Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Suspect

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After the application for changing clubs was approved, Jian Chi chose a less outstanding club, the photography club. Knowing the news, Zhang Yang originally invited him to join the tennis club enthusiastically, but out of consideration for his physical fitness, Jian Chi still insisted on the initial choice, a niche that did not need to consume too much energy.

“Welcome to the photography club. It is not a problem to have no foundation. The most important thing is to enjoy the extracurricular activities of your last year.” The president was an RC who seemed to have a good temper, which was somewhat rare in Saintston. Jian Chi breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that this was indeed a very wise choice.

Now he just hoped that Shao Hang will understand and will not do any more excessive actions in the future.

“Be quiet,” Yang Zheng took the stage and cleared his throat, then instead of opening the textbook as usual, he said “Before the class starts today, I need you to fill out a form within five minutes. The link will be put on the big screen soon, log in to your mailbox and you can see it too. Don’t talk to each other.”

After the PPT switched, a URL link was displayed. No one cared about the last sentence of ‘not talking to each other’, and the atmosphere in the classroom suddenly became noisy. Jian Chi, who didn’t understand what was going on, logged in to the website, the page was still loading when Zhang Yang’s excited voice interjected impatiently: “Jian Chi, which place are you going to choose?”

“Which place?”

As soon as the words came out, the page was loaded, and a questionnaire about travel location made Jian Chi understand what Zhang Yang meant. Looking down, there were actually more than three places to choose from. Jian Chi saw places such as the ‘Nokel Desert’ and ‘Fudan Snow Mountain’, which were famous for their adventures, there was no doubt this was a list for high school students. At this time, he heard a boy in front say in a very happy tone: “Great, this time there is Fudan Snow Mountain, I haven’t gone skiing for a long time.”

It seems that this was his problem.

“The choice is really rich this time, there is even Orlin, I have always wanted to try the food there, but the restaurants in Chuanlin are not authentic,” Zhang Yang sighed as he flipped through the pages, “If we did go, how much would the student union have to spend?”

Jian Chi asked: “Is the last place you went to dependent on the votes?”

“It’s mainly about voting, but it also needs to work with the funding, time, and risk. If many people choose the desert, and the remaining people who have no choice strongly oppose it, there is a high probability that they will not be able to go in the end.” Zhang Yang shrugged.

“That’s still very fair.” Jian Chi felt that this was one of Saintston’s few advantages.

Wen Chuan, who has always been quiet, said, “Do you have a choice?”

“I’m still looking.”

Jian Chi’s moving fingers paused between ‘European Cruiseline’ and ‘Coast of Santoyo’, the only two water-related locations. Jian Chi didn’t have much interest in other adventures, mainly due to lack of experience. He can already predict that if he goes camping, he will have no knowledge of survival in the wild and will hold everyone back. Wen Chuan looked at his screen, “Do you want to go to the beach?”

The sudden closeness allowed Jian Chi to smell Wen Chuan’s scent. It wasn’t perfume or a plant scent, it was close to the ordinary soap scent of the laundry room. Jian Chi subconsciously moved to the side, the last incident made him a little more sensitive to contact others. He naturally responded to Wen Chuan’s words: “En, I used to live by the sea, and I have not been back since I arrived in Chuanlin. “

His subtle actions made Wen Chuan’s eyes flash dark, and he pursed the corners of his cold lips, “Tell me after you choose.”

Jian Chi felt that Wen Chuan’s tone seemed to have changed abruptly. The sentence was too short to capture it in detail though. Five minutes were about to end, and Jian Chi pressed the option of cruiseline, though feeling a little tangled. The activities on the coast all revolved around swimming. In contrast, he was more inclined to try things that he has never tried, mainly because of this would it feel more like a vacation.

After the last accident, Jian Chi didn’t know if he should continue to go to the student union to meet Shen Shuting. Just thinking of that scene in his mind made him feel like he was sitting on pins and needles. No need to guess, he also knew that Shen Shuting would have given him a new charge. After struggling for the whole morning, Jian Chi still went in the direction of the student union. He felt that Shen Shuting would not give him face and would take the initiative to look for him. Shen Shuting can no longer be given the opportunity to accuse him.

“Jian Chi? Are you going to the student union?”

After just hesitating for a few seconds, Jian Chi followed the sound and saw Bai Xiyu who was walking around the corner. He hadn’t seen him for a while, and when Bai Xiyu saw him, he shouted with a little joy. He was much more restrained than before, and quickly approached, “What a coincidence, I just came out of the student union.”

Jian Chi also responded with a ‘what a coincidence’. This happened too many times, so he could quickly accept that ‘meeing Bai Xiyu anytime and anywhere’, something that is out of common sense, is quite normal now: “Shen Shu…is the president inside?”

Bai Xiyu didn’t notice his momentary wrong labelling, and blinked his smart eyes with a hint of uncertainty, “I don’t know, I was just speaking to a senior to ask about this trip. I didn’t know if the students needed to pay extra or the school would pay for it. I’m too embarrassed to take so much money from my family.” At the end, he smiled helplessly.

This made Jian Chi realize his negligence, and his thoughts drifted to the new subject, “What did the senior say?”

“He said that the travel expenses were covered by the student union,” Bai Xiyu said, “but he seemed to have other things to do later and couldn’t finish speaking, so I’m not sure.”

Although Bai Xiyu said it euphemistically, Jian Chi could also guess how the other party would answer a special admissions inquiry with a perfunctory expression, and probably didn’t want to waste time on it. When the topic jumped over, Jian Chi remembered something. He hesitated for a moment and then said, “By the way, do you know why Bai Shuyun hasn’t come to school these days?”

He originally wanted to ask how Bai Shuyun’s situation was, so after the accident that day, Jian Chi had been looking for opportunities to inquire about Bai Shuyun’s news. He remembered the very oppressive and unpredictable business card left by the eldest brother of the Bai family. He dialed the number on it and an assistant picked up. They chatted with each other for five minutes, only to find that one wanted to give money and the other wanted to ask about Bai Shuyun’s condition.

In the end, of course, nothing was done. Jian Chi thought for a while and didn’t send a message to Bai Xiyu, but he would definitely know about his illness. With Bai Xiyu’s protection of his brother, he knew that he would probably not easily forgive him in the future. Going back to school, they can’t avoid meeting, but Jian Chi still didn’t want to make this relationship too bad.

Fortunately, Bai Xiyu didn’t seem suspicious, sighed a long breath, and felt a little gloomy, “My brother’s condition has come and gone, and this time it has gotten worse. Now my brother doesn’t allow him to go out, school can only be delayed for a while. No matter what, one’s body is the most important thing.”

The word ‘wose’ made Jian Chi’s heart skip a beat, but the ordinary tone behind Bai Xiyu calmed him down. In all fairness, Bai Shuyun did do a lot of things that made him disgusted, but if he really put the other party’s life in danger, Jian Chi would not have the slightest sense of success in his revenge. Fortunately, judging from Bai Xiyu’s demeanor, no matter how bad Bai Shuyun’s situation was, he shouldn’t have fallen into ‘life-threatening’.

“I hope he gets better soon.” This sentence didn’t come from his concern, but it wasn’t a lie either. Jian Chi told the truth.

Bai Xiyu’s clear eyes flickered inexplicably. He pursed his lower lip, and his voice showed just the right amount of worry: “Yes, I hope my brother can get better before the trip and catch up during this rare short vacation.”

Bai Shuyun’s topic guided Jian Chi’s thoughts back to the confrontation in the private room that day. In fact, until now, Jian Chi was not sure that Bai Shuyun had given up targeting him. Bai Shuyun may have deepened his hatred for him seeing his embarrassed side, or maybe it would offset his disgust for his help. Jian Chi believed in the former more, while the latter was just his wishful thinking. He couldn’t help but think of Bai Shuyun’s panicked eyes when he fell to the ground that day and learned that there was no medicine in his pocket. Later, Jian Chi thought many times why the medicine was not on Bai Shuyun’s body.

That look left a deep impression on him, Bai Shuyun was obviously very sure that the medicine was in his pocket, and the disease had plagued him for decades, it was impossible to be careless enough to forget this most basic protective measure. Why did the medicine disappear? Or was he really so unfortunate that it fell halfway?

Jian Chi had given up thinking about this issue, until Bai Xiyu’s words made him reconstruct the picture of the day and stop at the door of the dormitory, then he remembered that he was supposed to find Shen Shuting.

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