Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Game

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“Tonight? There seems to be some activity,” Zhang Yang was making noise, and seemed to be asking the person next to him a question. He returned to the microphone and continued to talk with Jian Chi, “I asked Zhao Zexi, and he said there is a band performing at the bar tonight. Theres also going to be a lottery. The prizes are very rich. What is the first prize… Yes, any gift within 100,000, they’re truly putting in the effort. Jian Chi, are you going to go? If you go, help me sign up and I’ll try my luck.”

Jian Chi replied okay and didn’t bother Zhang Yang any more, then hung up the phone.

The prize was indeed attractive enough, but Jian Chi didn’t think Ji Huaisi invited him over for this first place prize. The successive shocks made Jian Chi a little tired. He stopped thinking about it, replied ‘ok’ to Ji Huaisi, and wanted to take a nap, then fell asleep unconsciously.

In his sleep, his senses were enlarged, and the boat seemed to be rocking. Jian Chi dreamed back to the conversation with Wen Chuan in the locker room. This time, Wen Chuan’s words were more straightforward and explicit, his blurred face did not allow him to see the expression, only the lips opening and closing: “I never regarded you as a friend.”

Jian Chi was fixed there, unable to move or speak, and watched Wen Chuan who was close at hand, with wet water on his body.

“I like you.”

His heartbeat suddenly missed a beat, Jian Chi opened his eyes without warning. The sun outside the window had already sunk, and even the room was gray and could not see the light. Jian Chi heard someone calling his name, and his chaotic brain couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or reality for a while.

“Jian Chi, are you all right?”

Jian Chi looked at Ji Huaisi’s caring eyes beside the bed, paused for a while, and couldn’t help but slow down his breath, “Why are you here?”

Then the first reaction was to look at the window, but fortunately it was still closed.

Ji Huaisi said, “I called you a few times, but you didn’t answer. I was worried that there was an accident, so I borrowed a spare room card. It’s six o’clock now.”

The screen of his mobile phone showed Ji Huaisi’s phone calls and text messages a few hours ago. Jian Chi, who was completely awake, was a little apologetic and guilty, “I just wanted to nap for a while, I didn’t expect to fall asleep.”

“Are you tired?” Ji Huaisi flattened some of his upturned hair with a slight smile, “a few students felt sick and felt better after taking medicine. Remember to tell me if you feel uncomfortable.”

Jian Chi didn’t dare to look Ji Huaisi in the eyes, let alone tell him what happened in the morning. Although he knows in his heart that he shouldn’t hide it, Ji Huaisi had the right to know the truth, but Jian Chi finally just said ‘en’.

He didn’t know what he could change after saying it, he might just make things even more complicated. Jian Chi didn’t want this to happen, but it might just be that he didn’t have enough courage.

The restaurant after usual dinner time was sparse, and after waking up from his sleep, Jian Chi had a bad appetite, after a few bites, he felt full. Ji Huaisi proposed to take a walk on the deck outside to digest the food, and then go to the second floor. On the way, he naturally held Jian Chi’s hand. The strange and soft touch didn’t make Jian Chi realize what was going on until a long time passed. His arm was slightly stiff, as if it was awkward to position it anyway. When he saw someone walking not far away, Jian Chi pulled out his hand subconsciously.

“…there’s someone.”

“It doesn’t matter if they see it.” Ji Huaisi’s voice was neither light nor heavy, as if it was something he could decide without thinking. He looked at Jian Chi, his eyes flickered slightly under the night, “Do you not want others to know?”

It was a difficult question to answer, and Jian Chi couldn’t say ‘no’ for sure. If others knew that he and Ji Huaisi were together, he would be deprived of their hard-won idleness. For the rest of the second half of the year, he hoped to spend it peacefully. Accepting Ji Huaisi was a decision he hesitated for a long time to make. As for the rest, Jian Chi would like to hide it for as long as possible.

Without a word, the answer was obviously revealed. Ji Huaisi covered up the deep meaning that flashed by, and when he raised his eyes again, it was changed to a smile, “I see. The event should have started, let’s go over.”

The bar on the second floor was not actually a bar in the strict sense. It was more normal than what Jian Chi once saw in a TV series. There were no swaying lights and people dancing around, it was just people sitting in groups of threes and twos in the booths, chatting or playing games. Of course, wine and music were essential, especially with the full-wall glass wine cabinet against the warm light. Although Jian Chi couldn’t name them, his intuition told him that it must not be cheap.

“Jian Chi, why did you come?”

Zhang Yang, who received the news, came over and put his arm around Jian Chi’s shoulder, but when he looked up, he saw Ji Huaisi, and he put down his hand immediately, “Vice, Vice President? You are here too…”

Ji Huaisi replied, “I’m with Jian Chi.”

“What I’m saying,” Zhang Yang was a little embarrassed, seeing Ji Huaisi appearing in this kind of place gave him a lot of shock, “Have you made a reservation? It’s estimated that it will be full later.”

Jian Chi looked at the direction Zhang Yang came from, “Didn’t you make a reservation?”

“Reservation, I…”

Zhang Yang winked at Jian Chi, and it took a few seconds for Jian Chi to understand what he meant. Ji Huaisi smiled, seemingly unaware of Zhang Yang’s embarrassment, “If you don’t mind, we can sit together.”

Obviously, it was impossible for Zhang Yang to refuse Ji Huaisi’s request.

The people in the booth were Zhang Yang’s friends, friends of friends, and each of them was a familiar face. Jian Chi had seen some in class, but they had never communicated. He thought there were only two or three people, but when he saw this group, he almost wanted to turn his head and leave. The casual attitude of these people immediately became serious after Ji Huaisi came over, like subordinates loafing off and facing the sudden raid of their leader.

Zhang Yang leaned into Jian Chi’s ear and whispered, “Why did you bring the vice president here?”

Jian Chi could only say: “Actually, he dragged me here.”

Zhang Yang gave him a look of disbelief, but Jian Chi didn’t want to defend himself at all. He silently drank the water that had just been brought to his throat, only to find it smelled of alcohol when it entered his throat, so he coughed a few times. No one noticed. The atmosphere stagnated for a moment when Ji Huaisi sat down, but as long as he was willing, he could always quickly borrow this awkwardness and gain everyone’s trust. Coupled with Zhang Yang who lived to entertain, the scene soon became lively again.

Jian Chi couldn’t participate, and watched Zhang Yang play and brag with others with relish. He picked up the wine in front of him again, and took a sip before he remembered. Surprisingly, what flowed into his mouth turned into warm water.

“I just changed it.” Just when Jian Chi was studying the water glass and thought there was some kind of magic, Ji Huaisi’s voice was close to his ear, and the distance was so close, it made it sound raspy, like a tape being played.

“Why didn’t I see it?”

“You were looking at Zhang Yang just now, of course you couldn’t see me.”

This sentence circled around his ear twice. It was strange when he heard it. When he realized it, Jian Chi thought it was a little funny. He really thought it was funny, and there was an inexplicable feeling of novelty, “Zhang Yang is my friend.”

“We also started as friends,” Ji Huaisi said.

It was just an ordinary answer, but Wen Chuan’s figure suddenly appeared in Jian Chi’s mind. He couldn’t think for a moment of what to say until Zhang Yang, who they were talking about just now, rushed in, “Jian Chi, are you going to come?”

This helped Jian Chi get rid of the strangeness in his heart, “Going where?”

“The King’s Game.” Zhao Zexi, who was sitting on the other side, answered. He was originally a member of the student council, and he was not as nervous about Ji Huaisi as the others. He was enjoying watching the fun and asked, “Is the vice president coming?”

Someone next to him hit him with an elbow, but Ji Huaisi looked at Jian Chi first, “Do you want to play?”

Before Jian Chi could understand what game this was, Zhang Yang, who was beside him, urged him to agree, it sounded like truth or dare. Jian Chi felt that sitting here all night was not the way to go, so he nodded, and the next second he heard Ji Huaisi say, “I’ll come too.”

The game was always a savior for silence. Jian Chi followed it for two rounds. He saw two people, who were called, asked to look at each other affectionately for ten seconds before calling each other baby, and then a RC was asked to get a stranger’s number. He roughly understood that this game was an improved version of truth or dare. Jian Chi’s chance of winning the pize was very convenient for participating in this game. Basically, he only needs to watch others, and he wouldn’t have to join. There was a sense of participation without too much sacrifice.

“This time I’m the king.” The new round started and the YC, who was forced to look at another affectionately just now, drew the trump card. With a happy expression, he got to his feet, “No. 6 is going to kiss the next person who passes by here on the lips.”

When the words fell, everyone laughed, and his friend said, “What if it is a waiter who passed by?”

“Then he still needs to abide by the rules of the game.”

Zhang Yang said: “Kissing on the lips is too much, just kissing is better.”

YC thought for a while, and without any comments, swept around, “Who is No. 6?”

Just now, Jian Chi, who was still full of a drama-watching mentality, looked at the 6 of hearts in his hand. After confirming it three times, he realized that he could not escape, and said solemnly: “It’s me.”

The people next to him coaxed him, but it was not malicious. After all, Jian Chi was sitting next to Ji Huaisi, and even ten courageous people would not dare to talk nonsense in front of the other party. The charm of the game was reflected here, the rules must not be violated in any case, otherwise it can’t be played. Ji Huaisi’s brows frowned, he couldn’t restrain his displeasure. He seemed to be about to speak, but was interrupted by someone behind him.

“You are here.”

Everyone looked over, including Jian Chi. And Shen Shuting, who came over, was still saying unfinished words to Ji Huaisi, with a calm expression, “Your phone can’t get through, someone saw you walking in here. The school just sent an email, are you free now? I want to finish it as soon as possible.”

After the words fell for a few seconds, Shen Shuting noticed the strange and quiet atmosphere. He raised his eyes to look at the circle of people in the booth with complicated expressions. Everyone dodged his gaze, then he paused for a few more seconds then skipped over to Jian Chi, “What’s the matter?”

Jian Chi thought to himself, if he threw away the cards in his hand or exchanged it with Zhang Yang, he wondered if it was too late.

Zhang Yang: It’s always me who gets hurt

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