Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Who hit him?

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The physical education teacher looked very troubled. He initially wanted to let these senior students have some freedom, so why did they suddenly start a battle? Moreover, this was clearly not a simple and friendly match. He had to nervously watch Xiao Chen.

Everyone took their positions. The physical education teacher held the basketball, preparing to throw it into the air. This was the official jump ball of a basketball game.

Everyone on the court stared at the basketball, feeling like it wasn’t a ball but a helpless little chick that could be devoured by a beast at any moment.

Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen jumped simultaneously. Both of them had astonishing explosiveness. A “bang” sound echoed, and it felt like the basketball had turned into An Lan’s heart, being struck by a tremendous force. Surprisingly, Xu Xingran won!

Xu Xingran’s teammates immediately rushed into Xiao Chen’s territory with the ball. When they were about to pass the ball to Xu Xingran, Xiao Chen intercepted it.

The situation reversed. Xiao Chen drove straight in, performed a dunk directly, swinging his arm backward like bending a bow, displaying great momentum.

“Oh!” The surroundings echoed with astonished voices.

However, unexpectedly, Xu Xingran swiftly defended, and with a “bang” sound, gave Xiao Chen a big rejection.

An Lan shivered. Xu Xingran’s fierce hormone burst, and people around him were screaming.

With the ball in Xu Xingran’s possession, he rushed into Xiao Chen’s base. Xiao Chen reacted quickly, and a bunch of people were on defense. Xu Xingran took a jump shot at the three-point line, but Xiao Chen suddenly appeared beside him and skillfully knocked the ball away.

This went on back and forth, and everyone alternated between screaming and tension. Their hearts were squeezed and pushed around.

However, even though Xu Xingran was impressive, a lion leading a group of sheep couldn’t defeat a lion leading a pack of wolves.

At the end of the first half, Xu Xingran’s side had 22 points, while Xiao Chen’s side had 30 points, making the gap quite noticeable.

“Although the class monitor may lose, I find that I seem to love him even more than before,” Qiao Chuluo said, nudging An Lan with his elbow. “Who do you think will win in the end?”

“Huh? What do I think?”

An Lan thought that at this moment, both Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen had consumed a wave of energy. The discussions among the onlookers were so loud; surely he wouldn’t say anything that would be heard by those two Alpha big shots again?

“In terms of strength, I estimate Xiao Chen will win,” An Lan answered.

“Then, who do you support in your heart?” Qiao Chuluo blinked and asked again.

“The class monitor…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly felt a tremor in his heart. When he raised his eyes, he found Xiao Chen, who was sitting across, looking at him coldly.

Could it be that he was heard by Xiao Chen again? What are your ears made of?

However, An Lan’s personality was like this. I have my thoughts, and no matter how powerful you are, you can’t change my thoughts. So, An Lan looked at Xiao Chen indifferently, then reached into the bag of potato chips newly opened by Fat Flower, grabbed a handful, and stuffed it into his mouth, crunching away.

His attitude of “not acknowledging mistakes” obviously made Xiao Chen a bit dissatisfied.

Xiao Chen stood up, walked across half the court, clearly heading towards An Lan. When he reached An Lan, everyone was stunned.

Xiao Chen stood with his hands on his hips, slightly leaning forward, looking directly into An Lan’s eyes. “Hey, didn’t I help you vent at the KTV last time?”

Everyone looked at An Lan. The physical education teacher was a bit nervous, feeling that Xiao Chen might lift An Lan on the spot and throw him out in the next second.

“Isn’t that because of your possessiveness as an alpha marking territory?” An Lan retorted.

“What do you think I am, a dog? Marking territory by urinating?” Xiao Chen said.

At this point, Xu Xingran put down his mineral water, walked over, and placed his arm between Xiao Chen and An Lan, leading Xiao Chen away.

“He just got out of the hospital. Protecting classmates is your responsibility and obligation as the math class representative,” Xu Xingran said while leading Xiao Chen away.

When Xiao Chen left, An Lan heard synchronized sighs from the people around him. It seemed like they had just come alive from under tremendous pressure.

Qiao Chuluo’s tense shoulders also relaxed. He secretly nudged An Lan, “I say, how did you provoke Xiao Chen?”

“I don’t know.”

This statement was true.

An Lan’s interaction with Xiao Chen was limited to the time when Xiao Chen climbed over his shoulder while bypassing the firewall, discovering him eating cookies under the desk, and the KTV incident. He had never spoken to Xiao Chen.

The second half of the game continued.

Xu Xingran stole the ball from Xiao Chen, passed it to his teammate, but the teammate was blocked by Li Zhennan, and with a “bang” sound, the basketball flew toward An Lan’s face.


Everyone scattered unconsciously. An Lan reacted quickly; the ball flew past his shoulder.

When Li Zhennan landed, he gave An Lan a cold look.

So, was this ball Li Zhennan’s warning to An Lan?

“An Lan, are you okay?” Qiao Chuluo glared fiercely at Li Zhennan.

“I’m fine.”

At this moment, Xiao Chen walked directly to Li Zhennan, asking coldly, “What are you doing?”

“Slipped out of my hands,” Li Zhennan was truly an ambiguous person. Just now, he showed a fierce expression to An Lan, but facing Xiao Chen, he still managed to smile awkwardly, acting as if he really didn’t do it intentionally.

In his heart, An Lan chuckled, “He should participate in the Oscar competition.”

Xu Xingran turned around, looking at An Lan, mouthing, “Are you okay?”

An Lan immediately shook his head.

The game continued, and both sides fiercely contested for several rounds.

Just as Xu Xingran’s teammate was about to score again, Li Zhennan blocked the shot once more, eliciting exclamations from the crowd.

The ball once again sped towards An Lan. An Lan intended to step aside, but if he did, Qiao Chuluo would be hit. He raised his hand to catch the ball but was a bit late. The ball hit his face.

A dull pain followed as An Lan tilted his head back. Two streams of warmth flowed from his nose.

In front of him, Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen dashed over, trying to intercept the ball. However, no matter how powerful high-quality Alphas were, they couldn’t catch up with this ball.

“An Lan! Your nose is bleeding!” Qiao Chuluo shouted.

An Lan raised his hand to wipe his nose. D*mn, he was indeed bleeding.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Chen pulled Li Zhennan over, and this time, he threw him to the ground for real.

“I really didn’t mean to! I just wanted to stop that ball! Everyone wants to win! Can I just apologize to Classmate An Lan?” Li Zhennan wore a genuinely aggrieved expression.

“Tilt your head back; I’ll accompany you to the infirmary,” Xu Xingran swiftly walked to An Lan, supporting the back of An Lan’s head with one hand and his back with the other. This posture was almost equivalent to holding him in his arms.

An Lan immediately felt the envy in the surrounding gazes. There were probably people taking photos.

“Class Monitor, it’s unnecessary. You guys continue the game and aim to win,” An Lan said.

“Yeah, I’ll accompany An Lan to the infirmary,” Qiao Chuluo added.

Xu Xingran appeared with a handsome frown. An Lan laughed, “I have a minor injury. Can you not treat myself like a delicate flower?”

Finally, a smile appeared on Xu Xingran’s face. “You’re not fragile.”

“See you later, then.”

Qiao Chuluo accompanied An Lan out of the basketball court, heading towards the infirmary.

“Sorry. Li Zhennan obviously targeted you because of me,” Qiao Chuluo said apologetically.

“Don’t blame yourself. But that guy is really unscrupulous. If you really get along with him, I have to worry about it,” An Lan replied.

As they approached the infirmary’s door, someone walked out.

An Lan couldn’t see who it was, but Qiao Chuluo, supporting An Lan, made way for the person.

Unexpectedly, the person stopped.

“What’s going on?” A cold voice rang out, and it carried a heavy pressure.

Qiao Chuluo, supporting An Lan, seemed nervous. His fingers tightened on An Lan’s arm.

This voice… it seemed to be Gu Liyu.

“During the basketball game… got hit by the basketball…” Qiao Chuluo replied.

An Lan originally wanted to look at the person in the face, but Gu Liyu turned away and said, “The teacher is not in.”

“Ah? Then should we go back to the classroom to rest?” Qiao Chuluo asked.

Just as An Lan was about to agree, Gu Liyu said, “Come in. I’ll help you.”

Qiao Chuluo and An Lan exchanged glances, and An Lan quickly said, “No need to trouble. I… I can….”

“Your nosebleed has stained your uniform. Do you want to go back with blood all the way?” Gu Liyu retorted.

An Lan hesitated for a moment, and Qiao Chuluo, with excitement, whispered, “Gu Liyu said several words to you! Exciting!”

Exciting your sister!

If I had known, I would have dodged that basketball just now. Let it hit your face, and then you could enjoy the special care from Boss Gu.

An Lan sat on the small bed in the school infirmary, with Gu Liyu sitting across from him.

Gu Liyu took out the ice pack prepared by the school doctor from the small refrigerator. Since students were lively and prone to injuries, cold compresses were often needed. Gu Liyu took out the ice pack, wrapped it in a non-woven fabric towel, and gently pressed it on An Lan’s nasal bridge.

Then, he held cotton balls to clean An Lan’s nasal cavity.

Originally, Gu Liyu sat opposite him, which was enough to make An Lan nervous. When he touched An Lan’s nose with the cotton ball, An Lan instinctively moved backward.

Gu Liyu’s hand paused for a moment. An Lan thought he might be angry, like, “I’m kind enough to treat your wounds, and you’re shrinking away.” But Gu Liyu didn’t say anything. He waited until An Lan stopped moving before touching him again.

An Lan gripped the edge of the bed tightly. This time, he couldn’t shrink back no matter what.

The cotton ball was soaked in alcohol, cool and refreshing, but Gu Liyu was steady, not causing any pain to An Lan. Moreover, his movements were gentle and meticulous. An Lan began to doubt whether the person in front of him was really Gu Liyu.

“Lie down for a minute or two before leaving. Plug the cotton ball before you go,” Gu Liyu said.

“Thank you,” An Lan genuinely expressed his gratitude.

Gu Liyu stood up, but instead of leaving immediately, he asked Qiao Chuluo beside him, “Who hit him?”

The voice sounded indifferent, and logically, someone like Gu Liyu should not care about such matters. However, he unexpectedly asked a question that had nothing to do with him.

“Uh… Li Zhennan. During the basketball game, Li Zhennan deliberately hit An Lan in the face with the ball.”

In fact, Gu Liyu probably asked casually, but Qiao Chuluo, for some reason, felt the need to state the facts in front of Boss Gu.

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