Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Important

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If Jian Chi was given another chance, he would never have shown any soft-heartedness towards Shao Hang. The silence fueled Shao Hang’s arrogance, which eventually burned him.

On the way back to the dormitory, countless focused eyes turned to Jian Chi, and they looked at him from beginning to end with a strong sense of substance, no matter whether they were curious or hostile, they were all malicious. Jian Chi didn’t know how he closed the door. Facing the HS full of messy messages, the message from Ji Huaisi had sunk to the bottom. Jian Chi calmed down and clicked on it.

Ji Huaisi: No matter where you are now, go back to the dormitory first, and don’t come out for the time being.

Ji Huaisi: Don’t worry too much, I will handle this matter.

The annoyance in his heart eased a little, but Jian Chi knew that this sentence could only be a bit of comfort. Unsurprisingly, everyone has seen this trend, and even if there were still people who hadn’t seen it, they will soon learn this fact from the discussions of friends and classmates. Ji Huaisi can ask Shao Hang to delete the evidence and control the speech in the forum, but he can’t erase everyone’s memory.

Everyone recognized him, and his name will be tied to Shao Hang from now on. Jian Chi believed that the forum must have become a mess, and sent a reply to Ji Huaisi: Thank you, but it may be too late.

Ji Huaisi didn’t answer Jian Chi’s concerns and asked: Have you returned to the dormitory?

Jian Chi:En.

Ji Huaisi: Take a good rest, don’t think too much, and don’t reply to Shao Hang, it will make things more difficult to end.

In fact, Jian Chi thought of replying to this declaration in Shao Hang’s way to explain the facts. But like Ji Huaisi said, a late explanation will not make any sense, but will make it more difficult to end. Jian Chi replied with an okay, and Ji Huaisi sent a message after a moment of silence: Have you been to the student union these two days?

Jian Chi’s heart thumped a little, but he didn’t hide it: the president was looking for me for something.

Ji Huaisi: Shuting?

Jian Chi: Correct.

Holding the phone, he was a little apprehensive, but after a long time he didn’t get a next reply from Ji Huaisi. This seemed a little unusual, it used to be Ji Huaisi’s message as the end of the chat. Jian Chi didn’t know why he was disappointed, this time he created such a big mess. Well, although Shao Hang was the one who caused it, he was also the one who caused it. It was only natural that Ji Huaisi would be angry.

So, was Ji Huaisi angry?

Jian Chi sat down on the edge of the bed, his legs numb. Zhang Yang sent more than a dozen messages, and after replying, Jian Chi found that there were a few messages from Bai Xiyu, who he had not been in contact for a long time. It was sent just ten minutes ago, when he was walking back to the dormitory.

Bai Xiyu: I just found out what happened…Is it true? Or was Shao Hang forcing you?

As expected of the protagonist, although he was usually a little outrageous and simple, his intuition on major events was unreasonably accurate.

Jian Chi didn’t know where to start explaining: it’s not true, I don’t know why he would be so sudden.

Bai Xiyu: I don’t know what I can do for you, but if someone asks, I will definitely explain it for you. Shao Hang is really going too far this time. How can you continue to stay in Saintston in the future?

Shao Hang probably never thought about this issue. Jian Chi believed that Shao Hang had the absolute confidence to control and protect him, and the evaluation and vision of outsiders were not worth mentioning to him, and there was no need for him to accept. What Shao Hang wants to do is to show everyone this arrogant capital of his, but Jian Chi never had this strong  heart and way of thinking. Before, he avoided Shao Hang because he didn’t want to be watched like a monkey.

But now, in the eyes of others, he has probably become a tourist attraction, the kind that was free.

The moment he walked into the classroom, Jian Chi felt that the noise in his ears disappeared for a few seconds. It was not an illusion. If he sat in his seat without looking at anything, the surroundings would gradually return to the commotion before the class started. Jian Chi turned on the computer, and the desk in front, who hadn’t talked to him all semester, suddenly turned his head and smiled less friendly, “Hey, how does it feel to be with Shao Hang? Isn’t it cool?”

His deskmate said, “Are you crazy? Be careful Shao Hang troubles you.”

“How is that possible? Do you want to bet that Shao Hang will dump him in less than a semester.”

“Be quiet, he can still hear…”

The voice quieted and Jian Chi stared at the screen. After a while, he realized that the ‘wrong password’ prompt had popped out for a long time. The password this time was finally correct. Jian Chi opened the pdf of the textbook. The teacher who walked in calmed down the restless atmosphere of the classroom. Despite this, Jian Chi still felt a lot of vague attention during the one-hour class. Some were cautious, while some of them were so blatant that they almost said his name.

These people were afraid of Shao Hang, but in the face of a plaything that Shao Hang seemed to use to pass time, they looked at him disdainfully and strangely unwillingly, which catalyzed Jian Chi’s disgust towards people’s probing.

“Jian Chi, what are you going to do?” This was the second time Jian Chi had heard this sentence. Zhang Yang sighed with a sad face, “I know you are not that kind of person, but with the current situation, everyone thinks you are. In fact, this kind of thing is not uncommon in the school. What is rare is that the person involved this time is Shao Hang. Do you understand what I mean?”

Looking at the road under his feet, Jian Chi wondered whether he would also experience the baptism of eyes when he goes to the library. He said, “Maybe in a few days, it will be overwhelmed by new things, and people won’t keep buzzing about it.”

“I hope so.”

Zhang Yang didn’t sound very convinced, but he clearly knew that the best plan at the moment is to do nothing and wait for the rumors to cool down quietly. When walking up the steps of the library, Jian Chi was stopped from behind, and when he turned around, he saw Ji Huaisi’s figure standing not far away, showing him a faint smile, a particularly eye-catching scene on the campus road.

“Jian Chi, do you have time?”

It wasn’t until Zhang Yang patted him that Jian Chi remembered and nodded, “I have time.” Although he still had homework to complete.

Ji Huaisi smiled with his eyes and, as usual, his smile was like a spring breeze, he didn’t seem as angry as Jian Chi thought, “I have something to tell you, should we go together?”

Jian Chi looked at Zhang Yang, who seemed to think that Ji Huaisi was going to talk to him about the solution of this incident, and gave him a look of ‘don’t worry’. Jian Chi walked down the steps, and a few passing students cast their gazes over. Ji Huaisi didn’t care, and Jian Chi didn’t dodge like before. In fact, Shao Hang’s matter had made him understand that it was better to walk out proud than cover up. In any case, the situation can never be worse than it was now.

This was Jian Chi’s first visit to the PC dorm. He originally thought that Ji Huaisi would take him to the student union, but he never thought he would be walking to another unfamiliar direction.

The elevator arrived at the top floor, and Jian Chi walked out behind Ji Huaisi. There was only a door in front of the whole floor with a password and fingerprint. Ji Huaisi seemed to be able to read what he was thinking, “The PC dormitory has 5 people on every floor. The school gave me a little privilege, although I don’t like big houses. Come in, I’ll get you slippers.”

Up to this moment, Jian Chi was still full of confusion. He didn’t know what Ji Huaisi had to do with him and why he brought him to his dormitory. Realizing that this was Ji Huaisi’s territory, Jian Chi had a nervousness of going to Ji Huaisi’s house for the first time again. He put on the brand-new slippers handed over by Ji Huaisi, and sat on the sofa cramped under the gaze of Ji Huaisi, and then he remembered the anxiety surrounding his heart: “What’s the matter?”

Ji Huaisi sat down beside him, the jade pendant hanging on his chest showed a small knot, “It’s a very important matter. I didn’t want the scene to be too casual, so I brought you here without permission, I hope you do not mind.”

“It’s okay.” Jian Chi replied subconsciously, with ‘a very important matter’ circulating in his mind.

“Then,” Ji Huaisi smiled, gently without any defensive aggression, “are you ready to give me my answer?”


Without any words, Ji Huaisi opened his right hand, and the purple brooch on his chest lay quietly in the palm of his hand at some point, glowing with the deep luster unique to gems. Maybe he took it off when he was picking up the slippers or maybe Jian Chi was too nervous and missed this little gesture… There were countless possibilities, all pointing to the same fact, the proposal that had plagued him throughout the holiday.

Jian Chi suddenly remembered that he met Ji Huaisi on the campus on the first day of school. At that time, he would have never thought that one day this dazzling and luxurious brooch would be placed within his reach, waiting for him to pick it up.

“I said you can think about it slowly, but now that something like this has happened, there’s not much time. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. The best way is for me to come forward, after all, in terms of identity, my words should be more convincing than Shao Hang.”

Ji Huaisi looked into his eyes, his thin lips slightly parted.

“Jian Chi, I would also like to know your answer.”

His voice was so clear and soft that he couldn’t bear to interrupt, but Jian Chi felt a small electric current running down his spine to his brain, and he lost his voice.

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