Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Crisis

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The music was loud, and the booth was silent for a while. No one spoke, and Jian Chi even heard someone whispering “No way”.

With disbelief and a playful tone.

Ji Huaisi stood up to block Shen Shuting’s sight and eased the stagnant atmosphere, “It’s unfortunate that you’re here, we’re playing a game, why don’t you go upstairs and wait for a while, I’ll come right away.”

“The task just now…” An RC mentioned it deliberately or unintentionally. Shen Shuting glanced over and asked, “What task?”

If Ji Huaisi was described as easygoing and gentle, Shen Shuting was the opposite of him. Jian Chi couldn’t remember who said it but they had said the two presidents of the student union were like one with a white face and the other with a red face. Shen Shuting spoke all the bad words, and Ji Huaisi was the good person. This is why many people disliked or couldn’t get used to Shen Shuting like Zhang Yang. But if you can’t get used to it, you can’t get used to it. When you really encounter it, you will not dare to be as bold as before, not to mention lying in front of Shen Shuting.

The RC explained the game and rules just now in detail, then finally didn’t forget to mention Jian Chi’s name. He found Shen Shuting’s expression was getting more and more ugly, so he quickly added: “President, don’t take it to heart, it’s just a game, we can wait for the next person.” The implication was that Shen Shuting would not be included in it.

After all, no one had the courage to instigate Shen Shuting to accept a kiss from a special student. Just thinking about it was big enough news to crash a forum server.

Jian Chi thought so too. Although he didn’t want to kiss a stranger at all, especially with Ji Huaisi by his side, he had already agreed to the game and the first few people did their tasks reluctantly. Now that it was his turn, it would be too selfish and insincere to back out now. Probably because of Shen Shuting’s presence here, Jian Chi now felt that kissing a stranger was not so difficult anymore.

He didn’t get a response from Shen Shuting for a long time, so the RC seemed worried that he had said the wrong thing, he racked his brains to try to make up for it, but was interrupted by Shen Shuting’s cold voice: “There should be a limit for the games. Before it was staring, now it is kissing, what’s next?”

Several people quickly admitted their mistakes and said that they would not go too far.

Shen Shuting didn’t waste any more words and glanced at his watch, “I still have something to do, move quickly.”


Not only that RC, but everyone was stunned, as if they understood, but they didn’t understand the meaning of Shen Shuting’s words. The smile on Ji Huaisi’s lips faded, it was not obvious in the dim light, “Shuting, don’t mess around, this request is too much, just let him change it. Don’t you have something to deal with? I will come with you now.”

“It is a little too much,” Shen Shuting met Ji Huaisi’s gaze, and the emerald’s eyes contained a deep understanding, “but the rules of the game can’t be violated at will, right?”

The implication – everyone understood what the implication of this sentence was.

In an instant, Jian Chi felt like a man was on his back, and Zhang Yang, who was beside him, seemed to be suffocating, he did not dare to interrupt at this time. Shen Shuting casted his eyes, and there was an unusual trace of nervousness in the silence, as if…he was waiting? Looking forward to it? Jian Chi almost thought he had taken a wrong look. Is he waiting for him to kiss him?

He couldn’t tell if it was more unbelievable or more terrifying.

Jian Chi didn’t know if he was pushed by someone or if he stood up by himself. The eyes of the people around were full of drama, and they were eager to watch. Some people wanted to take out their mobile phones, but they could only give up considering Ji Huaisi and Shen Shuting was there. Jian Chi didn’t dare to look at Ji Huaisi, and swallowed, “Actually, you don’t need to do this…” Sacrifice.

Shen Shuting obviously hated being touched the most, and he could stop this with just a few words, so why should he agree? The most important thing was that Shen Shuting already knew about his relationship with Ji Huaisi.

Shen Shuting did not answer, the silence seemed to be more intriguing than the answer. Jian Chi didn’t have time to think deeply, the balance of ‘kiss’ and ‘no kiss’ swayed up and down in his mind. He didn’t make a choice and his arm was pulled over unexpectedly, and another piece of soft warmth was placed on his lips, Jian Chi was stunned. He looked at Ji Huaisi’s enlarged face.

No one reacted to what happened, including Jian Chi. It wasn’t until this brief kiss and after they parted that someone uttered a ‘f*ck’.

The most straightforward language represented the mood of everyone at the moment. No one shouted to express the shock in their hearts, because when shock exceeds the normal amount, one would forget what to even say.

The coldness between Shen Shuting’s eyebrows slowly sank, and his expression was slightly ugly. Ji Huaisi held Jian Chi’s hand, the arc of his smile was the same as before, “Sorry, I still think this request is a bit excessive.”

Because he felt it was too much, he did it himself. No one believed this completely unreasonable logic, but no one dared to jump out and point it out.

Jian Chi endured the temperature on the tight grip. He wanted to pull his hand out, but he felt that it was too late. He didn’t know whether he should speak or not, his mind was in a mess, and he even thought that maybe he should have kissed Shen Shuting just now, at least he could use games as an excuse. But in the current situation, no one would believe any other explanation, even a fool can see Ji Huaisi’s undisguised thoughts.

“Haha… It’s just a game, don’t take it to heart. Jian Chi, it’s getting late, you should go back first.”

Zhang Yang smiled awkwardly as he rounded up the people, and before he had time to stand up, a shadow strode into the door, so fast that he could barely catch the expression on his face. In the next second, someone in the booth next to him exclaimed. What happened here could no longer be covered up. Everyone’s eyes were gathered. Shao Hang, who should not have appeared here, pulled Ji Huaisi’s collar, separating the hands of the two of them. The face under the shadow of the lamp was gloomy, with a dangerous sneer.

“Where did you touch him?”

Even though Shao Hang was savagely questioning him, Ji Huaisi did not show the slightest panic. He frowned slightly, and his slow voice was enough for Shao Hang and the others to hear clearly.

“I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand, is that wrong?”

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