He tried to touch his belt, wondering why he was still wearing clothes.

The cold water rushed into his limbs, extinguishing the heat, only to have it flare up even more in the next moment.

Bending down, Pei Yunshu immersed himself in the water, but he still felt uncomfortably hot inside.

Just when his rationality had returned, his black eyes lost focus again as Zhuyou approached him. When Zhuyou had just entered his space, Pei Yunshu stared at him in confusion. However, as Zhuyou took a step closer to him, he became nervous and took a step back, trembling.

“Afraid of me?” Zhuyou furrowed his brow.

Pei Yunshu continued to retreat, despite the scorching heat surging within him and the lingering fragrance in the air. His eyes no longer recognized Zhuyou, but his instincts compelled him to move away from anyone approaching him.

“Don’t be afraid,” Zhuyou didn’t approach but let the water gently push Pei Yunshu. When they were face to face, Zhuyou covered Pei Yunshu’s eyes and lowered his head to give a light peck on his lips. “No mating.”

Pei Yunshu’s eyelashes brushed against Zhuyou’s palm, causing a slight itch. He didn’t understand Zhuyou’s words, but his hands reached up to grasp Zhuyou’s arm, seeking comfort as he allowed Zhuyou to continue covering his eyes.

After witnessing this scene for a while, Bai Lige walked over. “To extract the Emotion Bound Gu, we need a great demon’s inner core to lure it out. If you’re unwilling, I can do it. You can watch, and if the Gu escapes, you can use this to capture it.”

He placed a small wooden box by the shore. Zhuyou glanced at the box, then back at Bai Lige. “I’ll do it.”

Bai Lige raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll take the opportunity to seize your inner core?”

While it is widely known that dragons cannot be killed, flood dragons could be, their whole body a treasure.

Zhuyou sneered. Bai Lige didn’t joke further. He swore by the heavens that he wouldn’t harm Zhuyou and Pei Yunshu during this process. After completing all preparations, Bai Lige instructed Zhuyou to feed Pei Yunshu a pill, his expression stern. “Let’s begin.”

Zhuyou transformed into his flood dragon form, and as he emerged, the overflowing water surged out of the pool. Pei Yunshu, no longer blindfolded, had rosy skin and stared blankly at the majestic black flood dragon.

The flood dragon lowered its head, and a sparkling golden inner core emerged from its mouth, moving directly in front of Pei Yunshu.

Pei Yunshu’s gaze instantly focused on this core, and he felt a strong desire to swallow it. Without thinking, he opened his mouth to take the core. 

The water sliced his fingertip, and the core swayed in front of his lips before moving toward his wound. As Pei Yunshu grew more desperate, another pearly core emerged from his lips, its green tendrils reaching out, trying to reach the flying golden core. 

Without much surprise, Bai Lige saw that the Emotion Bound Gu had been drawn out by the golden core. He immediately grabbed a wooden box and captured the tiny creature inside.

When he looked back, he was astonished. 

The white inner core, using its tendrils, had seized the sparkling golden flood dragon core, and the two inner cores, one white and one golden, drew closer and closer, emitting flashes of white and gold light. In the end, they actually merged together!

As Pei Yunshu gradually regained his senses, in that brief moment of clarity, the two merged inner cores separated, and the golden-tinged Four Seasons Snow Tree inner core contentedly returned to Pei Yunshu’s body. As the tree demon’s inner core returned to its place, Pei Yunshu suddenly felt weak and collapsed into Zhuyou’s arms, who had returned to his human form.


Huayue watched in terror as Yuncheng entered the residence. 

This human cultivator carried a sword and was followed by dozens of thin, sharp swords flying behind him. He must have used some kind of formation, as Huayue had been unable to see him just moments ago, but suddenly, the man appeared before him.

Huayue had been turned into stone by Bai Lige, powerless to resist. He didn’t understand why Beauty Yunshu’s senior brother, a human cultivator, had appeared before him, but he couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Yuncheng, sensing the lingering scent of the Emotion Bound Gu in the air, smiled gently at Huayue. He didn’t utter a word, but his sword was imbued with spiritual energy, piercing through Huayue’s heart.

Huayue stared wide-eyed, his humanoid stone form falling heavily to the ground.

“If I had killed you outside the Fox Clan’s secret realm that day,” Yuncheng looked at the fox spirit, “I suppose none of these events would have unfolded.”

After speaking these words, he followed the lingering scent and disappeared. His array of thin swords altered formation, and this time, no one could see him.

However, halfway there, Yuncheng suddenly halted. The next moment, blood stained his lips.

His internal organs suffered a backlash, and the mother Gu of the Emotion Bound Gu died.

Yuncheng coughed up blood. He clenched the sword, his aura overflowing with murderous intent. Yet, his hand trembled. In his current state, he couldn’t kill the mischievous flood dragon that had corrupted his junior brother.

He retrieved a wooden tablet from his robes and infused it with spiritual energy, suppressing the bloody taste. He sent a message, “Disciple is in trouble. Master, please come quickly.”

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