The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 59

Chapter 59

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Massive dragon bones laid across the desolate wasteland. Wild winds circled around them, and not a single blade of grass grew. 

The remnants of dragon power still lingered on these bones, and the wind dare not touch them, only swirling around them.

This was unexpectedly a dragon’s burial ground. They took a deep breath and suppressed their immense awe to take a step forward.

Each of these bones was larger than Pei Yunshu’s entire body. As they walked deeper into the area, they couldn’t help but marvel at these colossal dragon remains. When they reached the center, they found the path ahead blocked by these bones. To proceed, they would need to step on the flood dragon bones and navigate through the gaps between them.

This felt incredibly disrespectful, and even Bai Lige, who was usually quite bold, couldn’t help but wear a serious expression. He put on his robe and solemnly bowed towards the bones. “Today, I have no other choice but to tread upon the bones of our esteemed predecessors. Please, do not hold it against me, as I am just a little fox.”

Hua Yue also spoke eloquently, “Senior Dragon, your skeletal remains are so massive; you must have been mighty and majestic in your lifetime. This little fox, just looking at it, is so excited that this little fox almost fainted. Seeing Senior’s remains this time, this little fox is extremely eager to approach and admire them in detail. Senior Dragon, please don’t mind. If the little fox’s excitement momentarily disturbs you, it’s entirely out of a heart full of respect that this little fox can’t suppress…”

He kept talking endlessly, and Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but find his words familiar. It took him a moment to remember that Hua Yue had said something similar to Zhuyou.

Hua Yue continued to heap praises, and Bai Lige was genuinely impressed. “Little fox, I didn’t know you had such skills!”

“That’s right,” Hua Yue proudly puffed up his chest. “I’ve used this technique to escape from Lord Zhuyou’s grasp several times.”

Bai Lige raised an eyebrow. “This Demon King as expected seems to enjoy hearing flattery.”

Hua Yue argued, “Lord Zhuyou enjoys it, and since Lord Zhuyou is also a flood dragon, then the dragons from this secret dragon realm must appreciate it too.”

Pei Yunshu pondered these words and etched them into his memory.

With Young Master Qingfeng following, Pei Yunshu also apologized to the dragon bones. Only then did they carefully step onto the towering bones.

Pei Yunshu took two steps and accidentally stepped on a protruding bone, causing him to momentarily lose balance. He quickly grabbed onto a tall bone spur to steady himself.

As he held onto the bone spur, something suddenly collided with him, and the next moment, he was propelled into the air. Pei Yunshu looked down in bewilderment and saw himself still clinging to the bone spur, apparently unmoving. It was as if his soul had left his body.

The three people beside him were unaware of his strange condition and continued walking forward. Pei Yunshu felt a sense of urgency and was about to fly back into his own body when he heard a dragon’s roar. A massive silver dragon was charging towards him, carrying him on its back, and heading straight for the cave ceiling.

The dragon emitted a fluorescent glow and was semi-transparent, clearly the spiritual remnant of a deceased dragon!

Pei Yunshu clung tightly to the flood dragon as it flew at an incredible speed. The surroundings became distorted and blurry due to the flood dragon’s velocity. Just as they were about to crash into the cave ceiling, he closed his eyes.

In the next moment, he heard a series of resounding dragon roars.

When Pei Yunshu opened his eyes, he was stunned.

Countless dragons filled the sky, flying chaotically, and resting on mountaintops and in caves. Their continuous dragon roars echoed through the heavens and the earth.

The flood dragon he was riding on soared high into the sky and then descended rapidly.

The sea, with colossal flood dragons flying past him, wach one of them resembled a heavy and massive dark cloud.

Pei Yunshu was nearly out of breath, and the dragon beneath him let out a long howl, placing him in a cave high up on the mountain.

This cave was enormous, and Pei Yunshu felt like a leaf adrift in the vast ocean. As he looked down, cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

This was no exaggeration; it was like a ten-thousand-foot cliff.

Why did they bring him here? If he was out of his body right now, how could he return?

His heart was filled with anxiety. Not far away, a furious roar echoed.

Pei Yunshu followed the source of the dragon’s roar and saw more than a dozen graceful and agile dragons circling around a black dragon. The angry roar was caused by a female dragon whose tail had been ruthlessly slapped by the black dragon.

These dozen or so female dragons surrounded the black dragon, their auras restless, their tails incessantly pounding the ground, sending dust into the air and filling it with a strange and pungent scent.

Pei Yunshu instinctively thought they were in heat.

The black dragon, surrounded by the female dragons, was clearly agitated by their presence. Its powerful tail continuously lashed out, each strike causing the hills and ground to crack.

However, it refused to let the female dragons get close. Anyone who dared to approach would be met with the black dragon’s powerful tail, which swung without mercy. It even sent a stunningly beautiful white dragon tumbling to the ground.

Dust filled the air, and the elevation here was so high that Pei Yunshu could only guess what was happening. He couldn’t see the dragons clearly, but he felt that the black dragon was particularly noteworthy.

He couldn’t help but keep his eyes fixed on it.

The black dragon, besieged by the female dragons, couldn’t tolerate it any longer. It reared up half its body, roared angrily towards the sky.

Its dragon roar echoed throughout the entire peak, and the ground seemed to tremble. Pei Yunshu tightly gripped the protruding rocks on the mountain wall and was stunned. His eyes widened, hardly daring to believe what he was seeing. “Zhu… Zhuyou?!”

When did Zhuyou’s original form become so colossal?

But this roar was undoubtedly Zhuyou’s.

He took a few steps forward, and in front of him was a sheer cliff. Some rocks fell from the thousand-foot cliff. The distance between Pei Yunshu and the black dragon seemed close, but in reality, it was still far away.


Even though he was trying to shout out, his voice was small and barely carried by the wind.

But the black dragon, surrounded by the female dragons, seemed to have heard him. It ascended into the air, covered in black scales, and its dragon head patrolled the mountains. Its aura was restless, and its dual eyes turned in Pei Yunshu’s direction.

Its eyes were blood-red.

Subconsciously, Pei Yunshu dodged towards the entrance of the cave, held his breath, even though he was the one who called out to Zhuyou, now he couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling. 

He was afraid that the black dragon was approaching.

The black dragon surveyed the surroundings, but didn’t see anything. It flew into the air, excitement hidden in its blood-red eyes. Following the scent wafting through the air, it abandoned all the female dragons and soared towards a nearby mountain. 

The female dragons wanted to follow, but were frightened in place by the black dragon’s rage. 

Pei Yunshu pressed against the mountain wall, holding his breath for a moment. 

Unable to resist, he looked outside and happened to lock eyes with a pair of crimson vertical pupils. 

The black dragon soared outside the cave, its head entering the cave. It emitted low murmurs of excitement, as if it had discovered a rare treasure. Looking at Pei Yunshu, its eyes were full of greed and malice. 

The unsettling feeling deepened. 

Pei Yunshu took two steps back nervously, asking, “Zhuyou?”

The black dragon issued a series of rumbling sounds from its throat. It landed on the ground and, with crimson eyes fixed on Pei Yunshu, its entire body entered the cave.

A strong scent of desire rushed to Pei Yunshu’s nose. The black flood dragon’s complete bestiality was fully revealed, fierce and eager as it charged towards Pei Yunshu.

Pei Yunshu’s limbs went weak. He turned and rushed deeper into the cave.

But were there any places to hide deep in the cave?

The black dragon dragged Pei Yunshu beneath it, its body trembling with excitement. Its sharp claws extended, tearing apart Pei Yunshu’s clothes into pieces.

“No, get away,” Pei Yunshu pushed against the black dragon, his voice trembling with fear. “Get away!”

The black flood dragon couldn’t hear him; it had become smaller by instinct and was completely pressing onto its treasure.



Black hair was muddied, and a trembling voice filled the cave intermittently.

Dust covered him, and sweat and tears mixed with mud. The black dragon was out of place, and his legs were chafed and scraped.

Pei Yunshu laid on his arm, the scent of the black dragon permeating his entire body. The pain from the scent was unbearable, and tears flowed incessantly.

The black dragon hadn’t entered, it had only used its legs, but it was still very painful.

His legs trembled in pain, and he could only cry helplessly.

As soon as the scalding tears flowed, the black dragon greedily licked them away. His entire body had already been licked by the black dragon, and every part of him carried the scent of the black dragon.

The black dragon’s tongue invaded his lips, and its tongue was too large, filling Pei Yunshu’s entire mouth.

Pei Yunshu wanted to escape but could only make whimpering sounds.

He was clearly a spirit body…


Inside the dragon’s tomb, the three people and one fox gathered around Pei Yunshu, anxiously calling his name.

“Yunshu, wake up.”

Pei Yunshu tightly closed his eyes, tears sliding down his cheeks. His expression was one of pain and intense redness.

Hua Yue wiped the tears from the corners of Pei Yunshu’s eyes with a handkerchief, his own eyes turning red. “Elder?”

Bai Lige shook his head heavily, his brows filled with worry.

They didn’t know if this out-of-body experience in this dragon’s Secret Realm was an opportunity or a danger.


Pei Yunshu drifted in and out of consciousness, days passing in a blur. He had no idea how many days had gone by. The restless presence of the black dragon still clung to him.

It seemed like other dragons had arrived outside, but each one was scared off by the enraged black dragon before they could get close.

Pei Yunshu felt so tired.

His eyes were swollen, he couldn’t cry any longer, but whenever he managed to fall asleep amidst the anxiety, he would wake up suffocating.

The black dragon liked to push its tongue into Pei Yunshu’s lips to suck the nectar within. Yet, it always insisted on licking every inch of him before kissing him again, and Pei Yunshu didn’t want it.

But he couldn’t refuse because the black dragon didn’t understand his words.

The spirit body didn’t seem to get injured. He had just been chafed and scraped, but in the next moment, he was fine again. However, it did hurt, it tingled, and he felt sore, weak, and itchy.

The black dragon’s presence seemed to affect the nearby dragons. The constant dragon roars day and night never stopped, and it would affect him too, making him feel feverish, soft, and powerless.

But the black dragon would ignite with fury. It would create layer upon layer of barriers, blocking out all the dragon roars, leaving only its own voice for Pei Yunshu to hear.

If Pei Yunshu stayed silent, the black dragon would become more impatient and forceful in its actions. If Pei Yunshu made a sound, it would become even more excited.

Pei Yunshu couldn’t call it “Zhuyou” because every time he said that name, the black dragon would become so excited that it seemed like it wanted to devour him.

Pei Yunshu didn’t know if the black dragon still had Zhuyou’s sanity because it didn’t show any intention towards him. Although his entire body was filled with its scent, the black dragon didn’t forcefully barge in. 

Days and nights passed without distinction, and Pei Yunshu even adapted to learning how to breathe when the black dragon’s tongue was thrust into his lips. 

One day, the black dragon circled him, lifting him onto its black scales. The scales were cold, but there was a warm sensation coming from underneath them. Pei Yunshu was too exhausted; he closed his eyes and fell asleep on the black dragon. 

Author’s note: No happy ending, if they really got together, there’s no hope for a happy ending. 

Zhuyou (innocent face): I have no sanity; it’s the black dragon’s doing, not the flood dragon. 

So, it’s the black dragon giving affectionate touches? 

Zhuyou: Yeah, it’s me.

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