Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Xu Xingran vs. Xiao Chen

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An Lan was stunned. Oh no, did he expose so many classmates by posting that WeChat moment?

Turning his head, An Lan looked at the precious bottle of honey on the bedside table. He couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty.

But it tasted so good; he felt like something was missing if he didn’t drink honey water every day.

An Lan borrowed a notepad and a marker from the on-duty nurse, wrote three words, “Thank you,” and stuck it next to the small bottle. He took a photo and posted it on WeChat.

Perhaps because the previous WeChat moment exposed too many students playing with their phones during class, this one received fewer responses.

An Lan brushed through videos. When he checked again after class, two-thirds of the classmates in the class had given him likes, and there were over a dozen comments. However, no one claimed the honey.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to know that you gave me such an expensive item?” An Lan patted his head.

An Lan was officially discharged and went back to school with his backpack.

However, this time, Dad and Mom kept emphasizing that he should come home right after school and not linger outside. An Lan suddenly felt like he had turned into an elementary school student.

He rode his bike, and everything he heard, smelled, and saw on the way was no different from before.

The soy milk three streets away was still rich, the sesame rice balls were still fragrant, the bus exhaust was still pungent, and the small characters on the billboard over ten meters away, “This activity is explained by our company,” were still clear. In other words, An Lan’s perception was still sharp, so his hormone levels should be stable.

He returned to the classroom, stuffed his backpack into the desk, and Qiao Chuluo, who was nearby, gave him a big hug.

“Gongjing, you’re finally back. Little Qiao missed you so much.”

An Lan trembled all over and pointed at Qiao Chuluo’s forehead with his finger, pushing him away.

“Did you take the wrong medicine? If your hormones are unbalanced, I’ll treat you to honey.”

“It’s useless even if you treat me to honey.” Qiao Chuluo’s expression was on the verge of tears.

“What’s going on?”

Qiao Chuluo hadn’t forgotten what An Lan had said to him, that all the old Alphas had keen hearing. So, he took out his phone and sent a message to An Lan.

Little Qiao: [I’m not sure what medicine Li Zhennan in our class took. Every day before class, he runs to my building to pick me up. After class, he blocks me and invites me to eat!]

An Lan: [This shows that he likes you.]

Little Qiao: [But I don’t like him.]

An Lan put down his phone and looked at Li Zhennan, realizing that Li Zhennan was looking at him with a warning gaze. An Lan also understood Li Zhennan’s personality. His family was well-off, and he was a director of the school. He himself was a high-value Alpha, even though his pheromone test last year didn’t reach the level of an excellent Alpha.

Initially, there were quite a few omegas in school who were interested in him. However, he was a bit arrogant, born with the demeanor of a young master, and he even inherited the young master’s ailment. Any omega who wanted to be on good terms with him had to comply with his wishes. Everything, from what to eat, what to wear, to how things were done, had to align with his standards.

This was probably what they call a control freak, right?

An Lan wasn’t afraid of him, and if Li Zhennan looked at him, he would look back. An Lan was skilled at staring contests.

Li Zhennan made a throat-slashing gesture towards An Lan and then turned away.

Little Qiao: [See that? This guy is sick.]

An Lan: [How did he notice you?]

An Lan always thought that Li Zhennan liked those delicate and petite omega girls. Little Qiao was beautiful but had a strong character and ideas, and he didn’t obey him. He was definitely not Li Zhennan’s type.

Little Qiao: [It happened when my suppressant took effect, and he smelled my pheromones.]

An Lan: [Then he must really like osmanthus sugar.]

Little Qiao: [Get lost. I’m really bothered by this. Also, be careful. He automatically sees you as a rival.]

An Lan: [I’m innocent with you.]

Little Qiao: [Look at your WeChat moment yourself. Who would believe we’re innocent?]

An Lan unexpectedly had no words to reply.

The whole morning went by without any waves, until the last physical education class in the afternoon.

If it weren’t for the requirements of the Ministry of Education, physical education class might have been dominated by subjects like math and science.

The students rushed to the sports field like a swarm. The physical education teacher, apart from leading everyone in warm-up exercises, didn’t enforce a specific amount of exercise for each person.

Some students chose to sit on the sidelines, reading books and basking in the sun. Others might run to the basketball court because this was the time when the over-studied old Alphas, oppressed by their studies, couldn’t release their hormones.

Whether they were betas or bubbly omegas, they would gather at the court, cheering.

Even the usually low-profile Xu Xingran would take off his bulky school uniform, roll up the sleeves of his T-shirt to his shoulders, revealing his long and powerful legs, and join the basketball game.

Fat Flower, although not fond of sports, loved watching confrontations, especially between alphas.

It seemed like he couldn’t become the top of the food chain, but witnessing those men fighting and falling from a high place gave him extraordinary joy.

With his irresistible weight, Fat Flower secured a good spot for An Lan and the others.

“D*mn! Today’s game is exciting! It’s worth watching!” Fat Flower said while holding a cookie.

“What’s so exciting?” An Lan finally squeezed in. The classmates around him were all energetically holding their phones, recording videos. Only a few of them were purely bystanders.

An Lan felt a bit out of place with the people around him.

“Here, Xu Xingran vs. Xiao Chen! Who do you think will win?” Chen Naonao asked.

“Xiao Chen? How did he end up in PE class?” An Lan was puzzled. Usually, during physical education classes, Xiao Chen would still be sleeping in the classroom.

According to Xiao Chen’s little followers: Our big brother is invincible in the universe, and he disdains playing basketball with those underdeveloped little Alphas in the class.

Chen Naonao’s gossip came quickly: “I heard it’s because Xiao Chen’s little followers bullied some beta students in the Internet cafe, and Xu Xingran happened to be in the Internet cafe too…”

“Xu Xingran went to an Internet cafe?” An Lan was stunned. “What did he go there for?”

“Rumor has it that he went to the Internet cafe to access foreign literature by bypassing the firewall. After Xiao Chen’s little followers bullied the beta students, they unknowingly provoked Xu Xingran. Xu Xingran taught them a lesson, and they complained. So, Xiao Chen brought his little followers to challenge Xu Xingran.”

“Xu Xingran is fighting people now?” An Lan was extremely surprised. 

Did he miss so much in just three days of absence from class?

Qiao Chuluo sighed, “An Lan, I suggest you get to know alphas more. I’ll find more books for you later. You should learn. Who told you that alphas always resort to physical violence when dealing with things?”

“The class monitor can’t be using the Tang Monk chanting scriptures approach, reading them to death, right?”

“Pheromone suppression. The class monitor released his pheromones directly—absolute dominance. Xiao Chen’s two little followers are still holding oxygen tanks to breathe until now.” Qiao Chuluo raised his chin.

An Lan followed his gaze and saw two tall and strong old Alphas, looking exhausted, as if they had spent the whole night lifting bricks on a construction site, each holding an oxygen tank.

“Isn’t this too exaggerated?”

“If it were an ordinary alpha, of course, it wouldn’t be possible. But Xu Xingran is a high quality Alpha. The concentration and intensity of his pheromones must reach a certain level.” Qiao Chuluo said.

“If Xiao Chen wants to help his little followers vent, why not have a pheromone showdown with the class monitor? It’s better than playing basketball and wasting energy.” Chen Naonao extended his hand to grab some chips from Fat Flower’s bag, only to find the bag empty. Fat Flower directly covered the bag back on Chen Naonao’s hand.

Hearing the other party’s words, Qiao Chuluo directly patted his head: “Chen Naonao, do you want us to die? You betas don’t feel anything, so everything is peaceful for you. If Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen have a pheromone showdown, I’m afraid no alpha in our entire school, except for Gu Liyu, will be able to stand. And their pheromones are so powerful that it might put all omegas in the school into estrus.”

This was explicitly prohibited by every school.

It was okay to have a small pheromone showdown within a small group. However, if it was discovered by school leaders, it could result in writing self-criticisms, being confined, or even expulsion.

Moreover, alphas themselves were not easy to control. If pheromones were mutually released in a showdown, and they lost control, the consequences would be unimaginable.

That’s why someone proficient in fists like Xiao Chen chose to play basketball against Xu Xingran.

Xu Xingran’s muscle lines were very beautiful, obviously not from a gym workout but from actual use.

So, he could compete in the ten-meter rifle event without a shake.

Each time he participated in a competition, he would wear a special leather jacket, revealing his handsome figure. However, seeing his muscle lines so directly was a first.

Xiao Chen, as usual, somehow found a leather band, tied a small braid behind his head, completely exposing his forehead. With a wild appearance and those deeply contoured eyes, the omega students in the audience began writing yellow essays again.

His muscles were taut and full of tension, capable of kicking someone off with a single kick. It showed his strong offensive ability.

An Lan looked at Xu Xingran and then at Xiao Chen, muttering, “Xiao Chen’s going for the wild route, but why does the class monitor also seem difficult to deal with?”

Suddenly feeling two pairs of eyes looking over, An Lan raised his head and found Xiao Chen raising his eyebrows, mouthing the words: “Who’s going for the wild route?”

An Lan was stunned; he didn’t expect the hearing of a high quality Alpha to be so sharp. With so many people talking, how was his muttered comment heard?

While An Lan was still processing this, Xu Xingran’s fist was pressed against his lips, wearing a clear smile. He immediately harvested the hearts of many girls on the court.

To be honest, in this basketball game, Xu Xingran’s side didn’t have much advantage. Except for the class monitor, the other four were all well-behaved good students.

On the other hand, behind Xiao Chen were several “troublemakers” famous in the class, including Chen Zhennan, who loved the scent of osmanthus.

“Alright, no more unnecessary greetings. The physical education class is about to end,” Xiao Chen clapped his hands, looking at the physical education teacher, indicating him to come and throw the ball.

In victory or defeat, Xiao Chen didn’t even bother with extra words. He was truly the conscience of the big shots.

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