The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 63

Chapter 63

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The person who had asked Pei Yunshu’s name disappeared without a trace the next day.

Pei Yunshu had no intention of attending the cultivation tournament again. He stayed in his room and continued to meditate. It was only when a new disciple rushed to him in a hurry that he realized something had happened.

“Senior Brother,” the young child said, “Someone went to find Elder Lingye and said they wanted to become your Dao companion.”

Pei Yunshu frowned and said, “Nonsense.”

He continued to meditate, uninterested in the matter. However, the young disciple was very concerned and visited him daily, keeping him updated about the situation.

“Senior Brother, a few senior brothers kicked that person out of Shanshui Sect, but that person returned with others.”

“Senior Brother, Senior Brother Yunwang said that fertilized water does not leak to outsiders fields. If you must have a Dao companion, he’d be your companion.”

“But Eldest Senior Brother said he was being ridiculous, and junior brother was blocked by all the senior brothers.”

To avoid being disturbed, Pei Yunshu had placed protective barriers around his residence. The more the young disciple told him, the more absurd it seemed.

One day, the young disciple entered the room but didn’t say anything. Pei Yunshu quickly said, “I’m going into seclusion.”

The young boy swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue. He was about to mention that several senior brothers inexplicably got into a fight late last night, leaving each one battered and bruised. Could it be that they harbored feelings for their junior brother and secretly felt jealous? 

However, if it was jealousy, why would they fight each other? Shouldn’t they be jealous instead? 

“Senior Brother, when are you coming out?” the young boy asked. 

Pei Yunshu replied, “Not coming out anymore.” 

The young boy thought he was joking and didn’t take it seriously. He waited for Senior Brother Yunshu to return after closing his seclusion. However, when he became so aged that he couldn’t walk anymore, the young boy realized that Senior Brother Yunshu was serious about not coming out.

One hundred years passed, then two hundred years. 

The world outside changed dramatically, and it seemed like the Shanshui Sect had lost Pei Yunshu entirely. They could only await the appearance of natural signs to know that he had advanced in his cultivation.

Apart from the people of the Shanshui Sect and the young boy waiting for him, there was also a little snake that had sneaked into his room, waiting for him.

After an unknown amount of time, one sunny day, golden light suddenly appeared in the sky above the Shanshui Sect.

This golden light shone directly on the place where Pei Yunshu was in seclusion. Those who saw this phenomenon were dumbfounded, almost unable to believe what they were witnessing.

Pei Yunshu was about to ascend.

Before the seclusion door, everyone from the Shanshui Sect gathered around. The sect’s protective formations were activated, and the sect leader, along with various elders, waited at the entrance.

They watched as Pei Yunshu emerged from the golden light and ascended into the heavens, flying toward the Ninth Heaven.

Someone cried out, “Fourth Junior Brother! Look down at us! Fourth Junior Brother!”

Pei Yunshu lowered his gaze, looking at them. He hesitated for a moment and then took out several precious treasures from his body, sending them to the people of the Shanshui Sect.

These treasures bestowed by immortals, whether they were useful or not, could serve as the sect’s treasured possessions.

The Junior Brother stared intently at Pei Yunshu, tears of blood streaming down his face. Many people wept, their tears a mix of sorrow and joy. Pei Yunshu left the sounds of their crying behind as he continued his ascent. In the middle of his journey, he sensed a connection with karma.

He followed the threads of karma and found that it was related to his previous promise to the little snake.

In the other part of the world created by Shanshui Sect’s magical technique, a violent storm suddenly raged, accompanied by the roaring of a dragon.

Half the sky was filled with golden light, and the other half was deluged by a fierce tempest.

The weeping people fell silent and stared as a black dragon soared through the clouds, approaching Pei Yunshu.

The gigantic dragon halted at the edge of the tempest, gazing at Pei Yunshu, and in a deep voice, it asked, “Are there dragons in this world?”

The Junior Brother on the ground struggled free from his senior brothers’ grasp. His handsome face twisted into a grotesque expression, and he cried hysterically, “—There are no dragons! There are no dragons in this world!”

In response to this helpless cry, Pei Yunshu answered with a gentle but firm tone, “There are dragons.”

With those words, karma was fully resolved, and Pei Yunshu slowly ascended in the golden light.

The other half of the pouring rain suddenly turned violent for a moment before gradually subsiding. The black dragon gazed at Pei Yunshu and then looked up into the sky.

Pei Yunshu smiled and said, “You and I accompanying each other; this may be considered a form of fate.”

“Senior Brother—”

Their voices gradually faded, and Pei Yunshu heard the voice of his master, who called out to someone, “Master.”

Pei Yunshu turned around and saw that Junior Brother had transformed into a different appearance.

He gave a slight nod to his senior ancestor, who was gazing intently at him, and then turned away.

The voices gradually faded into the distance, and the golden light expanded. Finally, Pei Yunshu arrived on the cloud.

But there was nothing above the cloud.

No other immortals, no flowers, plants, or trees, no sun, and no moon.

Pei Yunshu waited here for a month, then two, but all he saw was a vast expanse of white. He began walking, going further and further, but there was no sound of wind, and he couldn’t see anyone.

It was then that Pei Yunshu realized that loneliness could be the most tormenting experience.

He tried to descend, but he couldn’t. He also tried to ascend further, but that was impossible.

Pei Yunshu was trapped above the cloud.

Even a floating cloud was absent here. Pei Yunshu tried to meditate and cultivate, but when he opened his eyes, all he saw was white.

He couldn’t even continue his meditation.

Pei Yunshu went through his entire storage bag, reading the books again and again, contemplating the talismans and spells repeatedly.

The sound transmission charm was also inseparable from this place. Pei Yunshu tried every method, but he was powerless. 

The only company he had was Qingyue sword, but the sword couldn’t speak. 

Pei Yunshu began to wonder why he had ascended. 

After an unknown amount of time passed, Pei Yunshu’s thoughts began to slow down. His memories became shrouded in a fog and gradually faded from his mind. 

He drew Qingyue sword, intending to end his own life. 

However, a lightning bolt struck his hand, knocking the sword out of Pei Yunshu’s grasp. 

Aren’t immortals supposed to be beyond death? 

The vast mountains and rivers were no more. If Pei Yunshu remained silent, this place could stay quiet forever. 

No wind, no sound of flowers blooming, and no rustling of withering grass. 

Loneliness and desolation, the kind that could drive a person to madness. 

Past experiences turned into beautiful dreams, and the diligent cultivation became a joke. 

Pei Yunshu wanted to die, but even death eluded him. 

Time in his perception began to slow down, torturing him. He hoped that others would ascend to this place, wondering where the snake that had clearly turned into a dragon had gone. 

But after waiting and waiting, not a single person arrived. 

In the end, Pei Yunshu had to use a sharp blade to cut open a wound on his own body, relying on the pain to awaken his consciousness. 

Sometimes, he would stare at Qingyue sword for a long time before remembering its name. There were even times when he forgot his own surname. 

He was called Yunshu, but what was his last name? 

Chen, Chu, Wang, or Li? 

He thought for a long time, vaguely thinking that he should be surnamed “Pei.” 

Pei Yunshu felt like a century had passed. The books he flipped through in his hands gradually became unreadable. 

In the midst of a breakdown, he continuously harmed himself. After a few days, he began to pull himself together. 

Pei Yunshu took out ink and a brush, realizing that he could draw on the vast expanse of white ground in the air. 

He drew flowers and trees on the ground, clouds in the air. Black and white gradually filled the space. Pei Yunshu drew a bird, contemplating how to turn the illusion into reality. 

In the “chirping of birds and fragrance of flowers,” he could finally focus on cultivation again. 

When he opened his eyes this time, he looked at everything around him. He lightly touched the small grass he had drawn, and the black grass slowly straightened up and turned into reality. 

Pei Yunshu made everything real. Birdsong began to sound, clouds began to drift, and the sound of a babbling brook echoed. 

But everything was black. Pei Yunshu felt calm in his heart, and he closed his eyes once again.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that his body was covered in black grass.

The grass was slowly growing, spreading across everything he could see. Pei Yunshu looked at the trees he had drawn before, and they had become a lush forest.

He stood up but suddenly froze in place. He saw a butterfly he had never drawn before appear in front of him and land on a flower.

Pei Yunshu stumbled and walked to the stream. Fish leaped out of the water, and water plants swayed gently. Little fish played among the water plants.

A breeze blew, tousling Pei Yunshu’s hair.

He reached out, trembling at the fingertips, and lightly touched the stream. The black water gradually receded from his touch, and the river became clear, the water plants turned lush and green, and the flowers blossomed.

The blackness in the sky disappeared, and the blue sky and white clouds reappeared.

He had succeeded.


Bai Lige and Young Master Qingfeng protected Pei Yunshu for five days. On the fifth day, Pei Yunshu’s spiritual power surged, and within this surge of power, Hua Yue transformed.

The fox let out a soft hum and mumbled in his sleep, ‘Yunshu… don’t…’

Intimate and passionate, with flushed faces, the hum made one’s heart race. Just by looking, one could tell what the fox was dreaming of.

Bai Lige and Young Master Qingfeng, however, were more concerned with whether Hua Yue had truly transformed after sleeping for five days.

They exchanged a glance, their expressions full of uncertainty.

Young Master Qingfeng said solemnly, “In that case, when they wake up, you and I will take a nap as well.”

Bai Lige nodded heavily and turned to look at Pei Yunshu. He saw that Yunshu’s aura was getting thicker and all flowed into his body.

After a moment, Pei Yunshu suddenly opened his eyes.

He blinked for a moment, looked around, and when he saw Bai Lige, his eyes suddenly became moist. He quickly got up, walked over, and tightly hugged Bai Lige.

After Bai Lige’s initial surprise, he also hugged Pei Yunshu back.

The fragrance was intoxicating, but Bai Lige was open and straightforward. He ran his fingers through Pei Yunshu’s long hair and asked, “Yunshu, did you experience something unpleasant in your inner demon?”

Pei Yunshu nodded against Bai Lige’s neck and then let go of him to embrace the still half-asleep Hua Yue next to him.

Hua Yue had not fully awakened yet and was being held by Pei Yunshu. He thought he was still dreaming, so he climbed onto Pei Yunshu’s neck, complaining, “My fur still hurts, why are you always not gentle enough with me?”

He straightened up his upper body and pouted, “It’s swollen here too, you don’t care at all. I told you not to…”

Pei Yunshu said, “Hua Yue?”

Hua Yue suddenly woke up, blushed deeply, and quickly moved away from Pei Yunshu. He couldn’t believe what he had just said.

Why did he have such a dream again?!

This… this was too absurd!

He covered his face and mumbled an explanation, “Beauty Yunshu, please don’t think too much. I just had a dream. In the dream, someone kept touching my fur, and they made my fur all swollen.”

Pei Yunshu laughed and said, “If that’s what Hua Yue says, then I’ll believe it.”

Hua Yue looked at Pei Yunshu through his fingers, feeling sweet in his heart. Why was Beauty Yunshu so doting on him?

Young Master Qingfeng, on the other hand, snorted, “You two are really getting out of hand.”

Pei Yunshu heard this but couldn’t help but chuckle.

After he opened his eyes, his aura became incredibly calm, and his cultivation seemed to be hidden. Unless one specifically probed, it was impossible to tell how high his current level of cultivation was.

Bai Lige sighed in relief and said, “I can’t even fathom Yunshu’s abilities now.”

Pei Yunshu smiled and asked, “How long did it take for me to form a nascent soul?”

“Only five days.”

“Five days,” Pei Yunshu said with a hint of nostalgia, “but in my inner demon, it felt like I had lived for at least five hundred years.”

These days were not just a fleeting moment for him; they were experienced day by day. In his inner demon, those years that almost drove him insane had made his Dao heart exceptionally strong.

Even if his master were to say “Yunshu, your Dao heart is unstable” a hundred more times, Pei Yunshu would not be moved.

“Five hundred years?” Bai Lige gasped in shock. “You spent that much time in your inner demon!”

Young Master Qingfeng was equally astounded and corrected, “He said at least five hundred years.”

Pei Yunshu smiled and turned to Hua Yue, who was still lying under the covers. “Hua Yue, put on your clothes, and let’s continue our journey.”

Hua Yue’s black hair cascaded over his shoulders, and he held the blanket, shyly stealing glances at Pei Yunshu. “Alright.”

“Wait,” Bai Lige interjected, “Neither Young Master Qingfeng nor I have slept here for five days.”

Pei Yunshu was taken aback and turned to look at them. “Five days?”

Bai Lige nodded seriously. “If you can form a nascent soul in five days by sleeping here, and the little fox here transformed after five days of sleep, there must be a significant opportunity here. We shouldn’t leave without gaining any advantages.”

Pei Yunshu looked at him and then at Young Master Qingfeng. Although he felt reluctant, he explained, “I have an explanation for the nascent soul. During those five days, I consumed a Dragon Fruit with my soul.”

“One Dragon Fruit can add a hundred years to your cultivation thus I had just started forming the nascent soul.”

“As for Hua Yue,” Pei Yunshu continued, “he was probably close to transforming on his own. My aura was dense when I formed the nascent soul, and the spiritual energy was enough, so he started transforming.”

Bai Lige contemplated for a moment. “While Yunshu’s explanation sounds reasonable, I still want to give it a try.”

“In that case,” Pei Yunshu said, sitting down on the ground, “you and Young Master Qingfeng can sleep here for five days as well, and take a good rest. Hua Yue and I will watch over you.”

Bai Lige laid down comfortably on Hua Yue’s bed and fell asleep.

Seeing him being so shameless, Young Master Qingfeng also pulled out a blanket and laid down to rest.

If they woke up after five days and nothing had happened, it would be the demon’s embarrassment, not his.

Who told the demon ghost not to listen to his husband.

After they had fallen asleep, Pei Yunshu called out to Zhuyou in his mind, but there was no response.

Would the Silver Dragon force the Black Dragon to mate with their kind, intending to do so forcibly?

Judging by the Black Dragon’s appearance, it seemed unlikely that he would be coerced.

But what if he really mated with another female dragon?

Pei Yunshu furrowed his brow and thought about the inherent promiscuity of dragons. With so many beautiful female dragons surrounding him, how could he resist?

Truly, a lustful dragon.

Everything had changed, but their nature remained the same.

“Beauty Yunshu,” Hua Yue murmured, “my foot hurts, like I’ve twisted it.”

Pei Yunshu snapped back to reality and looked at Hua Yue’s foot, which was exposed as he lifted his robe. His slender, fair leg was more beautiful than jade, and the red clothing covering it made it even more exquisite.

Blushing, Hua Yue placed his leg on Pei Yunshu. “It hurts, Beauty Yunshu, can you help the little fox?”

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