The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 64

Chapter 64

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As a fox demon, Hua Yue was beautiful from head to toe, and the leg he placed on Pei Yunshu was as smooth and delicate as if it were made of jade, exquisite and fair, with not a single flaw.

Pei Yunshu truly thought he had twisted his foot and examined it closely. He asked, “Where does it hurt?”

Hua Yue stammered, “I feel like it hurts everywhere.”

His heart pounded in his chest, and he was extremely nervous. The red robe on his shoulder was about to slip down. Hua Yue felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. In his previous teasing of Pei Yunshu, he had always been in control, but now, after that strange dream, he couldn’t help but feel that if Beauty Yunshu… if Beauty Yunshu were to tease him in return, he would willingly comply.

“Everywhere?” Pei Yunshu furrowed his brow, giving Hua Yue a pill to take and then applied more pressure to the leg. “How about this spot?”

Hua Yue was about to speak when a drop of sweat slid down his face. He wiped it away, feeling strange. Then, another drop of sweat dripped down his cheek.

Hua Yue looked up, and a dragon’s head appeared above him, its large mouth gaping open, and droplets of mucus from its sharp teeth landed on Hua Yue’s face.

The Black Dragon had crimson eyes and lunged at Hua Yue in a furious rage.

Hua Yue’s breath stopped, and he instinctively rolled to the side. In the next instant, he saw that the spot where he had just been sitting had been smashed into a deep pit.

If he had been a step slower, the fox demon would have turned into a pulp.

Hua Yue’s face turned pale, and he swallowed hard. “Lord Zhuyou?”

With such a fierce monster, with its jet-black scales, who else but Lord Zhuyou could it be?

Pei Yunshu reached out to touch his surroundings but didn’t find anything. He used his spiritual sense to investigate, but still didn’t detect anyone nearby.

He asked, “Zhuyou?”

A gust of wind suddenly blew, knocking Pei Yunshu to the ground. His clothes were roughly torn off, and the Black Dragon, excited by the mention of “Zhuyou,” instinctively began to rub against Pei Yunshu.

Pei Yunshu grunted and clenched his lips, preventing the lustful dragon’s tongue from entering. He covered himself in spiritual energy and forcefully slammed his hand on the ground. There was a deafening roar, and a long groove was carved into the ground by an invisible force.

Pei Yunshu stood up, tidied his disheveled clothes, and looked around cautiously, unable to pinpoint the current location of the lustful dragon.

Hua Yue cowered beside his ancestor, saying, “Lord Zhuyou, Hua Yue was momentarily confused and won’t dare to do this again.”

“It’s just that Beauty Yunshu is too handsome,” his face was now crimson, and he whispered, “Lord Zhuyou, you don’t know, in my dream, when Yunshu was pressing on me and looking at me, just the thought of it made me too embarrassed to raise my head.”

“Hua Yue,” Pei Yunshu heard this and asked, “What dream?”

Hua Yue lowered his head, closed his mouth, and fell silent.

The surroundings were also quiet, and it seemed that the lustful dragon had calmed down. After waiting for a while and seeing no further incidents, Pei Yunshu sat down again.

“If you’re here, leave a mark in front of me.”

The ground in front of Pei Yunshu remained untouched, without any changes, which made him furrow his brow.

Was this lustful dragon planning something bad in secret?


However, to Pei Yunshu’s surprise, the Black Dragon behaved quite well for a long time.

Two more days passed, and Young Master Qingfeng couldn’t sleep any longer. He got up with a dark expression, pretending he had never done such a foolish thing.

“Bai Lige insisted on sleeping for the full five days. When the five days were up, he immediately opened his eyes, got up, and checked himself for any changes. After a moment, he sighed in disappointment, “Yunshu was right.”

Pei Yunshu replied, “The journey ahead is still long, and we may come across other opportunities while looking for a way out.”

Bai Lige agreed, “Yunshu is right. Although we wasted five days, this rest was quite comfortable.” He adjusted his robe and looked at Pei Yunshu. “Do I look like Pan An with a face like a crown in Yunshu’s eyes?”

Pei Yunshu nodded and smiled.

The group passed through the dragon’s tomb, and Pei Yunshu was particularly careful this time, avoiding touching any dragon bones. After crossing the desolate area, they came across three cave entrances.

Bai Lige frowned, “This is troublesome.”

Pei Yunshu suggested, “Let’s split into three groups. We’ve already spent a lot of time, and we don’t know where Zhuyou is. We need to find him quickly.”

Hua Yue added, “Lord Zhuyou is with Yunshu, but no one can see him.”

Bai Lige looked surprised and turned to Pei Yunshu. Pei Yunshu nodded and said, “He should still be here.”

Bai Lige decided, “That’s good. Since Zhuyou is with you, Yunshu, you and Zhuyou go into one cave, and I’ll take the little fox.” He looked at Young Master Qingfeng and said with a sly smile, “Young Master Qingfeng has such great strength; he shouldn’t be afraid to go alone.”

Hua Yue transformed into his true form and jumped into Bai Lige’s arms. “We’re so friendly; Young Master Qingfeng must be delighted to have us.”

Young Master Qingfeng responded with a soft snort, “I can’t say I’m thrilled.”

With that, he entered the left cave alone.

Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but smile and followed into the cave. It was pitch dark, and he lit a fire to illuminate their path.

As they walked through the middle of the cave, Pei Yunshu’s ears perked up, and he heard faint noises ahead. He extinguished the fire in his hand, approached the cave wall cautiously, and moved forward quietly.

Suddenly, he felt a warm sensation on his earlobe, as if something had been put into his mouth. His earlobe was being manipulated into various shapes.

Pei Yunshu softly reprimanded, but his mouth was suddenly filled with a tongue he was very familiar with.

The Black Dragon’s tongue was quite large, and Pei Yunshu’s lips were covered. He couldn’t speak, and saliva dripped from the corner of his mouth.

The base of his tongue was tingling, and in a short moment, he looked disheveled.

Pei Yunshu tried to attack the Black Dragon, but this time, the Black Dragon seemed to have figured out some method to evade Pei Yunshu’s attacks. It could touch Pei Yunshu, but Pei Yunshu couldn’t touch it.

The faint sounds he heard from his surroundings grew louder. Pei Yunshu didn’t want to startle the snake in the grass, so he thought about using the mysterious method to try and get the Black Dragon to stop.

“Stop it.”

The tongue in his mouth continued its greedy assault, savoring the sweet nectar inside Pei Yunshu’s mouth.

Pei Yunshu grunted and had had enough. “If you don’t stop, I’ll cut your physical body.”

He blushed, but in the darkness, no one could see. In his mind, he added, “I’ll cut off those two things of yours!”

The tongue inside his mouth froze, and the Black Dragon quickly retreated.

Pei Yunshu’s heart was racing, and this was the first time he had ever spoken so directly. However, looking at how he had frightened the Black Dragon, he felt an odd sense of satisfaction.

This was how he should threaten; since polite words and persuasion had no effect, it was time to take action and set an example.

After the Black Dragon retreated, there was nothing else to disturb Pei Yunshu. He listened carefully, and the source of the sound grew closer and closer. He summoned a gust of wind and used his spiritual power to dispel the darkness, taking this opportunity to investigate.

In the brief moment when the darkness was dispersed, he saw that the wall was covered with rows of eggs, each with ugly black spots on the shells. Each egg was the size of a water bucket.

Many of the eggs were hatching, and the thick, sticky egg fluid dripped down. The creatures emerging from the eggshells had sharp teeth all over their bodies, fish tails, and even a pair of slender hands, which they used to crawl on the ground.

The darkness disappeared in an instant, but Pei Yunshu couldn’t see how many of these horrifying eggs covered the wall. They stretched as far as the eye could see, and there was no end in sight.

If these creatures were the eggs of a sea monster from the deep sea, they might be particularly sensitive to firelight.

Pei Yunshu wasn’t particularly afraid, but the walls on both sides, along with the creatures crawling on the ground, made his scalp tingle.

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