The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 39

Chapter 39

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Only Venerable Wuwang had not yet reached the second floor. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the demonic energy within the Demon-Sealing Tower surged and raged. A beam of light shot straight into the tower from the top, and it seemed like the tower was about to collapse.

Pei Yunshu stared closely at Zhuyou, watching as the fierce flood dragon repeatedly rammed the top of the tower, creating a large crack.

After watching for a while, he couldn’t help but wonder, “If it’s possible to damage the Demon-Sealing Tower, why didn’t you do it earlier?”

Bai Lige was also surprised, and he looked at Zhuyou’s momentum. He regained his composure and joked, “Before Yunshu entered the tower, he seemed to have no strength at all. Who would have thought that as soon as Yunshu entered, he seemed to have taken a miraculous elixir, and this strength is quite intimidating.”

Pei Yunshu listened as if he understood, “Why?”

“…..” Bai Lige shook his head and smiled, “That’s something Yunshu will have to explore on his own.”

The crack at the top of the tower grew larger and larger, and Zhuyou’s attacks became more ferocious. At times, the flood dragon’s body would obscure the light at the top of the tower. When the opening was large enough to escape through, he turned around and flew straight towards Pei Yunshu.

At the mouth of the hole, a dozen or so demons were still flying around, greedily eyeing the light outside the tower, but none of them ventured out first. Pei Yunshu watched as the black flood dragon approached closer and closer. His footsteps remained in place, forcibly suppressing the desire to step back. 

A chilling wind picked up, ruffling his hair. 

Pei Yunshu leaped lightly and found himself seated on the flood dragon’s back. 

The scales looked icy, but the touch was surprisingly warm. The flood dragon, carrying him, turned its head and made its way towards the opening above. 

Riding a flood dragon was an incredibly magical experience. Pei Yunshu lowered his body and asked softly, “Can I hold onto your horn?” 

Zhuyou let out a light and airy roar.

Thinking he had received permission, Pei Yunshu carefully reached for the flood dragon’s two horns.

However, the horns were quite small, and Pei Yunshu’s grasp would slip off after a few attempts. So, he had to retract his hand and create a barrier for himself.

Bai Lige, who was watching, chuckled softly. Pei Yunshu understood what he was laughing at and couldn’t help but smile, feeling happy.

Zhuyou was unaware that the two of them were joking about his small horns. He accelerated his speed, and like a gust of wind, he quickly approached the opening and leaped through it!

Light enveloped them, and the scent of flowers and grass followed. The flood dragon’s body instantly grew larger, but Zhuyou didn’t slow down; instead, he sped up, taking Pei Yunshu into the layers of clouds.

The wind whistled in their ears as Pei Yunshu held onto the flood dragon’s body. After a while, he let go of his grip and sat up straight, his eyes gradually brightening.

After flying in the clouds for a while, Zhuyou descended into a river.

The cool water submerged them completely, and when Pei Yunshu emerged from the water, he wiped the water from his face and chuckled softly.

A figure also emerged from the water beside him. This person looked at Pei Yunshu’s smiling face and curved his lips in response.

The glistening and transparent water droplets flowed down the side of his face. Zhuyou brushed Pei Yunshu’s hair behind his ear, grasped Pei Yunshu’s hands with both of his own, lowered his lips, and sought Pei Yunshu’s mouth.

Pei Yunshu turned his head slightly to avoid it, and the kiss landed on the corner of his mouth, sending a warm breath that tickled him.

It felt as if a strand of hair was stuck to his cheek. Pei Yunshu didn’t dare to speak loudly, fearing that if he moved too much, his lips would touch the flood dragon’s face.

“…Can you stay a bit farther away?”

If it were anyone else, Pei Yunshu would have coldly pushed them away by now. But at this moment, it was someone he had no memory of, and he felt both powerless and annoyed. His hands were held tightly, and when he tried to break free, the other person’s grip tightened even more.

He turned his head, exposing his earlobe to Zhuyou, who took it in his mouth and gently bit it, savoring it like a sweet berry, his tongue sucking on it with relish.


Water surged behind Zhuyou, and a stream of water splashed over his head. Pei Yunshu covered his earlobe, turned around, and swam toward the shore.

His clothes were already wet, and Zhuyou watched his every move in the water, his eyes flashing with excitement.

Pei Yunshu had just begun to cast a purification spell on himself when a white light flashed across the sky. His expression changed, and he turned and jumped back into the water without explaining anything to Zhuyou. He immediately pressed Zhuyou underwater and shielded him completely.

Just as he finished doing all this, a figure in white landed on the shore. When this figure saw Pei Yunshu in the water, their face froze, and they quickly turned away.

“Grandmaster,” Pei Yunshu’s voice was puzzled, “Is there something you need from your disciple?”

Venerable Wuwang stood on the shore, his voice cold, “Did you just enter the Demon-Sealing Tower?”

“I did,” Pei Yunshu replied, “But as soon as the demons escaped, I followed them out.”

The sound of water rippling softly was the only sound present, and it echoed in the minds of those present, along with the image of Pei Yunshu in the water.

Venerable Wuwang involuntarily recalled the illusion within the Demon-Sealing Tower. He hesitated for a moment and said in a hoarse voice, “Then why did I follow the demonic energy here and find you instead?”

The subtle sounds at this moment felt like thunder.

As long as Pei Yunshu moved, the water would make a sound. Everything around them was strangely quiet, with no bird calls or insect chirps. Zhuyou was there, and the demonic energy was there, and Pei Yunshu held down Zhuyou, preventing him from showing himself. He then asked, “Grandmaster, if you capture these demons, what would you do with them?”

Venerable Wuwang’s voice was devoid of any emotion as he replied, “If they deserve to be killed, then kill them.”

And what about those who shouldn’t be killed?

What does it mean to “deserved to be killed”?

Pei Yunshu pursed his lips and said, “Grandmaster followed the demonic energy here, perhaps because your disciple also absorbed some of the demonic energy from the creatures inside the tower.”

Venerable Wuwang furrowed his brow and was about to turn around to look at him, but Pei Yunshu said, “I have already removed my clothes, Grandmaster, please don’t turn around to look.”

Venerable Wuwang’s half-turned body froze in place. His handsome face flushed, and the redness quickly spread to his neck and earlobes. He turned into a white light and hurriedly left the area.

Once Venerable Wuwang had left, Pei Yunshu breathed a sigh of relief. He sank into the water and went to find the flood dragon that he had pressed underwater.

Zhuyou obediently stayed in the water. When he saw Pei Yunshu approaching, he swam toward him, holding Pei Yunshu out of the water and bringing him to the shore.

Although Venerable Wuwang’s cultivation was only at the Nascent Divinity stage, Pei Yunshu always felt that he was unfathomable. A single Demon-Sealing Tower had trapped a flood dragon inside, and if he were to take action, the flood dragon would probably stand little chance.

As he contemplated this, Pei Yunshu realized that he had already been carried by Zhuyou in his arms and was walking through the jungle.

Pei Yunshu’s brow twitched, and he jumped out of Zhuyou’s embrace. He looked at the flood dragon and felt that there was something unusual about him. When he was with Zhuyou, it seemed like all his guard had mysteriously disappeared.

Zhuyou looked back at him openly, and Pei Yunshu met his gaze without backing down. They stared at each other like this for a long time.

When their eyes grew tired, Pei Yunshu blinked and conceded, “What’s your name?”

The flood dragon replied, “Zhuyou.”


Pei Yunshu didn’t know if Grandmaster had given up on searching for Zhuyou, but when the two of them reached the foot of the Three Days Peak, Zhuyou transformed into a bracelet and was worn by him halfway up the mountain.

Back in the room, Hua Yue sneaked out from under the bed. When Pei Yunshu closed the door and set up a barrier, the room suddenly had an extra person.

Bai Lige was hovering in the air, sighing, “That person is truly formidable. If he had set his sights on me, I’m afraid I would have perished.”

Pei Yunshu was taken aback. “Grandmaster saw you?”

Bai Lige nodded lightly and chuckled, “It seems that Ge’s charm is truly outstanding. That great being couldn’t bear to take Ge’s life.”

He praised himself endlessly and then turned to Hua Yue. “Thanks to you, little fox… Oh, isn’t this Little Fox Grandchild?”

Hua Yue rolled his eyes at him and gracefully leaped into Pei Yunshu’s arms.

Bai Lige looked surprised. He landed on the ground from the air and approached Pei Yunshu to closely inspect Hua Yue. He smiled and said, “It really is Little Fox Grandchild. I didn’t expect Little Fox Grandchild to have such abilities. I wonder how many tails you have left now. Have you become a formidable demon in your own right?”

Hua Yue buried his head in Pei Yunshu’s arms, finding the words of the old ancestor truly annoying.

Pei Yunshu brushed his hand over Hua Yue’s fur and then turned to look at Zhuyou. If Venerable Wuwang had seen Bai Lige and didn’t harm him, why did he specifically pursue the demonic energy of Zhuyou?

“Zhuyou, if the Grandmaster is looking for you, you should leave quickly.”

Zhuyou clung to Pei Yunshu’s side, wishing he could sprout a tail and wrap it around Pei Yunshu entirely. He buried himself in the crook of Pei Yunshu’s shoulder. “With you.”

A warm feeling welled up in Pei Yunshu’s heart. But if Zhuyou stayed with him, he couldn’t keep hiding within the Shanshui Sect.

He suddenly thought of the upcoming grand disciple recruitment ceremony a few days later. He had a slight idea.

Each peak would be accepting disciples, and the Grandmaster had never interfered in such matters. Even if he was unwilling, he wouldn’t kill Zhuyou again during that event.

With this in mind, he gently pushed Zhuyou’s head away and looked at him seriously. “What about you…” 

Zhuyou tilted his head, gazing at him.

With this in mind, he pushed Zhuyou’s head away and looked at him seriously. “So, how about becoming my junior brother?”

As soon as he said this, Zhuyou’s eyes brightened with enthusiasm. Pei Yunshu smiled at him and teased, “Senior brother will take good care of you, little junior brother.”

Zhuyou paused for a moment, then pushed Hua Yue, who was in Pei Yunshu’s arms, to the side and pressed his wife to the ground, sealing their agreement with a passionate kiss.

His voice was low and husky, tinged with a hidden excitement.

“Junior Brother kisses Senior brother.”

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