Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Don’t be afraid, I’m here

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But this enveloping didn’t make An Lan feel oppressed or frightened; instead, it provided an indescribable sense of security.

The other party deceived him. The person outside didn’t rudely kick the door down but instead placed the key in the lock, turning it from the outside.

The door opened, and fresh air rushed in. The person brought a peculiar scent, vast and boundless. An Lan’s blood seemed to find a direction to flow, as if everything around him wasn’t enough for him to breathe, except for the scent coming from that person.

He clung tightly to the person, sniffing forcefully.

“An Lan, An Lan, look at me, look at me. Tell me what happened.”

The person seemed to be half-kneeling in front of him, his voice nervous. The winter frost, which was present a moment ago, suddenly melted away under the scorching sun of summer.

Countless halos spread before An Lan’s eyes, and he couldn’t see the person’s face clearly, but his intuition told him that this person was very handsome, radiating an irresistible charm.

An Lan moved closer, subconsciously searching for the person’s breath, wanting more of his scent.

Everything was an instinctive pursuit. An Lan was thirsty, and whether it was the person’s scent or voice, as long as it belonged to him, it could save An Lan’s life.

An Lan vigorously absorbed, crazily chasing after it. He grabbed the person’s shoulders, pressed into his closed lips, the sound of inhaling deeply giving An Lan a sense of joy.

But the person turned his face, and the clear voice became hoarse.

“An Lan…”

The more suppressed the voice, the harder it was for An Lan to control himself.

He wanted everything from this person, wanted to monopolize the space enveloped by his pheromones.

But the person was strong. Whether An Lan pressed his shoulders, twisted his arms, or even pursued his lips, the person always kept An Lan controlled in his embrace.

His embrace was full of dominance. He gripped An Lan’s cheeks, with just enough force to prevent An Lan from going too far without feeling pain.

An Lan struggled, feeling uncomfortable. Now, he just wanted to bury himself in the person’s arms, stick to everything soft about him, dominate the person’s breath. An Lan resolutely turned his face, and the person’s fingers slid past the corner of An Lan’s lips.

Seizing the fleeting opportunity, An Lan bit down on his finger.


The muffled sound made An Lan feel delightful.

An Lan bit harder, blood flowing, mixed with a unique freshness and coldness. An Lan sucked forcefully, as if erupting magma suddenly flowed into an ice glacier.

Pure and powerful energy entered every cell through his throat. The air was filled with a vast and distant fragrance.

“An Lan, don’t be afraid. I’m here… It’s okay, it’s okay…”

As An Lan shamelessly sucked the person’s fingertip, the person embraced him, kissing gently at his earline. The gentle and restrained touch made An Lan feel cherished. He became even more greedy, taking in the scent he desired.

The person’s finger hooked, just right on An Lan’s lip. An Lan, fearing the person was going to leave, desperately chased after it, biting down hard again.

At first, the person tentatively wanted to pull his finger away, but gradually, everything changed. His nails scraped over An Lan’s upper jaw, his knuckles touched An Lan’s upper lip, then the fingertip pressed onto An Lan’s tongue. Millions of nerves in An Lan’s brain were as if commanded by his finger, and An Lan turned his face, biting down heavily on the person’s knuckle.

Suddenly, the person withdrew his finger. Following that, An Lan’s cheeks were pinched, and he was forced to open his mouth.

Something even more dominant yet soft squeezed into An Lan’s lips. All his sensory nerves were stirred, and An Lan raised his chin. It was something hotter and crazier than molten lava, flowing and rolling, sweeping away everything.

An Lan lost all strength, overturned and invaded. He could only grasp onto whatever was in front of him.

His brain was chaotic, as if experiencing a series of weightless falls, until falling into the heavily restricted world of the other person.

It was deep and dark, without light. It was an absolute possession, depriving An Lan of everything, except for longing and madness.

Suddenly, something fell, and An Lan trembled violently. He desperately tried to think, to see the person in front of him, but his brain seemed to be imprisoned in another world, struggling in vain.

Amidst the confusion, he seemed to hear someone talking.

“The scent of these pheromones… Your classmate has probably entered his estrus, right? Quickly, give him suppressants!”

“He’s not an omega.”

“What did you say? How could he not be an omega? Look at his current symptoms! And the pheromones you released were completely to soothe him…”

An Lan shook his head, feeling very dizzy.

What were they talking about?

Who is an omega? What is estrus? What soothing?

An Lan only heard fragments intermittently. The pleasant scent was gone, and An Lan became anxious. He reached out and tightly hugged the other person.

“His heartbeat is too fast! This is not right. These symptoms are similar to those betas I saw a few days ago who took ‘Eve’s Apple’! But you said he’s an alpha; his own pheromones should neutralize these hormones…”

“He has just started to differentiate into an alpha. Alpha pheromones are weak.”

An Lan became increasingly distressed; his body began to tremble, and his heart felt like it was about to explode.

“It’s serious, his heart rate is too fast!”

“Call for emergency help…”

“By the time the emergency arrives, he may have burst a blood vessel! What did you say? He has just started to differentiate into an alpha; at this age, starting differentiation means his pheromones are insufficient. If he has consumed an excessive amount of ‘Eve’s Apple,’ either get the neutralizer immediately, or increase his alpha pheromones within a short period!”

The person’s hand embedded into An Lan’s hair, lifting his back head.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

The world was spinning chaotically, but the person’s voice seemed to connect with An Lan’s soul, reaching deep into his brain.

Something warm pressed against the back of his neck. The intense heat made An Lan want to evade, but as he reached out haphazardly, a sudden and severe pain emanated from his neck without warning.


An Lan’s jaw was firmly held, forcing him to lower his head and offer his neck to the other person.

The pain kept intensifying.

An Lan cried from the pain, but a force surged into his body, attaching to his nerves. It seemed like an invasion that was strong and irresistible, soothing the turbulent heat waves surging within him.

The myriad horses and soldiers in the floating dust of his bones and blood were conquered. The potentially explosive little universe reverted to its calm state like a flow of time, and his heartbeat quieted down.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here.”

An Lan’s tears fell, gently wiped away. The other person held him patiently, fingers pressing against the back of his head to alleviate his headache.

This person seemed to know how to make An Lan feel safe and comfortable. An Lan listened to the heartbeat in the person’s chest until he lost consciousness.

He seemed to be lifted, and sirens sounded intermittently.

There seemed to be the voice of Qiao Chuluo… the voices of Mom and Dad… the voice of his sister…

When An Lan opened his eyes again, he smelled the cool scent of alcohol.


“Ah! Son, you finally woke up! You scared me to death!” Mom’s face appeared in front of him.

An Lan was startled, trying to turn his neck, but a sudden pain came from the back of his neck: “Mom… where is this?”

“This is the hospital! My goodness, if anything happened to you, how would I live…”

Looking at his Mom shedding tears, An Lan suddenly wondered if he had some terminal illness, about to leave this world soon.

“What happened exactly?” An Lan tried to recall, and his head throbbed.

At this moment, his sister, An Yuan, came in carrying a thermos. Seeing her Mom crying, she quickly pulled out tissues for her to wipe her tears.

“Mom, brother is fine, right? If you cry like this, people will think our family is going to hold a funeral! The grave seller will come to find you later!”

“Pfft!” Mom pushed An Yuan away.

An Lan raised his hand and pulled his sister, “Sis, what happened…”

“Don’t you remember anything?”

An Lan closed his eyes, indicating that he indeed didn’t remember.

“You went to that KTV to sing with Qiao and others. Don’t you remember?”

With this reminder from his sister, An Lan remembered that he was supposed to call the police, and then he was ambushed by an alpha. He injected something into his neck.

An Lan quickly covered his neck with his hands.

“Remember now? Do you know what that scoundrel injected into your neck?”

“… What?”

His mother sat down next to An Lan, poured him a glass of water, and brought it to his lips.

“Eve’s Apple! The illegal underground drug that the whole city has been cracking down on recently!”

An Lan was stunned and couldn’t help asking, “Was that villain caught?”

“Caught. The police said it’s fortunate you made the emergency call. The police had an undercover operation in that KTV and caught the entire gang conducting transactions inside.” An Yuan said without much kindness.

“That’s really great… Otherwise, I would have suffered that injection in vain.” An Lan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Still great? Do you know you almost died? That scoundrel injected you with the highest concentration drug, thinking you were an omega, wanting you to immediately go into heat…” An Yuan stopped talking halfway when Mom covered her mouth.

“What nonsense are you talking about in front of your brother?”

“You old-fashioned woman. He’s already grown up. If we don’t talk to him about these things, what if others teach him? That would be a big deal!” An Yuan immediately retorted.

“Wait, don’t argue. What happened after I was injected with the high-concentration drug?”

An Lan vaguely remembered feeling extremely uncomfortable, as if he could pass away at any moment.

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