Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Who’s Watching Me?

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Qiao Chuluo swayed his two legs restlessly, but An Lan’s bicycle was as steady as a rock.

The two laughed and joked. Qiao Chuluo pinched An Lan’s waist, expecting to find some soft flesh, but unexpectedly, “Little Anzi, you’re quite something. You even have abdominal muscles!”

An Lan freed one hand and gave Qiao Chuluo a light smack, “Stop messing around!”

“Just having fun.”

An Lan felt ticklish and shook, but then a car passed by them. The Qiao Chuluo behind him had no reaction.

After riding for more than ten meters, An Lan felt uncomfortable. He parked the bicycle by the roadside and turned around, only to find Qiao Chuluo’s face expressionless. His hands tightly gripped An Lan’s bike cushion.

“What’s wrong?”

“It seems… that alpha intimidated me again just now,” Qiao Chuluo looked at An Lan.

“Really?” An Lan looked around, not seeing any suspicious figures.

“Don’t bother looking. That alpha is not around anymore. I felt it when I pinched your waist just now and quickly it disappeared.”

An Lan immediately closed his eyes and recalled. When Qiao Chuluo was joking with him just now… it seemed a car had passed by.

“There was a car, but I didn’t pay attention to the license plate or the car model…”

“A third of the high-quality As in our school have cars to pick them up and drop them off for class. How would we know who it was?” Qiao Chuluo had completely recovered.

“Little Qiao, I always feel like some alpha might be interested in you, right? Because he envies you joking with me, so he releases pheromones to warn you not to ‘be unfaithful’?” An Lan shared his speculation.

“Haha?” Qiao Chuluo’s expression looked like he heard something extremely impossible, “Do you know that if an Alpha is interested in an Omega, the released pheromones are full of possessiveness and protectiveness, not intimidation. If you tell me that the crazy alpha is interested in you, I might believe it.”

“D*mn—Little Qiao, you’re really into some heavy stuff! Not to mention that I might be an Alpha, two alphas releasing pheromones against each other? Is that the rhythm of fighting every day? And even if I fail to differentiate, I’m a beta, I have absolutely no feelings for alphas, not even a sense of hostility.”

Qiao Chuluo squinted his eyes. “Hey, did you feel something? Or do you know who that alpha is?”

“Who knows?” An Lan thought for a moment and added, “Could it be Chen Zhennan?”

Qiao Chuluo’s expression immediately turned unpleasant.

Since the time when Qiao Chuluo released pheromones during the heat, Chen Zhennan had intentionally sniffed him when passing by.

Today, in the classroom seating arrangement, if Chen Zhennan wasn’t positioned behind An Lan, Qiao Chuluo might not have been seated next to An Lan.

Just then, Fat Flower and Chen Naonao finally caught up.

Fat Flower, out of breath, exclaimed, “An Lan, you’re amazing! Is it because our Little Qiao is light as a feather, making you not feel the weight? You’re riding so fast!”

Chen Naonao added, “Both Fat Flower and I are a bit out of breath trying to catch up. An Lan, how come you look like you haven’t broken a sweat?”

An Lan smiled and exchanged a glance with Qiao Chuluo.

After all, An Lan hadn’t fully differentiated yet. If the differentiation failed, if he had informed Fat Flower and the others early on, it might become school-wide gossip, and that would be embarrassing.

“Of course, it’s because I’m light as a feather!”

After saying that, Qiao Chuluo patted An Lan’s back, indicating it was time to move.

They arrived at the new KTV, and everything felt different. The atmosphere was upscale, and even the lighting was bright.

Qiao Chuluo paid the deposit, and the four of them entered a small private room, starting their extravagant performance.

Without hesitation, Fat Flower played “Woman Flower” from the song list.

This was how Fat Flower got his nickname. His real name was Pang Hua, a beta who loved to sing emotionally, “I have a flower, a flower in full bloom, waiting to bloom…”

Most importantly, after singing, no one remembered the original tone.

To avoid having their ears ruined by Fat Flower, An Lan accompanied Qiao Chuluo to choose snacks. Snacks in the KTV were expensive, so An Lan and Qiao Chuluo had to choose carefully.

Luckily, the KTV had an interactive activity—playing games to earn free vouchers.

Many customers participated in the games, including basketball, punching strength tester, and shooting range.

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo were not good at strength sports, so they passed the punching strength tester first, and there were quite a few alphas queuing up.

“Maybe your strength is different now. Do you want to give it a try?” Qiao Chuluo asked quietly.

“No… I’m not cut out for that.”

Look at those alphas desperately punching to show their strength, veins almost bursting… Didn’t it look a bit silly?

“Basketball… There are so many people.” Qiao Chuluo pulled An Lan, “How about we go to the shooting range? You’re the best at shooting.”

An Lan sighed helplessly, “This shooting range is different from the shooting range. The aim is usually off, and it won’t be easy to hit the target.”

“Give it a try. I just checked the rules. You have ten chances to shoot. If you hit all of them, you get 600 yuan in vouchers! Nine hits, you get 300, and eight hits give you 100. Isn’t that tempting?” Qiao Chuluo looked at An Lan with big eyes.

An Lan closed his eyes and smiled. The amount was quite tempting for them, who were short on pocket money.

“Let’s go, give it a try.”

There were almost no people queuing at the shooting range. An Lan and Qiao Chuluo reported their room number.

A kind customer warned them, “You two students, don’t be fooled. Their guns have issues. No matter how you aim, it won’t work. So, everyone gave up on the shooting range.”

An Lan smiled and replied, “Participation is what matters. Let’s have some fun.”

“Well, that’s true.”

An Lan leaned toward Qiao Chuluo and whispered, “600 vouchers probably won’t happen because we need to get a feel for the aim and target after the first shot.”

Qiao Chuluo nodded understandingly, “No problem. Secure 100 and strive for 300 vouchers.”

The two reached an agreement, and An Lan picked up the gun. His gaze passed through the sight and landed on the first target.

He adjusted his breathing, pulled the trigger, and with a bang, the target remained unmoved.

An Lan put down the gun, lowered his head, and shrugged his shoulders. Qiao Chuluo beside him was a bit nervous.

Around them, customers were chatting, and sounds of basketball entering the hoop, cheers, punching, and applause echoed. Only An Lan seemed out of place in this lively atmosphere.

Quiet and silent.

He raised the gun again, aimed at the second target, raised his toes slightly, and gracefully leaned back. He pulled the trigger.


The target fell.

“Wow!” Qiao Chuluo revealed a happy smile.

An Lan raised the corner of his mouth. It seemed that his aim was about right. Fortunately, they didn’t need bullseyes; hitting the target was enough. Otherwise, giving up after the first shot might not be enough to get a feel for it.

However, for some reason, he felt like someone was watching him.

By all accounts, everyone should be focused on basketball and punching, right?

That person was different. His gaze carried a sense of inquiry and scrutiny, mixed with curiosity and novelty.

An Lan didn’t understand why he could feel the other person’s gaze so clearly… Or was it because he was an alpha, and what An Lan truly felt was his pheromones?

To stay focused, An Lan didn’t turn around but took the third shot. The target fell again!

Even the game administrator showed a surprised expression, clapping and saying, “Student, you’re really amazing!”

When An Lan hit the target again, people had gathered to watch.

His posture holding the gun was upright and firm, like an anchor plunging into the deep sea. Clearly, he had received specialized training, and a few girls who were originally watching basketball came over to take a look.

An Lan’s performance became more and more stable. Once he found the right angle, this game, where hitting the target was the only goal, lost its meaning for him.

Not long after, An Lan had already hit eight targets, leaving only one more.

Qiao Chuluo was very happy; they had locked in a 100 yuan voucher!

An Lan remained calm. Although he felt someone constantly watching him, as if an invisible force surrounded him, supporting his elbow, that person seemed to be leaning against him, feeling his breath, heartbeat, and exertion of force.

The last shot unexpectedly became more solemn.

—For the person who had been watching him all along.

An Lan took the final shot with a “bang,” and the target fell.

Qiao Chuluo cheered, “Oh—300 yuan voucher!”

An Lan smiled, turned around, and in the bustling crowd, he seemed to see someone – a tall figure, wearing a T-shirt on the upper body and the same blue and white school uniform on the lower body.

Qiao Chuluo happily ran to claim the voucher, but looking at the instructions, his face drooped.

“D*mn—can only use 100 when spending 300! And we can’t use it today!”

An Lan paused, scratched his head, “Is this the KTV’s promotion strategy? Making us spend more to use the 300 yuan voucher and come back next time?”

“As expected, we can’t outsmart these businesses.” Qiao Chuluo sighed and put the voucher into his pocket.

They had wasted time playing games and needed to quickly go to the supermarket to buy things.

Looking at the price tags on the shelves, the two wore a helpless expression.

“Want to buy potato chips,” Qiao Chuluo said.

“Eating those causes heat,” An Lan sensibly replied.

“Want to buy spicy strips.”

“Be careful not to choke on them while singing.”

“Want to buy Meinianda.”

“Weren’t we supposed to drink free sour plum juice?” An Lan reminded Qiao Chuluo, staying true to their original goal of saving money.

“This feels like going to a fancy restaurant and realizing we can’t afford anything.”

Both said simultaneously, “A poor couple’s sorrow…”

At this moment, someone took away Qiao Chuluo’s spicy strips, potato chips, and Meinianda, with a mocking tone, “You guys are really indecisive.”

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo turned around, and surprisingly, it was Xiao Chen!

His hair that was somewhat long was tied behind his head, a few strands adorned his forehead, appearing casual and lazy. He had already taken off the school uniform and tied it around his waist, his lips curled in a mischievous smile.

An Lan had no doubt that if this scene were captured and sent to Qiao Chuluo’s group, the whole group would explode.

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