EDS Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Pounce

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“Your express delivery, please sign for it.” The courier handed a package to Mi Li.

After signing, Mi Li took the package and returned to her room. Staring at the messy delivery address, a strange feeling arose in her heart.

She opened the parcel with a letter opener and took out a few packets of seeds from it. These were the plant seeds she bought in Treasure that were only available in the other world. Qianhuicai, mangzhu and xiulan were all suitable as potted ornamental plants.

Mi Li was originally just experimenting, but didn’t expect it to succeed. Something bought through the other world’s online shopping platform could actually be successfully delivered to this world. It was just like a bug!

Thinking of the exhaustion after waking up last time, she wondered if she had acted as a transdimensional delivery person in her sleep. Now she had to see if Xi Baichen had also received the other thing she bought on Treasure.

Qiming Village was relatively remote, so couriers did not deliver to the door and packages could only be picked up in Qiming Town. But Xi Baichen’s cell phone was in her hands, and the courier couldn’t contact him, so she stated in the remarks that if the courier delivered the goods to the door, the buyer would pay the extra shipping fee.

In Qiming Village, Xi Baichen received a couriered package of unknown origins and spent 65 yuan in additional shipping fees.

After opening the package, there was a pack of 9.9 yuan lollipops inside.

Xi Baichen: “…” After spending 65 yuan in shipping and receiving a package of 9.9 yuan lollipops, he almost had to wonder if someone was using such a method to cheat money.

It must be said that present day swindlers were really getting more and more cunning…

Mi Li, who was regarded as a “swindler,” did not notice and took out three flower pots. Referring to the cultivation methods in the manuals, she chose the right soil and planted the seeds one by one. If all went well, they would sprout within three days.

After doing all this, Mi Li posted on her Weibo account and shared the photos and videos of the ponytail girl in Qiming Village with fans. In addition to Brother Monkey who picked dates and the cat boss who fought the snake, the purple-red date shaped like an egg had also attracted the attention of many people.

[ Blogger, what kind of fruit is that? It looks very tasty. ]

[ Is it a newly bred variety? Where is it sold? ]

[ Buy, buy! ]

Mi Li occasionally sold one or two homemade handicrafts on Weibo or held repost lotteries, so her fans would enthusiastically respond when they saw something they were interested in.

The things she sold were often relatively novel, unique, and well-made, absolutely worth the money.

Mi Li did not expect that what the netizens in this world were most concerned about was the flame dates. She thought about it and replied: [ Those are flame dates. It is indeed a new variety, very delicious. However, there is no surplus for sale for the time being. I’ll let everyone know when they are in stock next time. ]

She could now buy flame dates through Treasure, but products sold on the internet were of differing qualities, and it was far less assuring than the ones in Qiming Village. Why should she give up on what was at hand and go after that from afar?

At night, before Mi Li went to bed, she still wondered whether Xi Baichen bought mousetraps and whether the mice in the house could be wiped out…

Her thoughts gradually drifted away, and the surroundings were pitch black with only the sound of the night wind blowing on the leaves.

In the darkness where one couldn’t even see the fingers on one’s hand, a pair of bright eyes suddenly appeared.

The air was filled with an unpleasant odor, mixed with the dampness of vegetation, and abruptly awakened the consciousness of Mi Li.

She stood in a dark wooden house, looked around, and quickly determined her situation. She was in a chicken coop holding two eggs covered in grass clippings and yellow and white matter.

From her eyes that could see through the night, the sleek fur and sharp claws, it could be determined that she had possessed some kind of animal again this time.

Mi Li set down the eggs, walked on four short legs, and slipped out of the chicken coop.

She climbed onto a stack of firewood. Looking through the moonlight, she saw Xi Baichen’s big house at a glance and felt relieved.

Then she looked down at herself again and took a long while to determine her species —— weasel.

When she crossed over, this weasel was obviously stealing eggs from the henhouse. A moment later and it possibly could have wiped out all the poor chickens.

Mi Li went into the grass, wiped her dirty paws, got acquainted with her new body, and then ran towards the house where Xi Baichen was.

Xi Baichen, who said he wouldn’t stay up late again, was still typing in the room at this time. With a lollipop dangling from his mouth and a solemn expression, his fast-moving fingers left afterimages on the keyboard.

At this very moment, a head suddenly came in from the half-open window, and a pair of round eyes gleamed with dim blue light in the darkness.

[ Old Bai, what time is it now? ] The ethereal voice sounded faintly in the room.

“It’s past 1 AM.” Xi Baichen replied smoothly, and then he paused. Turning his head and looking around, he suddenly met a pair of faint blue eyes.

Xi Baichen: “…” What the hell?

Mi Li climbed onto the window sill, crawled into the room, slapped her paws, erected her slender body, and greeted Xi Baichen: [ Yo~~ ]

Xi Baichen: “…”

Mi Li ignored his weird expression. She ran to the big mirror on the dresser and examined herself carefully. She was wrapped in light brown fur, covered with white hair from chin to belly, with round ears and a big fluffy tail. She looked very adorable.

After appreciating her beauty for a while, Mi Li went over to Xi Baichen’s side, craned her neck and looked at the screen.

[ … Ziwei, even if I wrong the world, I would never wrong you. Today I give you my life to fulfill your virtuous cause. In the next life, you must repay me by never abandoning me, living and dying together. ]

Mi Li: From this tragic tone, Old Bai was obviously writing an abusive story again. Also, why was the main female called “Ziwei”! Is the male protagonist called “Erkang”? Do you like to jump shows from minute to minute?![1]

Xi Baichen closed the document and replaced it with the inspirational gourmet story without a change in expression.

“Are you a weasel this time?” He nodded matter-of-factly. “A lot of poultry died in the village recently. So it was you.”

Mi Li grabbed her hair: [ What “you you you”? I won’t carry this blame! ] 

The weasel was known as Huang Daxian[2] among the common folk. It was fierce and held grudges, breaking wind at the slightest provocation. However, it swam, climbed trees, hopped over walls, drilled holes, and was proficient in all 18 arms of Wushu[3]. Most importantly, it was in no way inferior to cats when it came to catching mice!

Mi Li felt that it was not unreasonable that she had become a weasel, because her desire to catch mice was too strong.

Enough nonsense. Mice were most active at night, and she must give full play to her talents.

“Where are you going?” Seeing her jump on the window sill, Xi Baichen stretched out his hand to grab her, but did not catch even a single hair.

Mi Li left the sentence [ To protect one’s home and country! ] and disappeared.

Xi Baichen: I should thank the heavens if a weasel like yourself does not harm the poultry, but you even have a furry home to protect and a furry country to defend???

He didn’t see Mi Li come back for the whole night. Xi Baichen waited until 3 o’clock in the morning, and fell asleep leaning on the head of the bed.

Half asleep and half awake, he vaguely heard the sound of the door.

Xi Baichen opened his eyes, casually wiped the mess that was his hair, put on slippers and walked towards the door.

Opening the door, there was no one outside.

[ Old Bai, good morning. ] A refreshing voice came from below.

Looking down, Xi Baichen saw a light brown weasel standing at the door. Behind her, the corpses of more than ten mice were neatly placed. One or two of them were not completely dead, and their bodies twitched from time to time.

Xi Baichen: “…”

[ These are my battle results for the night, how about it? ] Mi Li wagged her tail with an expression asking for praise.

Xi Baichen turned around silently and fetched the broom and dustpan. Setting Mi Li aside, he then swept all the mouse bodies into the dustpan. He strode out to the yard and threw them to the other side of the wall, letting the village cats enjoy their self-serve buffet.

Mi Li followed him, her face full of displeasure: [ I helped you catch so many mice, aren’t you going to say thank you? ]

“Didn’t I set up mouse traps? Do I need you to catch them?” Xi Baichen glared at her and in a harsh tone asked, “Those mice, did you eat any?”

[ …… No. ] Although she felt that mouse flesh looked delicious after she became a weasel, she still had a bit of human dignity.

“Better not!” Xi Baichen picked her up with one hand and walked towards the back of the house.

[ What are you doing? ] Mi Li made a U-shape and crawled up his waist.

“Bath.” After catching mice all night, this weasel must be covered with bacteria and viruses!

Xi Baichen drew a bucket of warm water, then tore Mi Li from his waist and put her in the bucket. Pouring in shampoo, he rubbed her carefully and covered her in foam.

[ Right. ] Mi Li wiped her face with her paw and said, [ I took away your phone. I will bring it back the next time I have a chance. ]

“No need, if you like it then you can use it.” Xi Baichen used his hands to scoop up water and pour it down from the top of her head, washing off the bubbles. Her fur was all matted together and she looked thin and ugly.

Xi Baichen lifted Mi Li out of the wooden bucket, put her on the chair, and then wrapped her into a ball with a bath towel, drying her carefully.

Mi Li took the chance to show her head and said: [ I will buy you a new one. Which brand do you like? ]


[ Then I’ll buy one in the 5000 yuan price range. Although it is not particularly high-end, but the basic functions are all complete. ] Xi Baichen didn’t have many friends, and he usually didn’t even receive phone calls. The mobile phone was basically useless except for surfing the internet or writing.

“OK.” Xi Baichen helped her wipe off excess water. He then took off his clothes and went to the bathroom to bathe. Wrapped in a bath towel, he carried her back to the room, took out the hair dryer, and helped her to blow dry her fur.

The soft hair gradually became fluffy, undulating under the warm wind.

Mi Li squinted her eyes comfortably, enjoying Xi Baichen’s service peacefully.

After her fur was dry, Mi Li adhered to the principle of courtesy. She took out a pair of scissors from the drawer, operated them with two paws, and cheerfully said to Xi Baichen: [ I will cut your hair for you. ]

Xi Baichen uttered without hesitation: “I refuse.”

[ My technique is very good. ] Mi Li expressed confidently, cutting the air with the scissors.

Xi Baichen looked at her two little paws, and gave two laughs: I’d be crazy to believe you.

Mi Li replaced the scissors with a razor, eager to try: [ Then I will help you shave your beard. ]

“Rejected!” Xi Baichen kept up a strong attitude.

Mi Li looked at him faintly: Is this the man who moves my heart? Neither caring nor tender, what do I like about him???

In her anger, she heard a poof, and a pale white mist sprayed out from behind her tail, spreading all over.

Xi Baichen: “…”

Mi “Weasel” Li: [ … ]

At this moment, she chose to die.

  1. A reference to a late 90’s Chinese drama called Princess Returning Pearl. https://mydramalist.com/1923-princess-pearl
  2. https://min.news/en/animal/c092ba15fad594fa02dc91552c572d62.html
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eighteen_Arms_of_Wushu

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