Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 10

Chapter 10: You’re an Alpha?

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By now, they had entered the second round of singing, and Chen Naonao was singing “Hero Song,” a song that seemed a bit ironic for him.

Chen Naonao, originally named Chen Nao*, was tall and big but easily fell down with a single blow.
* this is a different nao (brain); naonao uses one that means no good

In middle school, another male classmate blocked him on the way home, with the intention of copying his homework for an entire year. If he got the answers right, everything was fine, but if he made a mistake, he would get beaten.

What baffled An Lan the most was that the classmate copying Chen Nao’s homework was half a head shorter and had slender arms and legs. In theory, even if Chen Nao picked up his school bag and swung it at the classmate, it shouldn’t have made him so miserable.

If it weren’t for one day when Chen Nao’s teacher rode by on a bike and saw him reluctantly handing over his homework, this situation might have continued until Chen Nao graduated from middle school.

After learning about this incident, Qiao Chuluo changed Chen Nao’s name to “Chen Naonao,” aiming to make it sound more intimate and reflect Chen Nao’s level of “brain.”

To this day, Chen Naonao felt grateful to the classmate who stole his homework, as during that time, he diligently did his homework, carefully pondering and verifying each question, laying a solid foundation for him to get into Third High in the future.

When An Lan and Qiao Chuluo entered with snacks, both Chen Naonao and Fatty Hua were wide-eyed.

“Oh my God—have you two struck it rich? You bought so much food?”

“I thought at most you could share a bottle of North Ice Ocean soda, but you actually bought Meinianda and cola!”

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo exchanged smiles, and Qiao Chuluo said, “What else could it be? We’ve encountered a benefactor!”

“A benefactor? Which benefactor? Someone has set their eyes on Little Qiao!”

Qiao Chuluo paused for a moment, “Which benefactor is interested in me? It’s Class Monitor! Class Monitor Xu Xingran gave us cash vouchers for the supermarket!”

It’s unclear how Chen Naonao’s mind worked, but he blurted out, “What? Our Class Monitor Xu Xingran is interested in Little Qiao?”

An Lan burst into laughter, “Hahaha! Little Qiao, did you get it? If there’s a benefactor, these guys would sell you without any principles!”

“If Class Monitor is really interested in me, please don’t hesitate, hurry up and sell me!”

While enjoying the snacks and singing along, An Lan and Qiao Chuluo even had a duet. Fatty Hua was a big eater, and when An Lan turned his head, he found that most of the snacks on the table had already gone into Fatty Hua’s stomach.

Qiao Chuluo chased after Fatty Hua, delivering a series of punches, but Fatty Hua’s flesh was too thick, and the punches rebounded. Helpless, Qiao Chuluo handed the remaining cash vouchers to An Lan, asking him to buy more snacks.

“I originally planned to use them next time we come to KTV. But considering that after this week, it will be the h*llish exam period, and we might not have a chance to come out and play, let’s just use them all.” Qiao Chuluo said to An Lan.

An Lan nodded, holding the cash vouchers, and left the private room.

The elevator happened to be there, so he didn’t take the stairs and went straight into the elevator.

When the elevator door opened, there was a young and handsome man inside.

Fair-skinned, slightly long bangs, slender arms—when An Lan entered, he moved to the corner of the elevator.

His face was red, seemingly like he had been drinking, and there was a slightly intoxicating fruity fragrance in the elevator, resembling grapes.

The elevator descended, and in this short time, An Lan heard the man’s breathing, suppressed and somewhat rapid. The grape scent gradually became stronger and somewhat nauseating. An Lan subconsciously tugged at his collar; his throat felt dry, and his head a bit dizzy, perhaps due to a lack of oxygen after staying in the KTV for too long.

Until the “ding” sound, the elevator door opened, and An Lan walked out, heading towards the small supermarket.

The young man from the elevator also walked out, swaying a bit. He leaned against the wall and hurried forward as quickly as possible.

When An Lan turned around, he saw the man sitting directly on the ground.

There were many people in KTV who had drunk too much, and as a student, it was generally safer not to get involved in other people’s affairs in entertainment venues. However, seeing his helpless and frail appearance, An Lan felt reluctant.

Standing at a not too close but not too far distance, he asked, “Sir, are you drunk? Should I call someone from the KTV front desk to help you?”

“Drunk…” The young man lifted his eyes, looking at An Lan in confusion, gripping his palms tightly, “I’m not drunk… please help me… help me report…”

An Lan keenly heard the last word that the man didn’t manage to say, which was “report.”

Nervous in his heart, An Lan took out his phone, intending to dial the emergency number, but a hand pressed down on his phone.

“Excuse me, my boyfriend isn’t feeling well. I’ll take him back.”

An Lan turned around and saw a tall man, dressed in a hoodie and jeans. His instincts told An Lan that the person was an alpha.

The man approached, helped the other person up, and hugged him, planting a kiss on his cheek. “Look at how scared you’ve made this young student. I’m your boyfriend, right? Don’t let people think I’ve abducted you!”

The grape scent became stronger, and An Lan suddenly realized it wasn’t the smell of wine but the pheromones emanating from the person. In other words, he was in heat.

“Mm… Mm…” The omega was earnestly smelling the scent of the man beside him, seeking comfort in his pheromones.

It was An Lan’s first time facing such a situation, and he awkwardly lowered his head.

The alpha, however, was unfazed, as if accustomed to such things. He whispered in the omega’s ear, “It’s okay, dear, it’s okay. I’ll help you in a bit.”

As for how he would help, it was self-evident—either a temporary marking or a deeper-level marking.

This made An Lan’s face even redder.

“Sor… sorry for the disturbance…”

He turned to leave, and the man said, “No need to be sorry; someday, you’ll experience it too.”

“Huh?” An Lan turned back, completely puzzled by what the man meant.

The alpha smirked at An Lan, a smile that carried an uncomfortable meaning. 

“You’re very pretty. Like an unripe apple, though the mature fragrance hasn’t emerged yet, you should know that many people will be captivated by your fresh and clean aura.”

The man laughed and walked away with his omega.

Only then did An Lan realize that the man mistook him for an omega.

What the heck! How do I look like an omega?

And what’s with the “you’re very pretty”? I’m just young and handsome, okay?

An Lan thought this alpha probably had cataracts.

He looked back again, and although the omega hugged the man tightly, he occasionally pushed him away.

The more An Lan thought, the more something seemed off.

He recalled when Qiao Chuluo had just become an omega, his mother had repeatedly urged An Lan to take care of him, not just in terms of going to school and playing together, but also to be cautious of those with ill intentions towards omegas.

An Lan took a deep breath. Instead of going to the supermarket, he walked to a corner and dialed the emergency number.

Suddenly, someone from behind covered his mouth, and the tainted warmth touched his ears.

“Classmate, this is a KTV. Why can’t you sing obediently? Why do you want to do something bad?”

It was the alpha from before!

A sense of crisis surged in An Lan’s heart.

The man wanted to take his phone, and An Lan fiercely elbowed backward. Unexpectedly, the man grabbed An Lan’s forearm and twisted it, covering An Lan’s mouth. “Since you don’t listen to adults’ advice, I’ll let you understand the adult world in advance.”

After saying this, something pricked An Lan’s neck.

What the h*ll did that jerk inject him with?

A surge of boldness rushed to An Lan’s heart. He seized the other person’s wrist, the veins on his forearm bulging, tilted his neck, and twisted the other person’s wrist over. 

“Ugh—” The alpha had no idea An Lan possessed such strength and tumbled to the ground.

At this moment, the entire space was filled with a refreshing fragrance, as if the scent of morning dew and green bamboo. However, this fragrance gradually became oppressive, transforming the originally gentle bamboo grove in the breeze into resilient, sharp swords. It seemed as if they intended to pierce through the space and fiercely assault the depths of that alpha’s brain. 

Even the seemingly gentle bamboo leaves turned into blades, slicing through his nerves one by one. 

The man’s face displayed a fearful expression, and he looked at An Lan in bewilderment, opening his mouth wide, “You… you’re an alpha…”

An Lan’s eyes turned crimson, staring at the man. “What did you inject me with?”

“It’s nothing… it’s nothing…”

The man glanced at the syringe on the ground, marked with a plus+3 in marker—the highest concentration.

An Lan felt his body getting hotter, blood uncontrollably rushing everywhere. Breathing became difficult, and the air felt like it was burning his lungs.

He was uncomfortable, terribly uncomfortable.

He needed water, a lot of water.

An Lan stumbled and turned around, pushing open the door to the restroom. 

Whether it was used by males or females no longer mattered to him. His once keen senses of hearing and sight became blurred, and he felt as if he were enclosed in an airtight cocoon, making even breathing difficult. 

He turned on the tap and desperately drank water, but it was futile. 

It felt like there was a volcano inside him, molten lava accumulating, ready to erupt uncontrollably. 

He staggered to his feet, desperate to find a place to hide himself. His hands trembled violently, and the entire space seemed to be spinning. 

From his blood to his bones, and deep into his brain, a certain desire was screaming uncontrollably, something he couldn’t suppress. 

He pushed open the door to one of the restroom stalls, using the last of his strength to lock it, then sat on the toilet, bowing his head and hugging himself tightly. 

The space grew hotter and hotter, and his blood seemed as if it would evaporate along with his sweat. 

He felt like he was going to die, really going to die. 

He needed to make a call… make a call… 

An Lan fumbled for his phone, not finding it in his pants pocket or the pocket of his uniform jacket. 

He ripped off his school uniform jacket, but the steam rising from his body lingered persistently, intensifying. 

In the chaos of his thoughts, he searched for an escape, attempting to separate the almost instinctual and frantic desire from his soul. However, no matter how he tore and struggled, it was all in vain.

“Mm… Mm…”

Tears mixed with sweat were falling, and he had no idea what to do.

At this moment, someone outside the cubicle called his name.

“An Lan. An Lan, are you inside?”

The voice sounded distant, as if coming from another world. An Lan reached out and pressed against the door, as if confirming its reality.

“An Lan, is it you? Open the door.”

An Lan swallowed hard. He never knew a person’s voice could be so special, ethereal, instantly cooling down the space that was about to explode.

An Lan clenched his fingers, wanting to grasp onto the voice. He lost the ability to think; his brain seemed to be occupied by this voice.

“Your pheromones are off. Open the door.”

The knocking resumed, and An Lan could almost imagine the person’s slender fingers touching the door.

“An Lan, open the door. Otherwise, I’ll kick it down.”

An Lan sat there dazed, with only one wish in his mind.

Say my name again… say my name one more time.

Then a strong force permeated the entire space, enveloping An Lan.

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