Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Confusion

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“Who’s outside?”

Shen Shuting’s question came from behind. Mixed with a hint of oppression, Jian Chi opened his lips, not knowing whether to answer Shen Shuting or ask Wen Chuan why he was here first.

Wen Chuan didn’t give him the time to choose. He closed the door with his backhand and squeezed into the office with his long legs, forcing Jian Chi to retreat.

The unfamiliar smell from outside made Shen Shuting lift his eyelids, frown, and then let go of his usual calmness. He slowly leaned back on the leather chair, “Is something wrong?”

“Came to pick up someone.”

Wen Chuan spat out three words from his throat. It was an unnecessary waste for him to pronounce one more syllable. After speaking, he didn’t care about Shen Shuting’s reaction. “Pack up, I’ll take you away.”

Jian Chi subconsciously turned his head to look at Shen Shuting, this thoughtless action made Shen Shuting’s deep eyes flash a little, and the air around Wen Chuan suddenly cooled down, and Jian Chi, who didn’t notice it, hesitated and said, “I can… …”


Shen Shuting’s thin lips parted slightly, interrupting Jian Chi’s unfinished words. He got up and paced from behind the desk, stopping three steps away from Wen Chuan, “He needs to stay here.”

Wen Chuan stared at Shen Shuting’s cold eyes, there was a faint danger in his low voice: “I want a reasonable explanation.”

Shen Shuting felt a little bit of displeasure at the words that seemed to forcefully demand answers. He withdrew his glance at Wen Chuan, placed it on Jian Chi, and said calmly, “Do you want to go with him?”

With a coldness that only Jian Chi could hear.

The warning was too obvious. Jian Chi just wanted to blurt out ‘is it okay?’ and swallowed it. He sighed in his heart and looked into Wen Chuan’s dark eyes, “You go back first, the president and I have something to talk about.” His voice became quieter.

Probably because of the distraction in class and leaving too hastily, Wen Chuan followed him silently here. Jian Chi was surprised, mixed with subtle emotions. He didn’t expect Wen Chuan to care about him so much, and it was because of this that he was even more sorry for his guilty conscience.

“Don’t lie to me,” Wen Chuan said coldly as if he hadn’t heard Jian Chi’s rejection, “Did he say something to threaten you with something?”

Knuckle bones knocked on the solid wood table, Shen Shuting’s emerald eyes locked on Wen Chuan, and the last trace of warmth faded. Compared with Wen Chuan’s hostility that no strangers should enter his vicinity, this chill was more alien and intuitive. He was untouchable, and even before he opened his mouth, he had already shown a natural and irrefutable force.

“This is the office of the student union,” Shen Shuting said, “if there is nothing else, please get out.”

“Can the president of the student union detain students without permission?”

“Are you accusing me?”

Wen Chuan spia out a word mercilessly: “Yes.”

Shen Shuting frowned, his eyes fell on Jian Chi, the familiar irony and deep meaning, as if he could read the big characters ‘here comes another one’, or ‘indecisive’, or ‘never satisfied with what one has’; in short, there was not a good meaning behind it. Jian Chi wanted to interject, but felt that there was no room for him to explain. Wen Chuan and Shen Shuting seemed to be much more rational than him. Each word was a gun and a stick, not fast or slow, without any excessive words, but the atmosphere was so tense that he just wanted to leave quickly.

Perhaps God heard Jian Chi’s heart, and the door was knocked on again. This time, it was finally a student council member who came with a bag of packed lunch, and there was a scent through the thermal bag, “President, the lunch you wanted……”

When he saw the three people standing in the office, the boy was stunned, wondering if he should keep walking in. His eyes touched the surprise on Jian Chi’s face, and there was even a trace of unusual shock, “Jian Chi? What are you doing …” Realizing that this sentence was not timely, he quickly shut his mouth.

Jian Chi took the meal from his hand, making sure he heard it right, and asked, “What did you call me?”


“But how do you know my name?”


The boy smiled reluctantly. He didn’t seem to think of a corresponding lie. He hesitated and couldn’t answer. He pulled his hand to leave, and was stopped by Shen Shuting: “He’s asking you.”

The short words made the boy stop. Not daring to meet Shen Shuting’s eyes, he was so flustered that he said intermittently, “I, I’m… sorry, Classmate Jian Chi, I didn’t mean to, I just …”

Jian Chi had an extremely bad feeling, “Just what?”

“You’d better go to HS to have a look.” The boy finished speaking in a low voice. For fear of being stopped by Shen Shuting again, he closed the door with oil on the soles of his feet.

Jian Chi already had a stress response to these two letters. He took out his mobile phone and didn’t even need to click on the school section. The news posted by Shao Hang ten minutes ago was quietly lying on the first page of the homepage, and there were nearly a thousand likes below. The number of comments was dazzling, one must know that there were only just more than a thousand students in the whole of Saintston.

With a slight dizziness, Jian Chi realized that he had forgotten to breathe. The trend was short, short enough to bring the impact to the fore.

Shao Hang: My person. Jian Chi

It had the most number of likes, and it was also the first comment under the trend. The thing that was even more concise and clearer than these two words was the question mark.

Jian Chi believed that this was the first thought of everyone, including him when he saw this trend. Astonishment and bewilderment sat in his heart, and Jian Chi felt a little unsteady holding the phone, not to mention continuing to read the comments below, he knew that there would not be what he hoped to see.

The phone was taken away by Wen Chuan, and every inch he looked down, the coldness in his eyes thickened, and the back of his clenched hand showed faint blue veins. Jian Chi couldn’t help worrying that the phone would be broken apart in the next second.

“He’s crazy.”

Wen Chuan squeezed out a voice from the depths of his throat. If Shao Hang appeared here at this moment, the scene would probably be more difficult to end. There were no words to describe this trend, other than absurd and crazy.

“What happened?”

Shen Shuting’s question sounded, obviously he had guessed that it would not be a good thing. Seeing that arrogant trend that was comparable to a declaration of sovereignty, his face was somber. Jian Chi originally thought that he would be the one who should collapse the most, but now it seemed that the other two people present were even more of an enemy with him, as if a serious accident that required the establishment of first-level security had occurred. In contrast, he seemed too calm.

This calmness came from the numbness after a huge shock.

“Now,” Shen Shuting raised his eyes, “what are you going to do?”

Jian Chi’s back was as cold as his palms, and it took a long time for him to realize the deep meaning of Shen Shuting’s words. He replied, “I…”

Before finishing his words, HS that was already full of messages, received a text message from Ji Huaisi.

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