Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Bite Marks 

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“Your heart rate was too fast. The doctor said that when you suddenly come into contact with such a high concentration of hormones in a short period, if you don’t immediately reduce the hormone levels, you might die. The person who provided emergency care for you on the spot is probably a very high-quality alpha. He bit you, transferring his pheromones to you, allowing the hormone levels in your body to normalize as quickly as possible… Otherwise, today…” 

At this point, An Yuan also revealed an expression of lingering fear. 

“Where is the person who saved me? I want to thank him.” An Lan tried to prop himself up, but a wave of dizziness surged, causing him to fall back onto the pillow.

“I don’t know who that person is. They did a good deed without leaving their name,” An Yuan replied.

An Lan paused, feeling an inexplicable sense of loss.

Someone had saved him in the most critical moment, but he had no idea who it was.

Mom reminded him, “When you’re more awake, the police may come to ask you questions. Just say what you remember, don’t force yourself to think too hard.”

“Got it.”

An Lan slept for a while until around six in the evening when Qiao Chuluo, Fat Flower, and Chen Naonao came to visit him.

As soon as Qiao Chuluo saw An Lan, his eyes turned red, and he directly leaned on An Lan’s bedside, “It’s all my fault. If I had accompanied you to the supermarket, nothing would have happened!”

An Lan patted Qiao Chuluo’s head, sighed, and said, “You should be thankful you didn’t come with me. If it were you, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

An Lan shuddered as he recalled that scumbag who thought he was an omega and injected him with something.

“Do you know who saved me?” An Lan asked.

“Who else could it be? It was the police uncle,” Qiao Chuluo replied.

“Where did the police uncle find me?” An Lan asked again.

“On a chair outside the restroom.”

An Lan touched his neck, wondering if the police uncle had bitten him.

No, even though his memory was fuzzy, he had some impression. When he was sitting helplessly in the restroom, someone knocked on his door and called out his name.

“An Lan, is your neck painful? Did that injection hurt your cervical vertebra?” Qiao Chuluo asked nervously.

What if he accidentally paralyzed everything below his neck?

An Lan quickly reassured him, “Don’t overthink it.”

At that moment, Mom arrived. Seeing An Lan’s classmates, she went to wash the fruits.

Fat Flower and Chen Naonao enthusiastically helped, and Qiao Chuluo also wanted to, but An Lan pulled him back.

“It’s not the place where the needle was that hurts. It’s my neck that got bitten,” An Lan said in a low voice.

Qiao Chuluo was stunned and looked at An Lan carefully, saying something surprising, “D*mn! Since we’re all Omegas, is it interesting for you to pretend to be an Alpha in front of me?”

“No… where did you get the conclusion that I’m an Omega?” An Lan couldn’t catch his breath.

“Have you heard of one Alpha marking another Alpha?” Qiao Chuluo retorted.

“This is not a mark. The other person injected Alpha pheromones into me as a way to save me. Otherwise, I would have taken a lunchbox long ago and you will still need to cry over me, Qiao Chuluo.” An Lan sighed, explaining what he knew to Qiao Chuluo.

“But… it’s strange,” Qiao Chuluo propped up his chin, looking pensive.

“What’s strange?” An Lan asked.

“If it’s just injecting more potent pheromones to suppress Eve’s Apple, why not bite your wrist? Why the back of your neck? Don’t you think it’s an obvious marking behavior?” Qiao Chuluo said.

“…Maybe it’s more convenient to bite there? The area is larger?” An Lan weakly answered.

Qiao Chuluo coolly countered, “Do you think this excuse holds true?”

An Lan fell silent.

To be honest, Qiao Chuluo hadn’t brought it up, and An Lan hadn’t considered the direction of marking. But now, after Qiao Chuluo mentioned it, it felt like a door had been opened, and he couldn’t help but recall everything.

An Lan, open the door.

An Lan, I’m here.

Suppressed yet gentle, deep yet distant.

That person knew his name, was it someone he knew?

Or was everything just his illusion?

“Can I see it?” Qiao Chuluo looked at him with pleading eyes.

“What… do you want to see?” An Lan asked.

“Your mark… ah, no, the bitten place.”

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo locked eyes for a long time before An Lan spoke, “How come I feel like your mind is full of inappropriate thoughts?”

“I can’t help it. I really want to know if being temporarily marked by an Alpha hurts. You can tell by the depth of your wound.” 

In fact, An Lan was curious about the nature of that wound. 

He slowly turned around, with his back to Qiao Chuluo. “Then take a picture to show me; I also want to know how serious it is.” 

Qiao Chuluo cautiously lifted the gauze on the back of An Lan’s neck. There was a layer of antiseptic ointment on the gauze, but An Lan had almost no bleeding. Qiao Chuluo looked for a long time and didn’t cover the gauze. 

“Is it done? Did you take the photo?” 

Only then did Qiao Chuluo pick up his phone and clicked a photo for him. 

“Take a look.” 

An Lan took the phone, the imprint left by the alpha’s canine teeth was deep. His heart fluttered, feeling an obscure connection, as if he didn’t belong to himself and had established a link with that person in some invisible place. 

“Quite sexy,” Qiao Chuluo commented. 

“Huh? Where’s the sexiness? Have you been watching some weird stuff lately?” An Lan asked. 

“An Lan, based on my intuition as an omega…” Qiao Chuluo had a mischievous smile on his face. 

“What intuition?” 

“This alpha should really like you.” 

An Lan choked and almost threw the phone ten meters away. 

“Your joke is not funny at all.” 

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. An Lan and Qiao Chuluo turned towards the door, and it was Xu Xingran and several class leaders who had arrived. 

“Class monitor, why did you come?” An Lan was about to sit up, but his head started to spin again. 

Xu Xingran placed fruits on the bedside table, and other girls had bought flowers. An Lan could easily distinguish the scent of apples, the sweet and sour aroma of oranges, and the fragrance of sunflowers.

“Feeling better? You really scared me last night,” Xu Xingran walked to An Lan’s bedside, sitting down on the side.

He propped up An Lan’s bedside with one hand, looking down at An Lan.

Xu Xingran smiled, like a drop of ink spreading on paper, as if it would become all the elegant and beautiful intentions in landscape painting.

An Lan almost forgot that Xu Xingran was also at that KTV last night.

“Sorry for scaring you.”

“No need to apologize, just don’t scare me like that again in the future,” Xu Xingran replied.

An Lan looked at the female classmates arranging flowers, thanked them gratefully, and then noticed a shadow on the floor at the entrance of the ward, as if someone was squatting outside.

“Is someone still outside?” An Lan asked.

Xu Xingran laughed, “Guess who is outside?”

“How can I guess?”

“Xiao Chen,” Xu Xingran replied.

This shocked An Lan almost made him fall off the bed, “What? Xiao… Xiao Chen is here?”

“What are you afraid of? He can’t do anything to you,” Xu Xingran reached out and pulled An Lan back.

His school uniform sleeve happened to roll up to the elbow, and his well-defined forearm tightened when supporting An Lan’s shoulder. At that moment, An Lan felt the force of his muscles and a certain inherent dominance of an alpha. An Lan subconsciously exerted force, lying back on the bed.

Xu Xingran lowered his head, looking into An Lan’s eyes and asked softly, “What’s wrong with you? It seems like you’re afraid of me?”

“Nothing… nothing,” An Lan’s heart thumped three times faster, and he clenched the bedsheet.

“Is it because of that alpha who hurt you? Don’t be afraid; he has already been caught. And he’ll never get out,” Xu Xingran said, his eyes suddenly turning cold when mentioning that person.

“And he was beaten badly by Xiao Chen,” Qiao Chuluo added from the side.

“Beaten by Xiao Chen?”

What does Xiao Chen have to do with this? An Lan didn’t understand.

“That day, Xiao Chen sang in the same KTV room as our class monitor. After that scumbag pricked you, he ran around randomly and happened to bump into Xiao Chen, who was going out to smoke. Do you remember that jerk who took your phone? The case of your phone was a silly beckoning cat, right? Xiao Chen recognized it instantly!” Qiao Chuluo enthusiastically supplemented the story, not realizing that Xiao Chen was right outside the ward.

“Wait… How would Xiao Chen recognize my phone case?”

Before An Lan could get an answer to this question, Qiao Chuluo continued.

“Our math class representative directly blocked that guy, asked him why he was holding your phone. He couldn’t answer and wanted to run, but Xiao Chen directly threw him to the ground! That momentum was amazing! Then, he began a comprehensive pheromone crush, making that guy admit to everything he did to you.”


“And you’re just ‘oh’? Do you know what that guy wanted to do to you?” Qiao Chuluo widened his eyes.

“What did he want to do?”

“He thought you were an omega and wanted to do something bad to you! But who knew, our An Lan is great, pheromones bursting, scaring that garbage alpha sh*tless!” Qiao Chuluo smiled with narrowed eyes.

“Me? Pheromones bursting?” An Lan pointed to himself; this story seemed to be getting more and more absurd.

Qiao Chuluo nodded, “Yes, you, you, of course, you.”

An Lan looked at the class monitor, Xu Xingran, and Xu Xingran also nodded and said, “You did intimidate him with pheromones. Very Alpha.”

Hearing this compliment from the high-quality alpha, An Lan felt embarrassed.

He turned to the door and said loudly, “Xiao Chen… thank you.”

But Xiao Chen had already left.

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