At the Noble Consort’s Feet Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Persuasion

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Li Zhi’s tense body slowly relaxed. She turned her head and asked softly, “When did you return? I was scared just now.”

“I came back today and missed you. After seeing the Empress Dowager and His Majesty, I came quietly to see you.” He tightly embraced her, pulling her close to him.

Sensing the heaviness in his voice, she tried to pull away and turned to ask, but he held her tighter, causing her to wobble.

“Darling Third, please let go…”


He relaxed his grip slightly, but his hands still held onto her waist. His head lowered, approaching her neck and shoulders, gently caressing them.

A hot breath brushed over Li Zhi’s skin, making her feel weak and cling to Pei Ji’s arms for support.

“Wait,” she said, turning her head and meeting Pei Ji’s face.

Her eyes became watery as she tried to speak, but found herself face-to-face with Pei Ji.

Pei Ji cut off her words, and with one hand holding her head, he kissed her soft lips.

Pei Ji had been anxious earlier but seeing Li Zhi through the window ignited his craving.

He forgot everything else and just focused on kissing her deeply.

His intense passion felt more aggressive on this summer night, causing Li Zhi to feel dizzy and overwhelmed.

When they were together in the past, she could remain composed, but now, after two months apart, facing his young, vibrant, and powerful body, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency.

Fortunately, she still had some self-control and resisted the impulse to collapse. Instead, she pushed him away and said, “Wait, the incense hasn’t been lit yet…”

Even though he was away from Chang’an for two months, she still lit incense every day, being very cautious and not wanting to take any chances.

Pei Ji’s eyes were turning red. After hearing her words, he stopped pulling at her clothes and quickly walked to the incense table to light the incense.

The faint fragrance filled the air as he turned around and walked back to the bed.

He didn’t know when the thin scarlet veil had been lowered around the bed, hiding whatever was inside.

His heart started to race for no reason, and he clenched one hand into a fist while reaching out with the other to lift the veil. Suddenly, there was movement from inside.

A slender and glossy arm appeared, and a small hand was silently inviting him in.

When he was close to the veil, however, he stopped and forcefully pulled the woman hidden behind it towards him.

Li Zhi was pulled to the edge of the bed, and a thin veil separated them, making everything blurry.

“Darling Third,” she called from behind the veil.

He stood by the bed, touching her gently through the veil, then untied the sash of her long dress from the other side of the veil.

“Darling Third, come inside.”

He couldn’t resist any longer and stepped back two steps. He gazed intently at the vague and graceful shadow behind the veil, quickly removed his clothes and shoes, lifted the veil, and plunged inside.

The red veil fluttered up, revealing a corner of light and shadow, then closed quickly.

After a while, when the feeling of emptiness passed, the two regained their clarity of mind.

Pei Ji knew she was cold. Afraid that she might catch a cold from sweating in the summer heat, he first took a clean handkerchief to wipe the sweat from her back, then pulled a thin blanket to cover them both, and asked, “How have you been these past two months? How’s the medicine working? I’ll go to adjust the prescription for you in a couple of days.”

Li Zhi carefully recalled her symptoms for the past two months and replied, “I don’t seem to have cramps during my menstrual period this month, and my hands and feet are not as cold as before. Maybe it’s because of the hot weather.”

Pei Ji listened carefully and asked a few more questions according to what Miracle Physician Zhang had taught him earlier, and recorded them in his mind. He was pleased and said, “It seems the medicine is working well, maybe with a few more days’ use, you will be completely cured.”

Li Zhi half-closed her eyes, smiled at him, and nodded without saying a word.

He seemed to remember something and got up to take out a stack of paper from his sleeve, handing it to her with a serious tone, “These are the household registration and documents I arranged for you. Keep them safe, and when the time is right, I will find a way to help you leave.”

Li Zhi heard his words and immediately felt less tired. She hurriedly held the thin blanket and got up, took the documents, and wrapped them in the blanket before hiding them in a dark place.

She needed those things to leave safely and live a normal life.

“Thank you, Darling Third.”

She remembered what he said earlier and asked, “How will you help me leave?”

Pei Ji’s eyes were deep, and he hugged her tightly again. He was silent for a moment before saying softly, “After autumn, His Majesty usually moves from Daming Palace to Wenquan Resort. The defense of Daming Palace will relax, and there will be a chance on the way. I will find a way to make it look like an accident.”

If the Emperor left her behind in Daming Palace, he would quietly let her go. If she went to the Wenshui Palace, he would intercept her on the way.

He was responsible for the defense of both places, and this was the only time he could take action.

As she listened, her heart beat faster and she felt like she was getting closer to the outside world.

But after a moment, she calmed down.

The timing he chose was indeed good and most suitable for his identity, but once it was discovered, he would surely be implicated. Knowing his character, he would probably shoulder all the blame himself.

He had already helped her so much, she couldn’t burden him any further.

She still had to wait, wait for Li Jing Ye to take the initiative to send her away.

She calmed herself down and gently touched his chest, whispering, “Wait a little longer. Darling Third, it’s not time yet. I don’t want to drag you down.”

Pei Ji tightened his grip on her hand, and a bittersweet feeling surged in his chest.

“You won’t drag me down.” He kissed her forehead, his voice a little hoarse. “I predict that the northern Turks will not stop causing trouble this year, and with Great Wei being strong and prosperous, we should have eradicated this major threat long ago. At that time, I will stage an incident as if the Turks have infiltrated our borders and challenged Great Wei. We will take advantage of this and launch an attack. I will lead the troops myself, and even if it is discovered that I am involved, my achievements will mitigate any blame.”

Li Zhi stared at him silently, tears gathering in her eyes.

Pei Ji leaned in and reassured her gently, “Don’t worry, Li-niang. I’m not an ordinary court official. I’m part of the royal family too, so even for the sake of my mother’s honor, His Majesty won’t harm me.”

The more he spoke, the more Li Zhi couldn’t bear it.

If they were discovered, how could Li Jing Ye spare Pei Ji? Perhaps the closer they were before, the more he would despise him now.

He knew this, but still tried to comfort her.

Li Zhi took a deep breath and fought back tears, shaking her head and saying, “No, Darling Third, let’s wait a bit longer. It won’t be long.”

Pei Ji didn’t answer, but gently kissed away the tears in the corner of her eyes.

She tried hard to calm herself down, and put on a calm and relaxed appearance that she usually had. She looked at him with red eyes and complained, “Do you really want to leave without waiting a bit longer?”

Pei Ji was moved by her look and words, wishing he could take her away immediately and hide somewhere no one knew about them.

How could he bear to let her leave? If he could, he wouldn’t even want to be separated from her for half a day.

Earlier, when Shi Quan quietly brought the household registration and documents, he couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of loss. But the Emperor’s words in Yanying Hall made him felt very alarmed.

The storm was coming, and the Pei family was likely to be the next to be in trouble. At that time, he could not even ensure his own safety, let alone hers.

He didn’t want her to get involved and was afraid of missing the opportunity to fulfill his promise. Therefore, he had to endure the sadness and disappointment in his heart and make this decision.

But she asked him to wait a little longer.

“Li-niang, it’s not that I want to leave, but if we miss the opportunity, I won’t be able to help you anymore.”

Li Zhi looked at him with a heavy heart and almost spoke about what was going to happen soon.

Luckily, she stopped herself and reached out to hold his waist, pressing her face against his chest and saying softly, “But Darling Third, I don’t want to leave you so soon.”

Pei Ji’s heart was hit hard.

He was stunned for a moment before he lowered his head to hold her chin and look into her eyes. “Li-niang, you—”

Her almond eyes were teary and clear, so bright that he forgot to breathe for a moment.

He had already known that she had been moved. But that day when she admitted it frankly, she still said that they should part on good terms. But today, she said she didn’t want to leave him!

He felt happy, sad, and confused all at once, so he held her tightly.

“Darling Third,” she said, hiding her face in his chest and rubbing against him gently. “Can we wait a little longer? I just want to be with you. Even if we miss the chance, I won’t regret it.”

The soft touch on his chest made him tingle all over and lose his calm.

How could Pei Ji resist her? He agreed, “Alright, I promise to wait a little longer. If I still can in the spring, I’ll see you off.”

Li Zhi nodded and felt a bit relieved.

She was tired and drowsy, so she leaned against him and felt her eyes getting heavy.

Pei Ji placed her on the bed, kissed her cheek, and turned off the lights.

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