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Chapter 89 Mess

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Jian Chi confirmed that what happened in front of him was not a hallucination, let alone a ridiculous dream. He pushed Wen Chuan away, but it happened so suddenly that his arms couldn’t stop shaking, but it couldn’t match the beating heart in his chest.

Within the silent dressing room, only his heartbeat and two heavy overlapping breaths were left.

Wen Chuan’s eyes were terrifying. Jian Chi hurriedly glanced at him, then as if he had been burned, he looked away. He wiped his wet lips twice, but the feeling of suffocation became worse and clearer. Jian Chi couldn’t bear the stagnant atmosphere, and Wen Chuan, who was silent, looked at him. His eyes told him everything. Before leaving in a hurry, Jian Chi looked up at Wen Chuan for the last time, his blank brain forced him to blurt out a few words, and Wen Chuan’s expression suddenly darkened. After leaving very far, Jian Chi remembered what he said just now- ‘you’re crazy’.

Wen Chuan must be crazy. Jian Chi told himself over and over again in his mind. At the same time, another rational voice repeated tirelessly: Wen Chuan just said what he had always wanted to say.

All these developments did not occur without warning. With such a withdrawn personality, why did Wen Chuan open up to him alone? Why did he take him to see his family, why could even Jing Jing see Wen Chuan’s unusual attitude? They were friends, this was the reason Jian Chi had always believed. But in fact, subconsciously, when Wen Chuan looked into his eyes and said ‘he likes everything he liked’, this belief was at stake.

Jian Chi thought it was absurd. He thought that accepting Ji Huaisi’s confession was the boldest and most illusory decision he had ever made. However, on the second day after making this decision, an even more unbelievable truth hit his head. Jian Chi couldn’t tell what it felt like when Wen Chuan kissed him. The hot body temperature and the violent heartbeat were all he could feel. Wen Chuan’s heartbeat.

He needed to calm down completely.

The way back to the room went smoothly, Jian Chi buried his head and didn’t let passers-by see his sorry expression. Some looked at his hurried pace, but most were not interested in finding out why. Jian Chi lowered his head and walked into the elevator, not paying attention to the person coming out in front. The moment he hit his shoulder, Jian Chi quickly said ‘I’m sorry’.

The other party didn’t respond. The slightly familiar stiffness and coldness made Jian Chi raise his head, his heart skipped a beat, and then he took a bigger step back subconsciously. After, he remembered that he was the one who was going to enter the elevator.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

He and Shen Shuting may have been destined to not have a good experience with elevators.

In the elevator, Shen Shuting stopped in place, his black suit pants made his legs look particularly slender. A white shirt was tucked into his waistband, revealing a thin and straight upper body. A dove-shaped emerald pin was pinned to the neckline of the two-buttoned neckline. Jian Chi found that Shen Shuting liked to use simple clothes with small accessories, although this discovery was not useful in the current situation.

Shen Shuting glanced at Jian Chi from head to toe, “Are you going upstairs?”

This was obviously just superfluous words. Jian Chi nodded and waited for Shen Shuting to come out before entering. However, after a few seconds of stalemate, Shen Shuting, who was pressing the elevator, seemed to have a hint of impatience and said, “Aren’t you coming in?”

Jian Chi was confused by this sentence, “Aren’t you going to come out?”

“I just remembered that I forgot to grab something,” Shen Shuting looked away, “Come, I won’t say it a third time.”

With extreme reluctance and extreme dazedness, Jian Chi bravely walked in. When the elevator closed, Jian Chi stared at the slowly beating digital display screen. Although he deliberately avoided contact and staring, he could still feel the inexplicable irritability in Shen Shuting. From the moment they met, the aura around Shen Shuting became extremely tense. Jian Chi wasn’t stupid enough to believe in the reason of ‘forgetting to take something’, but he just didn’t want to have too much communication with Shen Shuting. Silence.

“Your clothes are wet.” Shen Shuting’s voice came a little off guard, and Jian Chi subconsciously looked down at his chest, where there were water stains.

“It’s…I just came back from the pool.”

This was the water stain from Wen Chuan’s approach. Thinking of this, Jian Chi was inevitably panicked for a moment, and the answer was not so natural. After a long while, Shen Shuting withdrew his cold gaze, “Did you get wet from swimming?”

This query was more like sarcasm. When the person speaking was Shen Shuting, Jian Chi could be sure that it was sarcasm. He didn’t make a sound for a while. Fortunately, after three sentences, the elevator reached the tenth floor. Jian Chi walked out quickly, but the soft carpet drowned out his footsteps. Jian Chi didn’t know if Shen Shuting was close to him or far away. He sped up the pace as evenly as possible, without having time to take out the room card.


A cold, undulating tone, these words revealed an absurd sense of comic undertone, not like a congratulations, but more like a notice regarding war. When Jian Chi turned around, Shen Shuting was closer than he thought, less than three steps away. Jian Chi opened his lips, and it was difficult to speak: “What are you talking about?”

“You and Ji Huaisi,” Shen Shuting stared at him, his eyes like emerald brooches at the neckline, beautiful without warmth, “Congratulations. Shouldn’t I say that?”

The last sentence was mixed with savageness that was hard to ignore, and it seemed that even Shen Shuting didn’t realize it. His expression changed in an instant, and he put on the familiar mask of coldness. However, he still revealed his upset, which made the temperature of his whole body lower by one degree, and Jian Chi, who was closest to him, felt the change.

Second bad news. The idea that he originally wanted to hide it for a longer period of time was completely shattered to the point where he couldn’t fight it. Jian Chi was very skeptical. He only made up his mind last night, and now, less than 24 hours ago, he felt that everyone around him knew the news. What was even more funny was that he, as the party involved, was kept in the dark. Jian Chi was a little broken, like a deflated ball, “Were you also there last night?”

“Ji Huaisi told me.”

Shen Shuting’s voice fell, and his eyebrows twitched slightly, “Also?”

Jian Chi, who realized that he had been laxed for a moment and that he revealed something, quickly changed his words: “I mean, did Ji Huaisi also tell you about last night?”

This flawed explanation was obviously not connected to the previous content. Jian Chi didn’t have enough energy to deal with Shen Shuting, so he glanced away hastily. Shen Shuting was silent for a while, not knowing what he thought or found. His voice echoed in the silent corridor, neither cold nor indifferent: “Since you have made a decision, don’t regret it, let alone betray him. Ji Huaisi is not as generous and easy to cheat as you think.”

Jian Chi, who had that incident happen just now, felt guilty for a while, he felt that this sentence meant something. What made him feel even more strange was that Shen Shuting forced him to make a choice. He was clearly standing on Ji Huaisi’s side, doing what Shen Shuting hoped for, but now Shen Shuting was giving him an even worse face. Each word was like a gun and a stick, it seemed that he didn’t know how to speak without sarcasm.

“I know. Didn’t you have something you forget to take?” Jian Chi changed the topic, the palm of his pocket holding the key card was stuffed with sweat. The words meant to expel the guest fell into Shen Shuting’s ears, which made his face turn a little colder. Jian Chi was not in the mood to continue talking any more, so he locked the door, leaned against the back of the door, his mind full of Wen Chuan and Shen Shuting who had said a lot of inexplicable things just now. After a long time, there was no sound of opening the door from outside.

Jian Chi didn’t dare to look at the peep hole, and rushed straight to the big bed. At this moment, the cell phone in his other pocket rang at an untimely time, and when it was taken out, it showed Ji Huaisi’s message: Have you finished swimming? Why didn’t I see you on the top floor?

Jian Chi’s mind went blank for a few seconds, then he typed back: I’m back in my room, what’s the matter?

Ji Huaisi: The bar on the second floor is holding an event tonight, and many people signed up. It should be very lively, I want to go with you.

Ji Huaisi: It’s time to show off the wife

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