After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 118

Chapter 118

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After Chu Hechao completed his mourning period, a banquet was held in his honor, celebrating his emergence from the grief of losing his parents. At the feast, Yuan Li secretly instructed his subordinates to take turns pouring wine for Chu Hechao.

Liu Jixin finished, then Guo Mao, followed by Yuan Dan… Yuan Li himself rolled up his sleeves and went up to serve Chu Hechao three cups of wine.

Over the years, he had improved his drinking capacity, but Yuan Li wasn’t confident that he alone could get Chu Hechao drunk. However, he refused to believe that he, his subordinates, and the others who joined in, including Yang Zhongfa and Yuan Congyun, wouldn’t be able to do so.

Yes, Yuan Li was hesitant.

Since Chu Hechao had finished his mourning period, he knew he couldn’t avoid it. But inside, he felt anxious. His plan was to delay as much as possible, so he decided to get Chu Hechao drunk tonight and think of other solutions tomorrow.

It was the first time Yuan Li had played such a “hide and seek” game.

Fortunately, Chu Hechao’s drinking capacity wasn’t beyond imagination. After a while, he supported his forehead, showing signs of being overwhelmed by the alcohol.

Yang Zhongfa laughed heartily, “General, it seems you can’t handle it.”

Chu Hechao rubbed his forehead with a headache, waved his hand, and smiled bitterly, “It’s been a long time since I had any alcohol, I can’t drink like before.”

Everyone laughed heartily, raising their cups to one another, and spared him further drinking.

Chu Hechao picked up a side dish to sober up, leaned back in his chair, and slowly chewed while looking at Yuan Li.

Yuan Li felt his gaze and looked up to see Chu Hechao’s figure blending into the darkness, the candlelight swaying on his legs and arms.

He resembled a drunken tiger, lying lazily in the dark, utterly indolent.

“Yuan Li,” Chu Hechao said, “come here.”

Yuan Li sat close to him, walking just two steps to reach Chu Hechao’s side, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Hechao spoke with a drunken tone, “I’m drunk. Can you take me to rest?”

Pretending to be surprised, Yuan Li replied, “Drunk? Come, have a glass of water to sober up, and then I’ll take you to sleep.”

He handed Chu Hechao a glass of wine.

Chu Hechao gave a nasal response and drank it all in one gulp. He reacted slowly, “This water smells like wine?”

“Because you’re drunk,” Yuan Li handed him another glass of wine, “try another one, and see if there’s no wine smell?”

When Yuan Li saw Chu Hechao really drink it and nod in agreement, he finally sighed in relief, knowing that Chu Hechao was truly drunk.

He bid farewell to everyone present and had Lin Tian and another servant help Chu Hechao back to his bedroom.

Lin Tian and the servant struggled to support Chu Hechao. Even with his stooped posture and bowed head, his mighty and robust physique was evident. The strength of his single arm alone was enough to press the two men down.

Yuan Li watched on the side and began to worry again.

Was he scared?

Of course, it was natural to be.

Who could endure this?

Halfway, Chu Hechao suddenly pushed Lin Tian and the other man away and staggered forward, hugging Yuan Li tightly. Caught off guard, Yuan Li was forced to take a few steps back, leaning against an old tree.

Buried in Yuan Li’s shoulder, Chu Hechao rubbed against him, “Don’t let them help me, you come and support me.”

Yuan Li got goosebumps from this man’s sudden affectionate behavior. He gave Lin Tian a look, and Lin Tian quickly pulled the servant away.

“Alright, I’ll help you,” Yuan Li pushed him gently, “you first get up.”

Chu Hechao remained still, hugging Yuan Li quietly for a while before suddenly saying, “I really like you, Le Jun.”

Yuan Li responded, “Okay, I like you too.”

Chu Hechao still didn’t get up, and Yuan Li felt like he was about to be crushed. He kept coaxing him, but it took a while to make Chu Hechao happy and finally get him to stand up. Then, Yuan Li accompanied Chu Hechao to his bedroom.

Yuan Li was originally worried about not being able to support him, but it went smoothly all the way. The closer they got to the bedroom, the more Yuan Li felt something was off.


Just now, Lin Tian and the others could barely support Chu Hechao, but why did it feel so easy when he was supporting him?

It was as if Chu Hechao was walking on his own.

Yuan Li suddenly stopped walking and narrowed his eyes dangerously as he turned to Chu Hechao, “Are you really drunk or pretending?”

Chu Hechao suddenly opened his eyes, pulling Yuan Li forward in large strides. With a “bang,” he kicked open the door and quickly locked it after entering the room.

Caught off guard, Yuan Li couldn’t defend himself. When he finally focused, Chu Hechao had already turned around, completely sober, without a hint of drunkenness.

He smirked mischievously, loosened his belt, and approached Yuan Li. “Trying to get me drunk?”

Yuan Li swallowed nervously, trying to turn the tables. He sneered, “So, you were pretending?”

Seeing Yuan Li acting so aggressively only made Chu Hechao more intrigued. He walked leisurely, “If you didn’t try to get me drunk, why would I pretend? Speak, were you intentionally trying to get me drunk tonight?”

Yuan Li’s eyelids twitched, and he took a step back, stumbling over a chair. “No.”

Another step back, and he was against the bed.

Chu Hechao threw his belt to the ground, loosening his robe to reveal his firm, honey-colored waist. He squinted at Yuan Li, “Yuan Li, are you scared?”

Yuan Li sat on the edge of the bed, frowning and trying to reason with him. “There’s nothing… I can’t do.”

Chu Hechao took a porcelain bottle from his pants pocket and threw it onto the bed. The bottle rolled behind Yuan Li, and it was the face cream that Yuan Li had made for Chu Hechao.

“I’ve been carrying this with me for over ten days,” Chu Hechao said with a smug smile. “I almost melted it in my pocket.”

Yuan Li: “…”

Chu Hechao walked up to Yuan Li, looking down at him, and chuckled, “Le Jun, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I’ll be gentle, it won’t hurt you.”

Yuan Li pursed his lips, every curve of his lips fascinated Chu Hechao and even excited him. “Then why don’t you become my wife? I won’t hurt you even more.”

Chu Hechao raised an eyebrow, teasingly handsome, “But then it would be a waste not to use this ‘stick,’?”

Yuan Li: “…”

For a moment, he didn’t know how to respond.

Chu Hechao pulled Yuan Li’s hand, “Le Jun, if you want to stop, I’ll stop, okay?”

Yuan Li hesitated and finally nodded.

The candlelight crackled, burning shorter and shorter.

The moon rose high in the courtyard, and the dry branches trembled as yellow leaves fluttered down.

Yuan Li cried.

His eyes were red, and he was covered in sweat. The sheets and bed were soaked.

Strands of hair stuck to his damp profile, while some clung to the man’s strong arm.

Chu Hechao wiped his tears and kissed his eyes, nose, and lips, everywhere. “You’ve cried so much, it breaks my heart.”

Yuan Li was like a dehydrated fish. The feeling was indescribable. By the time everything ended, he was exhausted, lying like a lifeless fish.

The bed curtains swayed, and his eyes were filled with sweat. Yuan Li’s lips were swollen, and Chu Hechao kept kissing him as if he had become addicted, “Are you thirsty? Let me get you a glass of water.”

Yuan Li nodded, and Chu Hechao got off the bed to fetch a teapot and a cup, carefully feeding Yuan Li some water.

After he finished drinking, Chu Hechao embraced him and said, “Tell me, where does it hurt?”

“My back hurts, my whole body hurts, even the bite marks on my leg hurt,” Yuan Li grew angrier as he spoke, glaring at Chu Hechao, wishing he could hit him, “You never kept your promise.”

“I’m sorry,” Chu Hechao immediately apologized, massaging Yuan Li’s back, “I’ll keep my word next time.”

Yuan Li didn’t believe him.

He turned over, not wanting to talk to Chu Hechao.

Chu Hechao embraced him from behind, unable to contain his smile. “Le Jun, did you enjoy it?”

“…,” Yuan Li hesitated.

It was true that it hurt at first.

At the beginning, Yuan Li wanted to back off. How could he not? He wasn’t afraid of pain, but he was terrified by what he saw. He felt that he couldn’t handle it.

But when he could finally do it, he felt shocked, frightened, and even his principles were shattered.

However, later on, the feeling was actually quite pleasant, and he couldn’t bring himself to say anything insincere.

Finally, he nodded without saying a word.

Chu Hechao chuckled, his chest trembling as he teased, “Will you come more often next time?”


Seeing Yuan Li’s silence, Chu Hechao didn’t feel bad. He had a look of contentment on his face, “This is really enjoyable…”

Feeling unsatisfied, the more he indulged, the more heated and restless Chu Hechao felt. It was as if he had taken some kind of elixir, and he couldn’t help but desire more. He looked at Yuan Li beneath him and couldn’t resist the urge to stay on him forever.

As pleasurable as gods, even gods didn’t have such pleasure.

At this thought, he felt the heat rising again. He took a deep breath and went to fetch water.

Chu Hechao had long planned for this, and there was not a single servant in the entire courtyard. Otherwise, with their rocking bed, everyone in the courtyard would know what they were doing.

The water was quickly brought over.

Chu Hechao carefully lifted Yuan Li from the bed, smoothing every strand of his hair behind his back, then tied it up with a makeshift hairband. He carried Yuan Li into the bathtub.

It was late, and if he washed his long hair, Chu Hechao was worried Yuan Li might catch a cold.

Yuan Li’s whole body was sore, and he looked down at himself in the water, his mouth twitching, unable to look directly at himself.

He was so annoyed.

Why was Chu Hechao acting like a dog?

Unaware of what Yuan Li was thinking, Chu Hechao was as cautious as a cat, washing Yuan Li from head to toe. As he washed, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Yuan Li splashed water at him, “What are you laughing at?”

“Happy,” Chu Hechao laughed, even sounding a bit foolish. He hugged Yuan Li and looked at him with a passionate expression, as if he was burning with love, murmuring, “Yuan Li, today is the happiest day of my 29 years.”

Yuan Li’s heart softened. He rolled his eyes at the man, but couldn’t help but smile. He quickly put on a serious expression again and pushed Chu Hechao away. “I’m hungry.”

His stomach growled in response.

Chu Hechao couldn’t laugh or cry, quickly drying Yuan Li off and laying him on the bed. He picked up some clothes nearby and helped Yuan Li put them on. “I can’t let my wife go hungry. Wait, I’ll make some noodles for you and stir-fry some shredded potatoes. Do you want anything else?”

Both dishes were ones Yuan Li had taught him, and Chu Hechao made them pretty well. Yuan Li nodded and shook his head, “That’s enough.”

Chu Hechao swiftly went out and returned soon after. He put the noodles and dishes on the table, then held Yuan Li as they sat by the table.

Yuan Li picked up his chopsticks and stirred the noodles, looking up at Chu Hechao.

He found two big poached eggs at the bottom of the noodles.

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