Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Surviving a Great Calamity Leads to Good Fortune

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“You don’t need to thank him too much. It’s just an alpha’s instinct,” Xu Xingran smiled.

“Instinct? What instinct?”

An Lan suspected he was a fake Alpha, as if he didn’t know anything about alphas.

Xu Xingran leaned towards An Lan, his eyes closer, and there was a controlled desire in his smile that An Lan was unfamiliar with, “That man treated you as an omega, and all alphas have some protective instinct toward omegas in their territory. His bad intentions towards you offended Xiao Chen.”

“His ribs were kicked broken by Xiao Chen. You didn’t see, he kicked him out directly,” Qiao Chuluo added.

An Lan was stunned. How did he, without merit, let Xiao Chen vent his anger for him? Besides, he wasn’t even an omega.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Rest well, and get ready to come back to class when you’re better. After all, the next monthly exam won’t be easier just because you’ve been in the hospital these days,” Xu Xingran stood up, and An Lan’s smiling face suddenly collapsed.

After the class leaders left, it was Fat Flower and the others surrounding An Lan, eating fruit and chatting.

Due to the KTV incident, the whole school was once again emphasizing the importance of safety.

Before, students were not allowed to go to internet cafes, but of course, the school couldn’t stop students who wanted to play games at internet cafes.

Now, even going to KTV was not allowed, and parents were notified.

The range of entertainment activities was greatly reduced.

But this wasn’t a big deal; the school was also concerned about the safety of the students.

After Qiao Chuluo and the others left, the ward suddenly became quiet.

An Lan drank a bowl of porridge. His parents left first, and his sister had to go to school tomorrow. His dad said he would come back after taking a shower.

Not long after, An Lan fell asleep. It seemed like the medicine given by the hospital contained calming ingredients.

In a daze, he felt as if someone was sitting by his bed. Wanting to open his eyes and see who it was, but his eyelids were heavy.

The person’s scent was very fragrant, as if coming from a very distant place, carrying the scent of rain, dew, and stars, making An Lan feel at ease.

The person’s fingers gently touched An Lan’s eyebrows, as if delineating something, yet also confirming something. An Lan felt a sense of being cherished by the other person.

The fingers lingered on An Lan’s nose, and he felt a bit itchy. He took a breath, and his nose rubbed against the fingers.

As if being shocked, the hand retracted.

After a while, the other person’s fingers lightly touched An Lan’s lower lip, gently playing with it, reaching between An Lan’s teeth.

An Lan extended the tip of his tongue, and as the person was about to leave, An Lan suddenly felt reluctant, as if the connection between them would be interrupted. He quickly bit onto that finger. For some reason, it made An Lan feel safe.

The finger that wanted to leave struggled slightly, but An Lan held onto it.

An Lan grinded his teeth, then continued sleeping.

Gradually, An Lan felt a bit stuffy, his heartbeat getting faster. He suddenly opened his eyes and found himself back in the partition of the KTV restroom.

Outside, someone was knocking on the door, and a malicious voice sounded.

“I can smell the scent on you, like an unripe apple—innocent and cute.”

An Lan hesitated for a moment, then immediately lifted both feet onto the toilet, hugging his knees, as if trying to curl up into a cocoon.

He stared at the door.

The air became increasingly humid, making An Lan feel breathless.

“Hurry up and open the door. I’ll make it easy for you,” the person outside continued to tempt him.

Like the snake in the Garden of Eden, spitting out its cold, wet venom, ready to expose its fangs at any moment.

Suddenly, the door was violently pounded, and a fierce, malicious voice sounded, “Do you think I don’t know you’re hiding inside!”

An Lan trembled all over.

The entire space distorted, forming an irresistible force that crushed An Lan until he couldn’t breathe.

This is a dream… It must be a dream. He had to wake up; he had to wake up quickly!

An Lan abruptly opened his eyes, sat up with a start, gasping for breath. His body was covered in cold sweat.

He looked around; he was still in the hospital room.

His clothes were soaked with sweat, and An Lan shivered.

He rubbed his eyes thankfully; fortunately, these were just dreams.

He sat up. It seemed like he had slept for an entire day; he no longer felt as dizzy.

However, after having such a nightmare, there was no way he could go back to sleep.

He sighed. The door to the ward was slightly ajar, and he could see the light in the corridor.

In the air filled with the scent of disinfectant and alcohol, there seemed to be a very faint fragrance.

As if the intense power was restrained and released by its own strength to comfort An Lan’s uneasiness.

An Lan left the bed, gently pushed open the door. At this time, there were still many people in the hospital corridor.

For example, people walking with intravenous drips, those visiting patients, An Lan followed that scent, walking over.

The closer he got, the clearer the scent became, quietly infiltrating An Lan’s body. Every cell seemed to be immersed in warm seawater, and An Lan walked faster and faster because he saw a window at the end of the corridor, and there was a person standing in front of it.

“Hey? You’re that student from bed 303, right? Why are you out of bed?” A doctor in a white coat spoke.

An Lan looked towards the person, “Ah, yes, I just came out for a walk.”

“Are you okay? You’ve sweated a lot. Feeling dizzy?”

“Not dizzy.”

“Then go back to your room quickly. It’s easy to catch a cold like this.”

“Oh, okay.” An Lan nodded, and when he looked towards the end of the corridor again, the person was no longer there.

An Lan couldn’t help but walk to the window; he wanted to know what that person he saw just now was looking at.

After standing for a while, An Lan returned to his ward. At this time, his father came, scolding him for wandering around.

An Lan smiled, quickly sat back, and noticed a small box on the bedside table.

“What is this?”

Was it something brought by Xiao Qiao and the class leader when they visited him?

Opening the box, inside was a transparent glass bottle. An Lan opened the bottle cap and sniffed. A refreshing and delightful scent rushed into his lungs.

The attending doctor came by. An Lan’s father chatted with him, and when the doctor saw An Lan smelling the bottle, he took it over to look.

“Doctor, what is this?” An Lan’s father asked, “I remember you said before that An Lan’s body finally metabolized something called ‘Eve’s Apple’ and should be careful with things that have a strong pheromone scent.”

The doctor looked at the instructions on the bottle, slightly stunned, “This thing is quite rare. It’s a kind of honey from a plateau, produced by a very rare flower called the ‘Angel’s Horn’ because its shape resembles a horn. The flower nectar has the effect of balancing hormone levels and soothing nerves. Be sparing with it. Don’t gulp down such an expensive thing like syrup.”

“Is it very expensive?” An Lan’s father asked immediately.

This thing sounded very precious, and they felt embarrassed to accept such a valuable gift.

“Well, it’s sold per gram.” The doctor smiled, “This natural thing is indeed more beneficial to you than artificially synthesized hormonal drugs. Remember, you’re still in the differentiation period, right? This is good for balancing hormone levels.”

“Then we must really thank the classmate who brought you this honey.” An Lan’s father looked at his son.

An Lan nodded, “I know.”

After the doctor left, An Lan put a drop of honey in the water. Its taste was special—sweet and clear, with a hint of the fragrance of high-altitude ice and snow, as if his entire internal organs were being cleansed.

The next day, when An Lan was feeling better, the police came to ask questions.

An Lan recounted what he remembered from that day. Unexpectedly, the police told him, “Thank you, classmate. Because the omega you saw that day was our undercover colleague.”

So, it turns out that this was a long-prepared operation by the police. If it weren’t for the police being well-prepared, An Lan, who was ambushed, might not have been rescued in time.

“Do you guys know who bit me when my hormone levels were imbalanced, and my heart rate was too fast?” An Lan asked.

The police shook their heads, “We don’t know. When your classmate found you, you were sitting outside the restroom. The KTV didn’t have surveillance near the restroom.”

An Lan felt a bit disappointed.

But in life, fate can bring people together from thousands of miles away. Perhaps one day in the future, he would meet the person who saved him.

The police returned An Lan’s phone to him. He hadn’t had a chance to use his phone in these past few days lying in bed. Another day, no, another hour, no, another minute, another second, and he would have gone moldy!

After the police left, An Lan quickly charged his phone. The moment it turned on, even his sweat was dancing.

There were more than a dozen missed calls before even checking voicemails, all from the troublemaker Qiao Chuluo.

In addition, there was an unknown number. An Lan called back, and it was busy, probably a sales call for real estate, subway street shops, or something. An Lan didn’t bother.

Opening WeChat, all the messages were from Qiao Chuluo and the others, each one ordering him to buy this and that at the supermarket.

Even Fatty Hua wanted An Lan to bring two bags of popping candy?

Where on earth could you find that in a supermarket?

An Lan smiled, scrolled through the messages, and then saw that Qiao Chuluo sensed something was wrong. In WeChat, he kept asking where An Lan had gone.

Then, after the incident, many classmates sent him WeChat messages, mostly asking if he was okay.

An Lan thought for a moment and posted a WeChat moment, saying he was fine now—surviving a great danger brings great fortune.

Underneath were a bunch of crazy likes and comments.

Who knew that Homeroom Teacher Bald Qiang also appeared, saying only one thing: Playing with your phone on WeChat during class time, you’re in trouble.

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