Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Confession

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His back sank into the soft sofa, and Jian Chi didn’t know whether it was Ji Huaisi who was pressing down on him, or whether he gave up resistance after admitting defeat. The soft kiss on the lips was as bright as an electric shock, and when he came up for air, Jian Chi unconsciously showed his response.

His vision was hazy, Ji Huaisi’s well-informed eyes hidden under his long eyelashes seemed to be watching him, and the threads melted into the warming air.

“Ji…” Jian Chi held Ji Huaisi’s shoulder, but did not push it away. The situation at this moment was different from usual. Ji Huaisi’s shackles were gentle and not compulsive. As long as he wanted, he could withdraw from this kiss at any time, but Jian Chi didn’t.

Ji Huaisi held his cheek as if he was holding a precious and beloved object, until there was a numb tingling on his lips, and Jian Chi leaned back and turned his face away. Ji Huaisi let go of his hand very naturally. If it weren’t for his undulating chest and slightly messy collar, it would be hard to see that he was doing such an outrageous thing just now. Except for the momentary thin redness on his cheeks, one couldn’t see any gaffe on his handsome face. He lowered his head, gasping through his hoarse nasal voice: “Sorry, did I bite you?”

Jian Chi felt that the temperature on his body was a little hotter. He wondered how Ji Huaisi said such a shameful remark with his warm and harmless face with genuine concern, as if he was really sorry for it.

“…No,” Jian Chi looked away. If he looked at him again, he might not even be able to say a word, “Can you…get up?”

Ji Huaisi didn’t move. Staring at his face quietly, his thoughts seemed to drift far away, the temperature in his eyes made it hard for Jian Chi to ignore. There was no response after a while, and Jian Chi called out his name unsteadily: “Ji Huaisi?”

The effect of this sound was not as expected. The fingertips slowly traced along the cheeks to the end of the eyes, and the place where he stroked aroused a numb shudder. Ji Huaisi leaned down and met Jian Chi’s dazed eyes, his last trace of aggression: “The moles under your eyes are very beautiful.”

Jian Chi had never heard these words from anyone else’s mouth. He only knew this highly appreciated adjective would be more appropriate for Wen Chuan. Ji Huaisi didn’t sound like he was joking. He rubbed the skin under his eyes, and the gentle gesture made Jian Chi’s whole body tremble, as if he was hit by something. He lost his mobility for a while, until Ji Huaisi touched his moles with his lips instead of his hand, dropping a shallow kiss at the end of his eyes.

He only touched it restrainedly, it was not as close as their lips and teeth that blended together just now. However, the blood in Jian Chi’s body flowed uncontrollably and quickly, urging the heart that was about to be unable to bear it. He also heard Ji Huaisi’s heartbeat.

“You don’t hate me doing this? Can I understand that as you feeling a little something towards me?” Ji Huaisi was laughing, “Your face is so hot, are you shy?”

Jian Chi gritted his back molars and used a lot of strength to maintain his calmness on his face. His expression must be very bad now, “No, I was frightened.” It was hard for even himself to believe this sentence.

This kiss that he couldn’t loathe made Jian Chi doubt himself for the first time. Although he had never experienced any relationship beginning-to-end, he always liked the opposite sex by default. Most people would think so, right? But looking back now, when Shao Hang kissed him strongly, his shock was more from Shao Hang than from him being the same sex. When Ji Huaisi leaned closer, he obviously had the chance to avoid him but he didn’t do it, and a voice lingered in his heart. It told him: In fact, you are not that repulsed.

This kind of strange, ambiguous intimacy that made him temporarily lose his ability to think, Jian Chi couldn’t distinguish whether it came from liking it or just the freshness of it. Originally, in his opinion, people like Ji Huaisi should be with better people, someone as gentle and powerful as him, and be able to stand on their own. Jian Chi didn’t think he had any of these pros, and even though Ji Huaisi explained why, he still couldn’t digest the fact that ‘Ji Huaisi confessed to him’.

Was that a confession?

Jian Chi was a little uncertain. Whose confession would have directly kissing as a test? Although this was really helpful, after reacting, he seemed to have fallen into a inconsistency created by Ji Huaisi, which was too real and beautiful, and even made Jian Chi not want to come out of it.

The official account of the student union soon posted a notice about the punishment, and some student users were banned for a month for being aggressive on the forum, giving a warning to others to learn from. People who were attentive found that all the accounts on the list had made remarks related to Shao Hang, and some of them were mixed with Jian Chi’s name, but the latter was inconspicuous under the background of a large number of the former.

Some people joked in the comments, and now they were afraid that even the word ‘Prince’ can’t be discussed, and the comment was deleted just half a minute after it was posted. The people who discovered it did not dare to repeat the same mistakes, and used a more obscure way to signal it in the forum, and finally came to an unanimous conclusion: the eldest young master probably had something happen, and did not want to see any posts related to him, so he simply used his privileges and deleted it clean.

Jian Chi’s first reaction when he saw this notice was also this, until he remembered what Ji Huaisi once said, “I will handle it”. Shao Hang became a forbidden topic, and he, who was frequently discussed because of Shao Hang, gradually disappeared from the forum. Although there were a few guesses in the comments whether it was related to Shao Hang’s sudden news a few days ago, most people seem to prefer the former possibility. After all, it was not Shao Hang’s first time to have a spasm.

Such an approach pushed Shao Hang to the forefront and quietly replaced him who was targeted.

If it was in the past, Jian Chi would definitely edit a half-page essay to express his gratitude, but after the kiss of unknown meaning, he had not contacted Ji Huaisi for a week, even when he saw him on the road, he would hurriedly bow his head and return. Embarrassment was the second reason, the most important thing was that he did not dare. Thinking of this, Jian Chi opened the drawer beside the bed, and in it laid the black brooch that Shao Hang gave him. Now, there was another gem with purple light next to it. 

Jian Chi still remembered that before leaving that day, Ji Huaisi pinned the brooch to his chest, and said warmly that he should keep it temporarily until he gave him an answer. Jian Chi remembered that he refused, but maybe it was because Ji Huaisi’s eyes were too hard for people to say ‘no’ to, or because the oxygen supply to his brain was insufficient after the kiss, so when he returned to the dormitory, he realized that the brooch was somehow brought back with him.

Looking at the two brooches, black and purple, Jian Chi felt that the hope of returning it was extremely slim.

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