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Jian Chi stared at the words on the screen, his brows twitched, and he closed his phone resignedly, planning to report the loss of his documents in a few days.

Compared with the troublesome procedures and waiting, he didn’t want to face Shen Shuting. Being forced to see a completely unfamiliar and vulnerable Shen Shuting was an accident more unexpected than the elevator failure. Now that he had caught a glimpse of something that even Ji Huaisi didn’t know, Jian Chi was worried that Shen Shuting would silence him because of this.

Although a bit exaggerated, he believed that the consequences will not be much better than silencing him.

Ji Huaisi sent a text message in the morning to ask him how he had rested last night. In the end, he still did not forget to express his concern and apology. This made Jian Chi a little embarrassed. The accident was not Ji Huaisi’s fault. From another perspective, it was him who screwed up the trip.

When he came back to his senses, Ji Huaisi had already sent the next sentence: next time this kind of thing will not happen, I promise you.

Jian Chi stared at the ‘next time’ and typed a ‘OK’.

That day, he went to the police station to go through the formalities and the first snow fell on Chuanlin.

There had been fine snow the night before, and when the curtains were opened in the morning, the branches and the asphalt road were covered with a thick layer of snow, all of it was pure and clean white. The last time Jian Chi saw snow was four or five years ago. It was only as thick as a fingernail, far less than the snow in Chuanlin, like feathers flying in the sky.

This means that after New Year’s Eve, it will be the day to return to school.

This is the first time that Jian Chi had been away from the learning environment for such a long time. Even in the past, even if there was a holiday, the school would inevitably hold private extracurricular classes and assign piles of homework. The days of doing nothing have passed for too long, but Jian Chi wanted to find something to do and start school earlier. He had already thought about the first thing to do when he returned to school, which is to submit an application for a change of club.

The green light flickered, Jian Chi crossed the busy road, and suddenly his name came from behind. In the surging crowd, Wen Chuan was wearing black clothes and black pants, his long hair pressed under his hood, like a dazzling dark color in the snow. With his long-legs, he took a few steps to bypass the pedestrian and walked in front of him.

“Why are you here?”

It wasn’t until he met the familiar eyes that Jian Chi was able to react and asked with some surprise. It’s not a short walk from home.

Wen Chuan raised the stainless steel heat container in his hand, which did not match his grim attire, “I’m delivering meals to my grandmother, the hospital’s meals are not to my taste.”

Two blocks across the road was the striking building of the Chuanlin Second Hospital. Jian Chi retracted his gaze and couldn’t help but feel like it was a coincidence, “How is grandma? Are you planning to go back now?”

“Very good,” he said two short words, revealing a reassuring calm. Wen Chuan added after a pause, “I’m going to the bus stop in front.”

Jian Chi took advantage of the situation and said, “Let’s go together, I’m going back too.”

Wen Chuan walked beside him, and after a while, he whispered, “I saw you coming out of the police station just now, what happened?”

“I lost my ID card accidentally.” Jian Chi sighed helplessly, thinking again of Shen Shuting’s icy phrase ‘thrown away’. If he knew this result earlier, he would never have a kind heart. Not only did he not get any benefits, but the loss was not small.

But compared to personal safety, losing an ID card was really not a big deal. Wen Chuan seemed to be relieved. The bus stopped at the intersection, and he could see a small park next to him. Many children were playing snowball fights, giggling and laughing. Jing Jing was wearing a red down jacket, the most dazzling existence among the group of children. When she saw Wen Chuan, she immediately put down the snow ball in her hand and flew over, like a big red lantern.

“It’s so cold, what are you doing out? Didn’t I say I’d come back after seeing grandmother.”

Wen Chuan pinched Jing Jing’s ears. It was probably very cold, so he spoke with a frown. Jing Jing shrank her neck and looked a little afraid of Wen Chuan’s cold face, but maybe it was because of Jian Chi’s presence, she whispered, “I want to build a snowman, it never snows in Jiangcheng.”

This seemed to touch a softness in Wen Chuan’s heart. He pursed the corners of his lips, looked at Jing Jing’s dark and bright eyes, and finally compromised: “Don’t play too late.”

Jing Jing happily answered ‘ok’, turned around and ran back to her small team, and played snowballs with a few friends. In Jian Chi’s impression, the first time he saw snow, he was even a little more excited than Jing Jing. He couldn’t help smiling and said to Wen Chuan, “Aren’t you going to help her?”

“She has to learn to be independent.”

Jian Chi was thinking about the relationship between building a snowman and independence, and asked casually, “You don’t know how?”

Wen Chuan’s brows and eyes were as clear and quiet as this snow, and after a while he spat out a word: “En.”

The familiar words were like cherished gold, and there was some inexplicable depression and embarrassment.

“It’s very simple, you just need to squeeze out two snowballs first.”

Jian Chi grabbed a handful of snow from the ground, squeezed out two large and small snowballs, folded them, and placed them on the railing beside him. Withered yellow leaves cover the snowman’s head.

A very sloppy work, without detracting from its cuteness. Jian Chi glanced at it with satisfaction, and when he turned his head, Wen Chuan was imitating him, bending over to hold a handful of snow, and bowing his head to carefully shape the shape. It didn’t look like it was right. He was rolling a snowman, but doing a rigorous design, but the work in his hand was completely opposite to his attitude. After a few minutes, the two snowballs were still lying in the palm of his hand in a twisted posture. Wen Chuan stared at it for a few seconds as if a little discouraged, so Jian Chi quickly comforted.

“It’s beautiful and has a personal style.”

Wen Chuan didn’t seem to be comforted and said in a low voice, “I’m not good at handicrafts.”

He stacked the two snow dumplings next to Jian Chi’s little snowman, it seems to be fatter by a whole inch. After great difficulty to stabilize it’s body, he used gravel as his eyes. Wen Chuan picked up a branch and stuck it beside the snowman. It was different from the little snowman wearing a hat next to him but it was harmonious and innocent together, it didn’t even seem that the one he did was not so successful.

In order to commemorate this, Jian Chi took a photo and  did not forget to give encouragement: “It’s very beautiful, I can’t tell you are doing it the first time, it will definitely be more successful next time.”

“How do you like it?”

“I like it very much.”

Wen Chuan curled the corners of his lips indistinctly, but did not let Jian Chi find out. He stood behind him and quietly took a photo. In the picture, in addition to the two little snowmen, there was also Jian Chi’s back, which was quickly captured by him, as if nothing happened.

Jian Chi was looking down at the photo and didn’t notice Wen Chuan’s actions, so he posted ait. Zhang Yang probably set his alerts on, and was the first one to leave a message below: Did you pile it up? Why is the one on the right so ugly?

The one on the right was made by Wen Chuan.

Jian Chi didn’t know whether to reply for a while, maybe the best way is to not let Wen Chuan read the message. When refreshing the page, a new post from Ji Huaisi popped up, and Jian Chi subconsciously clicked into it.

Ji Huaisi just posted two photos, one was the snow scene, the other was him in the snow, it was difficult to conceal his temperament and figure in the picture with the casual shot. He smiled at the camera, put his hands in the pockets of his coat, and had a clear jade pendant on his chest, which was particularly conspicuous with the dark sweater.

Jian Chi zoomed in on the photo and was slightly startled. This jade pendant was exactly the same as the one at the auction.


Jian Chi swiped down. In just one minute, many people had left comments below. Some people said that the photos were beautiful, the snow scene was beautiful, and some people commented: I remember that vice president never wears jewelry, why is he wearing a necklace today? Is there any special meaning?

Ji Huaisi replied with a smiley face under this post.

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