Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Green Bamboo Pheromone

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“Anything else?” Xiao Chen asked again.

“Huh?” Qiao Chuluo pointed to beef jerky and a large bucket of popcorn. Xiao Chen immediately took them away.

Did they just run into a sugar daddy?

They eagerly watched Xiao Chen pay the bill, and he even got several runhou candy, then gestured towards them.

They quickly approached; the sugar daddy was about to treat them!

Xiao Chen lowered his head, leaned towards An Lan, and whispered, “Spicy strips and potato chips cause heat. Meinianda isn’t as healthy as sour plum juice. Have a good time, classmates.”

Although the surroundings were filled with howls from the KTV rooms, Xiao Chen’s voice was the clearest.

An Lan knew Xiao Chen’s features were outstanding, but when he got so close, An Lan’s visual nerves felt an irresistible pull.

He seemed to understand where the charm of an A-grade person lay.

Xiao Chen’s eyebrows, eyes, and nose formed delicate and powerful contours, like hot and bold ink spreading, while An Lan was just a piece of pale paper.

Everything around them became unimportant. When An Lan’s gaze met Xiao Chen’s eyes, his nerve endings felt a sensation, suddenly catching fire. The entire space became warm and distorted.

Some KTV customers carrying snacks walked past An Lan, accidentally bumping into him. Xiao Chen, on the opposite side, used one hand to forcefully block the plastic bag filled with beer, his expression suddenly turning cold, “You bumped into my classmate.”

The few young people holding beer were about to say, “What’s the big deal?” But as soon as they saw Xiao Chen’s face, their words got stuck in their throats.

“Sor… sorry.”

After saying that, they hurriedly left.

“Thank you, I’m fine…” An Lan didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be so attentive.

Who knew the other would say, “Of course, you’re fine. A man getting bumped is not the same as getting ‘hit,’ no big deal.”

The three words “getting hit” were pronounced lightly, with a husky and magnetic quality, causing An Lan’s auditory nerves to tingle.

“Just now, when you were shooting, it was quite handsome.” Xiao Chen’s lips curled up.

An Lan was stunned. So, when they were playing the shooting game, Xiao Chen was watching him.

After saying that, Xiao Chen walked away.

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo looked at each other.

“Did we just get played by Xiao Chen?”

“I told you Xiao Chen wouldn’t treat us!”

An Lan sighed, reached into his pocket to get his phone to ask his older sister for a red envelope, but found something in his pocket.

Taking it out and looking, it was actually Runhou Candy.

This should be what Xiao Chen bought just now, but when did he put them in An Lan’s pocket?

“But Xiao Chen unexpectedly came to sing? Who did he come with?” Qiao Chuluo was curious.

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo followed behind Xiao Chen, watching him carry that pile of snacks into a large private room.

“I saw Xiao Chen buy beer just now.” Qiao Chuluo said.

“It’s impossible; we’re not old enough to drink beer.” An Lan pulled Qiao Chuluo.

An Lan’s hearing was more sensitive than Qiao Chuluo’s. Through the room’s door, he could vaguely hear people inside chatting. It seemed like not only Xiao Chen but also Xu Xingran?

Oh, right, both Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen are members of the Observing Mountain and Sea Shooting Club.

So, are the members of their club gathering here?

“Xiao Chen! You’re here; we can continue the game! Come, come, let’s spin the beer bottle! Whoever it points to, either truth or dare.”

Xiao Chen’s reply carried a hint of mockery, “How old are you all? Still playing these nutrition-less games.”

“Tsk, our dares are very challenging. For instance, just now it landed on Xu Xingran, and he chose dare. Can you guess what we made him do?”

An Lan knew he shouldn’t eavesdrop, but when the KTV suddenly threw out such a question, he was also curious about what dare Xu Xingran had to perform.

Xiao Chen casually sat on the sofa, both legs resting on the table. Despite the unorthodox posture, he exuded an air of nonchalance.

“What did you make Xu Xingran do? Go out and mark some omega?” Xiao Chen said offhandedly.

Who knew Xu Xingran would respond in a calm voice, “Sorry, the one I wanted to mark is not an omega.”

Xiao Chen unexpectedly coughed, “My goodness, you’re not thinking of marking Gu Liyu, are you? Even though I know he snatched the all-around champion, making you unhappy.”

“Coincidentally, the dare they gave me was to invite Gu Liyu to the gathering,” Xu Xingran replied.

Xiao Chen responded, “‘Gu Piyu*’ probably prefers to enjoy solitude at home.”
* reclusive 

Hearing this, An Lan also felt that Gu Liyu definitely wouldn’t come.

“Yeah, he won’t come,” Xu Xingran confirmed.

They started spinning the beer bottle again, and this time, the bottle unexpectedly pointed in Xiao Chen’s direction.

People in the room began to cheer, “Xiao Chen! Truth or dare?”

“If you choose dare, I want you to open the door immediately and mark the first person you see,” one friend shouted loudly.

An Lan’s heart skipped a beat; if Xiao Chen opened the door now and saw someone other than himself, it would be Qiao Chuluo.

“I choose truth,” Xiao Chen replied.

“Xiao Chen, are you afraid to mark someone? That’s not like you,” someone teased.

“Marking is a serious matter; who said it could be used for dares?” Xiao Chen’s voice was calm but cold.

Although they were joking about Xu Xingran marking Gu Liyu, it was obviously a joke. Two Alphas, at most, biting each other, and actually marking…sorry, in terms of biology, that was still impossible. But letting Xiao Chen go out and mark the first person he saw, what if that person was really an omega?

Although An Lan had decided not to eavesdrop, his hearing allowed him to hear everything clearly. Even the awkward breathing during the silence.

At this moment, Xu Xingran spoke, “Then let’s go with truth. Xiao Chen, what scent of pheromones do you like?”

Instantly, the atmosphere became lively again.

Xu Xingran’s voice wasn’t low, and even Qiao Chuluo, leaning against the door, heard it, showing an expectant expression.

“Class Monitor is asking Xiao Chen about the scent of pheromones he likes!”

An Lan put his finger to his lips, signaling Qiao Chuluo not to speak; they might be heard by the Alphas inside. He also pulled Qiao Chuluo with his eyes, indicating, “Let’s go; don’t listen.”

But precisely at this moment, Xiao Chen provided an answer, “I like the scent of green bamboo.”

“Green bamboo? Is there an omega with that scent of pheromones?” someone questioned.

“It’s not sweet at all; how does it attract people?”

Xiao Chen asked, “Why does it have to be sweet? It just needs to make people feel comfortable.”

Who knew Xu Xingran would say, “What a coincidence, I like it too. Sometimes, overly sweet pheromones feel heavy and noisy, filled with purpose. The scent of green bamboo is open and distant… as if it can resonate with the heart.”

“What are you guys talking about? I can’t even imagine what this scent of pheromones is like?”

Xiao Chen replied, “Just imagine a scent that is spacious and endless, pulling you out of the chaotic h*ll.”

His voice was faint, and such words didn’t seem to come from Xiao Chen’s mouth.

“I can’t imagine it.” Others said one after another.

“We live so well; we don’t know what h*ll is like, hahaha!”

“Xiao Chen, have you been to h*ll?”

Xiao Chen’s icy voice sounded, “What do you think?”

An Lan’s nerves tingled. Of course, Xiao Chen had been to h*ll—during the week when he was isolated due to his sensitive period.

At this moment, Xu Xingran stood up, picked up the microphone, “Oh, my song is here.”

It was an English old song, “Close To You,” and their discussion about the scent of green bamboo pheromones came to an end. Although An Lan was still pondering in his heart, what kind of scent was that?

Xu Xingran’s voice was warm and magnetic. An Lan couldn’t help but want to listen to Xu Xingran sing.

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo glanced at each other, and Qiao Chuluo immediately took out his phone and squatted at the door to start recording.

“Hey, isn’t this a bit inappropriate?”

“The class monitor is singing! A rare opportunity; if we don’t record now, we may never get another chance!”

An Lan sighed, and when he looked up again, he happened to meet Xu Xingran’s gaze.

Xu Xingran smiled, like a starlight in the dim KTV, blending shadows and faint light, exuding a mysterious and charming beauty.

An Lan felt a bit guilty for eavesdropping. Did Xu Xingran notice them outside? How awkward.

But Xu Xingran made a gesture, meaning to wait for him.

Now An Lan didn’t even dare to slip away secretly.

After finishing the first verse, Xu Xingran handed the microphone to a girl beside him, then apologized and came out with something in his hand.

Qiao Chuluo was still squatting at the door; when the door opened, he almost fell onto Xu Xingran’s legs.

“Class… Class Monitor?” Qiao Chuluo quickly stood up.

Seeing his feet numb, Xu Xingran kindly supported him, “You’re also singing here?”

“Yeah, it’s newly opened, and they say the environment is good, and it’s cheap,” An Lan replied.

“Here, take these cash vouchers from the supermarket. We have too many, and we can’t use them all.”

An Lan took a look and suspected he might be mistaken. Although each voucher was fifty yuan, there were at least a dozen of them.

“Class Monitor, we can’t accept these…”

But Xu Xingran smiled, “These are sponsored by this KTV for our club. By the way, An Lan, your ten-meter moving target is impressive, want to join us?”

“Huh? Your skill level is so high… I’m not sure…”

“Today, the coach even asked if I knew you. Consider these vouchers as my way of recruiting for the coach.” After saying this, Xu Xingran winked.

Someone inside was calling him, and Xu Xingran said, “Have a good time,” then went back to the private room.

An Lan stood there, and Qiao Chuluo was all excited.

“Oh my God, Class Monitor is recruiting you, and we all benefit from it.”

Qiao Chuluo dragged An Lan into the supermarket, and they went on a spree, exchanging cash vouchers for snacks like potato chips, spicy strips, beef jerky, and popcorn.

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