Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Not sweet

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Jian Chi thought for a moment that his random thoughts were read by Shao Hang on the other side of the screen. He didn’t want to reply, but he was worried that Shao Hang would come over like last time, so he asked: What’s the matter? You can say it now.

He didn’t think Shao Hang would have anything important to talk about and Shao Hang’s reply also confirmed this conjecture, in just three words: let’s meet first.

Jian Chi: I don’t want to meet.

Jian Chi sent this text message without hesitation, although Shao Hang’s red eyes flashed in his mind before pressing it, very quickly.

The other side was quiet for a while: why?

This looked like nonsense to Jian Chi, doesn’t Shao Hang know why? But looking back, Jian Chi thought that maybe he really didn’t know: I am already with Ji Huaisi.

After sending it out, Shao Hang didn’t reply for a long time, and Jian Chi turned off his phone.

He was used to the feeling that everything was under control, but his feelings would not be so obedient.

All this happened so suddenly, Jian Chi was not fully prepared yet, let alone know how to deal with the problems involved in this relationship, such as Wen Chuan, such as Shao Hang. But Ji Huaisi’s heartfelt words seemed to clear the fog in his heart, and he suddenly became enlightened.

Last night, Jian Chi carefully checked the meaning of the word sense of security, and spent a few hours browsing the emotional forums that he hadn’t clicked on before, and finally realized that possessiveness is a side effect of liking someone. Ji Huaisi didn’t want him to be close to others, and hoped that he would care more about him. Ji Huaisi, who said these words, no longer stood in the position of the vice president he was familiar with, but a lover.

This brand-new identity, Jian Chi had only just arrived at the verge of adapting. In fact, as Ji Huaisi said, his love was not pure, it was mixed with emotion and sounding things out. Jian Chi clearly remembered Ji Huaisi’s help to him. Even if it was a gesture of help many times at the beginning, but no one was willing to stand up and do this ‘small gesture’, only Ji Huaisi.

He also wanted to do something for Ji Huaisi, to make Ji Huaisi happy. In the past, Ji Huaisi seemed to lack nothing, but now, Jian Chi finally found the one and only most important thing.

Zhang Yang made an appointment with his friends for the next activity, and before leaving, he specifically asked Jian Chi if he could say what they had just talked about. The news had been passed on for a long time and he didn’t know how many versions there were. Jian Chi didn’t want to hide it any longer. It would seem like he was fussing over small matters, so he nodded and asked Zhang Yang to correct any outrageous rumors he heard. Zhang Yang’s face showed a ‘leave it to me’ and made an OK gesture.

Not long after he left, Ji Huaisi called. His voice sounded a little tired, and he was still processing emails from the school at Shen Shuting’s. Jian Chi didn’t have time to pay more attention, when Shen Shuting’s voice faintly came into his ears, interrupting the call. Jian Chi could only find something to do for himself for the time being. Although he knew that staying in his room was the best choice now, and going out will inevitably draw some curious eyes, he had experienced twists and turns all the way to the present, so Jian Chi was becoming more indifferent.

Of course, it’s impossible to say that he didn’t hate it, which is why he didn’t want Ji Huaisi to reveal their relationship. But things have already happened, and Jian Chi will not blame Ji Huaisi. He turned over the activity booklet he received on the first day of the ship. Except for shopping, games room, casino and other places that he seldom went to and had no interest in, the film room attracted Jian Chi’s attention, and when he saw one could select the film, Jian Chi decided on the afternoon activity.

“What’s being shown now?”

The attendant replied to Jian Chi: “”Waiting for an Opportunity”. If he were to select a film now, it would be after five films. If there is no film you want to watch, there is a private cinema on the sixth floor.”

A high-scoring foreign suspense film. Jian Chi didn’t move any further. Knowing that the movie had just started ten minutes ago, he took a bucket of free popcorn and sat in the last row. Compared with the game rooms and casinos that he just ruled out, the theater was a little deserted. After all, there were projectors in the room, and most people would prefer a private space.

This was a good thing for Jian Chi, no one to bother him. He could put aside the densely packed events for the past few days, relax and experience this rare trip. In fact, it was only now that Jian Chi finally felt like he was on vacation.

The sound of the movie was loud, and the music of the suspense movie was often very catchy. It was for this reason that Jian Chi was so fascinated by it that he did not realize that the person walking by was seated on his left side. When Jian Chi discovered this, the movie just ended the climax. He grabbed two popcorns, just put them in his mouth, and finally noticed the familiar and cold aura around him.

“You…” For a moment, Jian Chi’s heart that was immersed in the plot was pulled away, and before he finished the second half of the sentence, Wen Chuan’s voice rang: “I knew you would come here. “

Wen Chuan responded first, so Jian Chi couldn’t think of how he could answer for a while. He didn’t want the atmosphere to be awkward in silence, so he asked, “Did you see me coming in?”

“Zhang Yang said that your state is better than he thought, and you shouldn’t be in your room,” Wen Chuan’s voice was flat against the backdrop of the movie, and he would miss a few words if he didn’t listen hard, “I didn’t think you’d go to the top floor again, and you don’t like going to crowded places, so I thought to try my luck here.”

He had good luck, but it was not so good for Jian Chi. He swallowed the popcorn, chewing it until it was a little tasteless, and his heart beat twice when he heard ‘top floor’, “Do you have something to tell me?”

The answer seemed obvious, but Wen Chuan stopped speaking. When the last quarter of the movie was over, the ending was that the murderer jumped down from the high-rise building in pursuit, but Jian Chi lost his enthusiasm quickly. He looked at the credits scrolling on the screen and said slowly: “Wen Chuan, if you want to talk about…that day’s matters, you must have heard about last night from Zhang Yang. Although I don’t know when it started exactly for you, but…sorry.”

“You don’t have to say sorry,” Wen Chuan said, “you just did what was right for you.”

After he finished speaking, he stood up, and when Jian Chi raised his head, his heart skipped a beat for no reason, as if he was a little empty and a little lost. His long hair hung down beside his ears, casting half a shadow. Wen Chuan stared into his eyes, even if he tried to cover it up, it didn’t cover up the gloomy mood, “Jian Chi, have you made your decision?”

Jian Chi made an ‘en’ sound.

“I need a little time,” Wen Chuan said, “I won’t lie and say that I can continue to be friends with you without any qualms. Sorry, I need to say this.”

Although it can be seen that Wen Chuan has restrained his exposed emotions and has made all preparations to come and say these words, Jian Chi caught the slight tremors in his words, enveloping depression and self-deprecation. Jian Chi felt very uncomfortable. For a long time, Wen Chuan was the one who was abandoned by his biological parents and his adoptive parents. He inevitably felt pity, comforted Wen Chuan, and showed kindness. However, now he had to cut this connection and slowly push Wen Chuan away from him. This was the right thing to do, but emotion and reason often don’t come together.

Jian Chi said, “It’s okay. To be honest, I don’t know how to face you now.” Maybe this would be the right choice to say if they were actually calm.

Wen Chuan twitched the corner of his mouth. With a smile that was not too deep, just to prevent the atmosphere from being cold, or to make Jian Chi feel better, “I understand.”

He didn’t know if Wen Chuan would regret his impulse that day – Jian Chi looked at Wen Chuan’s back, his thoughts drifted far away, back to the first night when he called Wen Chuan, who was out of school, under the streetlamp. In fact, he was not such a warm-hearted person at all, and he had never thought that his body would make a reaction that does did conform with his thoughts.

It seemed a little late to explore why. Jian Chi picked up a popcorn and put it in his mouth, but it was still not sweet.

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