EDS Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Happy Ending

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After recovering from their chat, Xi Baichen looked at the food on the table, and suddenly thought of a question: Is monkey cooking edible? I won’t be eating monkey hair or parasites, right?

He had a difficult choice to make between winning Little Mi’s favor or his own life and health.

[ Why aren’t you eating? ] Mi Li was puzzled, [ These are your favorites. ]

Xi Baichen picked up the chopsticks and stirred the rice in his bowl. It looked clean, with no suspicious hair, but his brain insisted on reason.

Mi Li thought for a while and seemed to guess his concerns. She took out a pair of elbow length gloves from the side: [ Don’t worry, I wore elbow length gloves to ensure cleanliness. ]

She was so thoughtful. If he didn’t eat it, it would be too disrespectful of her hard work.

So Xi Baichen no longer hesitated and began to enjoy his dinner.

The dishes personally made by Little Mi really were delicious. After eating a few bites, all concerns about hair and parasites were tossed out by him.

The meat was fresh and tender, the vegetables were crispy, and the golden scorched rice was chewy. Just the fragrant white rice was capable of making him eat a whole jin.[1]

[ Want water? ] Mi Li helped him pour a glass of water, [ There are no tea leaves at home, but the flowers are in full bloom this season. I will make floral tea for you next time. ]

“Okay.” Xi Baichen ate until nothing was left, idly sitting in a chair looking satiated.

Xi Baichen was accustomed to eating everything in front of him. Sometimes he didn’t eat enough, and sometimes he ate too much. Just like a salted fish, he didn’t know how to adjust his appetite at all. After getting along with him all this time, Mi Li already understood his appetite. The amount of food was just right, so he naturally felt very satisfied upon eating.

[ Have you been writing all afternoon? ] Mi Li sat on the armrest of the chair, with her two legs crossed. She watched Xi Baichen wash the dishes as they chatted.

“Yes, do you want to read it?”

[ Okay. ] Mi Li calculated the time. She had about thirty or forty minutes left, enough to read tens of thousands of words.

Xi Baichen washed the dishes, wiped his hands, then picked up Mi Li in one hand and went to the small pavilion in the courtyard.

Mi Li climbed his arm and jumped onto the stone bench. Xi Baichen sat next to her, turned on the computer, and found the latest novel manuscript.

Mi Li leaned her head over and tilted her body. Feeling a bit awkward in that posture, she said: [Old Bai, move the computer over a little. ]

Xi Baichen did not move the computer, but reached out to scoop her into his arms, sitting her on his lap. “This is more convenient.”

Mi Li looked up to see his long chin stubble. Taking into account her own hairy monkey body, she accepted this wonderful “union of human and monkey” posture.

[ The female lead is called “Mi Li”? ] She couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw her own name in the novel.

“Yes, I suddenly thought of this name, what do you think?” Xi Baichen glanced at her little monkey paw, endured for a while, and finally couldn’t help but squeeze it.

Mi Li simply put her paw in his palm, the meaning very obvious: Squeeze if you want, don’t be embarrassed.

[ This is your female lead, so it’s fine as long as you’re happy. ] Mi Li immediately added, [ But you must give her a happy ending, otherwise I won’t support you. ]

Xi Baichen decisively said, “Don’t worry. As my heroine, I will naturally spoil her.”

[ Haha, what about the heroines of your other novels? ] Mi Li bluntly refuted him, [ The way you dote on them is to torture them, making them suffer and giving them a bad end? ]

Xi Baichen: No grounds for rebuttal.

[ The more we speak, the angrier I get! How can you be such a scumbag?! ] Mi Li shook her monkey fist, and said indignantly, [ Those female leads have no hatred or resentment against you, why do you treat them like this!? ]

Xi Baichen spoke indifferently, “…Actually, the male leads’ fates are not much better than the female leads’.”

[ You still have the nerve to talk! ] Mi Li got even more angry, [ If you treat the heroine so badly, I could at least say that you have a chauvinistic mentality, but if you treat the hero poorly as well, are there only bad times in your life? ]

“This is just a novel…” Xi Baichen almost forgot. Whether Little Mi was reading a novel or watching a movie, she was very emotional and could fully immerse herself in the content.

“I was wrong, I’ll change.” He took the initiative to admit his mistake and changed the subject, “Little Mi, what does your desired happy ending look like?”

Mi Li’s attention was really diverted. Thinking for a moment, she summed it up with: [ Having plenty to eat and drink, a home and a car, friends and companions, a family and a career, a healthy body, an optimistic attitude, and a positive life. ]

Xi Baichen gave a low laugh.

[ You disagree? ] Mi Li asked him.

“No, you said it very well.” Xi Baichen squeezed her paw and said softly, “I will give my female lead a happy ending.”

Mi Li was satisfied and rewarded him with a gentle fist.

The two continued to read the novel and discuss the plot together.

Mi Li was very impressed by Old Bai’s writing, and the rhythm of the story was very well grasped. All kinds of knowledge was readily available, and character conflicts had ups and downs. People couldn’t stop reading.

Xi Baichen also got a lot of inspiration from Mi Li. This ever-changing evil spirit lived more vicariously than anyone, and could always find the smallest pleasures in life.

“Little Mi, when I finish writing this novel, shall we go on a trip together?”

“Little Mi?”

Xi Baichen looked down and found the little monkey asleep in his arms.

He lowered his eyes, and the freshly ignited passion gradually cooled. Picking up the little monkey, he put it on the couch inside, covered it with a blanket, and then turned to leave.

A few minutes later, the little monkey woke up from his sleep and found that he had inexplicably come to a strange place. He jumped to the ground, hurriedly ran out of the room, went through the backyard, and disappeared like smoke.

The next day, after Mi Li freshened up, she turned on the computer and found a video of monkeys on the internet, carefully distinguishing their calls.

[ Squeak…Stop! Don’t run! ]

[ Squeak… Delicious. ]

[ There is an ant nest here… ]

[ Mom, I want to eat bananas. ]


Mi Li listened enthusiastically to the monkey voices. Although she couldn’t fully understand them, she understood their intent.

If there was a chance to possess other animals in the future, she might become an animal language expert.

With great expectations, Mi Li’s mood was very happy.

In the afternoon, she received a call from Uncle Zhao.

[ Little Mi, do you remember the car that hit me last time? ]

“I remember.” Mi Li even remembered the license plate number of that car.

[ The police told me that they had captured the owner of the car. Didn’t we report the case before? When the police checked the license plate number, they happened to find a video of the car owner committing a hit and run. He smashed a person, leaving him disabled and in a very serious condition. He used a licence number cover at the time and was never found by the police. This time, because we reported the crime, the police found it out, so the police asked me to go over and give a statement today. ] Uncle Zhao’s tone carried a hint of sorrow.

Mi Li was taken aback for a moment, then smiled, “Then you should find someone to accompany you. With the list of injuries, you should be able to get compensation.”

[ It doesn’t matter what the compensation is, I just hope this type of person will be punished as they deserve. ]


After ending the call, Mi Li muttered softly, “You can’t run forever.” She didn’t know that when the car owner was arrested, the car owner with the same license plate number in the other world was also taken to court because of Xi Baichen’s intervention.

The two worlds developed different futures in parallel spaces, but they influenced each other. The appearance of the two variables, Mi Li and Xi Baichen, made this influence more and more obvious…

After dinner, Mi Li packed a few changes of clothing. Writing down the address of Qiming Village, she found a courier to ship them out.

The last time she tried to carry the package through, the result was unsuccessful.[2] Mi Li decided to obediently use the courier.

As soon as the package was put into the warehouse, it was transferred to a logistics company in another world. It was delivered the next morning to Qiming Village where Xi Baichen was located.

After Xi Baichen received the package, he opened it and saw a box full of women’s clothing. His expression was very strange.

Mi Li also specially used a bag to hold 30 sets of underwear, each of which had a different style.

Was this because last time there was no new underwear to change into?

Xi Baichen didn’t expect that when Little Mi said she wanted to prepare the underwear by herself, it turned out she was serious…

At night, Mi Li planned to go out for a stroll in the night market, but when she was about to walk out the door, she felt sleepy.

“Ah, here we go again.” She immediately turned around, went straight to the bedroom, hopped into bed, and fell asleep.

She found that the cooldown from crossing over as a living creature gradually became in line with ordinary crossings. There was no need to wait two or three days, ten to twenty hours was enough.

Opening her eyes, she once again returned to Xi Baichen’s bedroom. The starlight shone outside the window, and there was silence except for a few occasional dog barks.

At this moment, the door was pushed open. Xi Baichen walked in with his bare chest, his strong muscles full of power, and there were still water droplets that had not been completely wiped dry.

He lifted the quilt and got into bed. As soon as he was covered by the quilt, he heard the sound of Mi Li coming from below: [ Old Bai, let’s discuss. How about changing the quilt? ]

  1. One Chinese jin (斤) is equal to 0.6 kg or about 1.3 lb.
  2. Consider this the author retconning events in order to speed up the story.

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