The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 56

Chapter 56

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The Nanfeng Pavillion was filled with fragrances at every corner, rich and enticing, enhanced by aphrodisiac herbs. Pei Yunshu knew the consequences if Zouyu found him here.

Young Master Qingfeng was immobilized by the door and the Celestial Binding Rope was locked within the barrier, while Hua Yue was trying to break the formation. Pei Yunshu, the only one who was still awake and able to move, wiped the sweat from his hands and prepared for the best and worst outcomes.

He couldn’t wait forever for someone to rescue him, nor could he hope that someone would show him mercy.

Pei Yunshu’s fingertip brushed against the sharp sword. He held the Qingyue Sword horizontally in his hand, waiting silently for any movement outside the door.


The lashes Pei Yunshu had administered left bloody welts on Zouyu’s flesh, causing his clothes to tear and blood to ooze from the wounds. The whip had also left a red mark on half of his face, and combined with his captivating deep eyes, it revealed a hint of impending wildness.

Despite his disheveled appearance, Zouyu’s heart burned with intense desire for Pei Yunshu.

“Hall Master Ling,” he languidly placed his hands behind his back, ignoring the bloodstains on his clothes, “may I ask where you and my beauty are?”

However, in the darkness of the corridor, there was no response.

Inside the room, Pei Yunshu was watching Young Master Qingfeng. Young Master Qingfeng maintained his ridiculous posture until the footsteps outside had passed, but he had not broken Pei Yunshu’s spell.

Pei Yunshu patiently waited for a while until he was sure Zouyu was not returning. Then, he walked towards the inner room.

Hua Yue had been stumbling around for a while, and Pei Yunshu sat down, contemplating the words Zhuyou had written on his chest.

The effect of the profound and mysterious?

He placed his hand over his heart, closed his eyes, and tried to sense any effects of the “profound and mysterious”.

It couldn’t be that Zhuyou’s emotions automatically triggered such a bizarre and useless effect, right?

Lost in thought, he thought of giving a piece of advice.

“Remember to take the Clear Heart Pill.”

“I am eating it now.”

Pei Yunshu suddenly opened his eyes and looked around, but he couldn’t see the shadow of the foolish flood dragon.

Where had that voice just come from?

He placed his hand on his chest and, in his mind, thought, “Zhuyou?”

Over there, something seemed to break and he said, “I found you.”

Just as he was about to ask where he was, he heard a low flood dragon’s roar from outside the room, followed by a series of thunderous crashes as the house collapsed. A dark figure flashed outside and then rushed towards the room where Pei Yunshu was staying.

The doors and windows shattered, and the mighty Black flood dragon burst into the room. In the next moment, the flood dragon transformed into a human figure, wiping away the blood on his body. He stood calmly in front of Pei Yunshu.

In his hand, he held a cloth strip which he handed over to Pei Yunshu. His black eyes remained unwavering as he said, “Finished eating.”

Pei Yunshu received the cloth strip from him in a daze and then, still dazed, placed the remaining Clear Heart Pills from his storage pouch into it. He handed the pouch to Zhuyou.

If an ordinary person were to consume a Clear Heart Pill, they would remain free from impure thoughts for at least half a month. Even cultivators could be affected for two or three days with just one pill.

Considering how many Clear Heart Pills Zhuyou had consumed, Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but wonder if the pills he had were actually some random sugar-coated beans given to him by a disciple.

Zhuyou casually grabbed two more “sugar-coated beans” and ate them. Then, he turned to look at Young Master Qingfeng. His eyes narrowed, and in the darkness, the beast-like pupils gleamed with a malevolent light. He extended his five fingers, and Young Master Qingfeng was swept off his feet, his neck gripped tightly by Zhuyou.

Finally, Young Master Qingfeng reacted. He held onto Zhuyou’s hand without struggling and spoke wisely, “I know of a divine dragon secret realm.”

Zhuyou paused for a moment, slightly loosening his grip.

Young Master Qingfeng remained incredibly calm. He spoke rapidly, “In recent years, the Flower Brocade Sect has secretly searched for many secret realms. Zouyu and I came here to explore a minor secret realm in Shanshui Sect and the great divine dragon secret realm along the East Sea coast.”

Zhuyou released his grip, and Young Master Qingfeng fell to the ground, clutching his throat and coughing.

Pei Yunshu furrowed his brows. When he first encountered Hua Yue, Flower Brocade Sect had tried to use him to lure Hua Yue out. That time, they had been after the Fox Clan’s secret realm, but it seemed they had been exploring many other secret realms as well.

“Why do you need so many secret realms?”

Young Master Qingfeng stopped coughing, raised his head to look at him, and his eyes flickered. “The Sect Leader likes them.”

Pei Yunshu was about to ask another question, but there was a loud noise behind him. Hua Yue, who had been breaking the formation, finally walked out of it. He exclaimed in shock, ran over, and grabbed Pei Yunshu’s legs, trying to drag him away. “Beauty Yunshu, stay away from him! There’s something strange in the Nanfeng Pavillion!”

He was a small fox, and he couldn’t drag Pei Yunshu very far. Instead, he managed to pull up Pei Yunshu’s pants, revealing a small portion of his fair ankles that resembled creamy jade.

Pei Yunshu didn’t notice this. He lifted Hua Yue and said, “Hua Yue, don’t worry. We’ve already subdued him.”

Hua Yue was in Pei Yunshu’s embrace and remained vigilant as he glanced at Young Master Qingfeng. He huffed, “As expected.”

However, after a while, he became completely absorbed in his love-struck world. All his sense of danger faded, and he nuzzled against Pei Yunshu. “Beauty Yunshu, if I could take on a human form, would you still hold me like this?”

Pei Yunshu chuckled. “By then, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold you anymore.”

Hua Yue, with fox-like eyes, pondered this. By then, he could hold Yunshu instead.

Meanwhile, Young Master Qingfeng watched as Pei Yunshu moved around. He always seemed to catch a glimpse of Pei Yunshu’s alluring ankle. Unable to resist any longer, he secretly used his spiritual energy to pull down Pei Yunshu’s pants cuffs. When the ankles were hidden from view, Young Master Qingfeng finally relaxed.

Pei Yunshu was indeed dangerous, and he needed to keep his distance.

He certainly didn’t like a beauty who only caused trouble.


Zouyu was severely injured by Zhuyou but managed to find an opportunity to escape from Zhuyou’s clutches. 

However, Zhuyou had nearly taken his life. Even if he had escaped, considering the many cultivators and demons outside, his chances of survival were slim.

After Bai Lige broke the formation, they all emerged from it, with Bai Lige expressing frustration. “I thought the formation was extraordinary and wasted some time memorizing it. I didn’t expect all of you to come out before me.”

He then looked at Young Master Qingfeng and exclaimed, “Huh?” He asked, “Husband, did you already rescue him?”

“He’s a demonic cultivator,” Pei Yunshu explained. “Bai Li, we’ll talk more about it after we leave.”

The formation was mostly destroyed by Zhuyou’s rampage, and they left through the back door of the Nanfeng Pavillion, encountering little resistance along the way. Young Master Qingfeng walked beside Pei Yunshu with his hands bound, and suddenly said, “Three hearts and two minds*.”
* half-hearted

Pei Yunshu turned to look at him. “Who are you referring to?”

But the demonic cultivator fell silent.

Once they had left the Nanfeng Pavillion and were far from the bustling streets of the town, many people had been frightened by Zhuyou’s attack, and the revelers had disappeared.

Excluding today, there were still four days of the Cultivation Event. Pei Yunshu had won the match against Wu Jiu, and there were at least five or six more matches to go. However, both of the Flower Brocade Sect’s Hall Masters had been defeated. Pei Yunshu wondered if their Sect Master would send someone else to search for the divine dragon Secret Realm.

Pei Yunshu didn’t think for too long. “We’re leaving today. Zhuyou and I will go to the mountain to pack up our things. Bai Li and Hua Yue, wait for us in a distant place.”

“Finally leaving,” Bai Li sighed in relief. “I’ve been very uncomfortable on that mountain. I always feel like I’m the Jiao being hidden away by Yunshu in a golden house. I’m the one who’s being hidden.”

Zhuyou furrowed his brows. “I’m the flood dragon*.”
* sounds like jiao

Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but laugh.

From this perspective, it did seem like he was hiding a “jiao” in a golden house.


Bai Li and Hua Yue couldn’t forget about the wild chickens in Shanshui Sect’s secret realm. They even brought an empty storage pouch and caught dozens or even hundreds of them.

Pei Yunshu packed up the things in the room and then took Zhuyou to other peaks. They exchanged various treasures for magic tools and elixirs, especially Clear Heart Pills. They managed to obtain hundreds of bottles of them. When he left, the senior pill creating Senior Brother was still looking at Pei Yunshu with a complicated expression.

They went to the back mountain again to catch more chickens. Pei Yunshu watched as the wild chickens lined up to enter the storage pouch one by one, feeling somewhat guilty. 

Since Zhuyou, the three of them, entered Shanshui Sect, not only had the wild chickens on the back mountains of various peaks become scarce, but the three of them had huge appetites, and they all loved to eat chicken. With this final catch before leaving, they had almost depleted the population of wild chickens in Shanshui Sect.

Once there were enough chickens in the storage pouch, Pei Yunshu signaled for Zhuyou to stop. The two of them mounted their swords and flew down the mountain in the evening twilight.

As they descended the mountain halfway, they encountered a familiar face: Wu Jiu, the young palace Master of the Yuan Ling Palace. 

Wu Jiu was accompanied by several cultivators. Pei Yunshu pretended not to see them and tried to fly past from the side, but Wu Jiu called out, “Pei Yunshu.”

Pei Yunshu halted his sword and turned to look behind him.

Wu Jiu’s expression was fierce. He took out a set of clothes from his sleeve and a familiar little book. He angrily thrust them into Pei Yunshu’s arms and, without waiting for Pei Yunshu’s response, swiftly flew away like a streak of light, followed closely by the other cultivators. In no time, they had disappeared.

Time was running short, and Pei Yunshu continued to fly down the mountain. He looked down at what he held in his arms and decided to put it into his storage pouch. 

Luckily, the rest of the journey proceeded without any further incidents. When both groups converged, they finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

Hua Yue took out his delicate little boat, which instantly expanded to comfortably fit five people. 

They set up a concealment barrier to hide their presence on the boat and then headed towards the South Sea. 

Pei Yunshu gazed at the receding Shanshui Sect, lost in thought. 


He had regained his memories, but he found it odd that he inexplicably rejected the sect, felt an unwarranted fear of his senior brother, and had a desire to escape his junior brother. 

Even towards his master, he suddenly lost the sense of closeness, leaving behind only sorrow. 

He had the nagging feeling that there were still many things he had yet to remember.

At this moment, he should have written a letter to inform his master, explaining that he had left the mountain and couldn’t participate in the cultivation event anymore, and he should have mentioned his destination. However, he felt mentally exhausted, and the thought of writing anything made his hand feel too heavy to lift the pen. 

Bai Li had said he was no longer a disciple of Shanshui Sect. However, his sudden departure meant he should at least give an explanation to Shanshui Sect, if not for the sect, then for the sake of the cultivation event.

Something suddenly stuck to his lips, and Pei Yunshu instinctively opened his mouth and tasted the substance. It was a Clear Heart Pill. 

Zhuyou watched him and asked, “Is it tasty?” 

His chaotic thoughts instantly calmed, and Pei Yunshu smiled, saying, “Just one is enough for me.” 

Zhuyou retracted his hand, which had held out the pill, and instead tossed it into his own mouth. “Don’t worry,” he said. 

Pei Yunshu chuckled. 

They stood on the deck, enjoying the purple twilight sky. Pei Yunshu reached into his robe and pulled out what Wu Jiu had stuffed into his embrace earlier. 

He opened the small book at the top. The content in the book was familiar to him. He flipped through the pages and found a thin envelope tucked in. 

Pei Yunshu opened the letter, and it contained a method to turn spiritual energy into a sharp-edged weapon.

Surprised, he finished reading the letter and then tucked both the small book and the clothes into his robes. He had a vague idea of what this was all about.

He lifted the layer of gray fabric covering the clothes to reveal the vibrant and conspicuous attire underneath. It was a brightly colored outfit.

Hua Yue commented, “What a beautiful outfit.”

Pei Yunshu fell silent for a moment. “Why would he do this?”

Wu Jiu couldn’t provide an answer here to him. After placing the items back into his storage pouch, Hua Yue asked, “Beauty Yunshu, why don’t you wear that outfit?”

Pei Yunshu shook his head.

He would keep these items safe and return them at the right time.

Young Master Qingfeng, tied to a post, looked over at Bai Lige, who was plucking feathers from a wild chicken nearby, and said, “You call him your husband, but you don’t even mind others sending him clothes?” 

Bai Lige pretended to ponder for a moment and replied, “You’re right. As the legitimate wife, I should maintain the dignity of a wife. Even if that flood dragon is more capable than me, I still need to assert my authority as a wife.” 

Young Master Qingfeng huffed and retorted, “Your husband isn’t doing a great job; he’s quite the flirt.” 

Bai Lige furrowed his brow and said, “These words you are saying, Ge doesn’t like to hear it.”

He turned back to continue plucking chicken feathers and ignored Young Master Qingfeng. Zhuyou walked to the side, made no visible movements, and a basin of clear water rose into the air, neatly plucking all the chicken feathers. 

Bai Lige, who was initially just playing around, stood up and asked, “How should we cook it, Yun Shu?” 

Pei Yunshu glanced at Hua Yue, who raised his fox-like paw, and said, “I can’t cook it, but I can teach you how. Beauty Yunshu only knows how to roast a chicken; and Lord Zhuyou won’t let you eat it after he cooks it.” 

Bai Lige looked at Zhuyou and clicked his tongue, “Why are you so overbearing?”

Zhuyou glanced at him indifferently. “Husband, mine.”

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