Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Bewitched

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Jian Chi had once questioned why Ji Huaisi proposed this choice?

In junior high school, the teacher had commented on his character, dull and slow, just like his name. Jian Chi had also heard someone say behind his back that he had lost his mind in learning, and Jian Chi half agreed and half disagreed. He thought no less than others, sometimes even too much. His language system couldn’t convert the content in his mind into words very well, which made him often seem unable to answer fluently. Gradually, in the eyes of others, it had become a synonym for ‘sluggish’.

This kind of evaluation, which was not objective in Jian Chi’s opinion, cannot arbitrarily cover his whole being. In the field that he was not good at, Jian Chi would be extra cautious in his choices. He could fill in the chemistry multiple-choice questions with certainty, but he had to rummage through professional books to finish writing an economic report. The same goes for emotions, he has not been in a relationship that could be classified as ‘love’ and is wary of looking for any evidence of what it means. He knew that ordinary friends would not be as concerned as Ji Huaisi, let alone put him first.

Ji Huaisi was very good to him, even a little too good.

All the past moments had been kept in mind, but the blank experience made him not draw a firm conclusion, or dare not. He had been trying to put himself in the position of an outsider. The farther away he was from the people in the story, the better. It was Ji Huaisi who extended his hand to him, again and again, blurring the boundaries. It wasn’t until a long time after that Jian Chi realized that he was firmly tied to the story.

It made Jian Chi completely confirm the guess in his heart. It was at this moment that he saw the purple brooch in Ji Huaisi’s hand. Even if there was no understanding, Jian Chi knew that Ji Huaisi was definitely not a willful character like Shao Hang who did whatever he thought. Ji Huaisi looked gentle and elegant, and it was easy to make people feel that he had no temper, but he clearly knew what he wanted, handled everything in an orderly manner, and never took risks on a whim.

Such a rational Ji Huaisi would not risk his reputation to help him.

Jian Chi looked at Ji Huaisi who was waiting for a reply. A small piece of pendant rope was exposed from the neckline of his shirt, “Is this necklace the one that was bought by someone else at the auction?”

This sentence was obviously not an answer, it was a bit abrupt and nonsensical. Ji Huaisi was not angry. He took out the jade pendant hanging around his neck and showed a shallow smile, “I bought it from the buyer.”


“You said that this jade pendant was very similar to the one I gave you, and I felt the same way. Thinking of someone else wearing it didn’t feel very good. I still hope that this person can be me.”

As if slowly revealing the naked truth, Ji Huaisi’s gentle words were like a bomb that fell into a pool, causing buzzing in Jian Chi’s ears to linger for a long time. He could clearly see the familiar tender concern in Ji Huaisi’s eyes, and the unfamiliar feelings that ripped apart a corner of the huge net woven around him, making it more and more difficult to breathe. No, it’s not really unfamiliar, it’s just that he has never seriously thought about the deep meaning in it before, and at this moment, it was exposed.

“Ji Huaisi, I…”

The answer was too predictable, and before Jian Chi finished speaking, Ji Huaisi had already seen through his anxiety and interrupted softly: “I know this is sudden, but for me, these words have been thought about for a long time, if I don’t say it now, I’m afraid it will be too late. Jian Chi, I won’t force you to make a decision, you should think about it, don’t refuse so quickly, okay? “

The final sound of the last two words was as light as the wind, blowing into his ears and plucking the string in his heart.

The initiative clearly fell into Jian Chi’s hands, and the answer only depended on his words, but Jian Chi felt like he was unable to control and follow Ji Huaisi’s feels. When he came back from his thoughts, he had already nodded his head. He saw Ji Huaisi unable to restrain his smile. There was soft indulgence, no longer concealed. Jian Chi felt the temperature around him a little high, maybe it was just the faint heat on his face, but the words he said were uncontrollable intermittent: “You…I mean, when did it start? Why?”

Ji Huaisi’s shoulders were slightly tilted towards Jian Chi, making the distance more intimate. The less obvious actions were not noticed by the other party. He raised his lips and smiled, “Do you know what I was thinking when I saw you for the first time?”

Jian Chi asked subconsciously, “What was it?”

“Many years ago, my father fell in love with my mother at first sight. At that time, he was not famous, and my mother was a household name. He pursued her for five years, and it was obvious that he succeeded. My mother told me that at first she thought that he was just like everyone else, just looking at her appearance, money and status, but once, she encountered a bottleneck in her creation and was in a bad mood. My father, who had never understood romance, wrote a love poem that didn’t make sense, that’s how she described it. My father hummed it out of tune all the way, and my mother couldn’t bear it. She changed the score of this love poem overnight. My father said on the side: Look, you are much better than me. I can’t understand these notes at all. I mean, you can even write a complete song. This was actually the story behind the song “Love Letter”. Others say my father is old-fashioned, and she thinks my father is stupid, cute and stupid. She told me , when you see someone who you think is cute no matter what they do, that’s probably a ‘you’re done’ sign. I think some of these characteristics may be innate in my genes.”

The last word fell, and Jian Chi could finally hear the beating heartbeat in his ears. Looking at Ji Huaisi’s slightly deep eyes, he realized that they were very close, too close, and his breath brushed his cheeks. Since just now, he had once again fallen into the sluggishness of not being able to organize useful sentences from his cluttered brain. Ji Huaisi continued: “There is one thing you may not know yet.”

Jian Chi felt a little dizzy, “What’s the matter?”

He saw a slightly meaningful smile on Ji Huaisi’s lips, and his voice slowly flowed into his ears: “In Saintston, praising the other party’s brooch is actually a hint that you want to develop a relationship with him.”

In an instant, a ‘boom’ sounded in his mind, like a colorful firework exploding. Jian Chi opened his lips, and even forgot what to say, he wished he could disappear in front of Ji Huaisi immediately, or find a hole to get into. Tingling shame spread to every strand of hair on his scalp when he saw Ji Huaisi’s eyes smile.

“I didn’t know it had that meaning…”

“I know,” Ji Huaisi said, “but when I heard it, it felt very subtle.”

Jian Chi wanted to cover his face a little, but before lowering his head, Ji Huaisi naturally pushed back the scattered hair beside his ear, and the five fingers that passed through the hair stopped behind his head, and the electric touch moved from the touched place to spread all over his body. Jian Chi looked at Ji Huaisi who was approaching slightly. The pause button was pressed on his body and his clean face enlarged in front of his eyes, his long and dense eyelashes trembled with the heat he exhaled. Ji Huaisi stared at him and whispered bewitchingly: “Should we do a test? Maybe it can help you determine the answer faster.”

“What test?”

The temperature from Ji Huaisi was close to his skin, and his fingertips rubbed his cheeks, “Do you hate this?”

After a few seconds, Jian Chi realized that he forgot to breathe.


The corners of Ji Huaisi’s lips lifted upwards, revealing a trace of joy that was not hidden. Jian Chi’s heart was churning with ‘push him away’ and ‘dodge’, neither of the two options was given an order by the body. He could clearly see Ji Huaisi’s darker than usual eyes when he approached, his lips slightly parted and closed under the straight bridge of his nose, and the moist pale pink looked very soft – Jian Chi didn’t know why he paid attention there. Terrible.

“What about now?”

This was the last sentence Jian Chi heard before Ji Huaisi kissed him.

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