Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Avoid

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Wen Chuan’s words were not heavy at first, but the moment it penetrated the eardrum, it was like a needle piercing a thin sheet of paper, and the center disintegrated in all directions.

Jian Chi didn’t know where to look, and Wen Chuan’s figure made him unable to control his heart palpitations. The power of his words pinned Jian Chi to the ground, and after a long time, he heard a low voice scatter with the wind.

“Stop avoiding me.”

Wen Chuan said.

“I’ll wait for you to figure it out.”

Jian Chi wanted to ask, what does it mean to figure it out? But when he could move his lips, the sound had the characteristic of automatically dissolving when it encountered the air, and it all sank in silence.

When he was not sure and his heart was shaken, he would fall into this annoying loss of speech. Jian Chi wished his articulation could be better and declare to Wen Chuan bluntly on the spot: Impossible.

But he couldn’t.

There were too many things that he didn’t want to admit. Wen Chuan was right about him ‘avoiding’. Before being confessed by Ji Huaisi, Jian Chi had never seriously thought about this kind of problem. However, as if there was some kind of chain reaction, Ji Huaisi’s existence brought more and more problems surging in the dark to the surface, and even scrambling for first place. The ground came to Jian Chi and caught him off guard.

Jian Chi was puzzled and felt a little sad at the same time. Could it be that he was really a half-hearted scum, as Shen Shuting said? Otherwise, why would he be shaken by Wen Chuan’s words, and why would he not dare to face Ji Huaisi?

If the former Jian Chi knew that in the future he would be entangled in emotional choices, the first reaction in his heart should not be much better than the original Shen Shuting. But when it really happened, Jian Chi didn’t even have the strength to make fun of it. Wen Chuan’s face and voice kept lingering in his mind, and it became a problem not to think about it deliberately.

Jian Chi didn’t dare to tell Zhang Yang the result of the final reconciliation. It was impossible for him to say things like ‘Wen Chuan confessed after kissing him’. Not mentioning Zhang Yang, if he hadn’t experienced it personally, Jian Chi wouldn’t believe it.

At this time, the foot injury that brought a lot of inconvenience became the most convenient reason. Jian Chi did not stay in the classroom much after class, and avoided contact with Wen Chuan. Wen Chuan seemed to read his mind, but he didn’t stop him once, making Zhang Yang even more confused. Sometimes Ji Huaisi came to the classroom or dormitory to look for Jian Chi – often causing a commotion. Jian Chi also looked for reasons to avoid being alone.

He knew that Ji Huaisi was careful, and this trait that made Jian Chi in the past favor him, now has become a source of unease.

It happened to be chemistry class. Five minutes before the end of class, before Jian Chi looked up from the computer, someone poked his shoulder. His classmate told him that someone was waiting for him at the back door, with an ambiguous smile on his face. When Jian Chi turned his head back, Ji Huaisi was standing there, and several people, he noticed, frequently concealed their eyes that were drifting back.

“I sent you a text message just now, I will go to the union to help move the props later,” Jian Chi walked over and asked, “Didn’t you receive it?”

Ji Huaisi said, “I got it. I thought I had nothing to do, so I can go with you.”


Before waiting for a reason to come out, Ji Huaisi interrupted slowly: “Can’t I? I can go and talk to the president of the photography club.”

Ji Huaisi’s serious eyes made it difficult for Jian Chi to refuse again. When he was about to nod, a shadow passed by him. Wen Chuan held the textbook, half-blocked in front of him, and said coldly to Ji Huaisi who was standing at the door: “Please move.”

His heart tightened, Jian Chi didn’t know when Wen Chuan came over. The bell rang on time, and the people in the classroom who were supposed to leave one after another slowed down their footsteps. Ji Huaisi waited until the bell had completely passed before opening his mouth politely: “The front door is empty, you can walk there.”

“I don’t want to,” Wen Chuan’s tone was indifferent, and the silent oppression was more irritating than the straightforward attack, “Move aside.”

“I have something to say to Jian Chi.”

“If you want to speak, go somewhere else, don’t be here.”

Jian Chi’s breathing was squeezed hard, Wen Chuan’s intention was too obvious, and even the purpose was written on his face without concealment-will Ji Huaisi find out?

No matter what he thought, Ji Huaisi’s smile faded a little, and he also restrained his gentleness, “There is no express rule that you can’t speak at the door of the classroom. Wen Chuan, I understand your current mood, but you don’t need to be here. If you are really worried, you can take a long vacation and leave school, I think the school will approve it.”

The words of concern had the exact opposite effect. Wen Chuan’s eyebrows were covered with thicker and thicker clouds, and he squeezed out seven words: “It has nothing to do with you.”

However, Ji Huaisi continued: “In case of any accident, it would be inconvenient to go from school to the hospital. I will also consider it from your point of view. Class is about to start. If you change your mind, you can go to the student union to find me at any time, or Shen Shuting.”

Jian Chi next to him noticed something was wrong, Wen Chuan clenched his fists and walked straight. Ji Huaisi stood there and did not dodge, his shoulders were knocked back, making a loud crash. Wen Chuan’s footsteps did not stop, as if he had hit air.

Jian Chi subconsciously helped Ji Huaisi, but his eyes followed Wen Chuan’s back, and he was suddenly pulled back by Ji Huaisi’s slightly lower voice: “I seem to have made him angry.”

Only then did Jian Chi continue to recall what was wrong just now, and vaguely guessed a bad answer, “What are you talking about? What happened to Wen Chuan’s house?”

Ji Huaisi rubbed the shoulder that was hit, and smiled a little helplessly, “Two weeks ago, Wen Chuan’s grandmother Nan Xie was given a critical illness notice. During this time, he often skipped school to go to the hospital. This cannot continue like this, he will fail his attendance. I just suggested that he would be better off taking a long vacation, so he may feel offended.”

Hearing the word ‘critically ill’, Jian Chi became heavy for a while, and then regained his normal breathing. He remembered that Wen Chuan’s grandmother was not able to escape the torture of the disease in the end, but it would be a long time before she passed away. Was Grandma’s death the last straw for Wen Chuan, which indirectly led to his final choice, to return to the Fu house… The timeline was so fast, have they already arrived to this part?

“Jian Chi?”

Jian Chi became alert, realizing that it’s not good to be distracted like this in front of Ji Huaisi, and explained, “I… I’m a little worried about him.”

Ji Huaisi smiled, and his slightly bent eyes didn’t reveal his underlying emotions, “You are friends, and you should be worried. He was probably really angry, and didn’t show mercy at all. “

Naturally, his attention was drawn to the shoulder being pressed by Ji Huaisi. Jian Chi felt a little remorse for his slowness, and quickly cared for Ji Huaisi’s injury. When he heard the sound, he was almost blue. On the way to the club, Ji Huaisi said, “Did you have any conflict with Wen Chuan? He seemed to have been avoiding you on purpose just now.”

Jian Chi’s heart was almost pulled out, and he replied vaguely, “It’s a little conflict in views, it’s not a big deal.”

“Even if it’s not a big deal, it can’t be ignored. If you don’t talk about it, the conflict will get deeper and deeper. I remember Wen Chuan liked going to the rooftop. Although it’s a bit dangerous, it’s a good place to chat and you won’t be disturbed,” Ji Huaisi said “There is still time to unravel all the conflicts, he should be thinking that too.” 

Jian Chi almost thought that Ji Huaisi already knew something, and was intentionally implying it. However, in those gentle gentle eyes, they were clean and free of any filth. Jian Chi suppressed the turbulent waves in his heart and answered stumblingly. After Ji Huaisi finished speaking, he stopped mentioning Wen Chuan, as if the sentence just now was just an unintentional remark.

Ji Huaisi had noticed something Jian Chi thought.

No opening, no puncturing, as if waiting for him to puncture the piece of paper.

A week later, it was the time when Dr. Han asked him to remove the plaster. Jian Chi had no other choice but to come to the school doctor’s office alone. After pushing the door in and seeing Qin Zhao in a white coat, the memory in his heart suddenly changed.

Jian Chi was guessing whether the school doctor Qin still remembered him, and Qin Zhao, who noticed the movement, turned his head.

He seemed to remember.

The phoenix eyes hidden behind the gold-rimmed glasses swept across Jian Chi from top to bottom, and stayed on his left foot. Except for the ups and downs that appeared at first glance, the tone was indifferent and alien, as if facing a stranger who he met for the first time: “Lie down.”

Jian Chi was stunned for a moment, then hesitantly pointed to the bed not far away, “Lie there?”

Qin Zhao’s eyes made Jian Chi feel like he was being scolded, and he heard Qin Zhao ask back, “Are you going to stand to remove the plaster?”

It seemed that he not only remembered him, but also held a grudge.

The guilty Jian Chi did not express any resistance to Qin Zhao, who had a bad attitude, and laid down against the head of the bed. Qin Zhao didn’t seem to want to have too much communication with him at all, so he grabbed the tools and took care of the cast on his feet. When Jian Chi lowered his head, he could just see Qin Zhao’s face. There was nothing to do, so he kept watching, a name that he hadn’t thought of for a long time came to his mind.

Qin Chuxu.

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