The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 70

Chapter 70

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The voice of the flood dragon was low, repeatedly uttering the name of Pei Yunshu. 

Slow and leisurely, with affection contained in the murmurs, it was particularly conducive to inducing sleep.

For some reason, Pei Yunshu now felt extremely tired and weary. It seemed like the tension in his body that had persisted for the past few days had finally relaxed. Even the Black Dragon couldn’t compare to the tangible and touchable person in front of him now.

Zhuyou held him, gently placing kisses on his ear and deep kisses on his neck, leaving plum blossom marks. Pei Yunshu’s hands were held properly, and his eyes gradually narrowed. In a drowsy state, he said, “I brought some wine for you.”

“What kind of wine?” asked Zhuyou.

Pei Yunshu took out a wine jug from his storage bag, and the aroma of the wine wafted out. He had brought a strong liquor that could even intoxicate Bai Lige. Taking a sniff, Pei Yunshu felt even more sleepy.

Pei Yunshu slowly closed his eyes.

Zhuyou didn’t touch the wine, waiting for Pei Yunshu to fall asleep. He lowered his head, placing his forehead against Pei Yunshu’s.

His consciousness delved into Pei Yunshu’s sea of consciousness.

Pei Yunshu didn’t guard against him, and Zhuyou easily entered. In the depths of his sea of consciousness, there was a baby about an inch tall, sitting cross-legged. The baby’s skin was as tender as jade, wrapped in small circles of leaves, with a small April snow tree on its head. The baby had a serious expression, and the leaves on its body rose and fell with its breath, as adorable as a tree spirit baby.

This was Pei Yunshu’s nascent soul.

The nascent soul seemed to sense someone else entering, opened its watery eyes, and pouted towards Zhuyou, “You’re not allowed to come in!”

Zhuyou withdrew, kissed Pei Yunshu, “You’ve formed your nascent soul.”

When his soul left his body, he naturally knew that Pei Yunshu had formed his nascent soul. However, at that time, he didn’t understand and hadn’t explored what the new little thing inside Pei Yunshu’s body was. Now, seeing it, he admitted that the thing was quite cute, and it could stay inside Yunshu’s sea of consciousness.

Zhuyou lowered his head and, while Pei Yunshu was sound asleep, secretly kissed his lips. His ears turned red, and his demonic patterns became more splendid. After kissing Pei Yunshu, he looked around with a somewhat disdainful expression.

He didn’t know how long it would take for this shedding of skin. The thought of being able to have intimate moments with Pei Yunshu made the shedding process seem painless. The place where he and Pei Yunshu were supposed to stay for a long time should not be so rundown.

Zhuyou lifted Pei Yunshu and, after his ears twitched a few times, opened a secret chamber in the main hall and descended into it.

After who knows how long, when Pei Yunshu woke up fully refreshed, Zhuyou was still carrying him, walking down in the darkness.

Seeing him awake, Zhuyou sat down, holding him like a child in his arms, took his finger, and stared at the ring on it, displeased, “What is this?”

Pei Yunshu followed and looked at his hand, explaining, “I don’t know where this ring came from. It has demonic energy attached to it, and I can’t seem to take it off no matter how hard I try.”

Zhuyou’s expression eased slightly. He reached for the ring, casually attempting to pull it off. Pei Yunshu’s eyes were full of anticipation, but the next moment, that anticipation turned into disappointment. The ring didn’t budge, and Zhuyou, unexpectedly, couldn’t remove it either.

Zhuyou: “…”

His expression remained relaxed, but he exerted more force, his hands transforming into dragon claws. The ring could withstand such force, but Pei Yunshu’s hand turned red in an instant.

Zhuyou, frustrated, furrowed his brows and eased off the pressure.

Pei Yunshu wasn’t afraid of pain, but when he asked Zhuyou to try again, Zhuyou was unwilling to attempt it anymore. 

He even seemed unhappy because of the redness on Pei Yunshu’s hand. As they walked down the secret passage, Zhuyou held Pei Yunshu’s hand loosely, frowning and not saying a word.

Silence filled the secret passage, and Pei Yunshu couldn’t stand the quietness. He cleared his throat to break the silence, “Zhuyou, where are we going?”

Zhuyou replied, “To a safe place.”

His gaze flickered over the ring on Pei Yunshu’s finger. The red gem seemed to shimmer in the demonicness, and Zhuyou’s black eyes showed a fleeting displeasure.

Pei Yunshu was carrying something that belonged to someone else. Ferocity emanated from within him, but it was forcibly suppressed.

Today, Zhuyou was going to destroy this ring.


After leading Pei Yunshu to the destination, they had lost track of how much time had passed.

The place was an empty secret chamber with a clear stream flowing nearby. Zhuyou asked Pei Yunshu to wait there and transformed into his original form, flying out. In a short time, he returned with some freshly killed prey, tossed them in a corner, and then left the secret chamber again.

He brought in a low bed, found a soft mattress, and brought various earthly foods and pastries. After stuffing these into Pei Yunshu’s hands, Zhuyou, without saying a word, went out once more.

In Zhuyou’s eyes, the vast God Dragon Realm seemed insignificant. He brought in warm pastries, emitting the fragrance of the mortal world.

! Pei Yunshu didn’t need to eat, and he didn’t know what Zhu You was up to. He looked at the soft pastry in his hand and, nonetheless, leaned in to take a bite.

As the secret room gradually filled with items, Pei Yunshu sensed that something was amiss. When Zhuyou put down several jugs of wine and clean clothes once again, Pei Yunshu stopped him, “Zhuyou, what are you doing?”

His probing tone didn’t escape Zhuyou’s notice. Zhuyou looked at him, his black eyes flickering, and said, “I saw Bai Lige and a few others.”

A hint of joy crossed Pei Yunshu’s face. “Where are they now?”

Zhuyou replied, “Outside the God Dragon Realm.”

Pei Yunshu was stunned.

“That….” A sense of unease arose in his heart. Pei Yunshu glanced around at the surroundings and cautiously asked, “Zhuyou, when are we leaving?”

There was an anxious look in his eyes, thinking he concealed it well, but Zhuyou saw through it clearly.

The scents within the cave were mixed, but Zhuyou could distinctly smell him.

With each whiff, his heart would twitch, the tearing pain behind his ears ignored, leaving only the excitement of soon claiming Pei Yunshu as his own.

Zhuyou looked at Pei Yunshu and said slowly, “I’m going to shed my skin.”

Pei Yunshu was stunned.

He still remembered the pain Zhuyou endured during the last shedding. He couldn’t help but furrow his brow, worry evident in his eyes.

“Why are you shedding your skin so soon?”

In terms of safety, there was no place more suitable for Zhuyou to shed his skin than the God Dragon Realm.

During shedding, Zhuyou would lose energy and inevitably get hungry, which explained why he brought so many things.

Zhuyou lowered his eyes, standing alone in front of the secret room door. Pei Yunshu couldn’t see his expression clearly, but a hint of loneliness lingered around Zhuyou. “If you want to leave, I’ll take you out.”

This scene looked pitiful. Shedding skin alone in a narrow secret chamber, with only a small stream nearby. If he experienced extreme pain, would there be anyone to take care of him?

As soon as Pei Yunshu thought of this, he blurted out, “I’ll stay here with you.”

As the words fell, he saw Zhuyou smile, walked to his side, and planted cool kisses on his face.

Pei Yunshu cleared his throat, turned his face away, but his jade-like ears gradually turned red.

His fists clenched within his sleeves, his heart beating rapidly. Pei Yunshu felt like he enjoyed the icy kisses Zhuyou left on his face.

Zhuyou’s final kiss landed on the corner of Pei Yunshu’s lips.

“What else do you want?” he asked in a husky voice, “Anything you desire.”

Pei Yunshu didn’t know what to say. After a while, he spoke intermittently, “That pastry was delicious.”

“Good,” Zhuyou said, “What else do you want?”

His attitude was indulgent as he stared at Pei Yunshu’s earlobes for a while and then shifted his gaze to Pei Yunshu’s neck.

With a touch of blush, the pseudo-kindness on the dragon’s face seemed on the verge of shattering under desire.

Pei Yunshu shook his head, and Zhuyou kissed his ear before leaving the secret room once again.

Pei Yunshu stood still for a moment, sighed, and then walked to the low bed, sitting down.

The bedding on the low bed was already arranged, sinking deeply as soon as he sat down, soft as if on a cloud.

Unconsciously, Pei Yunshu laid down. The bedding was clean and fresh, and after rolling on the bed a couple of times, he blushed and got off the bed, maintaining the dignity of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Zhuyou had brought in quite a few things, occupying almost half of the secret room. Besides essentials, Pei Yunshu noticed several buried books. He unearthed the books one by one, randomly picking up one titled “Adventures of a Wild Country Playboy.”

This seemed interesting. Wild country and playboy, wasn’t that two different matters?

Pei Yunshu became interested and sat on the bed, starting to read. As he read, he found himself lying on the bed.

The playboy originally belonged to a wealthy family but, due to a plot in the household, was sent to a dilapidated village in the countryside. Little did he know that those who plotted against the playboy in his household weren’t willing to let him go. They secretly sent someone to assassinate him, intending to kill him halfway.

Pei Yunshu was astonished to learn that there were so many dirty tricks among these wealthy families. The scheming and conspiracies he casually encountered were mind-boggling, making it seem like living in a dangerous and treacherous world.

After marveling for a while, Pei Yunshu continued reading. The author’s writing was excellent, each twist linking seamlessly, gripping the reader’s emotions. It was both thrilling and exhilarating.

As Pei Yunshu read about the playboy being pressed towards the rural village, Zhuyou returned once again.

Pei Yunshu became captivated, lying on the soft bed with no trace of the dignity of a Nascent Soul cultivator. He hadn’t noticed Zhuyou’s return until Zhuyou walked to his side, took his hand, and Pei Yunshu was suddenly startled awake.

He quickly closed the book, sat up, smoothed out the wrinkles on his clothes, and pretended nothing happened. “When did you come back?”

Zhuyou looked at the book in his hand, and in a hurry, Pei Yunshu grabbed the book and hid it behind him. He redirected the topic, asking, “Zhuyou, what are you holding?”

In Zhuyou’s hand was a thin needle emitting a golden light. The needle’s surface shimmered with a unique sandalwood scent associated with Buddhist items. Upon closer inspection, it even seemed to emit a fleeting Buddhist aura.

After recognizing the Buddhist aura on the needle, Pei Yunshu was astonished. “How did you get this thing?”

Anything imbued with a Buddhist aura must be a precious treasure from a Buddhist sect. Such things rarely appeared in the mortal realm. To infuse something with a Buddhist aura required constant chanting and meditation by a powerful figure from the Buddhist sect, a process that could take centuries.

In his two lifetimes, Pei Yunshu had never seen anyone or anything tainted with a Buddhist aura. So, how did Zhuyou acquire this item?

Without saying a word, Zhuyou held Pei Yunshu’s hand, and the golden light on the needle slid up and down. Zhuyou carefully threaded the needle through the seam between the ring and Pei Yunshu’s finger.

Zhuyou’s expression was extremely focused, fearing that he might scratch Pei Yunshu’s skin. Pei Yunshu understood what he was doing but had to suppress his questions for the moment, watching Zhuyou’s actions with bated breath.

As the needle approached the ring, the golden light intensified. When Zhuyou passed the needle beneath the ring, he locked eyes with Pei Yunshu. With a flick of his finger, the ring on Pei Yunshu’s finger split in half.

The red and black gem shattered and fell to the ground. A thick, sticky black liquid oozed from the broken gem. Zhuyou used the needle to draw a circle around the black liquid, and it dared not cross the boundary.

Pei Yunshu covered his finger, staring in amazement at the black liquid on the ground. He felt like he was in a dream. Zhuyou, on the other hand, nodded in satisfaction, circled the black liquid, placed the needle into Pei Yunshu’s storage bag, and was about to leave.

Subconsciously, Pei Yunshu asked, “Where are you going?”

“To give this thing to them,” Zhuyou said, “I’ll be back soon.”

Exchanging the black liquid for a needle imbued with Buddhist aura?

Before Pei Yunshu could stop Zhuyou, Zhuyou had already left.

Pei Yunshu paced around the room, his mind filled with various thoughts.

Ultimately, it all turned into worry. Zhuyou’s actions were truly infuriating. Wasn’t he provoking a collective attack?

As he walked, he saw the silver ring on the ground that had split in half.

He couldn’t help but think, was it really that simple to remove the shadow from the ring?

But that shadow seemed to be attached to more than just one ring.

After much contemplation, Pei Yunshu’s head felt like it was about to explode. Finally, in the midst of his anxious thoughts, Zhuyou returned once, completely unharmed, putting Pei Yunshu’s worried heart at ease. The flood dragon then ran out again.

Pei Yunshu hadn’t had a chance to ask what had happened. He could only sit on the bed and wait for Zhuyou to return. While waiting, he decided to set aside this matter for now and picked up the book “Adventures of a Wild Country Playboy” to continue reading.

Helplessness was beyond his control. It was better to patiently wait for Zhuyou to return, inquire about what had happened, and then calm down.

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