Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Admit

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The first day of class was not as difficult as Jian Chi imagined. The teacher, who had never called names in class, specifically asked about Jian Chi’s foot injury, which caused the whole class to look back. They finally had an opportunity to look at Jian Chi in an open and aboveboard manner. Jian Chi endured the embarrassment and expressed that there was no serious problem, and quickly skipped the question, but the awkwardness in his heart continued for a few minutes before it completely dissipated.

Unfortunately, the first advanced math class in the afternoon was a classroom exam. Teacher Wang knew Jian Chi’s circumstances and allowed him to waive the exam this time, and make up for it after learning the new concepts in two weeks. Jian Chi didn’t want to repeat the situation in the morning or it would appear he was special, so he asked for a paper, and after the bell rang, he swept over it hastily. Except for the basic knowledge he already knew, the next few big questions were actually given by Shen Shuting, the types of questions he explained during tutoring.

Shen Shuting’s class was more memorable than Mr. Wang, who was known for his strictness. Once he lost his focus, or missed two sentences, Shen Shuting would stare at him with those emerald eyes until his heart froze. Talking over and over again, correcting over and over again, sometimes including a few words of oppression, even if he didn’t listen, when he saw the question, his brain had an inertial memory, and he finished the six-sided paper in one and a half hours, half an hour earlier than the end time.

“A lot of people asked me about you in the afternoon,” Zhang Yang, who was sluggish after his self-study in the library, talked eloquently as if he had changed his mind, “Thanks to you, I have also become famous, but I will not give those who watched the fun the truth. You saw it just now, that guy from Han Fang had thick enough cheeks to offer condolences to you.”

When Zhang Yang said that, he squeezed his throat in a strange way, but Jian Chi didn’t refute it. He still remembered the arrogant expression of Han Fang when he came to Saintston on the first day, he wanted to look at people through his nostrils. After several encounters, they all looked down on the special enrollment. As a result, in the library just now, Han Fang was the first one in the group to come to care about his injury. Those RC and YC who often bullied the special enrollment, all of them had smiling faces, which made Jian Chi feel uncomfortable.

“They don’t want to care about me, they’re just giving Ji Huaisi face.” Jian Chi clearly understood this, and felt a little complicated when he said it. Now, he didn’t feel that Ji Huaisi who publicized their relationship, had done anything wrong. It allowed him to successfully see through the double faces of many people, and completely calm down.

“What if that’s the case,” Zhang Yang said, “it turns out that the people who scolded you have to come over and fawn on you now? If it was me, I would have floated away a long time ago.” Zhang Yang smiled and hugged Jian Chi’s shoulders and lowered his voice: ” Tell me, what does it feel like to fall in love with the vice president? To be honest, I always thought he was a straight man.”

Jian Chi was silent for a while: “I was the same as you.”

After chatting all the way, Jian Chi never felt that walking on the road in Saintston was such a comfortable and natural thing, and did not notice that the route was getting more and more deviated, away from the direction to his bedroom. After stepping up the stairs, Jian Chi suddenly reacted, “Aren’t we going back to the bedroom?”

Zhang Yang touched his nose, “Don’t worry, there is no class anyway.”

“Here…” Jian Chi looked up at the direction of the stairs leading to the rooftop, his heart skipped a beat, “Is there anyone up there?”

Zhang Yang didn’t speak, but Jian Chi spoke again: “Wen Chuan?”

“…Hey, I originally promised him not to tell you,” Zhang Yang couldn’t help but push Jian Chi up, and explained as if he was poured beans in his mouth, “He was not at school in the morning, and when you came back, I sent him a message. He rushed back after the lunch break. Did you guys fight? You want me to be the middle man? I asked Wen Chuan and he refused to tell me, but it’s okay, what’s the saying again? There is a quarrel at the head of the bed and a reconciliation at the end of the bed. Speak and it will be good. I also expect the two of you to help me with my studies. If you two see each other and run away, who will I go to?”

Jian Chi’s heavy heart was confused by Zhang Yang’s incoherent remarks, so he corrected: “This proverb doesn’t work that way.”

“What about it, it’s the meaning anyway.”

In fact, in the morning, Jian Chi found out that Wen Chuan had not come to class, but he only asked about Shao Hang and ignored Wen Chuan. Perhaps Shao Hang had always been arrogant and did not hid his twists and turns, so Jian Chi also asked candidly. When the same thing happened to Wen Chuan, the situation was completely opposite. There was no quarrel in their last meeting, but in Jian Chi’s eyes, it was an unhappy breakup. He thought that Wen Chuan probably didn’t want to see him, and even if he saw him, he had nothing to say. This was what he thought in his heart.

Zhang Yang’s inadvertent ‘nonstop talking’ made Jian Chi shake a little, which was a momentary shake, then he was pushed to the rooftop by Zhang Yang. Jian Chi had never been here before, and this was the first time that Zhang Yang left without looking back after completing his task. But before leaving, he did not forget to have Jian Chi report the reconciliation result after and don’t let him be the messenger for nothing.

It seems that it was too late to look back now.

Jian Chi didn’t know whether it was in his heart that he hoped to meet Wen Chuan in his new lease of life, or was he compromised after being chased by Zhang Yang and placed as the duck on the shelf, but no matter what the reason was, he had already seen Wen Chuan beside the roof railing. Abandoning the entanglement, only the back of Wen Chuan was left in his eyes. The dark blue suit wrapped around his slender legs, and his long hair was hanging on his shoulders. He noticed something, and when he turned around, Wen Chuan’s expressionless face flashed and let go of his defenses. His eyebrows that were dripping with ink were condensed. Jian Chi in the distance seemed to want to take him deeply into his eyes.

“Jian Chi.”

The sound of the wind on the empty rooftop swept into his ears with a depressing sound. It was blurry at first, and then miraculously became clearer. Jian Chi looked at Wen Chuan who was walking in front of him, raised his head, and his throat tightened a little: “Zhang Yang said you were looking for me.”

Jian Chi didn’t want to use this sentence as an opening remark, but his head was blank, and only this dry sentence came to his mouth. Wen Chuan didn’t answer, and stared at him silently and deeply, like a thunderbolt thrown into deep water. He caught Jian Chi into his arms unexpectedly, without feeling the stiffness of his body, his arms slowly folded, inseparable.

The tense Jian Chi dodged subconsciously, “Wen…”

“Don’t move,” Wen Chuan said, “I want to hug you.”

In just a few words, Jian Chi was silenced, and the heart in his chest seemed to jump out. Thinking that this movement would be clearly captured by Wen Chuan’s ears, Jian Chi felt inexplicably ashamed and flinched on Wen Chuan’s shoulder, “It’s okay now.”

“Not okay.”

Wen Chuan rarely refuted Jian Chi in the past, but this time he clearly sent back the message in his heart: No. This hug was different from Ji Huaisi’s tenderness and affection that overflowed. It had a certain restraint and sensitivity from Wen Chuan. Although his body was in close contact, his heart seemed to be hidden behind his back, and he dared not get close.

Jian Chi’s hand on his shoulder softened, and he didn’t even understand that Wen Chuan, who had kissed him forcefully in the locker room, had obviously violated his wishes and was essentially doing the same thing as Shao Hang. But seeing him again, when it came to Wen Chuan, it was hard for Jian Chi to mention the least bit of disgust, and because of this hug, he was at a loss and panicked.

No one said anything, which seemed to confirm what Jian Chi thought before he came, “having nothing to say when they see each other”. Wen Chuan buried his head on Jian Chi’s shoulder, craving for this closeness that used to be difficult, but now was within reach, “You wanted to see me too, right?”

Jian Chi moved his head with difficulty, “Didn’t you say you need a little time?”

“It is enough,” Wen Chuan whispered, “From the moment you disappeared, this sentence was invalid.”

“You being like this…” Jian Chi opened his mouth, unable to speak, “It’s unreasonable.”

“And you?”

Wen Chuan raised his head and looked at Jian Chi deeply, “Have you ever thought about me?”

Jian Chi hasn’t answered yet, but Wen Chuan had already evoked a slightly self-deprecating arc, and replied for him: “You only thought about Ji Huaisi.”

“I…” Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat, feeling that the topic was leaning in a dangerous direction again, “Of course I’d miss him, he is my boyfriend. You are my ……friend.”

The last word, Jian Chi himself was not so sure. It’s not that he was not sure about his heart, but that he was not sure about Wen Chuan’s heart.

The reaction from ‘friend’ was bigger than Jian Chi thought. Wen Chuan’s expression darkened suddenly, his palm rested on the wall behind Jian Chi, and he said word by word: “The first sentence is void, the second sentence did not happen. I can’t continue being this friend, Jian Chi, you actually understand everything.”

Jian Chi admitted that he understood that Wen Chuan could not give up easily, and that everything could not go back to before. Eliminating his liking and continuing to be friends as before, such an idea was too selfish and unfair to Wen Chuan. But Jian Chi didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t be completely cruel to Wen Chuan. Even if he was cruel, they would inevitably meet at school every day. Not to mention Wen Chuan, even Jian Chi himself could not ensure that under such circumstances, he could avoid paying attention to Wen Chuan.

“Did you call me here just to say this?” Jian Chi looked at him, trying to keep his tone indifferent, “You also understand that it is impossible between us.”

“I can wait.” Wen Chuan said without hesitation.

Jian Chi was stunned. He looked at Wen Chuan’s suppressed and serious eyes, finally confirming the crazy thoughts in his heart. He took a deep breath, and his voice trembled slightly: “Wen Chuan, I think… you may be confusing friendship and liking. I haven’t really done anything for you, just a few words of comfort, just normal concerns among friends. You have never made friends before, and you may mistake your possessiveness for friendship for liking, maybe you should calm down and stop talking like that.”

“Would you?” Wen Chuan stared at him, his lips moved slightly, “Do you consider your friendship with Zhang Yang as liking?”

Jian Chi subconsciously denied, “No, but this situation is different.”

“It’s the same,” Wen Chuan approached, “Jian Chi, I have completely exposed myself to you. is it you or me who doesn’t want to admit it?”

His heart seemed to have been twisted by an invisible big hand, causing a throbbing pain. Jian Chi was pushed against the wall, and a kiss fell on his forehead. He heard Wen Chuan’s cold but hoarse voice: “A friend wouldn’t do this.”

“Friends don’t do that.”

“And wouldn’t do this either.”

A delicate and irresistible kiss fell on Jian Chi’s eyes, nose and cheeks. Wen Chuan’s beautiful and deep eyes filled with more and more emotions, and pressed against his lips. It was cold like a piece of ice was on it, but hot like a fire spreading from his chest. Jian Chi dodged to the side, but was enveloped by Wen Chuan’s entire body, a world within walls, until he disrupted his breathing.

“Don’t run away,” Wen Chuan rubbed the tip of Jian Chi’s nose lightly, and his drooping eyes were filled with strong waves, “Jian Chi, you have to admit that you also like me a little bit.”

Jian Chi: My heart has broken into many pieces…

Gongs (in unison: I want the biggest piece)

Jian Chi: ……

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