Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Reunion

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Bai Yinian’s words left a lingering reverberation, and at a distance of less than a punch, Jian Chi heard a strong ‘dong dong’ on his chest, and couldn’t tell whether it was from him or from Bai Yinnian on his body.

“Stay with me for one night and I’ll let you go.”

His breath splattered on the shoulder of Jian Chi that was bitten by Shen Shuting, as if a small electric current penetrated the skin, condensed in his blood, spread, and then exploded with a ‘bang’. Jian Chi was so tired of getting angry that he didn’t look away for the first time, “You’re drunk, don’t say these nonsense words.”

“Nonsense words?”

Bai Yinnian hooked his lips, the smile was not deep in his eyes, and he repeated the emphasis in Jian Chi’s words meaningfully. Jian Chi calmed down his chaotic heart, pressed against Bai Yinian’s shoulders, and froze for a few seconds when his palms touched his bare skin, and then said with force, “I’m leaving, we’ll talk about what happened just now tomorrow.”

“Jian Chi, you misunderstood me,” Bai Yinian said, “I’m not that good at talking.”

Jian Chi pursed his lower lip and replied with words mixed with cynicism: “Me too.”

At this moment, he realized that his tone was moving closer to Shen Shuting’s, and he blurted it out without any hesitation; his heart shrank uncontrollably.

Bai Yinian didn’t pay attention to Jian Chi’s fleeting strangeness. He seemed to be immersed in deep thinking, and his fingers unconsciously moved along Jian Chi’s cheeks, jaw, and slowly towards his neck. Jian Chi did not like to exercise, and even when swimming, he often chose to stay indoors. The outline of bones and blood vessels was faintly revealed on his skin under his fingers. It was healthy and clean, and it was white that made people want to leave a little mark on it. Bai Yinian’s eyes were fixed on the two rows of teeth marks looming under the open neckline, and he did not move for a long time.

There was a strange burning of the skin at the spot that was being watched, as if it could be turned into a substance, stabbing out in the next second. Jian Chi froze and didn’t move. He even started to think, if Bai Yinian really wanted to do something, could the bedside lamp be used to hit the back of Bai Yinian’s head? Would he kill him… Jian Chi felt that he was thinking too much. Bai Yinnian should not be so weak that he would be killed by a lamp.

His thoughts developed in an increasingly uncontrollable and weird direction, and his body suddenly lightened, but before Jian Chi could react, the quilt under him was pulled out to cover him. The scent of shower gel was on the tip of his nose, and the mattress beside him caved in as a naked and warm male body was attached. Bai Yinian turned off the lamp beside the bed with one hand, while the other hand still held Jian Chi, his low voice echoed in the darkness: “Sleep.”

Jian Chi was stunned and didn’t dare to move, the fluff on the back of his neck trembled in Bai Yinian’s breath, “Sleep, sleep?”

Like a sullen laugh, it fell into his ear: “Otherwise what do you want to do?”

The air fell into silence. Jian Chi maintained this posture, countless messy threads entangled in his mind, trying desperately to find the source of the knot, but it became more and more chaotic.

He couldn’t figure out what Bai Yinian said just now, the only thing he could be sure of was that there was nothing else in Bai Yinian’s eyes except the momentary ambiguity when he was articulating the words. At least, it was not at all like the aggressive oppression that Shen Shuting brought him in the morning. Bai Yinnian seemed to have thrown down a fishing rod, observing and pondering from a distance, faltering from time to time to make a fake move, patiently waiting for the most appropriate time to end it perfectly.

Sometimes confused and sometimes tense, emotions were constantly exchanged, then finally sleepiness swept over. In the last second of Jian Chi being awake, Bai Yinnian still maintained this intimate posture. When he woke up the next day, his body was half numb. When he looked up, Bai Yinian’s sleeping face caught his eye. This face should be very appealing to the opposite sex. With clear edges and corners, deep eyebrows and eyes, there was no doubt that he was handsome and sharp. Jian Chi held his breath and wanted to move away from his arm. As soon as he left, he met Bai Yinian’s deep eyes.


When he woke up in the morning, his voice was not as clear as usual, there was an inadvertent provocation, sexy in it’s hoarseness.

“Good Morning.” Jian Chi slowed for a while before replying to Bai Yinian’s words in this strange atmosphere.

At this time, Jian Chi really realized the difference between adults and high school students. Bai Yinnian didn’t mention what happened last night, nor did he express any surprise about the two lying on the same bed after waking up. He washed and dressed as usual, calmly, and skillfully tying his tie in front of Jian Chi, which reminded Jian Chi of how Bai Yinnian looked last night when he untied it, then a voice broke into his ear.

“I will keep my promise.”


Bai Yinian turned his head, one hand still on his neckline, he could no longer see the gaffe after being drunk last night. Only by careful observation could he find the unusual deep meaning in his voice: “I am a person who keeps promises, not like Shen Shuting. You can leave at any time, and I will have someone take you back to school.”

When the words fell, Jian Chi realized that what he had fulfilled was the promise of ‘stay with me for one night, and I’ll let you go’. The dullness in his heart was swept away, and he didn’t even hide his surprise, “Really? Is this afternoon okay?”

Bai Yinian’s actions paused for a moment, then he raised the corner of his lower lip, “Can’t wait?”

Of course. Jian Chi took this sentence to his heart, and his mouth softened a little. He didn’t want to annoy Bai Yinnian at this time. “It’s okay to wait until Doctor Han has his last check.”

“I’ll ask him to come over in the afternoon,” Bai Yinnian walked to the door, stopped and didn’t look back, “No need to notify me when you leave.” After that, the door left without closing.

Jian Chi felt that Bai Yinnian was not in a good mood, and he was right. After all, he made a promise to himself, and now not only did he not get the results he wanted, but he also cared for an outsider’s wound for nothing, so he must be angry. Jian Chi’s mood was as bright as the sun outside. Even the bad things that happened yesterday have weakened in their annoying power. When he went downstairs, Bai Yinian’s figure had disappeared, and the servant was serving breakfast. This time, it was all the food that he liked to eat.

In the afternoon, Dr. Han arrived on time. After confirming that there was nothing serious, he asked, “What happy thing happened?”

Jian Chi knew that his appearance was obvious, and he didn’t hide it, “I can leave here in the afternoon.”

Doctor Han raised his head and raised his eyebrows, “Bai Yinian is willing to let you go?”

The wording was a bit strange, but Jian Chi didn’t correct it. He had been worried about his situation before, and had no intention of paying attention to the people and things around him. A bold and curious thought suddenly appeared in his heart, “Doctor Han, do you know Bai Yinnian’s assistant? His surname is Han too.”

“You mean Han Zheng?” Doctor Han said with a ‘how did you find out’ expression, “I know him, he’s my brother.”

Jian Chi was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly realized, “Are you brothers?”

“It’s hard to recognize by appearance, that kid had been around Bai Yinian for so many years, and he had become more and more like a dog. It won’t be strange once you hear the names. My name is Han Fu,” Han Fu laughed first. “Is this brother enough?”

Jian Chi couldn’t help but smile, “This name is very special, have you and Assistant Han been by Bai Yinian’s side for many years?”

“I was dug up by him not long after I left society,” Han Wei said. “Although I don’t have as many contacts as my younger brother, I still understand Bai Yinnian’s usual appearance.” He looked into Jian Chi’s eyes and said this, carrying something meaningful in his tone, “Do you believe that we will meet again in the future?”

Jian Chi’s eyelids twitched for no apparent reason, and Han Fu changed the topic to a normal one: “The plaster will be removed in five days, it’s not difficult, you can find a doctor to do it, but don’t mess with it yourself. It is better not to have strenuous activities such as running for the next month, so as not to be injured twice.”

Sitting in the car heading back, Jian Chi still had a sense of false reality. The surrounding scene changed round after round, and the sleepiness also retreated from the seat. When the logo of Saintston appeared in front, Jian Chi not only had his initial nervousness when he first arrived, but an inexplicable sense of relief. In fact, no matter how much he hated Saintston’s system, this place had become the place he was most familiar with in Chuanlin besides his home. The time happened to just miss the class break, and it also helped Jian Chi get rid of a new round of onlookers and public opinion.

He didn’t know if Shen Shuting had updated everyone in advance but the teacher in the teaching office didn’t ask about what happened during this time, and he didn’t punish Jian Chi. After a few words of concern for his injury, he asked him to go to the student union to pick up the luggage that was left on the boat before. He didn’t know if this step was also within the scope of Shen Shuting’s requests. Jian Chi could only come to the student union with full reluctance, thinking that he decided not to see Shen Shuting yesterday, but he would break his word the next day. Wandering at the door of the president’s office, he didn’t knock on it.

It was probably because God couldn’t stand watching him face this difficulty and sent him a task with an even higher difficulty level in front of him. Before Jian Chi’s raised hand fell, a voice not far away tugged at his thoughts like a hidden hook. Without time to look back, he fell into a tight embrace with a touch of gardenia incense.

“Jian Chi.”

This sound trembled slightly, causing the strings in Jian Chi’s heart to become chaotic.

Jian Chi didn’t know how Ji Huaisi found him. The hand hanging in the air couldn’t find a place to be placed down. His earlobe was carrying a moist and urgent breath, Ji Huaisi’s always gentle voice was no longer stable as before, and when he opened his mouth, it turned out to be hoarse: “I finally can see you again, sorry, it’s all my fault, it was my negligence that caused you to be harmed.”

The suspended heart fell back a little bit, and Jian Chi slowly hugged Ji Huaisi’s back, sweeping away all those complicated thoughts, “It’s not your fault, I was also wrong, I was not vigilant enough, making you worry so much and for so long.”

“I’ve heard it from Shen Shuting,” Ji Huaisi still didn’t let go of his embrace, leaning against Jian Chi’s ear, as if to rub him into his body, “You’re injured, was it your left leg? I saw it just now. You walk a little unsteadily, does it still hurt? Did the Bai family make it difficult for you? What have you been doing all this time? “

There were too many things to say, but when he heard Ji Huaisi’s question after question, Jian Chi couldn’t say anything in his chaotic brain, and his answers were mixed: “They were not difficult, it’s almost healed, it’s my own carelessness. …”

“Jian Chi.”

Ji Huaisi finally let go of his tight hug, and his eyes were light and pale. Obviously, the busyness and worry during this period of time had made his cheeks thinner, adding a hint of melancholy, but the light in his eyes was brighter and hotter than ever before. Jian Chi looked at him and panicked, “Ji Huaisi, you, don’t cry, I…” I’m not very good at comforting people…

It was unclear what interesting picture he saw but Ji Huaisi’s eyelashes trembled, and he smiled softly. The corners of his lips lifted up to dispel the bitterness, and the thin red at the end of his eyes also faded. He lowered his head, and this time he finally stopped. He trembled again: “I was worried about you every day when you disappeared, and now we finally meet, won’t you allow me to cry once?”

“No, you can cry if you want.” What was he talking about? Jian Chi wanted to give himself a slap.

Ji Huaisi’s voice was still a little hoarse, “Then can you comfort me?”

Jian Chi felt that Ji Huaisi created an indescribable urge for him to pity him. Under this gentle and powerful appearance, there was actually an ordinary soul that would become vulnerable because of worry and love. Jian Chi hesitated for two seconds then held his hand, but Ji Huaisi lowered his head, and his warm and watery eyes flashed bewitchingly, tempting Jian Chi to kiss him.

Then, he heard a cold voice piercing his ear.

“Had enough kisses?”

Standing in front of the open door, Shen Shuting stared coldly at the two people with such a close attitude. His whole figure seemed to have just walked out of the ice cellar. He unceremoniously dispelled the ambiguous atmosphere in the air and replaced it with his aura.

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