The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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Pei Yunshu’s face was held by this rascal, and his tongue kept dodging, but he was eventually caught by this person. His tongue was sucked, causing a tingling and numb sensation. Pei Yunshu had never experienced anything like this before, and he felt his limbs growing weak. He was frightened by this feeling, and in his panic, he fiercely bit the person’s tongue. 

Caught off guard, he was bit, and his flood dragon’s blood flowed into Pei Yunshu’s mouth. He looked at Pei Yunshu with bewilderment in his dark eyes, his demonic markings exuding an evil aura, but there was confusion in his eyes. “You bit me.” 

It was as if he could be intimate with Pei Yunshu, but Pei Yunshu couldn’t bite him in return. 

Pei Yunshu: “You—-”

He started to say something, but he was interrupted as the person stuffed his tongue back into his mouth. Not only that, but a wisp of spiritual energy from Pei Yunshu’s white core obediently flowed out, healing the wounds of this unruly rascal. 

The flood dragon continued to hold him, and only when they reached the ground did his tail transform into legs. However, he didn’t release Pei Yunshu, and his arms roamed restlessly over Pei Yunshu’s back, causing the clothes to wrinkle into folds.

Pei Yunshu pushed him away, his face stern but tinged with a blush. He looked around and noticed not just this one demon but over a dozen pairs of eyes gleaming in the darkness, all fixed on Pei Yunshu. 

Feeling a chill down his spine, Pei Yunshu cautiously took two steps back but ended up retreating into the embrace of the unruly rascal. 

The rascal buried his head in Pei Yunshu’s neck and took a deep breath, then called him, “Wife.” 

Pei Yunshu’s expression froze for a moment, and desire welled up inside him. 

What did he call him?

“Wife,” the flood dragon creature raised Pei Yunshu’s chin again, extending his seductive crimson tongue, and shamelessly attempted to slip it between his lips, all while speaking as if it were a matter of great virtue. “You can bite.” 

“Zhuyou, how can you address your husband as ‘wife’?” 

A clear and disapproving voice came from the side, and someone approached with measured steps. “You are Husband’s wife, naturally you should him husband.”

The person who had just arrived from the darkness was a handsome demon warrior clad in armor. He bent down gracefully and smiled, showing courtesy. “Ge greets husband. Husband must be worried, but there’s no need to hurry. Neither Ge nor husband’s wife have been harmed.” 

Wrapped around him must be the flood dragon, and this person must be the fox. 

Pei Yunshu couldn’t find the words to respond. He felt like his world was spinning, his mind in a daze. 

He didn’t recognize this flood dragon and fox, but he remembered the complex emotions he had felt before. Was the reason he was so anxious to obtain the Demon Sealing Tower because he had married two demon spouses? 

How could he… How could he have been so reckless!

Pei Yunshu’s face kept changing as Zhuyou hugged him, kissing his neck. When he heard Bai Lige’s words, he looked displeased and turned his gaze toward him. “My wife.” 

However, Bai Lige wasn’t afraid and continued to disagree. “Are you trying to make Yunshu call you ‘husband’?” 

As they bickered, the ten or so demons who were watching chimed in, “General Bai Li, Lord Zhuyou had said that this person is their wife. Why are you trying to steal Lord Demon King’s wife?” 

Bai Lige hesitated for a moment. “Could it be that you all are serious?” 

After Zhuyou and Bai Lige were locked inside the tower, they fought their way to the top floor. Many wicked demons perished under Bai Lige’s spear, and the remaining powerful demons followed them all the way to the top. 

However, when they reached the top floor, they found no way out. The group of demons, whose minds were unclear due to their long imprisonment, started discussing among themselves. They decided that whoever could break open the Demon Sealing Tower would be recognized as their king.

Bai Lige initially thought they were joking, but now it seemed like they were serious. 

With his composure somewhat regained, Pei Yunshu stepped away from Zhuyou’s embrace. Surrounded by the gaze of those ten or so pairs of eyes, he had to maintain a facade of nonchalance. “Although I don’t remember who you are, I can assure you that I would never do something like marrying two wives.” 

Bai Lige was taken aback. “You don’t recognize us?” 

Pei Yunshu nodded, but his gaze involuntarily turned toward the flood dragon who had just forcibly kissed him. 

The flood dragon seemed unaffected by his words. His expression remained unchanged, and his black eyes were fixed on Pei Yunshu. When he noticed Pei Yunshu looking back at him, the flood dragon spoke calmly, “No need to worry.” 

Pei Yunshu was briefly puzzled and then turned his head away. 

Zhuyou stepped forward and embraced him, lightly poking his soft cheek with his fingertip. “Don’t cry.” 

Pei Yunshu hadn’t been crying, but when he heard Zhuyou’s casually spoken words, his eyes suddenly welled up with tears. 

He suppressed this moment of vulnerability. “When did I cry?”

Zhuyou lowered his head and lightly kissed Pei Yunshu’s eyes, his hand encircling him. “Wife.” 

A familiar feeling rushed over Pei Yunshu. His long eyelashes trembled slightly as he secretly glanced at the flood dragon. 

The flood dragon was undeniably handsome, with bold demonic patterns. His flood dragon horns were short, and he looked like the kind of demon who would seduce married women. He appeared anything but trustworthy.

Indeed, he wasn’t very trustworthy. Pei Yunshu moved his gaze away and pulled the flood dragon’s hand. “I don’t remember certain things, so you can’t just casually come and kiss me like that.” 

“Okay,” the flood dragon agreed and then leaned in to give Pei Yunshu another kiss, his lips cold and clean, like flower petals gently drifting. 

“You….” Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but feel amused and exasperated. He moved away from the flood dragon and created some distance between them.

A group of demons who had been imprisoned in the tower for hundreds of years watched with great interest. “Lord Zhuyou, we never thought you’d be so shameless.” 

Bai Lige sighed and looked at Pei Yunshu. “Yunshu, may I examine your pulse?”

Pei Yunshu raised his hand, and Bai Lige gently pressed his fingertips against his wrist, contemplating for a moment. “I don’t see any abnormalities.” 

He looked at Pei Yunshu reassuringly. “Don’t worry, Yunshu. If you trust me, after we leave this place, I can take a look inside your sea of consciousness. If there’s a problem in there, it won’t be a trivial matter.” 

Pei Yunshu thought for a moment and nodded lightly. 

Inside the tower, it was dim, and the crack above didn’t let in any light. If Pei Yunshu hadn’t fallen down from above, these demons might not have believed that Zhuyou had truly managed to create an opening in the tower. 

Now that there was an opening, why should they fear being unable to leave? 

Zhuyou protected Pei Yunshu within a barrier, reverted to his original form, and soared into the air, violently crashing towards the top of the tower. 

With each collision, the tower shook violently. The other anxious demons also followed suit and rushed toward the crack, but none of them could match Zhuyou’s might. 

Bai Lige stood below, accompanying Pei Yunshu. He chuckled. “If it weren’t for your ‘flood dragon’ remark, he probably wouldn’t have been able to break through that opening.” 

Pei Yunshu felt a rush of warmth on his face and couldn’t help but ask, “You could hear what I said outside?”

“We can only hear one or two sentences. Could it be that Yunshu said something affectionate to the tower?” Bai Lige raised an eyebrow, his smile fading suddenly. He gripped a silver spear in his hand and looked at the ground. “Hmm, someone has broken the barrier I set on one of the levels.”


Wu Wang wanted to close his eyes, wanted to shut out his senses, but he was defeated by Yunshu’s voice, filled with a hint of tears. “Little Junior Brother.” 

“Little Junior Brother,” Pei Yunshu said as he led Wuwang into a room. He sat by the dressing table, looked at Wuwang, and his eyes glistened with tears. “Why do they always bully me?”

Wuwang clenched the fabric of his robe tightly in his hand. “They’re just…”

Just what?

The scene before him suddenly changed again, and Wuwang found himself sitting in a dimly lit room. In front of him, there was a water mirror, and the reflection in the mirror was Pei Yunshu, who was sitting alone in the courtyard.

Pei Yunshu sat there in a daze, but after a while, he took out a gleaming white jade pendant from his sleeve and caressed it with great care.

As Wuwang watched this scene, he felt an inexplicable surge of anger welling up within him. This emotion came out of nowhere but felt incredibly real.

He remembered.

He had seen this scene in Pei Yunshu’s sea of consciousness before. Venerable Wuwang lowered his eyes, unable to bring himself to look at the water mirror any longer.

“He” would rush into Pei Yunshu’s courtyard, snatch away the jade pendant he held, and say harshly to Pei Yunshu, “the Master detests you so much, why would he let you have his jade pendant?”

Did Yunwang truly despise Pei Yunshu?

Venerable Wuwang stood up and went to the outside of Pei Yunshu’s courtyard. He hesitated for a moment before pushing open the door of the small courtyard.

Pei Yunshu, who was sitting at the stone table, looked at him with a mixture of fear and shock. He panicked and took a step back, his hands behind his back. “Little Junior Brother.”

Venerable Wuwang’s heart ached.

This pain was like a thread, densely woven, more tormenting than the churning sea of consciousness.

He suppressed the pain and walked slowly towards Pei Yunshu. Pei Yunshu, who seemed at a loss, had never seen his little junior brother with such a gentle expression. He was also a bit stunned.

Venerable Wuwang held Pei Yunshu’s hand and had him sit at the stone table.

These hands were still fair, but they were no longer soft. His cultivation had been sealed, trapped in this small world. He had done everything that mortals needed to do, and the once tender palms had hardened from the experience.

Venerable Wuwang held these hands and spoke with bitterness.

Pei Yunshu sat uneasily, whispering, “I never left here. I only stayed in the courtyard. Little Junior Brother, I never went to see you.”

“I know,” Venerable Wuwang whispered. “Don’t be afraid.”

He took the white jade pendant that Pei Yunshu was holding in his hand and removed the surface layer of seething anger. With his intention, he crushed the white jade.

The jade turned to ashes and slipped through his fingers. Pei Yunshu stared in disbelief, his fingers trembling, tears falling from his eyes.

“Don’t cry.”

Venerable Wuwang took out another jade pendant from his sleeve and gently placed it in Pei Yunshu’s hand. “This one is for you.”

Pei Yunshu looked at the white jade in his hand, his face still glistening with translucent tears. His expression was bewildered, and he looked up at Venerable Wuwang.

Venerable Wuwang gazed at his face, as if he had been enchanted. He lifted Pei Yunshu’s chin with his hand.

Their lips drew closer and closer and the shock in Pei Yunshu’s eyes was deeply reflected in his eyes.

It wasn’t until their noses lightly touched that Venerable Wuwang stopped.

Beneath the overwhelming anger, buried deep within, was jealousy.

He waved his hand and dispelled the illusion.

The empty first level reappeared before their eyes.

The ground shook, and someone was preparing to break out of the tower.

Venerable Wuwang sighed deeply and walked slowly towards the top level.

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