Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Stay

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The mental draft prepared by Jian Chi dissipated in his mouth when he saw Bai Yinnian with a tired face. Watching Bai Yinnian change his shoes and walk in front of him, the faint smell of alcohol became stronger and stronger, and rushed into his nose. Jian Chi endured his disgust, knowing that now was not a good time to talk about business, he was not even sure whether Bai Yinian was sober and awake enough.

“How much alcohol did you drink?”

“Huh?” Bai Yinian didn’t hear clearly, and let out a question that was neither light nor heavy sounding, from the nasal cavity with the last sound lifted up and a weird and sexy look, “What did you say?”

“…It’s okay, I’ll talk about it tomorrow morning,” Jian Chi hesitated for two seconds, then said with a careless concern, “You’ve drunk too much, go and rest first.”

If it weren’t for waiting for Bai Yinnian’s return, Jian Chi, who had been tossing for a long time, would have wanted to go back to sleep sooner. Seeing Bai Yinnian looking so tired now, he evoked the sleepiness that he had held down all night. He turned around and after walking a few steps, he was stopped by Bai Yinnian, his deep voice echoing in the empty living room.

“Jian Chi.”

When Jian Chi looked back, it seemed that it was the first time Bai Yinnian had called him by his name. Even if it wasn’t the first time, it was definitely the first time that his voice was so hoarse and deep when reciting these words. It was unclear whether Bai Yinian was too drunk or not at all, his angular face was ambiguous under the warm light, but he could only see his moving lips: “Come and help me.”

After being stunned for two seconds, Jian Chi thought he had heard it wrong, “What?”

Bai Yinnian stretched out his left arm, and his calm action was enough of a statement. Jian Chi looked at his palm, generous, powerful, and perhaps with a kind of reassuring magic. Jian Chi remembered that when he was holding his shoulders before, the hot temperature was completely different from the aura Bai Yinian showed.

“Have you forgotten that my leg injury is not yet healed. If I fall while helping you, there may be a second injured person tomorrow.”

“I haven’t forgotten, come here.”

He didn’t know if Bai Yinnian liked to say these two words, but every time Jian Chi heard it, his ears became numb and uncomfortable. Bai Yinian’s expression was calm, and his voice was steady when he spoke. If it weren’t for the thin red on his cheeks and the imperceptible chaos in his eyes, it would be hard to tell that he was drunk. Jian Chi finally walked over and held Bai Yinian’s arm without touching his hand.

“Don’t lean on me completely,” Jian Chi had self-awareness of his own tolerance, “don’t blame me when you fall down.”

Bai Yinnian didn’t say anything. Maybe he had achieved his goal, or maybe he was really tired, his drooping head was slightly next to Jian Chi, and his breath brushed over his exposed neck from time to time, causing Jian Chi to have a burst of goosebumps. He wanted to avoid him but was hindered by the posture of supporting him; just a few minutes walk, Jian Chi wondered whether Bai Yinian did it on purpose as he did it no less than ten times.

Finally, he threw Bai Yinnian, who was more than half a head taller than him, into the bedroom. Jian Chi moved his numb arm to leave, but was stopped by Bai Yinian with a low voice for the second time, not in a begging tone: “Help me go to the bathroom.”

“You…” Jian Chi looked at Bai Yinian speechlessly, thinking that the other party might take him for a fool, “You are drunk, not lame.” And how much was this him being ‘drunk’? He really can’t be sure.

Bai Yinnian, who was lying on the bed, propped up his upper body, took off his suit jacket and threw it aside, then unbuttoned his tie without anyone else, and seemed to take off his clothes in front of Jian Chi next. Jian Chi was about to turn his head and leave, but Bai Yinian without lifting his head up, his voice slightly hoarse from alcohol: “Today you and Shen Shuting stayed in the room for a long time.”

With a ‘bang’, the magic power of this sentence was comparable to that of the flames from an ignited wire, which burned Jian Chi red from the neck. He suddenly couldn’t say a completely calm sentence, “He… left behind a lot of questions, I couldn’t understand a lot so it took more time to ask him.”

Bai Yinian seemed to be laughing, it was hard to tell, “Really?”

He didn’t know if it was a psychological effect, but it sounded meaningful.

“You can ask him if you don’t believe me.”

“I asked him, and he told me,” Bai Yinian said, “his answer was more truthful than yours.”

At this moment, if Shen Shuting appeared in front of him, Jian Chi would definitely choose to kick him inhumanly without hesitation. His heart almost jumped to his throat, and he had no time to discern the deep meaning in Bai Yinian’s eyes, “Has he told you?”

Bai Yinnian took off his shirt, revealing his naked upper body. He usually wore clothes that only showed his well-proportioned and superior outline. At this time, there was no cover, and the muscular lines and forearms had a sense of strength that were completely exposed. There was no need to deliberately draw attention, just raising his hand would cause him to exude rich and mature hormones. If it was placed in front of the former Jian Chi, his first reaction would be that he may not be able to beat Bai Yinian even if there were ten of him. Now he didn’t know if it was because of the affairs with Ji Huaisi and Shen Shuting, Jian Chi’s first impression turned out to be he had a good body.

“Does it look good?”


Before the last word could be said, Jian Chi bit his tongue, buried his head and didn’t look at Bai Yinnian’s expression, and whispered, “It doesn’t look good.”

“It’s good right?”

The hoarse laugh in Bai Yinian’s voice was obvious. Mixed with joy, he got up and walked towards the bathroom. Jian Chi couldn’t figure out what he meant, and he was still concerned about the conversation about Shen Shuting just now. He was not sure if Bai Yinian was deliberately provoking him or if he really knew something, “What did Shen Shuting tell you?”

“In order to protect privacy, not every room is monitored,” Bai Yinian said instead of answering, “but cameras are installed in every corridor of the company.”

Realizing the deep meaning in Bai Yinnian’s words, it was like a stone that stirred up thousands of waves, Jian Chi’s eyes darkened first, and then his sweaty hands lost the little temperature left in his body. This sentence was more powerful than any of Shen Shuting’s true or false answers. When Jian Chi suppressed his pounding heart and reluctantly returned to calm, the sound of water rushing from the bathroom could already be heard.

Now that Bai Yinnian had discovered the truth, there was no need for him to hide the facts. The words that he originally planned to say tomorrow overcame the sleepiness again, and the mental draft returned to his mouth. Jian Chi paced to the bathroom door, hesitated for a few seconds, then said: “If you already know, then don’t let him come. I don’t want to see him. The wound on my foot is about to heal, and Dr. Han said that the cast will be removed in a week at most, I will go back by myself.”

Except for the sound of water, no one answered his words.

Jian Chi continued: “You want to use me to retaliate against Shao Hang, I know, and I have never resisted you during this period. Now that he had not come for so long, it means that I am not that important to him at all. You keeping me locked up doesn’t really do anything.”

Still no answer.

Jian Chi was not sure whether Bai Yinnian could hear him, but now he was sure that he could hear him, “Mr. Bai… Bai Yinnian, why don’t we have a good talk? I won’t pursue Bai Shuyun’s matters, and so on. After I go back, I will never mention what happened during this period to others, is that okay?”

The sound of the water stopped suddenly, and the abrupt pause seemed to be interrupted by something. Jian Chi listened to the restless heartbeat in his ears, and the glass door that was covered with mist suddenly opened in front of his eyes, and Bai Yinian’s tall and naked body appeared in front of him. Even though he was wearing a bath towel, his muscles and lower abdomen were still dripping with water droplets. It still made Jian Chi feel that he was stabbed, so he took two steps back.

“You just heard…”

“Do you want to say that after you leave, everyone can mind their own business?”

Jian Chi paused for a while, “Isn’t that the case?”

Bai Yinian’s hair lost its original shape after being wet with water, and a few messy strands were attached to his ears, weakening the coldness of his facial features. He didn’t seem that unapproachable. He stared at Jian Chi’s eyes, like a layer of fog that couldn’t be wiped away, so dark that he couldn’t see the surging thoughts. Even though he was a few steps apart, Jian Chi felt the oppression of being violated in his safe distance.

In the silence, Bai Yinnian whispered, “You don’t want to see Shen Shuting again?”

“I don’t want to.”

“He forced himself on you?”

Jian Chi pursed his lower lip, “Let’s not talk about this again, have you agreed to what we just said?”

Bai Yinian didn’t seem to understand his refusal, his pale lips lifted up without a smile, “If you don’t answer, you’re admitting it.”

“Didn’t you already know? What’s the point of asking,” Jian Chi was really annoyed, not to mention how weird it was to talk to Bai Yinnian, “Yes, he forced me, is that okay?”

The moment the voice fell into the air, Bai Yinian’s expression changed a lot in just a few seconds, he finally stared into Jian Chi’s eyes with impatience, “Shen Shuting’s answer was the same as what you said at the beginning.”

The atmosphere froze for a moment.

“I hurried to dinner tonight and didn’t have time to check the surveillance.”

Jian Chi listened to him in a daze, then finally understood: “You did it on purpose…”

The latter words, needless to say, everyone understood.

Jian Chi couldn’t tell what kind of emotion he was feeling. There was anger that had not been calmed down, annoyance that had arisen, and helplessness, which seemed to have turned into cold water, extinguishing the flames in his heart. He didn’t want to argue with Bai Yinnian any more. It was meaningless, and the irritability was unspeakable in his chest, but when he turned around, Bai Yinian held his wrist.

Too tight to break free.

Jian Chi didn’t hide the coldness on his face. This was the first time he and Bai Yinian had disputed so far. In the past, because of fear and incomprehension of Bai Yinnian from the Bai family, Jian Chi could only endure. Now, when he couldn’t bear it anymore, the moment when his emotions overwhelmed his reason, he didn’t want to give Bai Yinian any good looks at all. , “Is it fun to lie? Let go.”

Maybe he was really drunk. Bai Yinian’s emotions at the moment were not concealed at all, it was even more intense than before, which was terrifying, “I should have known that he would not be able to bear it.”

This sentence was very strange, Jian Chi didn’t have time to think about it, he just pulled back his hand and left quickly, but Bai Yinnian’s sudden approach made Jian Chi unable to resist. The fragrance of the shower gel covered the pungent smell of alcohol, then Jian Chi heard Bai Yinnian say, “He bit you.”

The words immediately evoked the memory that Jian Chi was trying to forget. His ears were so red that they almost burned. He was embarrassed, “What does this have to do with you?”

Bai Yinnian raised the corner of his lips silently, and in the next second, Jian Chi was carried to the bed with both feet in the air. The roles just now were suddenly reversed, and before he could sit up, Bai Yinian’s hot body was pressed down on him, fitting tightly together, giving Jian Chi no chance to resist.

“I promise to let you go.”

Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat.

Bai Yinian leaned against his ear, and said slowly with his trembling chest: “But tonight, you can’t go.”

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