Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Miss you

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Jian Chi didn’t understand how things became like this.

He didn’t know why Shao Hang appeared suddenly, why Ji Huaisi said that sentence, and why Shen Shuting on the side didn’t seem to want to intervene and his eyes swept with unspeakable irony. Jian Chi’s head was aching, he shouldn’t have promised Ji Huaisi to come here.

He had thought wrong from the beginning, and Ji Huaisi had no intention of ​​hiding their relationship at all.

“What did you say?”

Shao Hang’s rhetorical question was a bit ridiculous and funny, as if he was listening to a joke that could never happen, but his darkened expression showed his sinking heart. He pulled Ji Huaisi’s collar tightly, “Tell me what you said. Say it again.”

“Shao Hang,” Ji Huaisi held down his arm and released his restraint without hesitation, “You already understand what I mean, don’t make trouble here.”

Like watching a noisy child, Ji Huaisi’s calmness was a stark contrast.

Shao Hang took two steps back and didn’t say anything for a long while. He looked at Jian Chi, as if locking in his last hope, and he was dumbfounded as soon as he opened his mouth: “Is what he said true?”

Jian Chi couldn’t breathe, he didn’t understand why his heart was beating so fast, “I…”

“You just have to say yes or no.”

Facing Shao Hang’s reddish eyes, Jian Chi couldn’t say ‘yes’. He had never seen Shao Hang like this, with thorns all over his body, resisting any approach or answer, but his whole body was full of depression and dark clouds, as if he just said ‘yes’, like a heavy object was hitting him on the shoulders. There was something important that will never be recovered.

Jian Chi still didn’t understand how things had become like this.

An ordinary start and a sloppy ending. The whole deck of people finally made excuses to leave one after another. The band on the stage was still playing music, and the others seemed not to feel the tiredness brought by the night, and discussed everything that had just happened in high spirits. The protagonist had already left the scene. Shao Hang was the first to turn his head and leave, and Shen Shuting had to go back to deal with the affairs. Jian Chi and Ji Huaisi went back to the room silently all the way. Before closing the door, Ji Huaisi pressed against the door frame and said softly, “I’m sorry.”

This was the first time Jian Chi has not responded with an apology with ‘it’s okay’. He said to Ji Huaisi, “The president has something to do with you, don’t make him wait.”

“I know you’re mad at me,” Ji Huaisi didn’t answer, looking at Jian Chi’s eyes, showing a bleak self-deprecation, “Jian Chi, I’m just afraid that you will leave me. Compared to Shao Hang and the others, I don’t have such an outstanding background and ability. I still have a little authority in school, but in the future, you will find that I am not as good as you think. I am afraid that at that time, you will have better choices, that’s why I can’t help but want to tell people about our relationship. It’s right to say I’m selfish, I don’t want to see anyone close to you. I’m sorry, I didn’t take your feelings into account.”

Jian Chi’s heart inevitably softened. Just now, he decided to calmly think about this relationship. Now, facing Ji Huaisi’s warm and moving eyes, that sway disappeared in an instant. He didn’t realize that his voice was a little less cold: “Why would you think like that? I’m not with you because of your identity.”

“I understand,” Ji Huaisi said, “I just don’t have that sense of security.”

Sense of security. These words came out of Ji Huaisi’s mouth with some novelty, and it sounded very different from him. Jian Chi was slightly startled, and then heard Ji Huaisi’s voice: “This relationship had always required my efforts to advance. I know you don’t really like me that much, maybe a little more than the others, but to me, it’s not enough.”

Jian Chi looked into Ji Huaisi’s slightly heavy eyes, one second, two seconds, then he heard a sigh that dispersed with the wind. Ji Huaisi gently took him into his arms, and whispered to his ear: “Jian Chi, can you try to like me a little more? Or, see me as a little more important.”

He raised his arm hesitantly, and Jian Chi hugged Ji Huaisi back, “I will work hard…” I will work hard to try to like Ji Huaisi more.

This sounded strange, but Jian Chi couldn’t dispel the strangeness in his heart. He originally thought that being together should be an extraordinarily perfect thing. He had never been in love, and he had never seen anyone else fall in love. What he imagined was similar to the ones on TV, harmonious and happy. But Ji Huaisi told him that there was an unfilled gap in the circle, and he wanted more, but Jian Chi wasn’t sure if he could give it to him.

“Jian Chi, you are famous.”

Zhang Yang came to Jian Chi’s room early in the morning and couldn’t wait to hear first-hand about the gossip. He first recounted what happened last night vividly, including his tangling and shocking to his heart activities. It was not until Jian Chi interrupted that he couldn’t listen anymore that he went off and talked about last night’s lottery draw. He spoke about the PC that won the first prize and directly paid for the audience to drink. Zhang Yang said it was a pity he wasn’t there, then slapped his head and fished out his phone.

“I swiped over HS until the early hours of the morning last night,” there was no exhaustion in his tone. “I woke up this morning and the posts are still there, not a single one has been deleted. Do you think this is what the vice president meant to happen?”

Jian Chi gave up changing the subject, “Is the post scolding me?”

Zhang Yang shook his head meaningfully, “Everyone is praising you.”

Confused for a while, Jian Chi looked at Zhang Yang’s mobile phone. To say it was praising was correct, but in Jian Chi’s eyes, it was a bit too much. The title of one post was ‘Begging Jian Chi to publish a book, teach me how to make a BC and a PC die for me’, and another was ‘I laughed at the prince when he posted an update, and now I have to apologize, he really is my dad’. The hottest reply under this post is ‘what dad, it’s time to call him your sister-in-law’.

Jian Chi didn’t look any further, “What is this all about?”

“Everyone is waiting for your book,” Zhang Yang said. “To be honest, what did you do? I sat there last night as if I was watching an idol drama, aren’t you with Shao Hang? What happened?”

“I didn’t say that I was with Shao Hang.”

Zhang Yang was startled, “Then what did he mean at the time… No, are you really with the vice president?”

After two seconds, Jian Chi nodded.

Zhang Yang couldn’t say a word, so he simply gave a thumbs up and sincerely admired, “Jian Chi, you are really awesome.”

Jian Chi couldn’t be happy at all, “I wanted to hide it for a while, but yesterday’s events, I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Who would expect that?” Zhang Yang waved his hands nonchalantly, “No one dared to take pictures of yesterday’s events, but I see that there are several small essays in HS, and the descriptions are vivid, even I’m in it. I’ll take a look at this post to see what it says ‘At this time, the stupid big man next to Jian Chi got up very blindly to chase the people away, and the next second…’ D*mn, why are you attacking me? In the last post, it clearly stated that I appeared just right on time…”

Zhang Yang’s voice was getting farther and farther away from Jian Chi. He was thinking about what to do next. What was Wen Chuan, who had never appeared, thinking now? Why did Shao Hang appear there at such a coincidental time last night? …The ringing phone interrupted his thoughts, Jian Chi picked it up, and a message from Shao Hang appeared on the screen.

Shao Hang: I want to see you.

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