Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Dodge 

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Jian Chi looked at the ceiling above his head, his consciousness slowly drifted back to his body, and the life he had spent in his dream flashed before his eyes like a revolving lantern. 

Qin Zhao raised his eyes sensitively when he got up. His eyes under the lens flashed an elusive vigilance and disgust for a moment. 

“Jian Chi, why did you fall asleep?” Bai Xiyu had already woken up, his pale face turned a little rosier, and he asked with concern while sitting beside the bed. 

Jian Chi shook his head and didn’t have the strength to speak. He didn’t unexpectedly get cold eyes. Qin Zhao’s memory should be erased like last time, staying at the moment when he held his hand. 

Misunderstood, but Jian Chi didn’t explain it. In fact, he didn’t want to face anyone now, including Bai Xiyu who was caring for him. 

“I’m going back.” 

Bai Xiyu was stunned by this sudden sentence, and it took a while to react, “I’ll go with you too…” 

Jian Chi made a stop gesture, turned back and smiled at Bai Xiyu who was about to get up, “You continue to rest, other things can be discussed later.” 

“Jian Chi…”

This slightly puzzled and aggrieved cry was ignored by Jian Chi, and he almost fled at a faster pace. 

He didn’t understand why he didn’t dare to look directly at Bai Xiyu’s face, maybe because as long as he looked at it, all the ups and downs and the bad ending that Bai Xiyu went through in the book would appear in his mind. 

Yes, bad. In Jian Chi’s opinion, this novel, which gathered all these criminal offense material was more offensive than any book he had ever read. 

The words on the book seemed to strip everyone’s clothes off, and describe their life experience, mood and future in a few sentences. It’s only now that Jian Chi realized that knowing too much was not a good thing. For example, now, he would rather be kept in the dark than to be full of the knowledge of what was about to happen. 

Dreams, Qin Zhao, books… All the images crowded together, causing Jian Chi to have a splitting headache. He urgently needed to rest now, but God didn’t seem to like him. 

Shao Hang, who was leaning against the corridor, seemed to sense something, and his sharp eyes stared at him as if locked onto his prey. Jian Chi slowed down, stopped, and before he had time to turn around and leave, he was stopped by a neither light nor heavy voice. 

“What are you waiting for?” 

With a bang, the scene in front of Jian Chi shook. He could barely stabilize his mind, “What?” 

Shao Hang moved, and he slowly approached Jian Chi. The height brought unspeakable pressure and probing, forcing Jian Chi to retreat step by step, until his back was against the cool wall, and there was no gap. 

“What were you waiting for?” Shao Hang lowered his head, “Bai Xiyu is your friend, you don’t care about him, but instead look at me, why?” 

Jian Chi almost admired Shao Hang’s keen intuition. He was too uneasy at the time, leaking too many emotions that should not have appeared. He avoided Shao Hang’s burning gaze, “You saw wrong.”

“Whether I saw it or not, I know better than you.” 

His fingers were dodged before they touched Jian Chi’s face and Shao Hang smiled playfully like a cat, “Why are you so vigilant about me?” 

Jian Chi was in such a bad mood that he almost wanted to tell him directly, ‘Don’t you know you’re really hateful?’, but this sentence floated in his heart for a few seconds and was replaced by a more peaceful sentence: “You misunderstood. Bai Xiyu is still inside, you can go in and see him. If there is nothing else, I will go first.” 

“Did I let you go?” 

Shao Hang grabbed Jian Chi, who had just taken two steps and pulled him back again with unfathomable thoughts and interest in his eyes, “Tell me, why should I go to see him?” 

“How would I know?” 

Jian Chi couldn’t control his restless emotions and let out a trace of impatience, “If you aren’t seeing him, what are you doing here?” 

“Just passing by.” 

Shao Hang leaned closer and stopped an inch away from Jian Chi, with the heat falling on his earlobe with a low voice, “Or do you want to hear me say I came to see you on purpose?” 

His ear was surrounded by heat waves, causing goosebumps all over and he pushed Shao Hang away reflexively. No matter what he thought at the moment, he turned and left. 

He’s ill. 

Jian Chi recited in his heart. He really hoped to say these two words in front of Shao Hang, but it was impossible to achieve now. 

The accident in the equestrian competition was discussed fiercely in HS for three days and three nights before it gradually subsided. 

The student union punished the students who reviewed the competition, and several people made a public review. The topics in the post all revolved around Bai Xiyu, Ji Huaisi and the results of the equestrian competition. It only bypassed Shao Hang alone, as if it was a forbidden word that no one could mention.

“The champion really is Shao Hang.” Zhang Yang swiped HS without raising his head, his tone unsurprising, “Something like this happens, yet the originator of this mess can still win the championship in an open and fair manner. What a vicious capitalist.” 

“This word shouldn’t be used like this.” Jian Chi corrected. 

Zhang Yang pouted, “It’s annoying anyway. By the way, how is Bai Xiyu?” 

“He should be fine.” 

Fortunately, Zhang Yang only asked that question, and he didn’t delve more into this sentence, which made the tense Jian Chi breathe a sigh of relief. 

He spent two days sorting out the contents of the book and slowly accepted the result. In fact, he had to accept it even if he didn’t want to. 

The only thing that was not so vexing was that Zhang Yang never appears in the novel. Jian Chi was sure that he was a more transparent character than himself, just like the passers-by and students who gossip around Bai Xiyu but had no name every time. It was as if the meaning of their existence in the novel was to stab Bai Xiyu, say a few words, and then leave. 

The appearance of Zhang Yang gave Jian Chi a trace of peace of mind, as if they were still flesh and blood, not cold symbols in the novel. 

“Jian Chi, why are you distracted again?” 

Zhang Yang waved his mobile phone twice in front of Jian Chi’s eyes, and reminded: “Eat quickly, the meal is going to be cold. It’s cooling down these days, and winter is coming fast.” 

After regaining his senses, Jian Chi scooped a spoonful of soup and swallowed it. It was a little cold across his throat, “Yes, really fast.” 

In another year, he will be graduating from Saintston.

In the past two days, it’s not that Jian Chi hadn’t thought about changing schools, but thinking of what happened to ‘Jian Chi’ after dropping out of school in his dream, this idea was dismissed.

He finally came up with the idea that he had to get through this year, avoid all unstable factors and the protagonist group, and graduate safely. Maybe everything will be different when he separates from Saintston College, which was mainly described in the novel. 

The idea was beautiful, but Jian Chi knew that everything was far from simple. 

Just like this moment. 

“Jian Chi, he seems to be looking for…” 

As soon as he walked out of the cafeteria, Zhang Yang’s words were interrupted by a ‘shush’. 

Jian Chi glanced at Bai Xiyu not far away, sighed, really afraid of what was to come, so he pulled Zhang Yang and said in a low voice, “You block me.” 

Zhang Yang understood in an instant. Even if he had doubts in his heart, he still blocked Jian Chi and awkwardly moved to the corner until he could no longer see Bai Xiyu, who was looking around, then asked strangely: “Why are you hiding from him these days? What did he do to you? Do you want me to teach him a lesson for you?” 

“No,” Jian Chi added after finishing speaking, “Don’t trouble Bai Xiyu, there is a little conflict between me and him, which will be resolved soon.” 

Of course, there was no conflict and no solution. 

“Oh, all right.” Zhang Yang didn’t like to get entangled in one matter, so he quickly changed the topic: “Have you started to write the assessment for chemistry? It’s due next Tuesday, and I couldn’t write the beginning last night. It was terrible. What was my brain thinking at that time to throw away economy and stay in chemistry?” 

Jian Chi said: “There are five assessments in this semester of economics.” 

“…It seems I made the right choice.”

Zhang Yang’s muttering swept away half of the anxiety in Jian Chi’s heart, “I have finished writing chemistry. If you don’t understand, I will go to the library to teach you after class.” 

“Really?” Zhang Yang’s eyes burst into a warm light and he took Jian Chi’s hand, almost hugging him and kissing him, “Jian Chi, you are my savior! I declare that you are now the second person I admire.”

 “What about the first?” 

“You know, the first is of course the vice president…” 

Before the words fell, a pleasant voice broke into Jian Chi’s ear. 

“Jian Chi, so you are here.”

Zhang Yang raised his head and almost bit his tongue, “Vice, Vice President?” 

He just thought of him now and he had arrived. 

Jian Chi would rather go back to face Bai Xiyu a few minutes ago and also casually seal Zhang Yang’s crow’s mouth before that.

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