Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Irritate

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Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat when he was stared at, and he subconsciously distanced himself from Ji Huaisi, but the hand that was being held could not be pulled out, and the awkward atmosphere spread. Ji Huaisi looked at Shen Shuting with a faint smile.

“Weren’t you very happy to meet Jian Chi yesterday? Why do you have a straight face now that you are back?”

Happy… Jian Chi couldn’t help but stay on Shen Shuting’s face for a while, wondering what kind of image Shen Shuting looked like in Bai Yinian and Ji Huaisi’s eyes, one nervous and one happy, why was it that when it was his turn, all he saw was apathy and prejudice.

Shen Shuting did not deny it, still looking like Ji Huaisi said with a face, “The luggage is inside.”

Jian Chi didn’t forget the purpose of coming here in the first place. He avoided looking at the other, went in and took his luggage. When he went back, he saw Ji Huaisi’s face flash for a moment. Before he could catch it, it was replaced by gentleness, and he took the luggage from his hand naturally, “I’ll take you back.”

“How about the injury on your foot?” Just as Jian Chi was about to leave with Ji Huaisi, Shen Shuting’s voice cut in. He didn’t look at Ji Huaisi, emerald pupils stared firmly at Jian Chi, “You can come to me if you’re not feeling well.”

Jian Chi hesitated for a while before digesting Shen Shuting’s short sentence, instinctively not wanting to expose the contradiction between Shen Shuting and Ji Huaisi, and nodded stiffly,

Was this concern?

“When you feel uncomfortable, you should go to the school hospital first.” Ji Huaisi stared at Shen Shuting, the smile on his lips faded, “This is the first time since I’ve known you that you are so warm-hearted. Don’t worry, Jian Chi will be fine again, I will take good care of him.”

There seems to be no obvious fault in every sentence, it sounded like the most common chat between friends, but maybe yesterday’s incident had a faint psychological effect, and Jian Chi felt that Ji Huaisi knew something. There was only two seconds of silence, then Shen Shuting’s answer sounded: “I have always been warm-hearted.” It sounded icy without ups and downs.

Ji Huaisi laughed, breaking the slightly stagnant atmosphere, “Okay, stop joking, it is almost the end of class, I’ll accompany Jian Chi back to the dormitory first to avoid the students.”

The last sentence was indeed necessary, Shen Shuting nodded, and did not say anything inappropriate. In the past, his attention was always on Ji Huaisi, and he deliberately ignored Jian Chi next to him, but today he casted most of his gazes on Jian Chi, and he wouldn’t allow the people to ignore it.

Jian Chi was so frightened that he didn’t dare to face him. Maybe it was because he was guilty and he wanted to avoid Shen Shuting, so he stared at the toes of his shoes the whole time, and buried his head deeper and deeper.

“Before you go, don’t forget your things.”

The voice fell coldly and Shen Shuting took out a mobile phone from his pocket, it turned out to be the one that Jian Chi had lost before, it was lying in his hand intact at the moment. When Jian Chi took it, the back of his hand was scratched by Shen Shuting’s fingers, either intentionally or unintentionally, he shook a little and almost lost his grip, quickly stuffing the phone into his pocket. He didn’t pull out his hand, and whispered, “Thank you, where did you find it?”

“It fell on the deck that day,” Shen Shuting said. “Wen Chuan was the first to find it. He thought it was Shao Hang who threw you into the sea.”

It turned out that this outrageous content was not made up… Jian Chi didn’t know how to reply, but fortunately, Ji Huaisi took over the conversation for him. They did not stay any longer, and returned to the dormitory before the bell rang. Jian Chi opened the door with the key, all the furniture inside was clean and free of dust. Ji Huaisi put the luggage on the table, “I had people come over to clean it every day, you sit down first and tell me where the clothes are, I’ll sort it out.”

Jian Chi’s nose ached when he heard the first sentence, he quickly stepped forward and said ‘No’, but he failed to grab Ji Huaisi, “Don’t bother… I’ll put them away in the closet.”

Ji Huaisi smiled again, folded the pieces skillfully, and placed them in an orderly manner according to Jian Chi’s words. Jian Chi, who was sitting beside the bed, unaccustomed to being taken care of, was moved and was unable to hold back so he said it again: “Thank you.”

It was not a polite ‘thank you’, but a sincere thank you to Ji Huaisi from the bottom of his heart.

“I can’t help you with anything, even finding you was thanks to Shen Shuting, this thank you shouldn’t be said to me,” with his back to Jian Chi, Ji Huaisi’s expression couldn’t be seen clearly, and even the words were suppressed vaguely, “Jian Chi, are you disappointed?”

“I’ve never thought of it that way,” Jian Chi was stunned, clenching the sheets under his body, “…I am very grateful to President Shen, he must have helped you because you are best friends. In the end, it’s you who I want to thank.” Although he knew that the reason for ‘friend’ was mixed with impure factors, Jian Chi still comforted him.

“When Shen Shuting found you yesterday, what did you guys talk about?”

Ji Huaisi came to sit next to Jian Chi after stacking the last piece of clothes, his expression made Jian Chi’s heart go back a little; it seemed that he was only concerned.

“It’s nothing, he just asked me about the specifics of what happened.” Because he didn’t know how Shen Shuting explained it to Ji Huaisi, Jian Chi could only skim over it, and tentatively said, “Did President Shen tell you everything?”

“He told me, but I’d rather hear it from you.”

Jian Chi didn’t refuse this non-rude request, starting from being tricked by Bai Xiyu to the deck, all the way to the last wound inspection just done. Of course, the existence of Shen Shuting and the contact with Bai Yinnian was skipped over. The narrative was intermittent, as if one hand was firmly grasping his heart saying ‘don’t hide it’ in his ear, while the other said ‘don’t Let Ji Huaisi know’.

In the end, he couldn’t say a word.

Ji Huaisi didn’t show any suspicion from beginning to end, quietly listening to Jian Chi’s words, and then picked up his voice: “Yesterday, Shen Shuting confirmed your position, I wanted to go find you, but he thought he was more suitable than me.”

Jian Chi was stunned. Ji Huaisi looked into his eyes and seemed to be slowly and softly digging into the depths, “What he said was not wrong, he is more qualified to negotiate with the Bai family than me. I understand this truth, but I am still disappointed with myself, obviously I am your boyfriend, but when you were hurt, I couldn’t do anything but worry, and hearing him veto for the first time, I deeply felt my own insignificance.”

When Ji Huaisi showed such an expression, Jian Chi put aside all the questions he had thought about at the beginning, and only said everything he wanted to say: “You are not insignificant at all. To me, there’s a lot you can do. I think about you a lot when I couldn’t go out, when I was scared…thinking about you was effective.”

Jian Chi was not a completely cold-hearted person, he just habitually pressed his emotions in his heart. When he found out that he had been kidnapped, the first thing he thought of was Ji Huaisi, and every day after that, Ji Huaisi was the one he was most worried about. Sometimes lying on that unfamiliar bed and enduring the pain in his feet, Jian Chi would feel flustered and afraid for no reason. At this time, Ji Huaisi was like a good medicine with a refreshing and stable effect, helping him to drive away his weakness little by little.

Ji Huaisi seemed to be touched, wrapped his arms around Jian Chi’s waist, and kissed his temples gently without any desire, “Don’t worry, the Bai family’s affairs will be resolved well. As for Bai Xiyu’s punishment, I think it’s up to you. You just need to rest now, and when you wake up tomorrow, you will be back to the same as before, okay?”

Jian Chi nodded, and lowered his eyes when he heard the words ‘Bai Xiyu’.

The first day back to the classroom passed quietly, but this was just what Jian Chi saw. Now no one dared to look at him with straight eyes, and no one would whisper in front of him. As calm as the windless sea. When he saw him, Zhang Yang’s eyes turned red, and he slapped him on the back with a forceful palm, shouting, “Jian Chi, you are terrible, you disappeared without a sound and came back without a sound. Do you know how worried I was about you? At that time, it was rumored that you fell into the sea and died! Some people said that you were thrown by Shao Hang. If I wasn’t afraid that I would be thrown by him, I would have gone to him to argue! Fortunately, Fortunately… the president had told me, no matter what, it’s good that you came back.”

Jian Chi’s emotion was interrupted halfway through. It seems that Shao Hang’s version of throwing him into the sea had been widely circulated in Saintston. He didn’t know if it was deliberately spread by someone with bad intentions, or the magnetic field between him and Shao Hang, in the eyes of others, was bad. He suddenly thought of something, “Where’s Shao Hang?”

Now everyone knows that he had returned safely. Two days have passed, why was Shao Hang silent? It’s strange to think this way, but what’s even more strange about Jian Chi was that he felt a little uneasy and uncomfortable.

“Don’t you know?” Zhang Yang looked around in a circle and lowered his voice, “Shao Hang was locked up in his house.”

“Locked up?” Jian Chi was taken aback.

“I heard that he angered his father. As for how he angered him, I don’t know.”

Zhang Yang said this, but his eyes looked straight at Jian Chi, full of meaning. Jian Chi’s heart froze for a moment, and it was very clear what he was conveying: This matter has something to do with you.

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