The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 29

Chapter 29

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The moment the key moved in Huayue’s hand, Pei Yunshu felt someone gazing at him from behind. 

Following his intuition, he turned to look behind him and met a pair of eyes as bright as the sun. The owner of those eyes had slightly disheveled hair at the temples, a faint smile on thin lips, and an expression of pleasant surprise combined with courtesy.

He was dressed in armor but looked like a scholar.

Before Huayue could react, he stared dumbfounded at the trembling key in his hand. Pei Yunshu reached out and firmly grasped the key to stop its trembling. With his back facing the fox on the stage, he whispered to Huayue, “Turn around.”

Huayue looked up at him, a confused expression in his eyes. “Beauty?”

Pei Yunshu said, “Huayue, listen to me.”

The fox’s heart skipped a beat, and he obediently turned around. Pei Yunshu held onto the key with one hand and Huayue’s wrist with the other, leading him quietly out of the corner.

Once they were away from the open space, Pei Yunshu released Huayue and opened his hand. The key had indeed stopped trembling.

Huayue exclaimed softly, and Pei Yunshu thought he had understood. However, Huayue casually took the key and looked at Pei Yunshu’s palm with concern. “The key left a deep mark. Beauty, does it hurt?”

Pei Yunshu’s hand was no longer the same as before. It was no longer fair and slender like it used to be. Instead, his nails were tinged with blue, and a dark, eerie aura enveloped his arm. Not only did it look that way to Huayue, but even when Pei Yunshu looked at it through the mask, it appeared lifeless.

As Huayue tenderly cared for the imprint in his hand, Pei Yunshu found the scene somewhat strange, but he didn’t reject Huayue’s concern. Instead, he nodded gently and said, “I’m fine.”

Just as Huayue was about to rub away the imprint, he suddenly remembered Lord Zhuyou, who was in Pei Yunshu’s sleeve. Immediately, he stopped being so handsy with Pei Yunshu and asked in confusion, “Beauty, why did we leave when the revelry at the Demon Ghost Market hasn’t even started yet?”

“The little fox is right,” a cheerful and clear voice suddenly came from behind them, “Wife, why did you leave upon seeing me?”

The fox’s fur bristled. “Who are you calling a little fox, and who are you calling my wife?!”

The fox demon, wearing silver armor, walked out from around the corner. He approached Pei Yunshu with a smiling face, completely ignoring Huayue. He performed a courteous bow in front of Pei Yunshu and said, “Today, I am fortunate to meet my wife. It is a great honor.”

Pei Yunshu stepped back to avoid his bow. “You…”

Feeling guilty, Pei Yunshu realized that if this person was the stone fox from the secret realm on the mountain, he and Huayue had indeed taken advantage of him. 

First, without his consent, they had treated him as their savior. Then, they had given them the secret realm. If they owed anyone the most, it was undoubtedly this person.

But before Pei Yunshu could finish his words, Zhuyou popped out of his sleeve.

Although he was currently small, he had all the features of a flood dragon with horns and claws. The fox demon, who was looking at the little flood dragon emerging from Pei Yunshu’s sleeve, was surprised. He raised his eyes to look at Pei Yunshu, and his eyes showed both astonishment and disbelief. “My wife, did you possess such great power all along? Since the day we got married, you’ve given birth to a little flood dragon for me like this?”

Pei Yunshu: “…”

He didn’t know what to say.

The flood dragon crawled out of Pei Yunshu’s sleeve and transformed into human form in an instant. The tall and handsome flood dragon approached the ugly ghost and, leaning in with his pale lips, seemed about to kiss him.

Pei Yunshu dodged, not wanting to deal with the flood dragon’s constant desire for affection.

The fox demon watched this scene with great interest and finally understood. “So, this isn’t my wife’s child, but rather the adulterer.”

With his tall, silver-armored figure and an air of confidence, he spoke eloquently, leaving no room for rebuttal.

It was only now that Huayue reacted. His face changed, and he rushed over to Pei Yunshu to confront the fox. “What did you say your name was?”

Bai Lige’s eyes gleamed as he looked at the young fox demon. He gave a faint smile and, clad in his battle armor, he had the spirit of a warrior. “I am Bai Lige.”


As Yuncheng arrived alone, the Demon Ghost Market had already entered the twilight hours.

He dismounted his sword and entered the door of the Ghost Physician’s residence. After entering, he looked around and asked, “Where’s my junior brother?”

The Ghost Physician was still preparing medicine, grabbing medicinal herbs with a greenish hand. He answered slowly, “Why the rush? I told your junior brother to come here at dusk yesterday. He should be arriving soon.”

Yuncheng tidied his sleeve. He was dressed in blue robes today, appearing as refreshing as the wind and moon. After adjusting himself, he sat down with a smile. “It’s been a while since I last saw my junior brother. Now that I think about it, I feel a bit nervous.”

The Ghost Physician said, “Wait until that ugly ghost arrives, and we’ll see if you’re still nervous. Either he’s concealing his appearance, or you’re blind.”

Yuncheng smiled but didn’t respond. After a while, he spoke, “Does my junior brother have a flood dragon with him?”

“A flood dragon?” The Ghost Physician’s eyes lit up as he turned to Yuncheng, finally stopping the preparation of the medicine. “Are you talking about a flood dragon?”

“Indeed.” Yuncheng’s eyes darkened. “It’s a flood dragon that’s covered in treasures.”

Yuncheng waited at the table, but it wasn’t until dusk turned into night that Pei Yunshu still hadn’t arrived at the Ghost Physician’s place.

His smile gradually faded, and his demeanor became as cold as ice. He sat upright with long hair flowing down, and his whole body exuded a chill. Only when the night was fully upon them did he whisper, “My junior brother was supposed to come today, but where is he?”

The Ghost Physician furrowed his slender brows, a rare expression of surprise on his thin face. He brought a basin of water from the cupboard and added a few things to it. Then, he placed a strand of long hair into the water, and the surface rippled, revealing an image.

That strand of hair had been taken from Pei Yunshu.

Yuncheng raised his gaze and looked at the water’s surface.


The name of the old ancestor in the Fox Clan’s secret realm was Bai Lige.

Pei Yunshu’s group followed Bai Lige to his residence. Along the way, the fox remained dazed. He hadn’t even convinced Lord Zhuyou to let him be concubine yet. Now, Beauty Yunshu has become Bai Lige’s wife?

Has he become Beauty Yunshu’s grandson?

“Lord Zhuyou,” Huayue thought for a moment, but he would rather be concubine than be Beauty Yunshu’s grandson. He cautiously approached Lord Zhuyou and inquired, “Aren’t you angry that the old ancestor called Beauty Yunshu ‘wife’?”

Lord Zhuyou frowned. “What is a ‘wife’?”

Huayue understood. He glanced at the two people beside him, lowered his voice, and explained to Lord Zhuyou, “A ‘wife’ is someone you sleep with. We foxes are quite lustful. The first time the old ancestor met Beauty Yunshu, he called him ‘wife,’ he must want to sleep with Beauty Yunshu. It’s like those spring scenes you saw before. He definitely wants to have an intimate relationship with Beauty Yunshu.”

Before Huayue finished speaking, Zhuyou’s expression turned cold.

The air was filled with tension, and Pei Yunshu and Bai Lige, who had been chatting and laughing, stopped in their tracks, both looking up at him.

Inside, the fox encouraged Zhuyou, hoping he would land a punch and send this old ancestor flying far away. In the midst of their romance, what was the point of talking about ancestral bonds? This old fox wanted to take advantage of their Beauty Yunshu, despite his age.

“Zhuyou,” Pei Yunshu looked at the flood dragon with confusion. “What’s wrong with you?”

Zhuyou stared at him, his eyes filled with tumultuous emotions. The surrounding winds picked up, and the flood dragon’s rage was so intense that Bai Lige suddenly retreated a few steps from Pei Yunshu. He incredulously questioned Zhuyou, “You, an adulterer, haven’t been held accountable for your wrongdoings, but now you want to strike first and kill me?”

“Adulterer?” Lord Zhuyou snorted coldly, bloodlust flickering in his eyes. “I am the wife.”

Bai Lige was shocked, and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked at Pei Yunshu and Zhuyou several times, reluctantly accepting this revelation. “You… you actually…”

With a serious expression, Bai Lige suddenly bowed deeply to Pei Yunshu. “I dare not address you as ‘wife.’ You can even tame a flood dragon as your wife; it’s my oversight not to have noticed this before.”

As Bai Lige continued, a faint blush colored his face. “If the flood dragon can only be your wife, then I am not worthy to be your husband. However…. I’ve never been anyone else’s wife. Perhaps I won’t be able to adapt.”

“If I can’t get used to it,” the big demon blushed his pointed ears turning red, “please don’t hold it against me. Just treat me as your brother.” 

In the midst of his astonishment, Pei Yunshu came to his senses and, after hearing those words, found himself blushing as well. 

He understood the meaning behind Bai Lige’s words. 

Because Bai Lige understood how to cure the gu, he invited Pei Yunshu and his companions to his mansion to remove the gu. Bai Lige mentioned that the ghost doctor, while skilled, lacked medical ethics, and the effectiveness of his treatment depended on his mood. He suggested letting Bai Lige take a look first, and if he couldn’t cure it, they could then seek the ghost doctor’s help together. 

Pei Yunshu agreed after only a moment’s thought. 

However, he didn’t expect the situation to take this turn. 

Once they arrived at Bai Lige’s mansion, Pei Yunshu removed the ugly ghost mask. Because his face turned slightly red, it was a sight that didn’t escape the notice of the others. 

Originally, Zhuyou was preparing to focus his killing intent on Bai Lige, but when he saw his blush, he approached and tried to lick the corners of Pei Yunshu’s eyes and lips. 

Pei Yunshu struggled to avoid his tongue, but before he could escape for long, Zhuyou embraced his waist, trapping him in his arms. He planted a quick kiss on Pei Yunshu’s cheek, like a dragonfly touching the water’s surface.

Bai Lige finally regained his composure, adjusting his demeanor. He couldn’t bring himself to call out “husband.” He simply pretended not to have seen the audacious scene caused by the flood dragon. 

Pei Yunshu broke free from Zhuyou’s embrace. Before he could become angry, Zhuyou lowered his head, touching his lips. 

There was a small wound on his pale lips, a mark left by Pei Yunshu’s bite underwater that day. Zhuyou touched the injury without saying a word, wearing a slightly abandoned look. 

Pei Yunshu felt a strange sense of guilt. He whispered, “I was explaining the wedding ceremony to Bai Lige.” 

Zhuyou remained silent. 

It was unclear whether he understood or not, so Pei Yunshu continued, “You shouldn’t say’wife’ casually. He should also refrain from doing so.”

Zhuyou responded, “I’ve mated with you.”

The blush on Pei Yunshu’s face deepened, spreading down to his neck, and he felt it almost burning. “When did we mate? I don’t remember.”

“Many times,” Zhuyou frowned, his displeasure apparent in his eyes, making the surroundings eerily silent. He repeated, “Many times.”

Even Bai Lige’s gaze now held a hint of reproach as he looked at Pei Yunshu.

Pei Yunshu couldn’t continue this conversation in front of everyone. He really hadn’t engaged in such activities with Zhuyou. He whispered, “You’re talking nonsense.”

Zhuyou leaned closer. “What?”

Pei Yunshu looked at his profile, his skin flushed, his vision blurry. He whispered again, “You’re talking nonsense.”

Zhuyou suddenly caught a strange scent in the air.

The fragrance wafted gently to his nose. As Zhuyou lowered his head to look at Pei Yunshu, he indeed saw that Pei Yunshu’s eyes were reddened, and his mind seemed clouded.

The second time their emotions flared up, it caused him to lose his composure entirely.

The owner of the mother gu was now dangerously close to him.

Too close, as if right beside him.

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